Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Another Bomb Blast in Kashmir with no arrest.

         1. Another Bomb Blast in Kashmir with no arrest.
   2. SIMI has banned to suppress Muslims Rights.

Ref:   1. Militants Blame Bajrang Dal for Killing in Valley News Hindustan Times 10-4-11.  
          2. My letter no. ZAK/SG/P/K/P-IRI/PM/AA/E/008 dtd. 16/9/2010
          3. My ZAK/SG/P/P-I/PM-I/PM-P/HM-I/MM/E/012 dtd. 02/10/2010

Dear Sir,

A Historic decision by the traders of Kashmir to March and sale their commodities in Muzaffarabad, when they faced hardship and harmed through an economic blockage of the valley at Jammu by Hindus.  It is indeed a shame for human civilization that India continues to be engaged in genocide of Kashmiris.  As part of Indian strategy to kill Kashmiris sustained manner.  Kashmiri Muslims are being killed under different guises, some more particularly Kashmiri Muslims were murdered by Indian forces and CRPF in the false tag of terrorism and some by Hindus fascist fight for Sri Amarnath illegal land deal, and some in the Bomb Blasts in the sacred places. After direct fire on Muzaffarabad marchers, at least eight persons, including a senior Hurriyat freedom fighting leader of Jammu and Kashmir, Shaikh Abdul Aziz, were killed as they were marching towards the Line of Control in Baramulla. District leader and a boy were killed by Indian security forces in Srinagar district on August 15 a couple of days ahead of Indian Independence Day.

Economic terrorism by Hindus in Jammu region by blocking the movement of goods between Jammu and Kashmir has caused serious economic hardship to the people of Kashmir.  Even the medicines are not allowed to move towards valley.  This economic terrorism is resented by Kashmirs who have suffered badly and decided to mach to Muzaffarabad to show their protest.

The acute hardships faced by people in valley by scarcity of essential commodities, life saving drugs and medicine, even kids’ items, are not moved towards valley because of the economic blockade, now it looks the popular uprising is not going to end until the Kashmirs obtain freedom and independence from India. First of economic terrorism must end followed by state military terrorism.

Rightly alleged by Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkare e Tayyeba that killing of Moulvi Showkat Ahmad on Friday on 15/04/2011 is the handy work of Hindu Terrorists Organisations Bajrang Dal and Abhinav Bharat and in my personnel view it may be in collusion of Indian forces.  A detail inquiry should be carried out by Interpol or any International Inquiry Team about the incident. 

It is time the Governor of Jammu Kashmir send its recommendation to New Delhi & grant independence to Kashmir so that the Kashmiris don’t have to stave and die like this and let them live with honor and resources. Any further delay in decision-making in favor of Kashmiris could be disastrous for both Kashmiris and India. The Kashmirs do have the efficient leadership, resources and the capacity to govern their own nation in a peaceful manner.

After independence 1947 Indian leaders have deprived Muslims to their genuine and legitimate interests and in order to cover up their anti-Muslim strategy, they cunningly used the tactics like anti-Indian for Muslims.  Indian media without any through inquiry started writing rubbish against the Muslims. This long anti-Muslim strategy has resulted many nefarious actions including the ghastly demolition of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh by the Hindus, crushing and butchered the thousand of Muslims who protested against anti-Muslims policies and practices.  

 After 1992 apart from anti Indian, terrorism word has been included for the Muslims, which resulted 2002 Gujarat Muslims Genocide the India’s worst Muslims Genocide in which state Government took active part to commit the genocide of Muslims. 

One patriotic, social Islamic groups fighting for the rights of Muslims and raising the voice for Muslims, Kashmir and reconstruction of Babri Masjid at its original place ‘Students Islamic Movement of India’ (SIMI) has been banned.  Indian media, intelligence and security agencies had left no stone unturned to keep the ban alive on SIMI which was lifted by sitting Delhi High Court judge Justice Geeta Mittal on July 6.  Central government on Feb 7, 2008 re-imposed the ban on SIMI for another two years.

The SIMI annoyed by Indian attitude toward Muslims denying them their legitimate rights and ignoring their genuine concerns. When Babri Masjid was demolished by Hindutva militants, SIMI members protested but they were taken into custody without trials and tortured in the lockup. SIMI witnessed slow growth even in Muslim dominated areas until December 1992.  Under tremendous pressure from government agencies and political outfits as well as media threat on Muslims fighting for their rights, many young Muslims have quit SIMI saying they do not “subscribe to its ideology”.

It is time India should stop its anti-Muslims policy and encouraged its media to behave like all-Indians media and not just mere Hindu media. Democracy and secularism are not mere propaganda stuff; they have to practice quite sincerely. India must let the Muslim organizations function at par with Hindu organizations that have successfully spread their poisonous tentacles, under Indian state patronage, not only across the country but even in foreign countries including Jammu Kashmir, now under Indian military occupation. India must reconstruct the Babri Mosque at the very site where it stood.

