Friday, 28 December 2012

Why ignorance towards Muslim Colonies????

Ref: 1.  Navi Mumbai, Thane may pay more for Power.  
             Hindustan Times 28/12/12.
        2.  My letter No. ZAK/MC/CP-TMC/JA-MLA/E/141 
             dated 29/08/2012
        3.  My complaint No. 2892853438 with police commissioner 
             Thane for traffic problem.

Dear Sir,                         

Mumbra is the densely populated suburb of the Central Mumbai, having population more than 10 Lakhs.  Population wise Mumbra is densely Muslim locality.  In Kausa 98% and in Mumbra 85% Muslims are living who are in very pathetic conditions.  Rest of the citizens are Dalits and Christians. There is scarcity of basic amenities Water, Electricity and sanitation which are not properly provided to the citizens.  Local MLA Mr. Jitendra Awahd along with the Civic Authorities took up the responsibilities to provide the maximum facilities to the citizen of the Mumbra but it is all on paper and without sincere efforts to get the work done.

Reference to the news article in Hindustan Times that the energy tariff may enhance for the people of Thane and Navi Mumbai, people of Mumbra has already paying high cost for the energy since last one decade.   Undersigned had gone to electricity office for some official work where he met one Hameeda Bi from Kausa who is daily wages labour, her husband expired and she has four siblings.  She lived in chwal with single room facility in Kausa.  She alleged for single room she is paying Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 3000/- every months.  Mr. Zuber the undersigned seen her electricity bill and shocked. Further she told how she will manage she can feed up her children or she can pay electricity tariff. 

Undersigned met with Jr. Engineer and Senior Engineer Namely Mr. Shaikh, who informed because of illegal construction and unauthorised use of the power in Mumbra everybody has to suffer.  On reply of Mr. Shaikh contradicted by undersigned if illegal construction is there and unauthorised use of power, then there is power cut for more than 8 hours and in some localities it is 10 to 12 hours.  Then why such a high bill for single room people.

When undersigned had gone to the electricity office he shocked to see every single person has the same problem.  Everybody was annoyed with the attitude of the power supply company and the management of the bill traffic.  Every single person telling the same story they are getting high power bill, even after power shut down is more than 8 hours.  If roughly calculates; power shuts down 10 hours daily; 8 hours night time when people used only fan; for six hours power usage, they are paying very high value.

In fact it is not the unauthorised use of the power and illegal construction but it is the policy of the Government and their officials, who are following the path of saffron elements.  In Mumbra there may be the unauthorised use, but the almost problem is same in all Muslim dominated areas.  Bhiwandi a Taluka place and city of Power loom somewhere 80 Kms. away from Mumbai, which is the Muslim Colony, facing the same problem, Malegaon the Muslim dominated city facing the same problem. 100% water cut in Mumbra on every Friday, almost every Muslim colonies faces the same problem.

In the month of May 2012 the undersigned had a trip to MP.  Undersigned observed dirtiness, piggeries and dumping ground just opposite to the Id-Gaha and Dargaha of Naharsha Vali at Khajarana Indore.  Khajarana is the 99% Muslim populated colony having population more than 4 to 5 lakhs. Place is become very dirty due to pigs and a foul smell arises in the vicinity.  Matter has been reported to the President, Prime Minister of India, Chief Minister & Health Minister of MP through letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJMP/HM/LM/CM/MPH-MP/E/125 dated 14/05/2012.  People of the area were also facing the same problem; Water, Electricity and sanitation.  Undersigned discussed the matter with one Parvez Ashrafi and Kalimullaha about the problem they informed we are facing the problem of electricity since from beginning when we have shifted in Khajrana after the communal riots of 1992.   Undersigned frequently visited to Gujarat, Muslim populated areas have got the same problem water, power and sanitation. 

At the time of election congress candidates have got enough reason to criticize the BJP ruled states and hold BJP responsible for the pathetic conditions of the Muslim colonies or areas.  If the same is the condition in Congress ruled states then what is the difference between BJP and Congress.  Congress or NCP has got no moral rights to speak on the Muslim issues.

It is request

1.   Please provide uninterrupted proper supply to Mumbra.   
     If at all there is power shutdown send the proper bill as per the usage.

2.   Please provide proper sanitation to the Muslim dominated areas.

3.   Kindly provide the healthy and hygienic environment to the 
citizens. It is the moral duty of the Government to provide 
healthy, hygienic and disease free environment to the citizens of the state.

Thanking you,     

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 24 December 2012

Same crime with different punishment.

Dear Sir,

On August 11, 2012 Mumbai had seen the clashes with police and public.  Muslims had become violent after police started lathicharge and opened fire on mob, some vehicles are set to fire, loss of public and private properties.  In this entire episode media played important role (specially electronic) to tarnish the image of the Muslims, highlighted clippings in which mob were damaging the public property, and hide the police action on Muslim youths in the form of lathicharge and firing.   On the other hand it is just reverse in case of Delhi. Wherein media highlighted the incident of lathicharge by the police and hide up the clipping in which mob were damaging the public property.

