Wednesday, 27 June 2012

That is not proper exchange of Pak.

Dear Sir,

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari commuted the death penalty of Terrorist Sarabjit Sing to life.  In the last visit of Pak President Asif Ali Zardari to India, some 100000 Indians signed a document and mercy petition wherein they urged clemency to the terrorist Sarabjit.  Further they requested to the President of Pakistan to reciprocate Indian’s release of Khalil Chisti to release of Terrorist Sarabjit. 

Now question is, whether; Khalil’s release be compare with Sarabjit, answer is, no, never;  Any sensible can not compare the act and release of Khalil with Terrorist Sarabjit.  Khalil was detained for merely involvement in the single murder charges, which is a criminal offense U/S 302 of IPC.  But case of Terrorist Sarabjit is totally different.  He was involved and detained in terror related charges and bomb blast in Lahore in the year 1990 which killed 14 people. 

If at all there is an exchange of people then in lieu of terrorist Sarabjit Singh jihadi Afzal Guru or Ajmal Kasab death sentence should be condone and Afzal Guru or Kasab be exchange with Terrorist Sarabjit. 

It is very ironical that Indian Government and Indian Media is supporting a Terrorists, whereas Indians believe that Terrorist does not have religion. Indian media public is supporting a terrorist because he is Indian.  Indian Government and Foreign Ministry taking steps for his release.

On the act of President Zardari Indians are looking in joy and excitement, but is it possible for Indian to accept the release of Afzal Guru or Ajmal Kasab.  Do Indian Government have such high moral value to forgive the Jihadis like Afzal & Kasab.

I can remember the interview of Shahid Afridi then captain of Pak cricket team, after the lost of semifinal with India, at Karachi Airport,  with Pak media people, in which he specifically put a fingure on Indian media and public he never hesitate to speak in front of Pak media that Indian media and public is very much biased, they don’t have big hearts like a Muslim or a Pakistanis.  Further he spoke Indian media & public is very much biased with Muslims and Pak and they can not accept Pak & Muslims as their friend. 

In fact death punishment of Terrorist Sarabjit Singh has not been condoned, and he is not releasing from Pakistan Jail, but Sorjit Singh is releasing after completing life term.  It is media who manipulated the  name of Surjit Singh to Sabarjit Singh. Now it is Indian media again who malign the image of Pak, who knows what is the fact. Indeed Pak President condone the death of Surjit Singh and not Sabarjit Singh which has been misinterpretation of media, because they know very well the fact news will come to the public soon, and we will be in right position to condemn and blame to Pak Govt. again that they can not keep their version alive.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Criminal will be the part of Police Team.

Ref: Daya Nayak reinstated ........ Times of India news 
        dated 17/06/2012.

Dear Sir,

Daya Nayak the controversial Police Sub inspector of Maharashtra police ceder who defames and malign the image of police force with his criminal and unlawful activities will be reinstated in the police force again.  Culprit Daya Nayak is involved in the 83 encounters in which several are cold blooded and fake.  No inquiry has been conducted by the higher authorities after encounters.  As it was conducted by Daya Nayak who was the star police officer of that time, upto when his criminal activities has not opened.  He is criminal mentality person and his back ground is with full of criminal records.  Hence, he should not be reinstated but terminated.

A CBI inquiry is in progress against Daya for the fake encounter of Sadiq Jamal a resident of Gujarat.  Encounter has already declared as fake.  The master mind culprit and criminal D G Vanzara revealed the name of Daya Nayak who was involved in the conspiracy of the cold blooded murder of Sadiq Jamal. according to the Crime Branch, Sadiq was an operator of LeT attempting to target Narendra Modi, L.K. Advani and Pravin Togadia.  That version of crime branch Gujarat is proved to be cooked in the court of law, and crime branch no where could prove that Sadiq is the operative of LeT.

Demanding probe in this case, postmortem report and the FSL show that Sadiq was shot at from point-blank range and the trajectory of bullets is downwards in his body, showing that when he was shot at, he must be in a position begging for his life.  A day after Sadiq's death in the encounter, the crime Ahmedabad crime received a call on January 14, 2003, from Mumbai's encounter specialist Daya Nayak congratulating them. Sadiq was handed over to the Master Mind Terrorist chief D G Vanzara by Daya Nayak a couple of days before his encounter.

