Sunday, 22 May 2011

Do India is indeed a secular Country??????????

Dear Sir,

Rightly observed by Mr. Christophe Jaffrelot a Paris based Sociologist in his article “A Skewed Secularism?” ‘India is becoming an ethnic democracy where its minorities are regarded as second class citizens’. As I understand, on paper constitutionally India is a Secular, Sovereign Republic. Nevertheless, the fact is different; Indian Government is working on the agenda of Saffron Forces, and unable to take action on RSS & Co or Sangh Parivar.  Indian secular image is merely a phobia Muslims and minorities; it is good, just to show international community that we are secular; we are taking care of Minorities.  In fact, Indian public as well as public servants are communally biased.

Partition of India into several parts in 1947 is the biggest example of communal theory.  Because Vallabh Patel who was the biggest supporter of Hindu Mahasabha and RSS wanted, first Prime Minister would be a Hindu rather than a Muslim.  Other hardliners & Hindu groups supported that theory.  It looks that Muslims have no contribution for independence of India. Principally British took charge from Mugals who were Muslims; they should handover the charge of the country to Muslims only. But Patel was adamant to his theory and issue cannot resolved amicably and India bifurcated into several parts. That communal theory got strength in the year 1984 of Sikh Massacre, 1992 Babri Masjid Demolition followed by countrywide communal violence and genocide of Muslims, 2002 Gujarat Muslim Genocide, and 2008 Kandhmal Orissa Christen Massacre.  Minorities are not safe in India.  For what we are claiming a secular nation.

After 1947, Hyderabad was the sovereign Nizam Estate.  Because before 1947 a treaty was signed between Indian and Great Britain Politicians, wherein, it was decided amicably, that any state free to joint India or Pakistan or may remain independent.  Nizam decided, better to remain independent and not to join India because of communal policies and hate campaign against Muslims, from Indian politicians.  That decision of Nizam could not digest by Vallabh Patel the Deputy Prime Minister of India of that time.  He sent Army violates the International War Law, killed uncountable innocent Muslims and Nizam Forces, captured Hyderabad and includes Nimzam Estate in India now Hyderabad is one of the Indian City, wherein Hindus are in majority and Muslims are in minority, RSS the Hindu terrorists organisation's head quarter is in Hyderabad. In fact, heavy penalty economically or socially would had been imposed on India at that time only.

India always claims that Pakistan is the hub of terrorist’s organizations and safe haven for the terrorists.  Do India is not the hub of Hindu terrorist like VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS, Abhinav Bharat and political wing supporting to them like BJP, Shiv Sena.  An open arms training has been given to these Hindu Terrorists.  Demonstration of leathal arms is normal practice at the time of Dassera, Rana Pratap Jayanti in BJP Ruled State. 

RSS members in Indore demonstrated with lethal weapons on 31st Oct. 2010. No action has been taken by the Congress led Union Government of India or BJP led MP State Government.  Public ally demonstration of lethal weapons and march pass of RSS members like Army Jawans has become a common practice in BJP ruled states.  Demonstration of lethal weapons like Rifles, sword, Trishool, Bhala, Ballam, by RSS members is common practice which is against the constitution of India.  Hindus in India are communally biased advocating Ram Rajya i.e. Hindu Rashtra.  Government is puppet of saffron elements though showing its secular structure. 

Not only public, but also the Judiciary, Police, Army and Administrative Staff are under the influence of Saffron Elements & communally biased. Long awaited judgment of 6 decades has come out on 30/09/2010, which opens the influence of saffron elements on Indian Judiciary.  Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court delivered the Judgment about 2.5 acares land of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya.  It is not surprising that once again the judgment goes against the Muslims and appeasing the Hindus. Merely one-third land has allotted to Muslims that means Muslims are on the Charity of Judiciary.  Remaining judgment favours the Hindus including removing of Idol Ramalala, temple demolished by Babar and it is the birthplace of Lord Rama & so on.

