Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Encroaching again illegally.

Dear Sir,                         

Mumbra is the densely populated suburb of the Central Mumbai, having population more than 10 Lakhs.  Local MLA Mr. Jitendra Awahd along with the Civic Authorities took up the responsibilities to provide the maximum facilities to the citizen of the Mumbra.

Mr. Awahd accepting the challenge and did some nice work, specially removing all the unauthorized hawkers near to the station, and wide up the roads to solve the traffic problem.  Normally these illegal encroaches are always causing traffic problems for the public.

But due to negligent approach and not following up the matter by the civic authorities again the unauthorized hawkers started installing their establishment in the form of Gumti or Thela and again creating traffic problem.

Secondly, the increase number of rickshaws plying in the region, some of them having authorised licensed but some of them are plying merely on the mercy of traffic police.  These auto rickshaws are errant and causing traffic problem, because almost no one is following the traffic rules.

It is request

1.  Remove all the illegal structure, right from Mumbra Railway Station to 
    Darul Falha Masjid.

2.  Cancelled excess rickshaw permit to assign the city.

Thanking you,     

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A cheque of Rs. 2.00 Crore.

Dear Sir,

After the riots at Mumbai Azad Medan on 11 August 2012, Raj Thakery also staged a protest rally against the Maharashtra Governement but with different motto and ideology of his rally,  he called the rally right from Girgaon Choupati to Azad Medan and addressed a crowd of 50 K.  Aim of his rally was to remove the Police Commissioner Arup Patnayak one who did the great job in controlling the riots.   The people like  Thakreys combine, Pravin Thogadia, Narendra Modi who always be in comfortable position when police opened fire abruptly and killed several Muslims in the protest rallies.  

On 1st May,06, in a crude display of police power, the local administration in Vadodra after the demolition of a 300 years old Sufi Mazar police opened fire on the protested Muslim mob in which 12 Muslims killed and several injured, five days of curfew and further polarization of the population.  The police commissioner of Vadodara said who ever come in the way of police, then he will face the extreme step.  Hitler Modi called the incident peaceful 12 lives five days of curfew, polarization of the people and incident is peaceful.  

In the year 2007 soon after the Mecca Masjid blast at Hyderabad, when unarmed Muslims were on the roads of old city, protesting against the government, police used lathi charge to disperse the mob and opened fire on angry crowd. Hyderabad Police took an extreme step, to control the mob & opened indiscriminate firing killing twelve Muslims and injuring nine, according to government records. Police claimed firing was necessary as protesting mob was about to set blaze a petrol pump and a wine shop. But the fact was Grey Hounds opened firing on even those Muslims who were carrying injured people from the road.  Killing of 12 Muslims and several days of curfew but incident was peaceful by the police commissioner of Hyderabad and Mr. Reddy the expired Chief Minister of Adhara Pradesh.  

But if marginal casualty of Muslims and not a single day of curfew then the people like Raj Thakrey, Shiv Sena Chief Uddav Thakrey, BJP and other Hindu hardliner parties Abhinav Bharat, Hindu Mahasabha, Hindu Janjagruti Manch created a havoc as India faces first time riots and laksh of people have been killed and called the day shame for police.  Why these Hindu hard liner parties are concerned on 11th August 2012 riots and calling the action of police failed, because very minimum loss to the Muslim community.
On 21st day of August 2012 Raj Tahkrey addressed a crowed & flown in the sentiments, and forget that he is making baseless allegation on Samajwadi Party MLA and Maharashtra Predesh President Abu Asim Azmi, Thakrey alleged that Azmi won the election on the votes of illegal Bangladeshis.  Immediately Abu Asim replied to the version of Raj Thakrey and signed the cheque of 2.00 crore and challenged him, let prove a single illegal Bangladeshi in his constituency and collect the cheque of Rs. 2.00 Crore.  If Raj Thakrey could not prove the Bangladeshi in the constituency of Abu Asim Azmi, then it would be the shame for Raj Thakrey and if a little shame and sense remains in him, then he should have think before speaking rubbish without any proof.

In fact it is the malicious mentality by the Shiv Sena, BJP and now Raj Thakrey is also following the footsteps of the fascist parties.  These fascist parties are calling Pakistani and Bangladeshi to the Indian Muslims those who are abiding the rules and regulations laid down by the Islamic Shariya.

These fascist parties altered the meaning of the constitution and amended the nationality of the Indian Muslims in their own way.

If any Muslim who are not attending any anti Islamic functions, if he is not involve in idol worship pooja etc. he is Pakistani and Bangladeshi.

I can remember the Hindi proverb “Dhobi k Ghada n ghar k n Ghat k” same is fit to these hardliners.  Ramdas Kadam one who was the leader of opposition in Maharashtra, upto 2009 and seating MLA from Gohaghar.  He called a rally on the issue of Pakistani and Bangladeshi just one year before the election.  He addressed a rally of some 50 to 60 thousand Shiv Seniks.  Wherein he passed a resolution that any man having beard and skullcap looking like a Pakistani or terrorist with strict Islamic belief spit on him.  He gave the slogan “en Pakistani Dallalon ko jote maro Saloon ko”.   After election Shiv Sena come to realized that they made a mistake because she looses some 10 to 15 seats and Ramdas Kadam lost his MLA seat from Gohaghar on 22 October 2009 with 11000 votes, now nobody can even remember the name of Ramdas Kadam.  

This Raj Thakrey made the same mistake and made the baseless allegation just one year before election now God will show him the real place.  If he could not prove the allegation what he made on Abu Asim Azmi, then he should keep ready himself for the self defense at the time of election. 

Not only fascist parties BJP, Shiv Sena, MNS but in some cases centre and Congress Government is also involve in such type of mentality.  In Kashmir those who are fighting for their freedom the Government authorities, Army and police used to called them terrorists. Even though that particular person don’t have any terrorist link, but because of his support for the freedom of Kashmir and independence, he has been labeled as terrorist.   In Kashmir almost 100% people wanted independence it implice that all are terrorist. 

Raj Thakrey made the allegations and Abu Asim Azmi accepted the challenge, that is not at all Azmi even signed the cheque of Rs. 2.00 crore.  Now the ball is in the court of Raj Thakrey, if he unable to prove the Bangladeshis in the constituency of Abu Asim Azmi then he will be looser sure.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

 Zuber Ahmed Khan

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