Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Reason to smile for Kashmiri people.

Decision which should be honored.

Ref: 1. Omar goes against advice of own panels. H.T. 26/10/11

2. Forces under attack: 6 strikes in 4 hrs. H.T. 26/10/11

Dear Sir / Madam,

Long awaited announcement to repeal the draconian Law AFSPA has made by the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Shri Omar Abdullaha. So far, controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act revoked from four of the 22 districts of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The decision is not appreciated by the pro Act people. The strikes in Srinagar and attack on the policeman in Anantnag district of south Kashmir is the proof of their anxiety which is the handy work of the anti Kashmir and pro Act people.

It is sure the attack is not the act of jihadis. Jihadis knew very well their single misdeed may hamper the situation. Jihadis and the people of Kashmir is in favour to repeal the controversial, draconian, human rights violator law, so they can not commit any misdeed, which raise the finger on jihadis, and AFPSA which is on the verge of expulsion will remain in Kashmir for how long god knows. Either this attack has been carried out by the pro Indian group who is favoring controversial law AFSPA or it may be the act of Army or CRPF itself. Because they did not want to loose their allowance which they are receiving in the form of deputation in the disputed territory.

As expected security forces arrested innocent beard Muslim youths of Kashmir for inquiry on the charges of bomb blasts.

Whenever any negotiations being made such things happened. At a time when CM announces revocation of (AFSPA) Armed forces spacial powers act, this incident happened. It is enough to understand who have done it. Guns of CRPF and army might be loved the sole of Muslims and thirsty of Muslim’s blood, who is in favour of AFPSA they are doing such types of mischief.

After the freedom movement in Kashmir if we will see the data and history there is more people killed by the Indian Army instead of freedom fighters. (The so called Terrorists of Indian Version). Number of causalities of Indian Army is also very less by the freedom fighters. There is no need of any type of protection law for the army. As it was the intentionally extended to the State of Kashmir to use that law only on Muslims. Now totally repealed the controversial law from the State of Jammu and Kashmir

It is a request:

1. A detail inquiry be carry out for the blast in Kashmir on 25/10/11, immediately after the partial revocation order of AFSPA Law made by CM Omar Abdullaha.

2. Punish the guilty behind the blast and report come to public.

3. Repeal fully the controversial Law AFSPA to restore peace in the valley.

4. Reserve 20% seats for Muslims in Indian Army, CRPF & Indian Police Services.

5. Remove Army from the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Muslim student is facing economic hardship.

Ref: Naseem Sheikh Yana M.Phil. pradaan. News report in Marathi Dainik.

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is the real story of Ms. Naseem Sheikh; daughter of Abdul Gani Sheikh belongs to a small town Shreerampur of Maharashtra. She completed her Graduation from I.B.N.V. College Shreerampur. Naseem lost her father in the year 2003 when she was doing her M.A. leaving behind six daughters and one son. Naseem turn is the second last. Her mother is housewife; hardly manage the expenses of the family of the eight members.

Naseem is the scholar in her studies. She scored 61% in her 12th class, and 57% in B.A. and she scored 73% in her M.A. though her father expired in the same year. After M.A. she had been married to one Salim Deshmukh of Niwasa Taluka of Ahmednagar Dist. Naseem has firm determination to complete her P.hd. and submit her thesis. She continued her studies even after marriage; her in-laws also supported her for the studies and co-operate her to complete her P.hd.

She completed her M.Phil. from Pune University for the research subject of “Rafeeque Suraj Yanchya Rehbar” under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Gufa Patil Ba Kokate, Naseem Sheikh stands in first division and placed with the grade ‘A’. Hereto annexed is the copy of the front page of Kandabari booklet. Naseem is getting the scholarship from the Government for the studies, which is not enough to meet the expenses of the studies and research of P.hd. As Niwasa is a Tauka place, she is not getting enough educational materials. She has to move upto Ahmednagar to procure the study materials, which is only available in the college library.

It is just and necessary to provide more scholarship to Ms. Naseem to enable her to complete her P.hd. and submit her thesis. Kindly provide her proper job opportunity as deem fit to her.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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