Sunday, 23 May 2010

A right Step by Canada Government.

Canadian Government has taken very correct step not to give visa to BSF javan. I will step forward to say not only BSF but every Indian security personnel should be banned to move outside the country. Because of their biased nature. Even police force is very cruel and biased against some particular community members. I need not to give the proof of biased nature of Indian police personnel. In every encounter why Muslims are the victims. Now on later stage it has proved that every encounter were fake. Is it not brutal treatment of police and BSF. To kill an innocent civilian only because of his caste is not a crime. Even custodian of law is also some sort biased. Indian Government should improve the security department. Including Army, BSF, Police unless the international community will impose sanctions economically, socially and we will remain alone in the Globe.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Vallabh Patel was main culprit

In India it has become a common practice to put a finger on Muslims and take the political mileage. In Kashmir people who fight for their freedom Indians are calling them terrorists. What about Bhagat Singh, Tatiya Tope, Rajguru and others who spread terrorism in British ruled India. We are taking the names of such terrorists with at most respect. Have they not killed British Army personal, British Women and small children????. How Indians can defend the act of such Terrorists. Root cause of Terrorism in India is Babri Masjid demolition. Before 1992 not a single incident of terror activity was found. But after 1992 on every 6th Dec. there were blasts in Railway and other places upto 3 to 4 years. It gives birth of terrorism. The Hindu Terrorists organisation like VHP, RSS and others who were responsible for partition of India 1947 along with the Vallabh Patel and assassination of Gandhi are responsible of present terrorism in India.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Kasab deserves for bail.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

No more blood stain in Kashmir Valley

Indian troops should vacate Kashmir valley immediately. They are destroying peace in Kashmir. Illegal detention of innocent Kashmiri Muslims. Fake encounters with malicious intention of innocent Muslims in Kashmir is become normal practice of Indian troops. Chastity of young or even teenaged Muslim girls are not safe in front of these Draconian Jawans of Indian Troops. The atrocities of Indian Military are encouraging the unabated terrorism in Kashmir Valley. Because whoever lost his young brother or father or a brother who has lost the chastity of her sister, what he will do certainly he will take revenge with these bloody troops jawans.
Zuber Ahmed Khan

ट्रिपल तलाक़ के खात्मे के खिलाफ मौलाना की दहाड़

मुस्लिम पर्सनल लॉ के शेर की दहाड़ के सामने हिन्दू स्टेट के सबसे बड़े पाखंडी और आतंकी सरगना की गीदड़ भबकी बोहोत ही दबी हुई जान पड़ती है.   प...