Daya Nayak already remained behind the bars for 59 days against the charges of corruption and illegal source of income. He earned huge amount of money with illegal sources, which he cannot earn with his police salary. 

He might have paid ‘soopari’ a contract amount in lieu of 83 encounters from the rival gang members.  A detail inquiry be carry out against all 83 encounters conducted by Daya Nayak. It is not at all understandable that in every 83 encounters, the culprits started fire on police team and in retaliation police team headed by Daya Nayak fired at the culprits and in self defense Daya Nayak killed the criminal.  Does this theory of police team in every encounter is within the limit of sense and understanding.

The cases of corruption is not been decided by the court of law.  A CBI inquiry is in progress against Daya Nayak against the encounter of Sadiq Jamal.  If the cases has not been decided by the court of law, how DCP can reinstated him.  It is not the power and preview of DCP that he can reinstated a culprit without the clearance of Judiciary.

Policemen are behaving like legal terrorists, who perpetually by their post, power and chair tired to terrified the people most of them are innocent Muslims and if police feels necessary they did not hesitate to kill the young Muslims in the false tag of Terrorism.

A criminal mentality cop who was terminated and remained behind the bars, for his criminal acts and delinquency of duty if, reinstated, will again start committing crimes behind the veil of Police Uniform, which will ashamed again police force, and put a figure and suspicious eyes on honest, trustworthy police officers also who discharges their duty honestly.

It is request:

1.      Cancel the reinstate orders issued by DCP. 
2.    A CBI inquiry be carry out for all 83 encounters carry out by Daya Nayak.
3.    Any other relief as deem fit and proper by the authorities.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 11 June 2012

Pseudo Muslim Love of Maharashtra Government.

   Ref:1. My Letter No. ZAK/PM/SSG/EM/MAM/PFK/GEEWSR/A/E/78
               dated 24/10/2011.
2.      Government of India Ministry of Minority Affairs letter No. FTS 10890 
      of dated 24th November 2011.
3.      My Letter No. ZAK/PM/SSG/EM/MAM/PFK/GEEWSR/A/90
dated 11/12/2011
4.      Government of India Ministry of Human Resources Development
Letter F No. 15-02/2011-NS-1 of dated 27/12/2011
5.      Government of India Ministry of Human Resources Development

               Letter F No. 17-1/2012-MC of dated 27/12/2011. 

Dear Sir,

The NCP-Congress government of Maharashtra, played the vote bank politics, after committing false promises and showed Muslim love, doing nothing for Muslims and   on the basis of these false promises she played with the sentiments of Muslims.    On the other hand the false love of NCP-Congress of Maharashtra have disclose in front of Muslims,  which is in fact anti Muslims and lethargic at the part of Maharashtra Government.

Undersigned had written a letter in the month of October 2010, vide letter No. ZAK/PM/SSG/EM/MAM/PFK/GEEWSR/A/E/78 on dated 24/10/2011, with respect to one Naseem Deshmukh resident of Niwasa Taluka Dist. Ahmednagar of Maharashtra State.  The subject matter of the letter was the scholarship to Ms. Naseem Deshmukh, in fact it was story of Ms. Deshmukh facing struggle to procure the course material of P.hd. and getting nominal help from Government.   Letter was addressed to Mr. Prime Minister, Smt. Sonia Gandhi and all the concerned Center  and Maharashtra Ministers and related all high level authorities.

Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan the undersigned received the reply from Central Government and subsequently he received a letter of allotment of Scholarship to Ms. Naseem Deshmukh from P.M. Office.  The copy of the same letter has been forwarded to Minority Affairs Minister and Mahila Vikas Mantri Smt. Fouzia Khan through proper channel.

It is the matter of surprise that Central Government released the fund vide their office order No. 17-1/2012-MC dated 14th Jan. 2012, that letter in the form of Office Memorandum has been received by Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan on 25/01/2012.  On the same day Mr. Khan received a telephonic call from P.S. to Minority Affairs Minister & Women Welfare Minister.  After discussion with Mr. Khan P.S. to the Minister, informed him that the dates of filling up the forms for scholarships just left before 5 days, and Scholarship to Ms. Naseem Deshmukh could not be provided as of now which is now in cool bag.   P.S. further informed that department can not do any thing for minority welfare if date has released.

