Saturday, 19 May 2012

Shakeel Global Terrorist or Businessman.

      1.  Declare Shakeel global terrorist, India tells US. Asian Age dated 18/7/2012. 
      2.    My letter No. ZAK/SG/P-USA/P-I/PM-I/PM-P/HM/LM-I/MM/E/75 dated 16/10/2011  
        3.   My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/CMJK/MM/E/79 dated 26/10/2011.

Dear Sir / Madam,                              

Set aside India’s request to declare Shakeel as Global Terrorist.  There is no need to declare Shakeel as Global Terrorist.  India herself involved in violation of minority rights Christians and Muslims.  Shakeel was never involved in any terror activities.  His name was crop up in 1993 bomb blast at Bombay, which was not a terrorist attack, but it was a collective annoyance of the Muslim community which has come in the form of extreme step, after isolation faced by them with police, administration, civic authorities and hospital staff. 

After the demolition of Babri Masjid in the year 1992, India faces horrible countrywide Hindu-Muslim communal riots, wherein as usual Police acted prejudice with Muslims who fired most of the time on Muslim youths, and did not registered the FIR for the incidents.  Government Hospital staffs had not lodged the Muslim patients who had injured in the riots, Government Doctors had not treated the Muslims.  Most of the Muslims died because of not proper medical attention paid by the Doctors.

Indian Government is always remains forward to suppress the Muslim rights. Vallab Patel the member of Hindu Terrorist Organisation “Hindu Mahasabha” was in the first cabinet of independent India who was the Deputy Prime Minister and responsible for the military action on the independent nation of Nizam of Hyderabad.  Military action without following the norms of UNO and without any reasonable reason is the violation of international law.

In the present time, Indian Government is responsible for the Military action in Kashmir.  Every single day two, three youths age group between 14 to 21 years are being killed by the Indian Military.  Draconian Law AFSPA has been passed by the Indian parliament to protect the Army personnel this law provides highhanded to Army or CRFP authorities for search of home, arrest of any individual, even if particular person is innocent.  In Kashmir Indian Army committing serious Human Rights violation under the protection cover of controversial Law AFSPA  and there would not any action or question on the act of Army for any casualty.  According to that law Army personnel has got legal immunity to kill any civilian, and will not held responsible for any casualty.  Such types of laws misused badly on the civilians.  Army deliberately harassing the people.  The person who arrested under this law have got no authority to apply for bail or put up his say even if he is innocent.

Violation of Article 21 - Right to life

Article 21 of the Indian Constitution guarantees the right to life to all people. It reads, "No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law." Judicial interpretation that "procedure established by law means a "fair, just and reasonable law" has been part of Indian jurisprudence since the 1978.

Under section 4(a) of the AFSPA, which grants armed forces personnel the power to shoot to kill, which violets the constitutional right to life. This law is not fair, just or reasonable because it allows the armed forces to use an excessive amount of force.

Any law or legislation is passed by the parliament is for the safety or uplift  for the people of the country, not to destroy the human value in the country. If any law which starts haunting the public for its misuse it should be repealed.

It is request:-

1.      Set aside Indian request, to declare Shakeel as Global Terrorists.
2.    Repeal the controversial law AFSPA.
3.    Depute UNO forces in Kashmir.
4.    Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 18 May 2012

After NCTC abolish the status of ATS.


1.   My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM-U/CM-M/HM-M/E/48 dated 13/06/2011
2.  My letter No. ZAK/P/PM/CJ-HCB/HM/LM/CM-M/E/56 dated 20/07/2011
3.  My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/CJ-HCB/HM/LM/RG/CM-M/E/63 dated 21/08/2011
4.  My letter No. ZAK/CJI/CJ-HCB/HM/LM/CM-M/AAA/E/69 dated 17/09/2011
     dated 17/11/2011
6.  My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/E/107 Dated 08/02/2012
7.   My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJHCB/G-M/HM/LM/LPY/AAA/E/122 dtd. 05/04/2012

Dear Sir,

On 5th May 2012 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister P. Chidambaram of Congress Government could not convenience the CMs of the respective States on the issue to establish the Anti Terror Hub.  Chief Minister of West Bengal and Tamilnadu were adamant on the authority to search, arrest and questioning of individual to the NCTC body.  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram tried hard to convenience the CMs but all in vain.  To establish a National Counter Terrorism Center, now is in cool bag.

Undersigned raised the objection in letter No. 107 on dated 08/02/2012 that “The NCTC body which will function with own operational wing and will act totally one sided who has empowered to arrest any individual and conduct searches of the house, which is the violation of fundamental rights thus such body which acts anti constitutionally required to be abolish.”  It is a blow to the Congress Government that another draconian body in the form of NCTC could not come to action. 

In fact any terror law or terror body which is coming into existence misused their powers only on Muslims.  In TADA, POTA all the detainees were Muslims even after these draconian laws repealed but still cases are pending on Muslims who had been arrested under these laws. As Muslims are the main target for Police, Administration and in some cases Judiciary also specially in terror related cases.  Indian security agencies, police, army is already under influence of communal monster, who acted communally biased and rendered their services mostly in illegal detention of innocent Muslim youths. Fake encounters mainly Muslim youths in the name of Terrorism by the police officers was on the peak between 1993-2006.   

