Monday, 20 February 2012

American Monopoly should be stop on Muslim world.


1. My letter No. ZAK/KAAS/PM-P/P-I/P-E/PM-M/KK/PQ/KUAE/KB/E/015

2. My letter No. ZAK/KAAS/PM-P/P-I/P-E/PM-M/KK/PQ/K-UAE/KB/E/43

3. Will Stand with Iran, not US. The Asian Age, News Report 18/02/2012.

Dear Sir,

1. Right time right decision taken by Pakistan Government and she will stand with Iran and not US if was starts between America and Iran. Pakistan won’t give her bases to US to carry out attack on Iran. Certainly, it will ease the chances of war between Iran V/s Israel, US and European Union. Israel invades on Arab land, America attack on Iraq for the false and frivolous charges on Iraq having mass destruction and Atomic weapons and did not co-operate on UN weapon inspection team.

2. It is the monopoly of America and European Union to wage war against any Muslim Country it would be in the name of Mass Distruction Weapon, Neculer Prograam or Terrorism. An armed conflict starts between Iraq and a coalition of 32 nations including the United States, Britain, Egypt, France, and Saudi Arabia in the year Jan.–Feb., 1991,. It was a result of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990; Operation Desert Storm was launched in Jan. 18, 1991, under the leadership of U.S. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf. On Feb. 24 encircled and defeated the Iraqis and liberated Kuwait. When U.S. President George H. W. Bush declared a cease-fire on Feb. 28, most of the Iraqi forces in Kuwait had either surrendered or fled.

3. The Second Persian Gulf War, rather Iraq invasion by America, starts in March April 2003, it was basically a U.S.-British invasion on Iraq for oil. Which is the form of terrorism by the America and Britain. In fact the second Gulf war or Iraq war is the revenge or annoyance of America with Saddam Hussein who was not removed from power, after the first Gulf War, and Hussein suppressed internal Shiite and Kurd revolts, which is the dirty politics of U.S.-led coalition forces who supported in possible breakup of Iraq if the revolts were successful. The second Gulf War was basically the pending work of Mr. George W. Bush senior who could not hanged President Saddam Hussein, which was completed by his son Mr. George W. Bush junior and topple down President Saddam Hussein. The second Persian war led by President George W. Bush Junior is nothing but revenge of his father which he could not take with President Saddam Hussein.

4. It was alleged by America that Iraq has mass destructive weapons. Further it was alleged by the America and Britain that Iraqi government failed to cooperate with UN weapons inspection team following the first conflict. However, after long 3 decades of invasion on Iraq Americans could not find any mass destruction weapon if at all they find any thing which is only oil wells in Iraq. Millions of civilians have been killed. Atrocities done by the American and Allied forces on the innocent civilians. In Abu Ghareb Jail the atrocities on the Iraqi soldiers and other Jail inmate.

5. After Iraq Allied forces attacked on Afghanistan it was alleged that Osama Bin Laden was involved in the attacked of 9/11 Word Trade Center at America and who is hiding at Afghanistan. What is crime of Iran, after attack on Afghan; Iraq, Bush was in full support by his cabinet to attack on Iran for no reason.

6. Recently Libya is the victim of NATO forces, wherein several citizens have been killed. After Libya Americans were looked at Pakistan with corner eyes. But America could not harm much to Pakistan because she is a Nuclear country.

7. It was biggest mistake of Pakistan and Muslim world to allow US and allied forces to attack on Iraq in the second Gulf War and provide America their military base and infrastructure against Iraq. In fact, in the year March April 2003 when U.S. President George H. W. Bush junior deployed American forces into Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, Muslim world should have retaliated and defend to Iraq and dragged away America & NATO forces from Persian Gulf and middle east. At that time only American forces dragged out from Iraq, and should have removed their presence from Middle East, and their military base in sea near Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

8. Now under the instigation of Israel America is planning to attack on Iran. Before America takes any harsh stapes, Muslim world should unite together and form a United Islamic Forces to defend Iran and dragged away America & NATO forces to attack on Iran. Dragged out American forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and remove their presence from Middle East, and remove their military base in sea near Iran, Iraq and Saudia Arebia.

9. Now time has come to form a federation of all Islamic Countries and disobey the resolutions of UNO who is the puppet of America and Europium Countries. All Muslim countries should unite and form their own United Muslim Organisation. Oil producing countries should use petrol as an Atomic weapon against America and European countries. Muslim countries should start doing trade between them only, ignoring embargo and sanctions by America.

10. United Muslim Organisation should shape their Islamic Army to safeguard and defend every Muslim Countries aggression from NATO, American & European forces. It has become the monopoly of America, NATO forces waging war against Muslim countries. A long list of invasion of America on the Muslim world. Iraq was attacked by America with an allegation that she has mass destruction weapons. A sovereign nation has become a slave nation. One of the biggest oil-producing nations is now depend on the mercy of America. Uncountable innocent citizens have been killed, but alas no weapon has been found by the American and Allied forces. If at all they find any thing were the oil wells.