The culprits of demolition of Babri Masjid 1992, & post Babri mayhem, politicians and Hindu Hooligan are not convicted in the long 3 decades, but court shows promptness to punished March 1993  Bombay Bomb Blasts activists.   Same as Gujarat Muslims Genocide Narendra Modi and Co. is enjoying the support of Government and alleged Godhera culprits Muslims has been convicted.

Supreme Court of India appointed Special Investigation Team to probe the role of Narendra Modi in Gujarat 2002 Muslim’s Genocide & crime against humanity.  After finding the facts, SIT summoned Modi for his role in Gujarat Muslim’s Genocide.   That means he is not innocent and he is culprit for the communal riots 2002.  After the inquiry of about 16 to 17 hours Modi was not arrested and let off.  After two three days, then Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India Mr. K.G. Balakrishnan, went to Ahmadabad and shared the dais with Narendra Modi.  

It is time India should stop its anti-Muslims polices and encouraged its Judiciary, Army, Police and Administrative staff to behave like all-Indians are same.  Media should understand responsibility and it is not mere Hindu media. Democracy and secularism are not mere propaganda stuff; they have to practice quite sincerely. India must let the Muslim organizations function at par with Hindu organizations that have successfully spread their poisonous tentacles, under Indian state patronage, not only across the country but even in foreign countries including Jammu Kashmir, now under Indian military occupation. India must reconstruct the Babri Mosque at the very site where it stood.

India must consider Muslims as equal citizens and not as second-class citizens as they do now and give them all benefits at par with Hindus.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Historic Judgment by Indian Supreme Court.

Dear Sir,

Legal Personalities involved in crimes should get punishment double than that of common person.

On 13/04/2011 Historic order passed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.  Wherein Hon’ble Supreme Court declared fake encounter killings by policemen “Cold-Blooded”.  In fact in my previous correspondence with Supreme Court, President & P.M. I had shown my concerned on the fake encounters.  I stress on the killing of the people by the police in a legal way.  As if, police have license to kill anybody in the name of encounter.  Police party killed all the men on the tag of Terrorism, and as the word terrorism added behind the deceased, no body can raised finger on the act of police.  I asked the P.M. that practice of police party must be stopped, and an action must be initiated against the police personnel involved in the cold-blooded murder.  Police have no right to kill a human, even if that particular person is indeed terrorists.  In most of the cases, police have killed innocent persons in the name of terrorism; most of them were illiterate, unemployed, poor & Muslim youths. 

Supreme Court very correctly notified and asked to refuse the illegal order of superior to the policeman to carry out the ‘Fake Encounter’ failing which the policeman held guilty of murder and will be sentenced to death. 

In most of the cases especially in Maharashtra, UP, JK, and Gujarat police personal act like a contract killer.  Rival group paid the supari to the police for the person to be killed.  Now it would become the responsibility of police how to manage the plot of fake encounter theory.  CBI should carry out a detail inquiry for all the encounters in Maharashtra, UP, JK & Gujarat.

Not only police personnel, there should be taboo on the Judges also, High Court as well as Supreme Court.  Recently then Chief Justice of India Mr. K.G. Balakrishnan shared the dies with Genocide, Gang Rape culprit Narendra Modi.  Which is out of ethics and decorum of Supreme Court and raises several questions on the act of then Chief Justice of India? 

The punishment should be double to the judicial personnel in comparison to the layman.  Because judicial personnel knows the consequence behind the criminal activities and still they committing the crime, so punishment should be double than that of common man who don't know the legal consequences behind the crime.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Osama “A real Hero” or Terrorist

Dear Sir,

Osama Bin Laden assassinated by American forces on 1st May 2011.  American thought that they have concord the Jihadis and it would be the end of Jihad against America by the Muslims across the world.  It is not the question of assassination of Bin Laden; question is why Osama like spiritual personalities are more involving in Jihad (the holy war for Islam).    

