Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Strict Law against rape of minor should be passed.

Strict law should be enacted against the rape of minor. In India number of rape cases is increased in last couple of years.

There should not be any trail for the culprits, committed such type of savage crime, only death penalty to the accused, who has committed rape on minor below the age of 10 years. Only the age of victim should be scrutinized, if it is proved that victim is below the age of 10 years, and vaginal fluid of victim match DNA of culprit, automatically the culprit is liable for the death punishment. Above the age of 10 years there should be provision of trial for the culprit even with maximum corporal punishment.

Because a minor girl below the age of 10 years do not have clear understanding of right and wrong. The culprit who committed such type of heinous crime should not let off with the help of Law Journals and Rulings.

Now it is the right time to change some Articles and Sections of IPC, because the crime on ladies is on the peak in India. The chronic criminals instead of scared from Police, tried to find out solution of escape from the web of law by using benefits of Sections & Articles of Indian Penal Code.

If we want to survive in civilised society there should not be any mercy for the rape culprits of minor, only death punishment is suitable for them. They do not deserve any type of mercy for their act. By using death penalty we may eliminate the crime of rape.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 23 July 2010

Mystery of the Death of Hemant Karkare: Martyr or Murder.

Dear Sir,

The assassination of Hemant Karkare may be planned by the persons / organisations against whom he was carring out investigations and such assassination may be in collusion with some international organisation like Mussad. I remember an English proverb “A bad man is better than bad name” same proverb applied in case of Hemant Karkare’s Murder.

There was no harm to the Muslims from Hemant Karkare. He was an impartial, good police officer. He was not conducting enquiries of blast cases carried out by Muslim Groups. No question to kill an officer by an Islamic Organisation who is impartial, honest supported by Muslims. One year back from his murder, all cases related to Hindu Terrorists group handed over to him. He did his job very nicely and unveiled the faces of all Hindu Fundamentalists, involved in the blast in Muslim dominated areas. He would have reached up to Modi, Advani, Pravin Togadia and other prominent master mind of Hindu Terrorists groups, if he would have not been murdered.

HUJI, LeT, JeM and other Muslim organisation had not any threat from Karkare. It was a high planned murder by Hindu Terrorists Organizations along with Israel’s Organization Mussad, and after murder, blame to Islamic Organisations. If a contract killer would have killed Karkare then CBI very easily unearth the facts that who killed Karkare, and every body can understand the ugly face of Hindu Patriotic Organisations are in fact Terrorist Organisations.

If they kill only Karkare that will lead to a big suspicion on Hindu Groups. So they launched very high profile conspiracy along with Mussad of Israel, and planned in such a way nobody can suspect on Hindus if they killed Karkare. They killed Karkare in the name of Islamic terrorism, and Hindu organisation’s name will remain safe. To avoid suspicion on Hindu Terrorists organisations they killed innocent 180 to 190 civilians. The killer deliberately attacked on Nariman House and killed 5 Jews to avoid suspicion on Mussed.

A simple logic is there if Indian Muslims can be supported by LeT, JeM, Pakistan based organisation, then who is supporting the Hindu Terrorists Organisations either Indian Government or Foreign Government. Only Israel the Terrorist Country usurper of Arab’s Land and her organisation Mussed is supporting the Hindu Terrorists Organisation in India. Israel is the biggest enemy of Islam and Muslims. Mussad along with Hindu Terrorists organisation carried out the blasts in Parbhani, Jalana, Nanded, Partoor, Malegaon, Mecca Musjid, Samjhota Express, Ajmer Sharief and so on.

I request for a CBI enquiry of the murder of Karkare’s death and fact should come to public.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Friendship is not single way traffic.