Maharashtra Government has established one extra department for minority welfare and Smt. Faouzia Khan is the Minister for Minority Welfare she has got Ministery of Women Welfare also.  In what way that departments are doing welfare of Muslims or women.  In what way the department is called themselves as the welfare department if the task is not completed or the benefits has not been provided to the needy.  One Muslim girl one who is doing her P.hd. and Muslims, is required some economic assistance and Minority Affairs Ministry can not do any thing if date of filling the form is gone, now there is no other way to get the scholarship.

Smt. Fauzia Khan has got the Ministry of Women Welfare also and this case is related to the welfare of woman. What type of development is doing by Smt. Fauzia Khan what type of Minority welfare is doing by Smt. Khan.  It is the place of surprise even after fund released from Central Government Ms. Deshmukh could not receive the Scholarship, then where the fund has gone??????

Now elections are coming in the center and state of Maharashtra in the year 2014, and Maharashtra Government need not to commit any new false promises with the Muslims.  because old promises could not be fulfilled.  How Muslims will rely on any new promises.

It is request kindly check the status of the following under intimation to the undersigned.

1.      The fund which released from Center for Ms. Naseem Deshmukh, where it has gone.
2.    Whether fund is returned to the Central Government.
3.    Kindly provide scholarship to Ms. Naseem Deshmukh.
4.    Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Indian Jails are not safe for Muslims.


1.  My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/EAM/LM/E/52 dated 01/07/2011
     Royal Treatment or bitter treatment to the under trials in India…………
2.     My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P-I/PM-P/PM/EAM/LM-I/E/71 dated 28/09/2011
Abu Salem will no more bear atrocities in Indian Jails. 
3.   My letter No. ZAK/P/PM-UK/PM/HM/EAM/LM-I/E/73 dated 13/10/2011
                         Iqbal Mirchi will not remain safe in India.

            4.   Davy not to be extradited from Portugal to India. H.T. News dated 01 July 2011.

            5.    Portugal wants Abu Salem back. News Hindustan Times dated 28/9/11.
            6.    IM man killed inside jail. Asian Age 9th June 2012.

Dear Sir / Madam,                              

Indian jails are not safe for security reasons.  On 8th of June 2012, the alleged IM operative has been murdered in a very inhuman way by Hindu Hardliners in Pune’s Yarvada Jail.  The Yarvada jail is considered one of the most safe Jails amongst all in India.  It is serious negligence and delinquency of duty at the part of  Jail Authorities,  Jailor and the Home Ministry of Maharashtra.  In fact in almost every cases Maharashtra ATS arresting Muslim youths in the charges of Terrorism.   

This time ATS arrested Qateel Siddiue but could not keep him safe.  Previously ATS  used to killed an innocent in cold blooded  in the form of fake encounters, when the act of ATS and police has come to the  public, and public become aware about fake encounters which is nothing but a kind of legal terrorism of police.  Now Maharashtra Government is playing a new dirty game, and started murder of Muslim youths who are involved in Terror related charges with the hands of gangsters.  Certainly this has been done by Chota Rajan or Hindu Terrorists on the instigation of Government.

Maharashtra ATS took the custody of Qateel Siddique from a Delhi Court in the month of May this year only.   It would be the responsibility of Maharashtra Government and ATS to keep the so called culprit safe and returned back to the Delhi Police.   It is the negligence at the part of Maharashtra ATS and Jail authorities.  

Some inhuman cases in the Indian Jail on Muslims. 

1.   Music Magnate Gulshan Kumar was murdered in the year 1997.   Mumbai police with malicious intention framed Nadeem Saifee in the case because of communal mentality and his Muslim background, Nadeem sought asylum in Britain, in the year 1997.  Mumbai Police files for his extradition in London, which was granted by a Bow Street Magistrate's Court.