India must consider Muslims as equal citizens and not as second-class citizens as they do now and give them all benefits at par with Hindus, even if they are not given preferential treat as per the Constitutional provisions and as Nehru had pledged.

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Yet another book banned...............


1. “Intellectuals slam ban ........... Gandhi Book” news article Times 1/4/11

Dear Sir / Madam,

1.      On Feb. 2004 the book on Shivaji Hindu King in Islamic India by James Laine banned due to severe opposition by the fascist party the Shiv Sena.  The Maharashtra government laid down in front of the fascist tendency bow her head in front of Shiv Sena and banned the book through a notification in 2004.  Though there is a long list of the books those have been banned in India, wherein new addition included “Great Soul Mahatma Gandhi & His Struggle with India”,  by Joseph Lelyved.    

2.   An appeal was filed in High Court Bombay, after the incidents of loot & arson at the book    seller stalls and looking at the hooliganism of Shiv Sena against the book, Shivaji Hindu King in Islamic India by James Laine the judgement favours the Author.  There was no reason to move in Supreme Court. The Government of Maharashtra challenged the Bombay High Court verdict in Supreme Court. It shows the inability of the Government of Maharshtra, how she played in the hands of fascist’s party the Shiv Sena.  Because it was the Shiv Sena’s demand.

Reacting to the Bombay high court's judgement which goes in favour of US scholar James Laine's book Shivaji: A Hindu King In Islamic India , Saamna said, "It is the government, which has to rule, not the courts.'' Sena chief Bal Thackeray reacts in the Samana he is the editor of the newspaper.
ON July 9, the Supreme Court Bench comprising Justice D.K. Jain and Justice H.L. Dattu widened the horizons of free speech by lifting the ban on James W. Laine's book Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India, published by Oxford University Press in 2003.

3.      The largest number of banned books is in the category of critical analysis of India on the whole, Indian foreign policy, or Kashmir, Gandhi assignation and Hindu gods and goddesses. Lists of books banned.

4.      Any book published on worldly personalities and based on the facts should not ban, that is the thoughts of the authors and freedom of speech.  Only the books published on religion and spiritual personality with an intention to humiliate the particular religion and religious personality should be banned.
5.      It is the shameful act of the Gujarat Government to put a ban on book; it is certainly not a democratic act of the Gujarat Government.  Gujarat Government always remains forward to commit unconstitutional and undemocratic acts.

6.      Though, the Gujarat Government has been elected by the people democratically,   but totally un-democratic, un-constitutional way.  At the time of every election in Gujarat Narendra Modi taken Political Mileage to consolidated Hindu votes.  Publicly create panic and shows the phobia of Islamic Terrorism, police personnel picked up innocent, illiterate, poor Muslim youths on the false tag of terrorism beat them up mercilessly to confess the crime, rest of the work completed by the News papers headlines & Media reports electronic and print.   Without doing through enquiry media started writing rubbish about innocent Muslim youths. Narendra Modi represented himself as the patriotic agent of Gujarat and those who have nabbed by the police as Islamic Terrorists, and people cast vote to the saffron colour the fascist party.  

7.      It is a request not to ban the book Great Soul Mahatma Gandhi & His Struggle with India”,  by Joseph Lelyved and allow the book to sell in open market.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Another encounter of Sadiq Jamal is ready to declare as Fake in Gujarat.

Sub: 1. Involvement of Modi should be scan in all fake encounters.
         2. Killing of Muslim youths in a legal way by police.
         3. Long list of encounters to be probed by CBI because they are Fake.  
Ref: 1. My letter No. ZAK/P/CJI/PM/HM/LM/E/005 dated 12/09/2010.
         2. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/JA-MLA/E/2011/33 dated 14/03/2011

Dear Sir / Madam,

1.           The land of Gandhi the father of Nation, the supporter of non violence has become the hub of violence.  After independence somewhere early 50s the people of Gujarat used to identify as Bhai and women as ben.  Gujarati people were supposed to be cultured, polite, non violent and used to eat sweet after every meal.  Even in the pickles also instead of sour there would be the taste of sweet also.  Slowly, slowly that practice stopped and people have become communally biased.  That is all started after Advani’s Rath Yatra in 1990.  After the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992 like other states of India Gujarat also burns in the heat of communal violence.  

2.            After 1993 bomb blast in Mumbai at least 250 fake encounters taken place in Maharashtra only, under the Home Ministry of Gopinath Munde (BJP) and after Gopinath Munde handled by Chaggan Bhujbal (NCP).  In every encounter the Muslim Youths were the targeted, it was looking like that Gopinath Munde and Chaggan Bhujbal has come to kill Muslim youths to take the vengeance with Muslims.

