Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Pact in between Congress and BJP for an illegal cause.

Ref: 1. Hindustan Times News Article dated 19.8.10 “Cong, BJP struck..…..”
        2. My letter & Article “India is not eligible…..” dt. 10th July 2010.

Dear Sir,

An alleged master mind Narendra Modi, for the fake encounters in Gujarat including Sohrabuddin Sheikh, Kausar Bi, Ishrat Jahaan 19 years old Mumbai college girl, will be let off and will not be quizzed by CBI in the fake encounter cases. Congress and BJP has undergone a secrete pact. Accordingly government will not initiate action against Modi, in lieu BJP will support the N-bill in the parliament and will not debate over it. It is an abetment for crime to the politicians in Congress ruled India. Congress should have enacted “Communal Violence Bill” tabled by G.M. Bannatwala in the parliament in 2002, contrarily signing the controversial pact with BJP, and the biased politicians like Narendra Modi, Lalkrishna Advani, Murlimanohar Joshi, Meneka Gandhi, Varun Gandhi etc. should be debarred to contest election in secular India U/A 29 A(5) Representation of People Act 1951.

Any deal which is signed by any political parties for illegal cause & to safeguard any criminal is null and void. The political parties who are supporting such types of criminal activities should be debarred to contest election and their monogram should be confiscated.

Congress and BJP are abetting criminal mentality amongst the Politicians. Any politician who is involved in any criminal activity punishable under IPC may not get pardon or any type of relief from the political parties but Judicial Authority. If any politicians having criminal cases pending on him he should not be let off in any circumstances. Let Indian Judiciary decide about his involvement in the crime. How political parties can decide criminal cases of Narendra Modi.

It is a request.

CBI should quiz Narendra Modi and his involvement in all encounters after 2002, inducing Sohrabuddin Sheikh, Kausar Bi, Ishrat Jahan a 19 year old Mumbai college girl & others.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 20 August 2010

That is the real picture of Secular India about communal synchronization.

Ref: Women Swap kidneys ……. News Article by Sai Raje (Hindustan Times)
        dt. 19.8.10

Dear Sir,

I am very much pleased to see the news Article by Sai Raje of Hindustan Times of dated 19th August 10, wherein two women one hindu another muslim, swap their kidneys to save their husbands. It shows the real communal harmony, which still remain in India.

It is often seen, Indian news papers showing very wrong picture of the society. At the time of Hindu’s festivals as a mark of communal harmony, Muslims are projected as a secular and doing puja in front of Ganesha, Durga and other idols. According to Islam Almighty is not having any image. Nobody is like worship except Allaha that is also without image or picture. That is an obligation on the Muslims if he or she is real and stiff Islamic. If any Muslim man or woman doing puja like Hindus doing, or believing in any type of man made structure then he or she is no more Muslim or Islamic. That is not a real secularism, contrary such types of acts by any Muslim lead them to a big controversy, and a social boycott by the other members of Muslim society. Such pictures just hurt the sentiments of the Muslims. And spread the communal discomfort rather than spreading message of communal harmony. Before casting such pictures of a Muslim man or woman doing puja as Hindus, his or her background should be investigated. If that man or woman marries to a Hindu then automatically he or she is no more Islamic, and if they are doing puja there is nothing wrong because they are now no more Muslim, but a Murtad. News papers should avoid casting such types of pictures in public.

A Hindu can perform like his Muslim companion doing and can attend any Masjid and can do the Islamic Act. Because there is no limitation on Hindus to follow for one God.

It is also seen that if a Muslim girl married to a Hindu in public, it projected in block headline that a Muslim girl married to a Hindu boy as a mark of secularism. But it is not voice verse.

I have not seen any picture published in any newspapers as a mark of secularism, that a Hindu is eating cow meat (Beef), or a Hindu priest slaughtering the cow or bull as a symbol of secularism. Because slaughtering of cow is permissible in Islam, and there is no impairment of eating cow meat by the Muslims. If such picture would have published in news papers, how badly the religious sentiments of Hindus would hurt? Because cow is the sacred animal and is worshipped by the Hindus. In every puja or new work Hindus used to sip urine of cow which is called as ‘Gomatra’.

That is why Hindus are not doing any such type of act as a mark of secularism, which is performed by their Muslim brothers and permissible in Islam but which is not permissible in Hinduism and strictly prohibited.

The real secularism is not in following the rites of other religion by following or practicing that practice, you are no more a Muslim or Hindu. It is also not in following the principle of inter-caste marriages. But real secularism is in sharing your inputs with your companion. You may attend the religious functions of other religion but without practicing it. Support to your neighbour forgetting his religion, caste & support him in every sphere of life that is real secularism. If he is in trouble try to solve his problem upto last drop of blood. Share the edible with each other. Safeguard your companion with any type of attack. Save the precious human life in natural calamity neglecting the caste of a person. If a girl or boy born in Hindu family and brought up by a Muslim, without deviating his or her original path of Hinduism and voice verse. That is real secularism.

News papers should avoid publishing the news articles or photographs which hurts the sentiments of any person. Please take care of that.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Communal Monster destroying Indian secular status.

Dear Sir,

In continuation of my Article of dated 04th May 2010 “Communally Biased people of India”

The culture of communalism which we Indians received as a heritage from British now is becoming more aggressive. I am the sufferer of communalism in India. In the middle standard that is in the class 8th, my colleagues used to taunt me “Katua” and harassed me about several communal riots, in which Muslims were the victims.

Though my son is in Convent school but same thing he observed. He tried to avoided school on flimsy grounds. On enquiry he told me that he has been humiliated in school. He has been taunted as “Katua”. He makes to sit (in school bus) near to the legs of other students. Even if the seat is empty the students did not allow him to sit. Ask him to sit near to the legs.

When I entered in professional life I received the same treatment, whether in the public sector or private sector wherever I went for some official work. I saw the people with biased mentality against Muslims.

I am staying in New Mumbai & working in Mumbai I have to commute at least 2 hours journey from my home to office through public transport, including buses and locals. I have not seen any incident of secularism in the public places, contrary some time I am facing humiliation with Bhajan Mandali, hardliner people who did not allow me to sit instead of vacant seat. If I forcibly make to sit, they started taunting openly about my beard with without moustache face.

Since 1947 Muslims have seen several communal riots none of the politician has been punished so far. Without any punishment of master mind people, abetted the other hardliner to commit crime against humanity again and again.

If India wants to kill the monster of communalism & overcome this problem some concrete steps should be taken by the Government of India & State Government.

1. Politicians like Narendra Modi, Lalkrishna Advani, Vinay Katiyar and other hardliner Politicians should be debarred to contest election U/A 29 A(5) RPA 1951.

2. India has to enact Anti Communal Riots bill, in which provision of jail and compensation from the culprits for the victims should be there. Government should also enact anti communal bill, in which any person in public or private sector found guilty of spreading communal abhorrence, should be Jail & be sacked with immediate effect from the office of profit.

3. Such type of notification should be paste in every public sector and a copy of that notification should be published in the news papers. So that the uneducated people come to know about the law.

4. A criminal law should be passed for schools/colleges if any student found taunting to his colleagues or found guilty of communal abomination, should be debarred from the school or college. An action should be initiated on his parents according to law. Like we did in case of ragging. In broacher school or college should notify the point, “communalism is strictly prohibited”.

5. Before new appointment, the background of the candidate should be investigated. If anybodies found attending any type of communal camps which may affect integrity of India barred for appointment in public sector.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
Zuber Ahmed Khan
Jr. to Advocate.

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