Saturday, 25 September 2010

Influence of ‘Saffron Brigade’ on Indian Judiciary

Dear Sir / Madam,

According to the Constitution, Indian Judiciary System it is impartial, appeasing to none? But it goes wrong and creates big suspicion when supreme judicial authority of India, Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan shared the dais with Narendra Modi.

Hon’ble Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team to probe the role of Narendra Modi in Gujarat 2002 Muslim’s Genocide & crime against humanity. After finding the facts SIT summoned Modi for his role in Gujarat Muslim’s Genocide. That means he is not innocent and he is culprit for the communal riots 2002.

After the enquiry of about 16 to 17 hours Modi was not arrested and let off. After two three days, former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India Mr. K.G. Balakrishnan, went to Ahmedabad and shared the dais with Narendra Modi. This raises several questions on the act of Chief Justice of India Mr. K.G. Balakrishnan:

1. He might have been threatened by the Saffron Elements.

2. He might have been lured economically.

3. He might have been impressed with the criminal acts & personality of Modi.

How Chief Justice of India K.G. Balakrishnan accepted the offer of Narendra Modi for joint press conference. If the Supreme Judicial Authority, Chief Justice started sharing the dais with the culprits like Modi, then suspicion on the Judicial System of India strengthen that it is also influenced by saffron elements. The sharing of dais with culprits is out of the ethics of Judicial System and decorum of the Supreme Court. Sharing the dais with Modi implies that Supreme Court is also under influence of Modi and Saffron Elements. Mr. K.G. Balakrishnan should have maintained the decorum of Supreme Court, before sharing the dais Mr. K.G. Balakrishnan should have thought twice.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Recognize Kashmir Internationally.

Dear Sir,

It is right time to recognize Kashmir internationally, and press Indian Government to vacate Kashmir Valley. Indian Army destroyed the peace in Kashmir Valley. Freedom is the right of the people. It is the hard look of Indian Government about Kashmir, deputing the biased Indian Army.

The situation in the State of Jammu & Kashmir is becoming worsened day by day. The number of casualties of the innocent citizens is increasing after every day. That is only in the firing of biased Indian Army & Central Reserve Police Force. So far 90 innocent civilians have been killed in the firing. 13th September is the black day in the history of Jammu & Kashmir; in a single day 14 innocent civilians have been killed in the firing.

The Hindu Hardliner Communal Party BJP enacted a controversial law in Jammu & Kashmir which provides security only to the Armed Forces and not to the citizen. According to that law Indian Army or CRPF has got power to open fire on the citizen at any time with an intention to kill innocent citizens. There would not be any enquiry or Court Martial on the police or army. They have got right to send any person behind the bars without the provision of bail even if that particular is innocent which destroyed young generation in Kashmir, very dreadfully. There are so many Articles and section in Controversial Law AFSPA which commits serious Human Rights Violations. It is a request to recognize Kashmir Internationally.

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Serious Human Rights Violations in Jammu & Kashmir

Dear Sir / Madam,

Controversial Law AFSPA should be repealed.

The situation in the State of Jammu & Kashmir is becoming worsened day by day. The number of casualties of the innocent citizens is increasing after every day. That is only due to the firing of biased CRPF. AFSPA had been enacted by the BJP Government and the former Home Minister Lalkrishna Advani. That Law provides adequate safety to the Armed Forces and not to the Muslims of Kashmir; the controversial law had been enacted only to eliminate the Muslims of the Kashmir valley. If the law instead for providing safety to the citizens of the country started poignant to the citizens, batter to repeal such type of controversial biased law which is used only on Muslims.

After the freedom movement in Kashmir if we will see the data and history there is more people killed by the Indian Army instead of freedom fighters. (The so called Terrorists of Indian Version). Number of causalities of Indian Army is also very less by the freedom fighters. There is no need of any type of protection law for the army. It was the communal intention of former Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani to use that law only on Muslims.

I would like to remind the incident of 2008 Ambernath Shrine Board Land dispute, at that time Special Powers Act was also there in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. At Jammu Hindu protestors destroyed the Government’s Properties, killed 2 state police men, but biased communal CRPF jawas did not opened the fire on the protestors. The Hindu Protestors did the economic blockage of the valley, but the guns of CRPF jawans kept silence on the protestors. Guns of CRPF and army might be loved the sole of Muslims and thirsty of Muslim’s Blood.

If the controversial law has not been repealed, a wrong message will go in the Muslims of Kashmir that Indian Government is biased towards the Muslims, working on the agenda of saffron alliance that is BJP, Shiv Sena etc.

BJP is in favour of that controversial law which should not be removed from the State of Jammu & Kashmir because in firing no Hindu has been killed. If 90 Hindu would have killed in the firing then certainly BJP would have created panic for the removal of the law.