There should not be differentiation of punishment or registering the case for the same crime.  On December 23, 2012 in Delhi the situation repeats like Mumbai.  When mob have become violent and started pelting stones on police.  Now where is gunda Raj, BJP and Shiv Sena who demanded the strict action on the protestors who become violent on 11th day of August 2012 at Mumbai Azad Medan. Police also acted communally & filed the strong case against the agitators under the instigation of Home Minister Maharashtra and Commissioner of Mumbai Stayapal Singh, the duo had followed the orders of Gunda Raj & Shiv Sena.  

Do police act harsh on the protestors for Delhi incident who turned violent resulting injured so many police personnel, damaged the public and private properties, so many vehicles are set on fire.  78 policemen injured in the stone pelting, out of which one is critical, so many media personnel are also injured.  But police guns kept quiet, it looks that police guns love to the life of Muslims and they like to kill Muslims.  Do police has got so much guts to file strong case against the hooligans and gundas of ABVP and BJP because it has been disclosed by the news edition of Aajtak on 23rd Dec. 2012 at about 6.30 p.m. who testify the hands of ABVP and BJP gundas just to take the political advantage of the issue.

If compare the incident of Delhi on 23rd Dec. 2012 as similar as to Mumbai of 11th August 2012.  Then why one side action by the police in case of Mumbai and not in case of Delhi, to control the agitation firing and afterwards in arresting the public and filing the strong case for Mumbai agitators and not in case of Delhi.   Why this discrimination in awarding the punishment and filing the case when the crime is same.

a.   In both the cases mob become violent after peaceful protest.
b.   In both the cases loss of public and private property.
c.    In both the cases police personnel and media personnel are injured.
d.   In both the cases public were agitating against the Government.
e.    In both the cases mob took law and order in their hands.
f.     Both the cities are the metropolis of India.

Why action is taken only on the protestors of Mumbai and not Delhi.

a.   Why in Mumbai loss of two human lives in police firing.
b.   Why strong cases has been registered against the 56 personnel in Mumbai.
c.    Why some innocent has also been arrested by the police in Mumbai.
d.   Why police seen inactive while discharging his duty in Delhi.
e.  Why the culprits are roaming free in Delhi, because the hooligans are the members of right wing ABVP.
f.    Why no political party loud voice against not proper action of police in Delhi as the Gunda Raj and fascist Shiv Sena, BJP loud voice, after Mumbai incident and pressurised the puppet Home Minister of Maharashtra to sack of Commissioner Arup Patnayk.
g.   Why the illegitimate demand of fascist Shiv Sena, BJP and MNS has been fulfilled, and disobedience commissioner Satyapal Singh has been appointed as new Commissioner of Police Mumbai.  Who disobeyed the orders of Gujarat High Court to conduct the inquiry of Ishrat Jahan fake encounter?

Indian constitution and judiciary is secular then why every time Muslims has to pay high value of the crime in comparison of others.  

It is prayed

1.  Quash FIR registered by the police for all the people arrested for the incident of 11th August 2012 at Mumbai.
2.   Set aside all the cases registered by police on the mob of Mumbai for agitation of August 11, 2012.
3.  Sack and remove the puppet Home Minister of Maharashtra who is working on the guideline of Shiv Sena.
4.     Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Is it natural justice?

Dear Sir,

Again in America, a teenager killed his parents and 28 others our of which 20 children and 8 adults.  This is all happened on 14th Day of December 2012, but this is not single incidence of firing in America but it is the 9th incident of firing by the teenager.  Interestingly in all incidents the culprits are the below 18 years, except the incident of October 2, 2006 in which Charles Robert IV 32, went to the school and took 11 girls hostage 5 were killed and 6 wounded.    

21st Day of May 1998 first case of firing was reported when 15 year old teenage Kip Kinkel killed his parents and killed two students of his school.  Is it related to anywhere with psychomenia, if it is so then what is the reason behind.  Is it natural justice, why American teenagers are becoming crazy?  I am sure this is the natural justice to US citizens.  Who are becoming mad and their own generation killing their own people?  Whatever US forces did with the innocent citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan teenagers were killed for no fault.  Anybody who believes on single supreme power, they will have to believe that almighty listen to every innocent and he is taking revenge in his own way.  In 2003 America attacked on Iraq for no reason, because first gulf war had come to a conclusion and Kuwait was liberated from Iraq possession, but second gulf war was the monopoly of America for that she is repenting in form of firing by her own citizens.  The sins committed by the George W. Bush senior and junior have come in the form of  nightmare for the citizens of America.   This is 9th case of firing in US after 1998.   In firing so far more than 100 US citizens have lost their life.

American teenagers are becoming crazy and they are killing to their own citizens.  If America will not stop Drone attack on Afghanistan, Pakistan and pulling down its Army from the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan then that day is not much far when civil war will erupted in America and its existence would be in jeopardy same in case of Soviet Union.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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