Do Americans and European countries thought ever why perpetual attacks have been made on their citizens.  Because America, Britain and other European countries are involved in the atrocities of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.  America unnecessarily pore her beak to the Gulf War in the year 1988.  Allied forces attacked on Iraq & hanged President Saddam Husain because it was wrongly alleged that he was involved in the killing of Kurds.  

Osama Bin Laden may be terrorist for America, but he was the Mujahid and is the real hero amongst the Muslims and Islam loving people, and they still love Osama and his act.  His contribution for the Muslims and Islam across the Globe is very high.   He contributed his share of $50 millions for the sake of Islam and Muslims.   He sacrificed his young hood, worldly pleasure, wealth and of course sole for the Muslims and achieved the martyrdom. 
He gave up luxury life A.C. castle, imported A.C. Cars,  forces of servant and choose to spent his life in the caves at the old age of 60 plus.

Assassination of Osama Bin Laden (may be the peace of Allaha be upon him) by the American Army does not mean that, the holy war for Islam stopped.  No.  Never.  The real trouble will start for Americans now.  Osama Bin Laden shows the way of Jihad and his contribution to the Islam.  Now industrialists will contributed for Jihad like Osama.  America killed merely one Osama now every second a new Osama will take birth and will destroy America and Britain and other European countries and the enemies of Islam.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 6 May 2011

Federation of all Islamic Countries should be formed.

Dear Sir,

1.      Now time has come to form a federation of all Islamic Countries and disobey the resolutions of UNO who is the puppet of America and Europium Countries.  All Muslim countries should unite together and form their own United Muslim Organisation.  Oil producing countries should use petrol as an Atomic weapon against America and European countries.  Muslim countries should start doing trade between them only, ignoring embargo and sanctions by America. 

2.      United Muslim Organisation should shape their Islamic Army to safeguard and defend every Muslim Countries aggression from NATO, American & European forces.  It has become the monopoly of America, NATO forces waging war against Muslim countries.  A long list of invasion of America on the Muslim world.  Iraq was attacked by America with an allegation that she has got mass destruction weapons.  A sovereign nation has become a slave nation.  One of the biggest oil producing nation is now depended on the mercy of America.  Uncountable innocent citizens have been killed, but alas no weapon has been found by the American and Allied forces.  If at all they find any thing were the oil wells.   

Allied forces attacked on Iraq & hanged President Saddam Husain because it was wrongly alleged that he was involved in the killing of Kurds.  Similarly, in Gujarat India 3000 Muslims were butchered to death by C.M. Narendra Modi and burned alive, 300 Muslim women lost their chastity; the culprit Narendra Modi & Co. are still roaming free enjoying the full support of Communal Government Machinery. Why Allied forces not attacked on Gujarat India. Can America capture Narendra Modi and hang him to death. International community is not taking cognizance of Massacre of 3000 precious human lives.

3.      Allied forces attacked on Afghanistan it was alleged that Osama Bin Laden was involved in the attacked of 9/11 Word Trade Center at America and who is hiding at Afghanistan. What was crime of Iran, after attack on Afghan; Iraq Bush was in full support by his cabinet to attack on Iran for no reason. 

4.      Recently Libya is the victim of NATO forces, wherein several citizens are killing daily.  Now Americans are looking to Pakistan with corner eyes.  Before America takes any harsh stapes United Islamic Forces defend to Pakistan and dragged away America & NATO forces from Pakistan.  Dragged out American forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and remove their presence from Middle East, and remove their military base in sea near Iran, Iraq and Saudia Arebia.

It is prayed

1.  Form a federation of all Muslim Counties and should pass resolution on following points:-
a.      Defend every Muslim Countries from America and allied forces.
b.      Attacked on Zionist Israel to vacate Arab Land Palestine.
c.      Press Indian Government to built Babri Masjid at its original place.
2.  Attack on India and punish Narendra Modi the Genocide of 3000 Muslims in Gujarat. 
3.  Liberate Kashmir from Indian aggression.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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