Sunday, 31 July 2011

Roza is the way to purify from Sins.

Dear Sir,

Islam is the only religion all over the Globe which is unchanged; it is still as it, was in origin. The birth of Islam religion is near about 2010 years back. All other religion on earth has got changes in their books, policy etc.

Islam has got five fundamental parameters by which a human can recognize himself as an Islamic.

Kalma – E – Tiyyeba.

2. Namaz

3. Roza

4. Zakat

5. Haj

According to Kalma E Tiyyeba a man or woman by heart and sole recognize one Allaha and Mohammed S.A.W. is Allaha’s Prophet.

Namaz is the necessary obligation for every Muslims 5 times a day. If any Muslim man or woman omitted Namaz he or she is the culprit according to Islamic Shariya or Islamic Law.

Roza : Almighty Allaha provided a Holiest Month Ramadan to Muslims. Roza is the name of restraining from all types of sins, evils, misdeeds with without eating or drinking anything during the day time. Roza is the name to restrain yourself from all types of sins, evils. If a person observing Roza and committing all types of misdeeds, sins without eating or drinking anything during the day time, then he is no more a Rozedar, he would not get any type of reward or benefit at the time of final judgment. Contrary he will be punished for his misdeeds or evils during Roza. Such Roza is not absolute.

Right from head to legs roza is a process observed by all the members of the body, which starts early morning before sun rise and remains upto sunset. In the state of Roza evil thoughts should not come in your mind, that is a roza of brain. You keep busy your mind in the way of God to avoid the evil thoughts. Your eyes should not watch any contents which are prohibited according to Islamic Law. That is the roza of eyes. Your ears should not listen any rubbish or absurd talks. That is the roza of ears. Your tongue should not speak false and abuse anybody. That is the roza of tongue. Mouth should not eat or drink anything that is the roza of mouth. Your hands should not commit any illegal activities according to Islamic Law that is the roza of hands. Your legs should not move to a place which is prohibited for you according to Islam that is the roza of legs. In the state of roza from your act and conduct nobody should be harmed that is the roza of whole body. If a Muslim man or woman keeping roza after adopting these all practice with empty stomach then his or her fast is considered to be absolute, and he or she will be rewarded in the best amongst all, in the Globe and at the time of final judgment

In Ramadan for single good deed Muslims gets reward of seventy times. In that sense you can’t think about evil or sin. Roza is necessary duty (Fraz) on every Muslim men and women.

In the state of Roza to keep silence is the best worship. If anybody quarrel with you or abuse to you don’t act like him, but just ask him I am a Rozedar. God will mercy on you and forgive your sins.

In Ramdan First 10 days are considered as the Rehmat days, second 10 days are considered as the Magferat and the last 10 days are considered as Jahannam se Nijat. The last 10 days are to be considered as the most valuable 10 days. Every alternate night is the Taaq Rat. In that night if a Muslim with pure and real heart repented for his sins in front of Almighty Allaha. Allaha forgives his all sins and he has become innocent like a child who just delivered by his mother.

In Ramadan the holy book of Muslim Al-Quran is alighted from Almighty Allaha. In Ramdan Muslims used pay Zakat, it is the sort of charity which is to be paid to the poors, which is also a Fraz on Muslims, provided that particular person is considered wealthy according to Islam. If a person owns 7.50 tola of Gold or 52.5 tola of silver or total amount in lieu of gold or silver, and passed one year over that amount, then he is considered wealthy according to Islam, he has to pay 2.5% of his total wealth to the poor.

Haj is the pilgrimage and is a duty on every Muslim to attend Arabia at once in his life time, provided he is in that capacity. If a Muslim is having capacity of attend Haj but he did not, then he is culprit according to Islamic Shriya.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Step forward in the way of peace.

Dear Sir,

Recent visit of Pakistan new Foreign Minister Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar on 26th July 2011 to India, keeps the hope alive for the peace process. Indians can hope for batter result in the way of peace process between the two countries. Let the two countries keep the hope alive for the batter result.

BJP the main opposition party including Sushma Swaraj, the Indian External Affair Minister Mr. S.M. Krishna looking anxious and were not happy over the meeting of Pakistan foreign minister with Hurriyat Leaders, before coming to India.

Peace talks are going forward in the right direction. Mr. G.K. Pillai's & External Affair Minister anxiety is not appreciated, they are looking little worried about the meeting of Pakistan's new Foreign Minister Ms. Hina Rabbani with the Hurriat leaders. Mr. G.K. Pillai's contention that Ms. Mina should have met with the Chief Minister of Kashmir rather than to the Hurriat leaders is childish. Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir is not the spoke person of the people of Kashmir, he is the puppet of Government of India, and he cannot resolve the problems of the people of Kashmir. The Chief Minister of Kashmir will speak the language which has been feed up by the Government of India. The representative of the people of Kashmir is only Hurriat because they can speak truth and able to show the ground situation for the people of Kashmir. That is why Indian Government labelled Hurriat as the traitor and separatist.

For Pakistan, the core issue is Kashmir and for India is Terrorism. Petty issues trade, water share etc. has been resolved. Core issues are still pending.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 25 July 2011

Yet another murder of Muslim youth in police custody.

Ref: Man Summoned by cops dies, kin allege foul play, Hindustan Times.

Dear Sir,

It is very unfortunate 95% innocent Muslim youth are the victims of Police torture or encounter. This time a 39 year Muslim youth Faiz Usmani would be the new victim of police torture and barbaric act. If we rely on police theory, Usmani reported to the crime branch at 3.00 P.M. and he fell ill within 30 minutes and shifted to the Sion hospital where he declared dead. Can this theory of police is believable. Police is misusing their power and post. Why after every bomb blast Muslims are the victim of Police atrocities?

Some facts should be brought on record as far as police theory is concerned.

1. He was summond to the Mumbai crime branch office in Chembur, whether summons was in writing or oral.

2. Usmani reported at the crime branch office at 3 pm and after 30 minutes he died. What happened in these 30 minutes.

3. Whether he had any criminal record. His brother is the alleged bomb blast activists in 2008 it does not mean that Usmani is the culprits.

It is requested to inquire the entire case through CBI and if police officers are involved in the murder of innocent, Faiz Ahmed Aziz Usmani should be hanged to death.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Bomb Blasts is the Sabotage on the relation between Indian and Pakistan.

Dear Sir,

The Wednesday 13th July 2011, blast at Mumbai may be the handy work of Hindu Terrorists Organisations, just to sabotage the relations between the two countries, the Indian government so far has rejected opposition demands for a heavy response against Pakistan.

The low intensity blasts with Ammonium Nitrate & fuel may be carried out by the Hindu Terrorists for minimum casualties but to spoil the relation between the two countries and blame to the Indian Mujahiddin. It is the sabotage on Pakistan India peace talks, which is going on in the right direction. In Samjhota Express, the high intensity blasts with fuel oil carried out by the Hindu Terrorists, which kills 75 Pakistani citizens.

Leaders of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party strongly criticized the government & Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for not taking a harder line with Pakistan. In the very first visit to Mumbai after bomb blast Mr. Advani balms Pakistan for the Terror attack and ask the Government of India to break all the relations and peace talk with Pakistan. Pakistan's leaders had quickly condemned the blasts and have welcomed Indian Government response so far has rejected opposition demands for a heavy response against Pakistan.

Investigation Agencies should also scan the Hindu Terrorist, and their organisations. If they are behind the blasts, Government should ban those organisation with heavy penalty.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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