Friday, 31 December 2010

Wish a happy new year to all of my friends


                        Happy New Year 
                             to all of my friends
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 Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Federation of all Islamic Countries should be formed.

      1. Federation of all Islamic Countries should be formed.
      2. Atrocities by the Israeli Soldiers on Palestine citizens 
          & Hindus on Muslims in India.
Dear Sir,

1.     It is very painful and anguish that Hindus are earning from Muslim Countries & their earnings are being misused in Muslims Genocide in India.  The Muslim countries fund is misused in demolition of Babri Masjid in the year 1992 followed by country vide communal violence against Muslims in which 5000 Muslims were butchered to death in India, & in the year 2002 Gujarat Muslims Genocide, in which State Government of Gujarat headed by Narendra Modi took active part to commit the Genocide of Muslims.  In which at least 3000 Muslims were killed & 300  Muslim women lost their chastity & gang raped by the members of Hindu fanatic groups RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP supported by the State Government & Police.  30 Muslim worship places were demolished.  The funds earned by the Hindus from Arab Countries have been misused in Babri Masjid Demolition 1992,  Muslim Genocide 1993 and Gujarat Muslims Genocide 2002.

2.    Muslims in India are living in a very pity condition, they are merely second class citizen of India, though Government merely on paper showing work of upliftment of Muslims but indeed doing nothing for their upliftment. 

3.    Cancel all business ties with the companies owned by Indian Hindus.  Make rules at least 95% Muslims will be recruit in Muslim Countries. 

It is prayed

1.  Form a federation of all Muslim Countries and should pass resolution on following points:-

a.      Press America and allied forces to vacate from Iraq, Afghanistan.
b.      Press Israel to vacate Arab Land Palestine.
c.      Press Indian Government to built Babri Masjid at its original place.

2.  Recruit 95% Muslims in the job in Muslim / Gulf Countries as Muslims in India are Jobless.

3.  Remove all Hindus from Muslim countries and cancel their work visa / permit visa and deport to their original countries.

4.  Remove all Temples or Un-Islamic structures created in Dubai and other Muslim Countries.  

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 17 December 2010

Heritage Monuments are under siege by saffron brigade in India

Ref:  1. My letter No. Nil dated 08/06/2010
        2. My reminder-I  ZAK/PM/CM-A/TM-A/AOMP/DGAS/E/006 dated 15/09/2010

Dear Sir,

1.      Indian Government should keep ready herself for another Babri type episode in Hyderabad. This time Saffron elements grabbed the land of heritage monuments in Hyderabad. 

2.      In Hyderabad at Golkunda Fort about 1 to two Kilometers land has been grabbed for temple, people are attending the temple and doing pooja.

3.      At Charminar about 600 to 700 Sq.ft. veranda has been captured and temple has been constructed. 

4.      The heritage monuments are the precious jewelery for India.  The elements who are destroying with illegal construction should be prosecuted. 

It is prayed.

1.      Remove illegal & Unconstitutional structures came up at Golkunda Fort and Charminar after 15.8.1947.

2.      Take strong action against the saffron culprits for destruction of heritage monuments.

3.      Preserve the heritage monuments, The Jem of history, which is binding to Union of India, as per UNESCO Charter.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It is proved that Influence of ‘Saffron Brigade’ & Modi is there on Indian Judiciary.

1.          Hon’ble Supreme Court appointed SIT gives Narendra Modi clean chit for his role in Gujarat Muslims Genocide and crimes against humanity in the year 2002.  Modi had crossed all the barriers of humanity and became an ugly monster in the black months of Feb to April 2002.  It was the responsibility of Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi to safeguard the life, property ‘Honour & Chastity of Muslims in Gujarat.  He totally failed to discharge the constitutional duties.  In the year 2002 former Prime Minister of India Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpai was the head of Union of India.  In centre and in Gujarat State, BJP was in power. There was full support of Central Government of BJP to Modi to commit the Genocide, crime against women & violates the article of Constitution of India ‘Rights to live’.  The goons of Bajrang Dal, RSS, VHP were at full support of Modi and BJP to commit the Genocide of Muslims, Gang Rape of Muslim Women and crime against humanity.