It is proved the biased tendency of ATS in all the terror related cases. Arrest of innocent Muslims for the false charges of Terrorism is a common practice of ATS.  If judicial body acting biased against any person of the country on the bias of caste and religion is anti constitutional.

It is prayed

1.     Dissolve the status of ATS, as in almost every case ATS team is proved to be biased and prejudice against Muslims.  Which is anti constitutional, and if a judicial body behaving anti constitutional way it should be dissolve.

2.      Reserve 20% Muslims in the Police, Administration, Judicial service.

3.      Try the terror related cases in fast track court for early disposal of case.

4.  Compensate the Muslims who discharged from the court of law with honor.

5.      Any other relief as deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 14 May 2012

Is it Muslim Jami Masjid or Hindus’s Bhoj Shila???????.

1.  Is it Muslim Waqaf Land or Hindus Hanuman 
2. Piggeries at the sacred place of Muslims.


My letter of dated 08/06/2010.
“Heritage Monuments are in siege by saffron brigade in India”

My reminder No. ZAK/PM/CM-A/TM-A/AOMP/
DGAS/E/006 dtd 15/09/2010

Dear Sir,

It is a privilege for the undersigned to have a trip along with family to the cities of M.P. Indore, Dhar and a Historic place Mandu in the second week of May 2012.  It was a nice trip for the undersigned, if ignored a couple of mischievous experience created by the saffron elements Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS.  I would like to thanks to the Chief Minister of Madiya Pradesh for the development work which has been carry out in Indore specially the roads.  But still some patches are totally neglected & ignored, drive on the express highway is the nice experience but on the state highway it is difficult to move beyond the speed of 20 or 30 Kms per hour.

I had gone to Dhar, where some mischievous problem makers fanatic Hindu group in the form of Bajrang Dal, RSS and VHP try to grab the Jami Masjid of Moslem.   Masjid was first built in 1305 by Ain-ul-Mulk Multani for dargah of Sufi saint Kamalludin Maullah, a disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya. It was reconstructed in the 15th century by Muslim ruler of the area Delawar Khan Ghori. Trouble started in 1902, when Kashinath Krishna Lele, who was the District Superintendent of Education, found that some slabs of Kamal Maula mosque premises engravings were in Prakrit and Sanskrit. On the basis of this, Lele said that this was a Bhojshala. Subsequently, in 1904, the complex was declared a protected monument under the Marathas and the British. It was in 1935 that for the first time the name Bhojshala officially attached itself to Kamal Maula when the civic administration placed a board outside the complex calling it Bhojshala-Kamal Maula mosque.  And here lies the genesis of the dispute over the monument and Hindus forcibly started pooja there.  

Central Government acquired the place like Babri Masjid and local administration issued the order for pooja on every Tuesday and prohibitory orders for Muslims to attend on every Tuesday in the Jami Masjid for the prayer and any religious functions.  It is very ironical that Muslims are not allowed to attend on the Mazars of Sufi who are in the vicinity.  Even they can not attend in the Kabrastan to pay homage to their beloved who have gone to heavenly abode. Undersigned was not allowed to pay homage to Sufi Saint on Tuesday. 

Madhya Pradesh Minorities Commission Chairman Ibrahim Qureshi has revealed some startling facts to assert that the disputed Bhojshala structure is the Jama Masjid of Dhar, and overruled the controversial claim by Hindu zealots to acquire Bhojshala complex, which houses a mosque.  The structure, Kamaal Maula Masjid, is a waqf property and neither the state nor the federal government has any right to change the use or structure of waqf property.  In fact, it was Jama Masjid Dhar, under Central Waqf Act 1954, and the notification issued by the MP government on Jan. 18, 1985, and declared it a waqf property to the Jama Masjid Dhar, which was later forcibly converted into Bhojshala by the goons of Bajrag Dal, VHP, RSS.

Second incident of Karbala Medan which was in the legal possession of Muslims well before 1947.  But Bajrang Dal, VHP wanted to built a temple of Nagdevta and Temple of Hanuman in the middle of the ground.  Bajrang Dal, VHP along with the BJP MLA forcibly installed some saffron stones there and the place has become disputed.  

I would like to bring the dirtiness, piggeries and dumping ground just opposite to the Id-Gaha and Dargaha of Naharsha Vali at Khajarana Indore.  The place is become very dirty due to pigs and a foul smell arises in the vicinity, which hurts the religious sentiments of Muslims.  Medically pigs are health hazards and the carriers of virus which causes diseases.  Recently new mysterious neurological disease caused by the pigs.  It is a brand new mental disorder caused by pigs. Tests showed patients had damage to the nerves at the root level near the spinal cord, and at the far reaches of their motor nerves, where the nerves connect with muscle," said Dr Daniel Lachance of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who has been taking care of the 18 Minnesota patients. Encephalomyocarditis: The main reservoir host for the EMC virus is the rat although mice may also spread it.  Infact this virus causes disease in a wide range of vertebrate animals but pigs appear to be the most susceptible of farm animal species. The virus is world-wide but differs in pathogenicity and virulence in different countries and regions.

It is request:-

1.      Kindly take cognizance to solve the dispute at Dhar Jami Masjid, Karbala Medan.
2. Remove all piggeries from Khajarana area to provide the healthy and hygienic environment to the citizens. It is the moral duty of the Government to provide healthy, hygienic and disease free environment to the citizen of the state.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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