Dear Sir,

It is the common practice of Indians. Our foreign minister had gone to Pakistan not for friendship. But to press Pakistan politically, socially, morally to handover the 26/11 (Indian’s version) Terrorists. In my version Mujahedin (Holy Warriors). If you are enhancing your one hand to shake for friendship then you have to listen other side version also. When Pakistan started counting the negative aspect of Indian side. Indian foreign minister become hot with anger and talk remains with no result. India should think broad aspect Indian also having negative part. India is also having Hindu terrorist’s camps of Bajranj Dal, VHP, RSS, Abhinav Bharat, Ram Sena. Indian Military committing serious Human Rights Violation in Kashmir. Indian hands are there in Balochistan trouble. Mr. Qureshi is totally right, a dialog can not be possible only from one side i.e. Indian side appeasement. Kashmir and Human Rights Violation in Kashmir is the core issue. When U are doing friendship with your counterpart, then issues from both the side should be discussed.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

No more blood stain in Kashmir Valley

Indian troops should vacate Kashmir valley immediately. They are destroying peace in Kashmir. Illegal detention of innocent Kashmiri Muslims. Fake encounters with malicious intention of innocent Muslims in Kashmir is become normal practice of Indian troops. Chastity of young or even teenaged Muslim girls are not safe in front of these Draconian Jawans of Indian Troops. The atrocities of Indian Military are encouraging the unabated terrorism in Kashmir Valley. Because whoever lost his young brother or father or a brother who has lost the chastity of her sister, what he will do certainly he will take revenge with these bloody troops jawans.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

India is not eligible for UN Security Council as permanent member.

Dear Sir,

It would be great harm to the humanity if India would get a permanent seat in U.N. Security Council. As I understand, on paper constitutionally India is a Secular, Sovereign Republic. But the fact is totally different; Indian Government is working on the agenda of Saffron Forces. Partition of India into several parts in 1947 is the biggest example of communal theory. It got strength in the year 1984 of Sikh Massacre, 1992 Babri Masjid Demolition, 2002 Gujarat Muslim Genocide, and 2008 Kandhmal Orissa Christen Massacre. Minorities are not safe in India. For what we are claiming a secular nation, hence permanent seat of UN is not required to give such a nation having biased tendency toward minorities.

In 1984 of Sikh Massacre responsibility goes on Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Titler, 1992 Babri Masjid Demolition responsibility goes on Lalkrishna Advani & Co. along with Saffron Brigade, 2002 Gujrat Muslim Genocide responsibility goes on Narendra Modi & Co. along with Saffron Brigade, 2008 Kandhmal Christen Massacre responsibility goes on Biju Patnayak along with Saffron Brigade. All the culprits of mass massacre & genocide should be prosecuted at International Court, The Hague and all should be debarred to contest election U/A 29 A(5) RPA 1951.

India recognize the Israel the biggest terrorist Nation and usurper of Arab land Palestine. The people of India have got negative attitude with Pakistan. As India got permanent seat in United Nation she will keep away the interest of Kashmiri People. The problem of Kashmir will not solve any more. India will try to capture Kashmir by hook or crook, and justify the presence of biased, communal Indian Army in Kashmir.

How a hard line country can become a permanent member of Security Council. Even the Government has run in the name of secular, democracy but the people are not secular and ideology is not clear. Hence Government of India’s act is looking malicious, communal and looks like working for saffron alliance.

India always claims that Pakistan is the hub of terrorist’s organization and haven for the terrorist. Do India is not the hub of Hindu terrorist like VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS, Abhinav Bharat and political wing supporting them BJP, Shiv Sena. An open arms training has been given to these Hindu Terrorists. Demonstration of arms is normal practice at the time of Dassera, Rana Pratap Jayanti in BJP Ruled State.

To become the permanent member of Security Council every aspect should be consider. Economy of the Country, Nature of the people and the Government. Indian economy has been devastated like castle of cards. Inflation rate is highest and is on the peak. People are biased and communal advocating Ram Rajya i.e. Hindu Rashtra. Government is puppet of saffron elements though showing its secular structure. Hence India is not eligible for permanent seat in Security Council.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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