2.          BJP Government of Centre supported Modi and did not sack him for his crimes against humanity.  After election Congress Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had no courage and still  has no courage to’ Sack and Prosecute  Genocide culprit,  Modi, to send him behind the bars, it looks that Modi has become more powerful than Indian Judiciary,  nobody has courage to grab the collar of Modi or even ask the question on Muslims Genocide.

3.          Mr. Raghvan’s contention is totally, wrong, foolish and absurd ‘Raghvan shrewdly, exonerated Modi, Murder charge of Ehsan Jaffri & 72 others, Humanity crimes, Gang Rape & Crimes against Humanity committed under his Govt. in Gujarat 2002.  It is a bad example of ‘Blind support to the Genocide, Gang Rape criminal Narendra  Modi who was fully  capable to tackle the communal  violence in  Gujarat 2002 but he not only failed to discharge the constitutional duties but also abetted the Genocide & Gang Rape culprits & the Human Rights violating criminals. In addition Narendra Modi is also guilty of ‘Miscarriage of Justice’.    

4.          Mr. Raghvan might be sympathetic towards Hindu Fanatic RSS, Bajrangdal, VHP and of course to Narendra Modi.  Mr. Raghvan is perhaps, belongs to ‘Saffron Brigade’ and it was not possible for the Muslims of Gujarat to get free and fair report from Communal bias SIT Members.
5.            In fact instead of Mr. Raghvan any Muslim / Minority Community / OBC officer should have conducted the enquiry of Gujarat Muslims Genocide, Gang Rape, & Ehsan Jaffri ‘Cold Blooded Murder’ along with his 72 murder colleagues, in 2002. 

6.          Indian Judiciary, Indian Army, Administrative Department have been influenced by the saffron elements. The officers are sympathetic towards ‘Saffrfon Elements’.  It is proved in the recent judgement of Allahabad High Court in the Babri Masjid Case.  Now Mr. Raghvan endorsed and strengthens the same. 

7.           If Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement goes against victimised Muslims & favours Genocide, Gang Rape culprits including Narendra Modi then faith on Indian Judiciary will become Farce & Mirage for the Muslim Community in India.  Muslims youths might adopt alternate other ways to redress to justice.                                 

It is prayed

a.      Sack Narendra ModiU/A 355/356,( Failure of Secular Democracy )  and Prosecute under Genocide, Gang Rape and Crimes against women and humanity.

b.      Set aside SIT report submitted by Mr. Raghavan as it is maliciously concluded one sided & manipulated by Mr. Narendra Modi, Saffron Elements which is far away from the facts.  Judiciary should concluded on the facts and documents & have supported the oppressed, depressed, real victims, as per ‘The Constitution of  India,

c.      Reserve at least 20% Muslims in Judiciary, Administrative, Army and Police services. As requested in earlier correspondences.

d.      Scrutinize the mentality of a person before appointing to Judicial, police, and army services & check his background from school, college, and university.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 10 December 2010

30,000 Indian students have left Australia: Student federation - The Times of India

Dear Sir

This is the reference to a news article in times of India. 

What wrong Indians did in the past same has been returned to them in present time. Small children of 4 and 7 years along with Innocent Australian Christian Father Graham Stain had been burnet alive in his car, in Orissa, by the Hindu Terrorist Dara Singh. Still he had not been hanged, but awarded life ...imprisonment. It was alleged that Father Graham Stain was converting back word class into Christianity, if at all this version of Hindus was correct, what was the crime of two innocent children. If Indians committed such type of barbaric acts in the past, then they should ready to face the heat in other countries.  Now a days Indians are not safe in any place in the Globe.  Indian Government politically pressurize the Australian Government about the attack on Indians in Australia, do Indian Government thought ever why Indians are not safe in Australia.  Our own seeds which we have sown have grown up & troubling us.  

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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