Sunday, 29 July 2012

Modi is fit for drama company.

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to the interview taken by Shahid Siddique editor of Urdu Nai Duniya with Modi on 26th July 2012. On the questions of anti Muslim, Communal, Prejudice and communal riots 2002, Modi very firmly and confidently refutes all the charges of his involvement in anyway in Gujarat Communal riots 2002.  He further spoke very enthusiastically, that, if he found guilty of communal violence, hanged me to death behind public pole.   He also refutes that he is communal and anti Muslim.  His refusal does not hold any water and is rubbish. 

A petition have been filed by an NGO in the Hon’ble High Court Gujarat on the issue of Muslim religious places, which has been vandalised in the year 2002, should be compensated by the Gujarat Government.  High Court Gujarat favors the petitioners and asked Modi Government of Gujarat to compensate or reconstructed all the religious places of Muslims vandalised during the communal violence 2002.  Against the order of Gujarat High Court Modi Government moved to Supreme Court of India.  If he is not anti Muslims then why he has not compensated or reconstructed all the religious structures of Muslims.  Central Government of India sent charity amount for Muslims after 2002 communal riots, Modi Government refused to accept it and returned the amount again to the Central Government.  It is all alligator's tears and total drama of Modi that he is not involved in the communal riots and he is not anti Muslims.

On 1st day March 2011 Special judge P R Patel, pronounced death penalty for 11 out of the 31 convicted in Godhra train burning case 2002 while 20 others were sentenced to life imprisonment.  Modi Government of Gujarat has moved to High Court against those acquitted due to poor evidence and death sentence for 20 those have been award life imprisonment.

At the other, hand on 07 March 2012 at Ahmadabad 6 Hindus acquitted by the lower court, due to lack of evidence against the culprits in 2002 riots-related case. One Firoz and his mother Hamida Banu were burnt alive while they were on their way towards Rakhial Crossroads, by six Hindu hooligans on April 21, 2002.  The victims were on a motorcycle when the duo was intercepted by a mob near Parmanand's Chawl in Gomtipur area.  The accused pored petrol on mother & son torched on road in broad daylight.  Lower court acquitted them why Modi Government of Gujarat has not move to higher court.  This act of Modi is proved to be anti Muslims, prejudice and communal, his claim in the press interview with Shaid Siddique is set aside as he is not communal, anti Muslims, prejudice.

In fact, Hitler Modi might have managed the judiciary that is the reason he is speaking so confidently and so loudly that he is not involved in communal violence, and if found guilty hanged me behind the public pole.  I can remember the interview aired by Karan Thapar the senior journalist somewhere in the year 2010 with Modi.  After asking the several burning questions on Genocide of Muslims in the year 2002, when Karan extended the responsibility on Hitler Modi and hold him responsible for the death of uncountable Muslims, and prejudice, communal in nature. Suddenly Modi throw the mike on table and left the interview he sip little water from the glass, and left the interview in between and threatened Karan, Hitler said   "I did not want you to be in trouble, you are my good friend and let friendship be alive". Modi could not digest the bulk of questions raised by Karan. 

I smell something fishy in this all episode of Modi high handedness and ask with media to hang me behind the public pole if found guilty of communal violence. In all these years after 2002 Modi looked to avoided questions on communal riots and communal mentality and prejudice. All of sudden what happend to his attitude, how he is speaking so confidently. That is the big question mark???? why such type of confident and firm language he would have not spoke immediately after 2002. 

Gujarat is always be a part of India.  But Modi did it as a separate part. It is nothing but Hitlershahee of Modi. Who never tolerate any body will sabotage his political career.  Modi will kill to that person or throw him out of Gujarat. Like in case of Haren Pandiya who was murdered by Modi, and in case of Sanjay Joshi who was forced to leave BJP. Modi is not winning election on his development but he is winning election only due to his communal policies. Just to scared the Guj. public on Jihadi. Guju. people are also so communal and stupid they did not see the primafacie and cast vote on Modi.  Haren Pandiya has been murdered by Modi, police arrested 12 Innocent Muslims on the instance of Modi, on the charges of Murder police projected them as terrorists.  After three years The High Court discharged all of them with honour there was no evidence against them for the murder of Haren Pandiya.  Modi is not Hindu faithful but he is the man of his own designed policies. If anybody will come in between his ideology then that person or community will not remain safe. 

