Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Strict action against the public servent for not complying the orders.

CBI enquiry in Gujarat should be carried out reason for not complying orders
by the Police Officers.

Ref:1. Satyapal Singh wants to exit Ishrat Jahan encounter probe in Gujarat
             DNA dated 25/6/11
       2. Sanjeev Bhatt fears for his life demanded protection for his family.
       3.  CBI demands to transfer probe of Sohrabuddin encounter out of Gujarat.
       4. My letter Ref ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/E/004 dated 09/09/2010.
       5. Times of India News Article “RSS tries to win over Zadaphia” dated 5/9/10

Dear Sir,

There should be strict law for the public servants who are not complying the orders of the higher ups.  Reference to my letter of dated 16/05/2010 for Special Public Prosecutor Mr. Ujjaval Nikam, who refused to defend the Government of Maharashtra against Hindu Terrorists Pragiya Thakur and Ors.   As a Public Prosecutor, he cannot refuse to defend Government in any matter whatsoever is the reason.  

Gujarat High Court constituted special investigation team (SIT) to probe the cold-blooded murder of 19 years old Mumbai College girl Ishrat Jahan.  Satyapal Singh the Maharashtra Cadre Police Officer refused to initiate the inquiry against the culprits of Gujarat for the cold-blooded murder of Innocent 19 years College girl of Mumbai Ishrat Jahan & three others.  Indian Judiciary should take strong action against the errant public servant who are refusing to comply the orders. Mr. Satyapal Singh is just throwing a spade in the working and showing the an excuse of not understanding Gujarati language, just to safeguard the real culprits police officers involved in the cold blooded murder.

Earlier Karnail Singh relinquished with his duties as a Chairman of SIT.   Hindu Terrorists Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS along with State machinery in Gujarat are responsible for the obstacle in the probe, related to encounters of Muslims and Gujarat Muslims Genocide 2002.
RSS tried to convince former Minister of State Gordhan Zadaphia not to testify against Modi before SIT News Article published in The Times of India of dated 5/9/10, and my letter no. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/E/004 of dated 09/09/2010 Gordhan Zadaphia is also a culprit of 2002 Muslim Genocide. In which at least 3000 Muslims were killed & 300  Muslim women lost their chastity & gang raped by the members of Hindu fanatic groups RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP supported by the State Government & Police.  SIT is the institute which has been appointed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, and which is working on the instance of Supreme Court.  Restrict a witness to depose in front of court by any person or organisation raised several charges against that organisation or person.  RSS has got no right to obstruct the Court’s proceedings. 

Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt demands for the protection for him and his family from the gundas and saffron terrorists of Gujarat. If an IPS, police officer required a protection after testimony against Gujarat Government it means the Gujarat Government and saffron brigade is involved in miscarriage of justice.

The Supreme Court of India has ordered that the trial in the Bilkis rape case be shifted out of the western state of Gujarat to neighboring Maharashtra because it has no faith that she will get justice in Gujarat.  This is the second case to be transferred out of Gujarat by India’s apex court.  First, it was the Best Bakery retrial, which was shifted to Maharashtra, after all the 21 accused of burning alive 14 Muslims inside the bakery were acquitted by a Gujarat court.

Involvement of State Machinery along with saffron terror Bajrang Dal, RSS, VHP may be quiz they might have threatened the police officers conducting the inquiry of encounters and Gujarat Muslims Genocide.

It is Prayed:

1. Strict law should be passed against the police, Judicial, administrative staff who are not complying the orders of highers ups.  There should be provision to stop Promotion, increment.
2.  Stop pension, gratuity and other benefits of Stayapal Sing after retirement for not complying the orders.
3.  Inquiry should be carried out against the State Machinery along with saffron brigade for criminal intimidation in justice.

 Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Anna Should press Government for Communal Violance Bill

One should concentrate on Communal Violance rather than  

Ref:  1. My letter : ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/CEC/E/2011/49 
             dated 15/06/2011
         2. Corruption is a bigger threat than Pak: Anna.  News Report 
             H.T. dated 23/6/11

Dear Sir,
It would be more impressive if Senior Social Activits Shri Anna Hazare should have concentrate more on communal violence bill rather than corruption.  I am personally impressed with his corruption drive.  His views in Hindustan Times of dated 23/06/11 “Corruption is a bigger threat than Pak” is not appreciated.

Instead of corruption communal ism and communal riots are the bigger threats to India.  A whole human civilisation is killed in communal violence,  but in corruption no one.  In communal riots every thing destroyed honor, chastity, wealth and of course most important precious human life.

After 1947 uncountable communal riots happened in India.  Even in Muslim dominated countries including Pakistan I have not seen such a vast communal violence or majority attacked on minorities in collusion of police personnel and Government machinery. It happen only in India.