3.           After 2002 communal riots in Gujarat, Gujarat police also remains untouched with such communal mentality.  Certainly it would be on the instance of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. There were approximately 25 to 30 fake encounters in Gujarat takes place.  Interestingly 80% victims are Muslims if ignored a couple of incidents in which Hindus were killed by the police.  In every encounter the same was the fabricated story of police, the people were the operative of Lashkare Toyyeba or underworld, police chase them & asked them to surrender, they started fire in retaliation and in self defence police opened fire and all terrorists killed in the encounter. 

4.            There have been several encounter deaths in the Gujarat, three of which have been attributed to attempts to kill Narendra Modi. Interestingly in none of such encounter no police party killed or even injured. 

5.            23 October 2002, Samir Khan Pathan was arrested in connection with an alleged plot to kill Narendra Modi, and later died in an "encounter" while in judicial custody. On January 2, 2003, all the other thirteen accused in the same plot were acquitted for want of evidence.

6.           Sadiq Jamal, a resident of Bhavnagar, was shot dead in Naroda area of Ahmadabad on January 13, 2003. Suspended IPS officer and one of the main accused in the Sohrabuddin Shaikh fake encounter case, D G Vanzara, was the Deputy Commissioner of Police at that time.  According to the Crime Branch, Sadiq was an LeT operator attempting to target Narendra Modi, L.K. Advani and Pravin Togadia.

7.            The encounter killing of the Abdul Latif took place in the same area where Ishrat was killed.

8.            Gujarat has always been the centre of attention in the past as far as politics is concerned. However, the new controversies that are emerging out of this state are unprecedented and carry political as well as judicial connotations. The recent arrests of police personnel in Gujarat for staging “fake encounters” comes as another grim reminder of the weakness of our political and other government entities. These incidents are not isolated and have been in the headlines for more than four years. Recently the Gujarat high court has ordered a fresh probe into the killings of at least three people in such fake encounters.

9.            State-sponsored anti-Muslim policies and killing of thousands of innocent Muslims during the Modi administration in Gujarat will always remain a horrific picture in the minds of millions of peace-loving Indians across the country. Muslim minority continues to be the victim of fake encounter killings and police torture.

10.       It reveals how innocent Muslim youth – Samir Khan Pathan, Ishrat Jahan, Javed Sheikh, Sadiq Jamal Mehtar and Sohrabuddin Sheikh – were killed allegedly for attempting to assassinate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. It makes it abundantly clear that they were in fact victims of fake encounters in the Saffron State.

11.      Now time has come to amend in the Police Diary, there should be a legal binding on the police team while going for encounter, to arrange the video shooting of full encounter to testify the police version whether police opened fire in retaliation or voluntary opened fire.  If any reason there is no video shooting of the encounter that stands fake even if the same is genuine.

12.       Involvement of Narendra Modi the Gujarat Chief Minister should also be scan in all encounters including  Ishrat Jahan, who was murdered by the notorious Gujarat police in a false tag of terrorism in 2004. The Gujarat police stated that Ishrat, along with three other people, had been killed in an encounter near Ahmedabad by a police team.  A judicial probe into the Ishrat incident found that Ishrat and her friends were killed in police custody.

List of Encounters -- Gujarat

Date                Place                          Name of Person killed in Encounter

24/9/2002      Akshardham,                     2 unknown persons
Gandhinagar                      Might be Muslims.

21/10/2002    Usmanpura Gardan           Samir Khan Sarfaraz Khan Pathan.

13/1/2003      Nr. Galaxy Cinema           Sadiq Jamal

22/6/2003      Panchkuwa                        Ganesh Khunte
                                                                   Mahendra Jadav

15/6/2004      Nr. Naroda                         Ishrat Jahan,
Water Park                         Javed Mohammed Shaikh
                                                                    Amjad Ali Akbarali Rana
                                                                    Jishan Johar @ Janbaj

27/11/2004    Sanjan- Bhilad                    Sanjay Singh @ Sanju
Highway Valsad.                 Shreeram S.Chaudhary

9/10/2005      Nandigram Village             Haji Ismail Sumbhania

22/11/2005    Narol Circle to                  Sohrabuddin A.Shaikh
Pirana Octroinaka              Kausar Bi

16/3/2006      Vatwa Railway Track         Abdul Latif
Gange Row-Society           with three unknown persons

6/11/2006      Gandhinagar                       Rahim Qasim Sumra

28/12/2006    Ambaji-Abu Road              Tulsiram Prajapati

It is request:-

1.      Involvement of Modi in all encounters should also be quiz by 
      CBI. If found guilty strong action should be taken against him.

2.     There should be strict provision of video shooting with 
      cameraman while police party attended any encounter. 

3.    Recruit 20% Muslims in Judicial, Administrative 
     department and in Army, Police Services.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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