Friday, 30 December 2011

Now its turn for the inquiry of the fake encounter of Sameer Khan Pathan.

Dear Sir / Madam,

After Sorabuddin, Kausar Bi, Ishrat Jahan & three others now it is the turn for the inquiry of Sameer Khan Pathan. A new name of Sameer Khan Pathan would be added in the fake encounter list of the Muslims in Gujarat. Ahmedabad City Crime branch had gunned down Samir Khan on October 22, 2002, saying that he was Lashkar-e-Toiba operative who was on a mission to kill Modi.

Sameer Khan son of Sarfaraz Khan Pathan was a Muslim boy who had poor family background, lived at Saudagar ni Pol in Jamalpur. He was the eldest amongst five siblings, Sameer had two brothers and three sisters. He was merely 24 years old when he was killed in an encounter by the communal and prejudice police. His father Sarfaraz Khan was employed as a bus driver with the AMTS. He dropped his studies after Class 7 and did odd jobs.

The same fabricated encounter theory cooked by then DCP and culprit and criminal D. G. Vanzara. According to mastermind culprit D.G. Vanzara Sameer Khan had received terrorist training with the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Pakistan and was on the mission to kill the Chief Minister Modi, L.K. Advani and Pravin Togadia.

As per the FIR registered on September 30, the then police chief K R Kaushik had intelligence information that a JeM terrorist, who was an accused in the killing of a constable, was coming from Mumbai to Gujarat. He passed the information to the then JCP P. P. Pandey who directed Vanzara to probe whether Sameer Khan was part of the Akshardham terror attack. Vanzara formed a special team headed by ACP S S Chudasama and comprising Inspector Tarun Barot, A A Chauhan and H P Agrawat to nab Sameer Khan.

On a tip-off that Khan has been spotted at the Geeta Mandir bus stand, Barot, Chauhan and Agrawal along with four constables set out in three auto rickshaws on the afternoon of September 27, 2002. On reaching the ST stand, Constable spotted Khan & nabbed him and took him away in an auto-rickshaw.

Forensic report said that three bullets were pumped into Sameer, one on the head and two on either side of the ribs. The trajectory of the bullet that hit Sameer on his temple was vertical. According to the police, Sameer snatched Vaghela’s revolver, fired a shot at him and tried to run away. But if Sameer was running, could he be shot in the head from above was a question that many asked. The point where the bullet entered the temple was rendered black and there were some gunpowder traces, indicating that the bullet was fired from close range, the report stated. The police had claimed that Sameer was wearing a cotton shirt, whereas the postmortem report clearly mentioned it as being a tericot shirt.

On the night of October 21 at 1 am, Sameer Khan was taken to the spot where Vishnu was killed. As per the police theory, Sameer Khan snatched PSI K M Vaghela’s revolver and tried to run away, but he was shot dead by the police.

The lower court refused to frame charges on Sameer Khan and dismissed the plea of State Government stating that there is not enough proof that Sameer had gone to Pakistan. The state government then filed an appeal in Gujarat High Court, which too observed that there was no evidence to prove that Sameer Khan went to Pakistan on the date mentioned by the police and so “an adverse inference is required to be drawn against the investigating agency”. The court also held that no weapons were recovered from Sameer.

Sameer Khan’s encounter was fake which involved nine police officials — J G Parmar, Tarun Barot, K M Vaghela, A A Chauhan, D H Goswami, B J Sadhuvarti, Nizamuddin Syed and Bharatsinh Vaghela — as accused.

Police officers are taking the advantage of their post and chair, arms and power. They are killing innocent Muslims in the name of terrorism. Which is a kind of terrorism in legal way by the police. Police are killing Muslims with communal mentality which is an anti-constitutional act committing by the police. This is not the case only in Gujarat but all over India.

It is prayed

1. Hand-over the case of encounter of Sameer Khan to CBI or any autonomous body.

Mentality of the police be scrutinize behind the encounters of Muslims, because police
officers with communal mentality killing the Muslim youths which is
anti constitutional.

Involvement of Modi in all encounters should also be quiz by CBI. If found guilty
strong action should be taken against him.

There should be strict provision of video shooting with cameraman while police party
attended any encounter.

Recruit 20% Muslims in Judicial, Administrative department and in Army, Police

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 26 December 2011

Compensation for Ishrat’s Family on Gujarat Government.

Compensation be fix on media print & electronic for malicious projection of
person and false representation and malign the dignity of a woman.

Ref: Ishrat not LeT operative, Sys SIT........... Hindustan Times 18/11/2011.

Dear Sir / Madam,

On dated 21/11/2011It is declared by the SIT that the encounter of Ishrat was fake. On 18/11/2011, SIT says that Ishrat was not a LeT operative. One year back the story was different the death of Ishrat was a misty and the wattage of allegation by Gujarat Government was carry out by her family members.

Media played a significant role to testify the version of Gujarat Government and tarnish the image of Ishrat and projected her a terrorists. In my all-earlier correspondences, I raised the finger and lodged my protest on the part of media print and electronic. Without doing through inquiry, the concerned reporter started writing rubbish for the Muslims. Hindustan Times dated 22/11/2011 activist also sought an apology and sorry to tarnish the image of college girl. Sorry is not enough, what is the penalty, what is the punishment for writing rubbish without doing homework and destroy the image of a person and labeling him or to a community a “Terrorist”.

Writing rubbish without doing homework against Ishrat and projecting her as a Terrorist and operative of LeT by the media persons should also be scrutinize. The harassment, which her family members would have faced after the news comes in light. Other members of the family would have become suspicious characters for the neighbors.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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