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

 Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Another Act which scared the citizens.

Ref: 1. My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJHCB/G-M/HM/LM/LPY/AAA/E/122         
            dated 05/04/12 Anti Constitutional Act of Maharashtra Government.

         2. 20% pvt. Hosp. beds …..… may go to poor. News DNA 24/07/2012

Dear Sir,

My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Pranab Mukharjee to elect as the 13th President of India. 

Another act, which shows the fascist and dictator tendency of Maharashtra Government, will become a law within 10 days after passing by the Assembly, wherein 20% beds will be reserved for poor patients.  The Act is total violation of the constitution of India.  Constitution of India says every Indian can carryout any business, profession and can indulged any profitable business within the preview of law.  Whereas new act which Maharashtra Government planning to enact is the violation of the constitution.  In which Maharashtra Government asked to all private hospitals to reserve 20% beds for the poor patients. 

The Health Minister of Maharashtra Suresh Shetty man who was replying on the issue of public health in the Maharashtra Assembly hinted about the decision of the cabinet to pass a new law within 10 days, wherein 20 beds are compulsory be reserved for the poor patients.

Now question arises is there scarcity of the hospitals so Maharashtra Government asking 20 beds for the poor patients.  There are several Government Hospitals in which poor patients are treated free of cost, why private hospitals reserve 20% beds for the poor, they are carrying out their business and not doing charity.

Further in this act very violating article which says  2% of revenue would be deposited in the Government Treasury.  If hospitals is not reserve 20% beds, if hospitals fails to comply the orders to deposit the 2% amount or 2o% beds then state government will take strict action on the hospitals.

The hospitals are already paying several Taxes, Wealth Tax, Provident Fund.  Why this 2% charity tax on the hospitals.  If at all Government wanted to do something good for the poor and if anybody is liable to pay the tax then why not every member of the society, why only hospitals.  

To provide the healthy,  hygienic and disease free environment to the citizens is the moral duty of the Government and it is not the duty of the private hospitals.  If 20% beds are reserved for the poor then what about the losses incurred to the Hospitals, will Government compensate the loss.

It is request

Kindly set aside the Act if come into existence to reserve the 20% beds for poor.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Will cricket diplomacy work????

Dear Sir,

BCCI announced to start cricket tie with Pakistan, which will start in Dec. 2012. Indian public as well as yesterday cricketer Sunil Goveskar looking little upset against the decision of BCCI.  The man like Gaveskar will oppose the series with Pak is not expected. Game and politics should not mix with each other.  He is refusing ties with Pak only looking at the terror angle. What Surjeet Singh openly tells in the press interview in Chandigar, that “yes I had gone to Pak for spaying and bombing and spread terror act in Pak”, that is not all he further tells that he had sent by RAW of India.  Surjeet is the man one who acquitted from Pak jail in the last month.  Surjeet has been arrested in Pak not latest but 35 years back, that meance that India is spreading terrorism in Pak soil since last 40 years.  PAK started just 10 years back.

In India almost every people is opposing the cricket match with Pak, however we have not seen any opposition from Pak people. It is baseless to say that only Pak is involved in harboring terrorists on Indian soil and sponsored terrorism in India.  First of all Indian Govt. should look at the tally of their performances with Pak. In Egypt submit Indian Prime Minister accepted Indian hands in Baluchistan trouble in front of all the international delegates.   Now rest of the ambiguity has been cleared by Surjeet Singh after testimony that he has gone to Pak for spaying and terror act.  What else remain.  I can remember an English proverb “everybody is unclothe in single bathroom”. 

What happend in the year 1984 when Azharuddin hits three consecutive centuries against England. He scored 55 against England in the second inning of the test match.  Goveskar was the captain of Indian Team he declared the Indian inning, and Azharuddin remains unbeaten on 55. It was the 3rd day and test looking like a draw. If Goveskar would have not declared the inning then Azharuddin would have scored 4 consecutive centuries in a row playing first time in the test. It shows the mentality of Goveskar. He is not real player. Kapil Dev is much batter in comparison to mentality captain like Goveskar, Vengsarkar.
Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Possibility of miscarriage of Justice.