It is prayed

1. Form a federation of all Muslim Counties and should pass resolution on following points:-

a. Defend every Muslim Countries from America and allied forces.

b. Attacked on Zionist Israel to vacate Arab Land Palestine.

c. Press Indian Government to built Babri Masjid at its original place.

2. Attack on India and punish Narendra Modi the Genocide of 3000 Muslims in Gujarat.

3. Liberate Kashmir from Indian aggression.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Maharashtra Home Ministry is behaving like dectator.

Dear Sir,

1. I am seeking the information under Right to Information Act, Rule 3, pertaining to the police encounters between July 1993 to 2007, in Maharashtra and action taken on my letter ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/HM-MH/E/2011/35 dated 23/03/2011. I had asked the information through prescribed format and addressed it to The State Public Information Officer, Home Ministry, Government of Maharashtra Mantralaya Mumbai through Home Minister.

2. The same is received by the department of Home on 14th December 2011, and acknowledged the Registered Post slip.

3. I hang around upto one month for the reply from the Department of Home. On 20/1/2011 on my personal inquiry it has come to my knowledge that department have not received the information yet. As soon they received any information they will process it and send it to me. I waited upto 14/2/2011 and on 17/02/2012 I made an inquiry in the Registry of Home Department. I saw the inward register there I come to know that my information request has been sent to Visha – 1 on the 7th Floor of the Home Department, the officer concerned is Mr. Vahane. I Approached to the Visha – 1 on 7th Floor, there I come to know that Mr. Vahane is on leave, one Mr. Vasraj entertained me but with the same answer that their department yet to receive the information request as mentioned by me.

4. It is already two months has been passed but I have not received the information under RTI, wherein the time period to processed the request under RTI is maximum one month.

5. It looks that Department of Home is adamant and behaving like dictator who is not paying heed to my several requests under RTI even after request made by Union Ministers to Maharashtra Home Department, I have not received the information for more than 15 to 20 letters. I will file another affidavit mentioning the date and number of my letter as well as reply received from the Union Ministers and instruction to the Home Department to provide the information to me for whom the information is pending.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 13 February 2012

Rushdie, Freedom of Speech and religion.

Dear Sir,

In the month January 2012 Salman Rushdie was not allowed to inter into Indian territory for the conference, because of his fear and threat to life for his book The Satanic Verses, wherein he endorsed some blasphemy and defamatory articles on Prophet Mohammed Sallam. Some people, scholars and political parties were not comfortable with Indian as well as Rajisthan Government and feel Government hand behind the controversy and very embarrassing at the part of India and call it the black day for India and Indian democracy, wherein constitution guaranteed freedom of speech. Rushdie twitted on micro blogging site and blamed to the Rajisthan Government and Police.

This is not first time that voice of speech silence and could not loud his voice with full volume. It would not fair to criticize Indian Government on Rashdie issue, some hardliner rather sangh mentality persons turned the episode in communal way and call it Muslim appeasement or politically motivated game to polarize the Muslim vote. There is nothing to do appeasement or vote bank politics. If at all it is Muslim appeasement then James Laine’s Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India which has banned in Maharashtra would be Marathi or Hindu appeasement. Great Soul Mahatma Gandhi & His Struggle with India”, by Joseph Lelyved has banned in Gujarat by Narendra Modi Government in April 2011 would be Gujarati appeasement.

Forget Rushdie what about Fida Hussain, why he chose to live in exile, and died in the foreign land. What do we call, is it Sangh Parivar, Bajrang Dal, VHP or Hindu appeasement???? Freedom of speech is Ok. Freedom of expression is OK. But what I understand one is not authorised to write any article or book which hurts the sentiments of followers of particular religion Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi, Bodh or any other religion.

One can express his views upto the Political Parties, Political Personalities, Government of the country or at most you can express your views upto the country, but it should not cross the limit and reach upto particular religion or the religious personalities. If a Rushdie writes any book about the chastity of Sita or if somebody writes about Sita and Ravana and call the relation is illicit affair, about Agni Pariksha, about the Dropati and Pandavas Relations. Think how the sentiments of Hindu brothers would hurt. Freedom of speech is ok upto some limit but it should not cross the limit. There should be a taboo on the freedom of speech. If Rushdee would have written some derogatory articles about Hindu religion, is it possible for him to come in Indian territory without the permission of Hindus. Every body loves his religion and there should not be any derogatory or defamatory articles on the religion. Not only for Islam but also for Hindu, Christian, Sikhs or any other religion. Every religion should be respected. And whosoever is the culprit should face the highest punishment at least we Indians believe this.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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