It is a request:

1. Repeal the controversial Law AFSPA immediately to restore peace in the valley.

2. Reserve 20% seats for Muslims in Indian Army, CRPF & Indian Police Services.

3. Depute Muslim / Minority Police Officers, Jawans at the time of Communal Riots in the Muslim dominated
    areas and in the State of Jammu & Ksahmir for the minimum Muslim Causalities.

4. Remove Army from the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 13 September 2010

CBI Enquiry for all the Fake Encounters including Ishrat Jahan & Ors.

Dear Sir / Madam,

A detailed enquiry of all the fake encounters in Gujarat should be carried out by CBI. In Gujarat crime against women is on the top especially after 2002 Muslim Genocide. 300 women were gang raped in Gujarat in 2002 by the goons of Hindu Organisations VHP, Bajarang Dal, RSS etc. supported by the State Government headed by the Narendra Modi and the police personnel.

It is possible before killing 19 year old Mumbai college girl Ishrat, might be gang raped by the police personnel. Same as Kausar Bi the wife of Sohrabuddin was gang raped before killing. Culprit Police Personnel did their job of crime, now it is the responsibility of CBI or Judicial Authorities to enquire the incident thoroughly and bring the culprits behind the bars & facts to the public.

According to the Hindustan Times News Article Ishrat was kept captive in the same farm house, where Kausar Bi was kept and gang raped by the Police. It is not at all understandable Ishrat would have remain safe for two days before killing, without losing her chastity in front of these draconian police personnel.

All the culprits involved in the encounter of Ishrat Jahan should be quizzed very hard; it is possible she might be gang rapped before killing.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 12 September 2010

It is hot time for turning the screw of RSS.

Ref: Times of India News Article “RSS tries to ………………” dated 5/9/10
Dear Sir,

It is an attempt to safeguard Narendra Modi by RSS for his crime against humanity & Gujarat Muslims Genocide 2002, wherein RSS trying to convince former Minister of State Gordhan Zadaphia not to testify against Modi before SIT, Gordhan Zadaphia is also a culprit of 2002 Muslim Genocide. In which at least 3000 Muslims were killed & 300 Muslim women lost their chastity & gang raped by the members of Hindu fanatic groups RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP supported by the State Government & Police. 30 worship places were demolished.

2002 Muslim Genocide would have not cost so much human lives, if the State Government headed by Narendra Modi would have taken action against the hooligans. It was not a Communal Riot rather it was the State Sponsored Terrorism lead by Narendra Modi & Co.

The SIT is the institute which has been appointed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, and which is working on the instance of Supreme Court. Restrict a witness to depose in front of court by any person or organisation raised several charges against that organisation or person. RSS has got no right to obstruct the Court’s proceedings. A case of Contempt of Court, interference in Supreme Court’s proceedings, terrified the witness to depose in front of court, should be filed against RSS.

RSS is the Hindu fanatic organisation responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, and several cases of communal riots in India, though showing its social status but working totally unsocial, unconstitutional ideology advocating The Ram Rajaya, i.e. The Hindu Rashtra, contrary to the constitution of India which shows India is a Secular Sovereign Republic; any organisation working against the constitution would be ban for its unconstitutional activities. If at all RSS is social organisation and working for the uplift of the people of India and has got no criminal or terror record, why RSS safeguards the criminal person like Modi? Who has got several criminal charges against him?
Ban RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP, Ram Sena, Abhinav Bharat for their unlawful activities in India like spreading communal disharmony, terrorism etc. The funding of these fanatic organisations should be censored. The source of income should be banned. An action should be initiated against the NRIs funds received to above mentioned terrorist organisations and it should be censored.

It is request.

1. The communal criminal politician like Narendra Modi should be debarred to
    contest elections U/A 29 A(5) RPA 1951.

2. Book Modi in Gujarat Muslim Genocide 2002.

3. Action should be taken against RSS in.

    a. Contempt of Court

    b. Interference in Supreme Court’s proceedings.

    c. Terrified the witness to depose in front of court.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

No visa for Indians and Israelis for relief work at Pakistan.

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to the news article of Hindustan Times of 25/08/10. No visa for Indians and Israelis. It is a good decision by Pakistan Government. Normally in natural calamity, when the people are scattered and remain in grief and agony it is very easy to acquire visa and enter in the country in the name of humanity and relief work on humanitarian grounds. But the result of that relief works came out only after some time in the form of human calamity like Bomb Blast.

No doubts in the last couple of years whatever bomb blasts takes place in Pakistan it would be the outcome of Hindu Terrorists, along with RAW of India and Mussad of Israel. Wrongly linking them to the Islamic Organisations, same as in case of India. Bomb blast in Muslims dominated areas firstly linked to Islamic Organisations later stage it is proved that it is the mischief of Hindu Terrorists Organisations.

Israel the biggest terrorist Nation and usurper of Arab land Palestine. It is the duty of every Muslim Country to press Israel to vacate the Arab land.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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