Ref.: 1. Court defers verdict in riots case to Aug. 29. 
              News The Asian Age 01/07/2012.
          2. My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/CEC/E/2011/49 
              dated 15/06/2011 "Enact Communal Violance Bill Immediately."

Dear Sir,

The verdict of Naroda Patiya massacre, which is supposed to come out on Saturday i.e. on 29th Day of June 2012, has been put off by the special judge Jyotsna Yagnik by two months, now that Judgement will come out on 29th August 2012.  I am sure every cross and evidence will be altered in these two months and when verdict will come for final disposal and will be pronounced the Terrorist lady Maya Kodnani will be set free because of lack of evidence against her.   Narora Patiya saw one of the worst riots in the year 2002 wherein 92 Muslims were set on blaze including small children, women & old men.       

It is the moral responsibility of the political parties and leaders to control the communal riots in their respective constituency but BJP ruled state was burned badly in the year 2002 and Terrorist Lady Maya Kodnani instigated the mob and distributed lethal weapons to torch the Muslims and kill them as a token the her acceptance for the riots. 

If Judgement goes against victimized Muslims & favors Genocide, Gang Rape culprits including Terrorists lady Maya Kodnani then faith on Indian Judiciary will become Farce & Mirage for the Muslim Community in India.  Muslims youths might adopt alternate other ways to redress the justice.  Let High Court Gujarat keep an eye on the development in the case, and keep strict vigil on any untoward situation which may arise during two months of period.
Modi and his cabinet are remain forward in all types of misdeeds, fairly speaking, in Gujarat especially upto when the fundamentalist forces are exists and especially Modi is the head of the State, we cannot expect fair and constitutional way of trial in any matter. In fact Gujarat State is become a hub of communal disharmony.  In Gujarat BJP is winning due to bad politics of Modi. Who won in the election only to show the fear of Islamic terrorism to the communal Guju people?  

In my letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJ/G-Guj/HM/LM/E/102 of dated 26/01/2012, I rightly observed Modi may affect the probe against him, on the petition of Zakia Jaffri in the Gulbarg Society massacre, which is proved at the later stage.  Hon’ble Supreme Court appoint SIT gives clean chit to Hitler Modi for his role in Gulbarg Society and communal riots in Gujarat 2002.  However, upto when Modi is the head of the State and he is the Chief Minister there is possibility of miscarriage of Justice in Gujarat in every communal riots cases against Hindu Terrorists VHP, Bajrag Dal, RSS.

It is indeed place of joy or worried for the Muslims of India I can’t understand.  If any country would become the biggest supper power of the world & if single community of the country is living in pain and agony it is place of shame for that country.  The Genocide Master Mind Narendra Modi is still far away from the Legal clutches.  We have seen Babri Masjid has been demolished, since 1947 uncountable communal riots happened.  Gujarat Muslim Genocide in which 300 Muslim Women lost their chastity.  A long list of fake encounters of Muslims. Yes, India has become supper power in suppressing Minority rights rather Muslim Rights, Police and Army has got legal license to kill the Muslims in encounters and in the name of Terrorism. That is the black history of Indian origin.

In facts India has become Hindu Rashtra, Judiciary, Police, Army, and Administration everybody is in the web of saffron elements only official declaration is to be made by the government of India, which is still pending because her international fund and world bank fund will be censored which they are receiving for the upliftment of the minorities.

On 1st day March 2011 Special judge P R Patel, pronounced death penalty for 11 out of the 31 convicted in Godhra train burning case while 20 others were sentenced to life imprisonment, considering the case as "rarest of rare".  The court looking into their active role in the conspiracy and setting afire the S6 coach of Sabarmati Express train near Godhra, gave death penalty to 11 people," public prosecutor J M Panchal.  Still the Gujarat Communal Riots culprits are not convicted.

It is prayed

a.  Keep strict vigil on any untoward situation during two months of period, before the judgement.

b. Enact Anti Communal Riots Bill in the Parliament.

c. Reserve 20% Muslims in police force, Army, Judicial and Administrative services.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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