Nadeem Akhtar Saifee pleaded in the Britain High Court against Magistrate’s Order, that he is falsely implicated in the case; he did not have faith on Indian Judiciary that he will get justice in India. Mumbai Police may kill him in fake encounter. He will be mistreated in the Jail if he is extradited. The London high court had favours Nadeem Plea and overturned a lower court's verdict that Nadeem be extradited. The House of Lords then upheld the high court's decision in the year March 2001. It said there was no evidence of Nadeem' s involvement in Gulshan Kumar's murder.

The misbehavior of the Mumbai police is so obvious that it has tainted the entire evidence to such an extent as to render a fair trial impossible.  In fact, Lord Justice Christopher and Justice Paul Newman of the London high court said in the verdict of December 21, 2000 that the Indian government's extradition application and the "accusation of murder and conspiracy against Nadeem was not made in good faith and in the interests of justice".

"Having reached this conclusion, we are also satisfied that it would not be fair to return the Nadeem because the appearance of misbehavior by the (Mumbai) police in pursuing inquiries. The activities surrounding that misbehavior have so tainted the evidence as to render a fair trial impossible."

The Indian government has paid £1 million to Hindi film music director Nadeem Saifee as cost of litigation after he was exonerated of the charges of his involvement in the murder of cassette king Gulshan Kumar by the London high court.

2.  Gangster Abu Salem filed an affidavit in the Portuguese Court, saying that Indian Authorities are violating the extradition treaty and the clause of affidavit made by the Indian Government. The Portuguese court took very serious views on that affidavit and told Indian Government if violation of treaty will not stop then Protegees Government will not extradite any criminal on the request of Indian Government henceforth.

Monday, April 17, 2006 11:43:31 IST Say it's violation of extradition treaty which presupposes that Salem will be in India for trial, not investigation.  The investigating agencies keep on slapping charges against extradited gangster Abu Salem,  brought to India with eight charges looming large over him, Salem was interrogated by CBI in the '93 bomb blasts' case by Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) in builder Pradeep Jain's murder case and now by the Crime Branch CID in the Ajit Diwani murder case. Every investigating agency wanted to file a charge sheet regarding whatever they revealed during their investigations. But lawyers representing Salem have now taken a stand that the interrogation of the accused itself was bad in law, as the terms of extradition do not permit for interrogation of Salem.

3.   A petition was filed in July 2008 by Saeed Shaikh, son of one of the 7/11 train blasts accused Mohammed Shaikh, alleging that his father, and many other prisoners, were mercilessly beaten up with batons, sticks and stones by jailor Swati Sathe and others. His father fractured his leg, and the petition alleges he was not given any medical treatment. Shaikh had alleged at least 30 accused were beaten mercilessly on June 28, 2008 under the guise of shifting them to other prisons. Swati Sathe justified the beating. Sathe had on her affidavit said that the under trial prisoners started shouting.  Sathe contended that the jail manual allows jail authorities to use force whenever necessary and accordingly minimal force was used. However, the petitioner’s counsel argued that there was no occasion for the use of force. As there was dispute about the facts related to the case, the HC had ordered a judicial inquiry to decide whether the use of force by the jail staff was necessary or not.

The court was hearing a petition filed by the son of a 7/ 11 bomb blast accused, who had alleged the accused were beaten up by Arthur road jail staff, including Sathe.  Later Swati has been transferred to Nasik Jail from Arther Road Jail Mumbai.

4.    Recently Denmark High Court has refused to extradite Kim Davy expressing apprehension that he may be subject to torture in India.  The jury of five Judges special bench pointed out that India has not ratified the UN torture convention. They pointed out that Davy if extradited to India would be subject to torture or any other inhuman treatment.

It is request:

1.     Inquiry for the Murder of Mohammed Qateel Siddique be carry out with any central body or International Body.

2.    Terror related cases should be handled by International Body and cross be carry out in International Court The Hague.

3.    Sack and terminate the Jailor and other related jail staff with immediate effect.

4. Abolish the status of ATS, under the negligence of duty, who demanded the custody of culprit from Delhi Police but could not handover safely to Delhi Police.

5. Reserve 20% Muslims in Police, Army, Administration and Judicial services.

6.    Any other relief as authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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