Communal violence and communal mentality is big thread to India than Pakistan.  Because of communal riots country become weak loss of public and private property.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 17 June 2011

Enact Communal Violance Bill Immediately

Ref:     1. “The Key Clause of worry” Article in Hindustan Times 
                 dated 03/06/2011
            2. “India a dangerous place to live in” Article in Hindustan Times 
                 dated 25/05/2011.
            3. How can law breakers be law makers? CEC Mr. Quraishi 

Dear Sir,

That is the right stap by the Sonia Gandhi's National Advisory Council (NAC) if she is planning to enact Communal Violence Bill.  India has witness uncountable Hindu-Muslim communal riots right from 1947. Several Hindu-Christian & in the year 1984 Hindu-Sikh communal riot is on the record.  Hindu-Dalit communal riot is also common practice.  In every communal riot the Hindus or the majority community is in the domination.  That means minorities in India are not safe and required to be safeguarded.  According to the Constitution of India, it is the duty of the Government to safeguard the property, honor and life of the citizen living in the country.    

The Indian constitution guarantees equal rights to all its citizens, violation of which by the State or Central Government can be challenged in the High Court or Supreme Court as per the Article 32 of the Constitution, such cases are taken up with utmost urgency. Article 14 of the constitution states that, ‘the State shall not deny to any person on equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within territory of India. It gives equal status to all citizens in freedom and dignity. It further makes clear in Article 15, ‘the state shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth, or any of them, and it offers, ‘equal access to public facilities.’

Rightly observed by Anahita Mukherji in his article in Hindustan Times on dated 25th May 2011 “India a dangerous place to live in”.  India’s ranks fallen by Severn points on the Global Peace Index.  Pakistan has 146 rank in the matter of peace and India has 135 that means Pakistan is just ahead of 11 points from India.  We are claiming our self is the peaceful nation, but survey shows something different.  If the situation will not change then in the couple of years surely we will beat Pakistan and will become most unrest and violent country in the world. 

It is the moral responsibility of the political parties and leaders to control the communal riot in their respective constituency.  Debar the political leaders to contest election if found guilty of communal riots.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 13 June 2011

Shiv Sainiks the Hindu Terrorists acquitted by the court.

Ref: “11 Shiv Sainiks, 10 others acquitted in 1993 riots case” News Report Hindustan Times 31/05/2011.  

Dear Sir,

11 Shiv Sainiks and 10 other Hindu hooligans are set free from the legal clutches.  On Monday i.e. 30th May 2011 once again court fails to provide justice to the victims of 1993 horrible communal riots because lack of evidence.  Everybody knows Shiv Sena always remains forward in the Terror activities, gundaism, and mass murder gang rape especially when it is related to the Muslims.

Now, it is the duty of Home Minister Maharashtra to move in the higher court against the verdict.  As Maharashtra Government did in the acquital of 1993 Bombay Bomb Blast activits. Gulam Yahaya, the innocent Imam of Haj House.  Sayeed Sabauddin and in many other cases in which Muslims were acquitted by the lower court but Maharashtra Government moved to higher court.
Maharashtra Home Minister is looking sympathetic towards saffron elements specially Shiv Sena.  Recently an appeal was filed in High Court Bombay to ban the book, Shivaji Hindu King in Islamic India written by James Laine; by the Home Ministery Maharashtra. The judgement favours the Author.  There was no reason to move in Supreme Court. The Government of Maharashtra challenged the Bombay High Court verdict in Supreme Court. It shows the inability of the Government of Maharshtra, how she played in the hands of fascist’s party the Shiv Sena.  Because it was the Shiv Sena’s demand to ban the book.

In the year 2006 at Bhiwandi a mob, protesting the construction of a police station near the Quarter Gate mosque on Wednesday 5th July 2006 they attacked the construction.  Deputy Chief Minister R. R. Patil failed to defend himself against the barrage of questions posed by the media on Friday 7th July 2006 over Wednesday' 6th July 2006 violence in Bhiwandi, he categorically justified the police firing that resulted in the death of two Muslim Youths Mohammed Ramzan and Abdul Malik. 
Patil said "If anyone throws stones at policemen, we will answer them with bullets,". Is such type of reply from a Deputy Chief Minister cum Home Minister is justified?  RR Patil defending his State police for shooting down two Muslim youths in Bhiwandi. The Government is not the 'communal' BJP; but it is the 'secular' Democratic Front (Congress and NCP).

Rightly observed by Mr. Christophe Jaffrelot a Paris based Sociologist in his article “A Skewed Secularism?” ‘India is becoming an ethnic democracy where its minorities are regarded as second class citizens’. As I understand, on paper constitutionally India is a Secular, Sovereign Republic. Nevertheless, the fact is different; Indian Government is working on the agenda of Saffron Forces, and unable to take action on RSS & Co or Sangh Parivar.  Indian secular image is merely a phobia on Muslims and minorities; it is good, just to show international community that we are secular; we are taking care of Minorities.  In fact, Indian public as well as public servants are communally biased.

It is prayed

1.      Punish Shiv Sainiks who distroyed the secular status of India and killed uncountable Muslims in the in the year 1993.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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