Saturday, 29 September 2012

Harsh sentence or Five Star Facilities in the Gujarat Jail.


1.  Court orders inquiry into allegations of forcing blast suspects to be nude in  
     the open.  News Times of India 27 June 20012.
2.  My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJ/G-Guj/HM/LM/E/142 dated 04/09/2012
3.  Blast accused file complaint against Bajarangi.  News Times of India 25 Sept. 12
4.  Mumbai bars terrify jailed cops News Times of India 29 Sept. 12

Dear Sir, 

As usual, Gujarat State proved to be safe havens for the Hindu Terrorists.  On 27th day of June 2012 Ahmadabad blast accused made a complained to special court that they were forcibly made nude on the pretext of frisking in presence of all jail inmates in common area.  Special court ordered an inquiry and sought the report from the Jailor. 

One of the accused asked is it necessary then jailer replied him yes it is obligatory and for security reason. If that practice was obligatory followed by security then why not other accused undergone with same practice. Hindu Terrorist D.G. Wanzara was also present in the Jail, why Wanzara had not gone with same practice.

One of the accused Umar Kabaria complained before special judge Jyotsa Yagnik that on May 18th 2012 he was returned from Civil hospital after undergone for the surgery for his fractured leg, he was forced to remove his cloths at the entrance of the Jail even he could not stand properly because of his fractured leg, but he was asked to stand for long in the name of frisking and checking.  However, at the same time the Hard Core Terrorist Master Mind and culprit of cold blood murder of uncountable innocent Muslims D.G. Vanzara returned from the court got the first class officer treatment.  He further alleged that the D.G. Vanzara & Co with filled bags in their hands entered in the jail without any checking and there was nobody to search nor their bags were searched, when Umar asked the constable to search them too,  he replied that we are ordered by seniors not frisked or check to Vanzara Saheb or anyone related to him.
On 31st Day of August 2012, verdict of Naroda Patiya massacre has come out and I express my concerned through my letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJ/G-Guj/HM/LM/E/142 dated 04/09/2012 addressed to all the higher authorities of India, that Hindu Terrorists will not  get a harsh punishment in the jail for their crimes rather they will get FIVE  STAR treatment and enjoy biryani, Kabab and all sort of facilities in Jail.  As another terrorist D.G. Vanjara is enjoying the pleasure life in Gujarat Jail.  Because Administration, Government and Jail Authorities support to the Hindu Terrorists.
Culprit and murder master mind of uncountable Muslim youths D G Vanzara's has an influence who hardly diminished as a police officer even after his arrest. Jail manual does not create too many limitations for him. This fact was highlighted by a co-accused in the case, IPS officer  Rajkumar Pandian. Pandian had filed an RTI application seeking to know the reason behind Vanzara being given extraordinary facilities like extended visiting hours, air-conditioned room to meet friends and relatives.  In all cultural and academic functions held within the jail Vanzara was treated on equal footing with dignitaries with whom he sat and share the dais too.

Forty-nine blast suspects requested special judge Jyotsna Yagnik to take action against Bajrangi and a senior jailor identified as Vankar, for the alleged persecution of the prisoners. The court issued notice to the special prosecutors, asking them to explain the issue at the next hearing.

Further in the application it is alleged that on September 19, Bajrangi and his associates three of detainee in serial blasts case - Mohammed Ismail, Abbas Sameja and Javed Ahmed near the hospital. "They spoke scornfully of our community and insulted our religion. Bragging about his political clout, he threatened to kill each of the blast accused and said that they will teach us a lesson like they did in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Jail Authorities and Jailor also helped to the Bajrangi for criminal intimidation. When bomb blast activists complain, the jailor asked them what was wrong in abusing you. He allegedly threatened to beat them up as he had on March 27, 2009.  In Gujarat jail the authorities have given Bajrangi a free hand, and he roams freely abusing and threatening people and communalizing the jail atmosphere.  Jail officials have been accused of providing special facilities to Bajrangi, in particular allowing him to meet visitors for longer periods.

On Thursday 27 Sept. 2012 Supreme Court  transferred the case of fake encounters to Mumbai. Now all the accused These senior cops enjoy a variety of privileges even behind bars, from daily supply of homemade food to frequent and unrestricted visit to Civil Hospital. Some even had the clout to meddle in routine transfers and postings made by Gujarat police authorities. "The arrested cops are a depressed lot because being transferred out of Gujarat will mean that they will have to live minus their status of VVIPs behind bars," said a senior police official of Gujarat

It is prayed

a. Transfer the hardcore Terrorist Babu Bajrangi and Terrorist Lady Maya Kodnani from Gujarat Jail to any remote jail outside Gujarat State.  Because court assigned them hard punishment, they should come to know the meaning of hard punishment.

b.  Punish the Jailor and other staff for criminal delinquency of duty

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 24 September 2012

Islam religion Prophet and feeling of jeopardy to others.

Dear Sir,

Islam religion comes into existence after Adam discharged from Haven and sent to the Universe as he disobeyed to God.  Infact it was not the mistake of Adam but it was the desire of Allaha to express himself in a better way.  Before Adam uncountable angles used to worship to Allaha, but he wanted his worship should be done by a body with sole, sentiments and flesh.  He created Adam who worshiped to Allaha for several years and is the first prophet of Islam, and apostle of Allaha.  There are six basic lineages of prominent prophets according to Islamic tradition before Prophet Mohammed, and almost every believer of holy books believes in them before and after Prophet Mohammed Sallam.

Muslims believe in one Allaha they believe no one is like to worship except Allaha and they believe in all the Angels, holy books & all the Prophets of Allaha and the day of final judgement on that day every people of the Globe have to submit share of their account of good as well as misdeeds.  Further Muslims believe from whom they have received this version they all were right.  According to Islam Prophets Mohammed is the last Apostle from Allaha who had sent to earth.  Though clear understanding given in the books by Allaha before Prophet Mohammed to every believers of that time that you will have to believe next messenger from Allaha and follow to their path, and that would be right path for you at that time but Christians, Jews does not believe in Prophet Sallam and Muslims are believing in every prophet of Allaha.  The history of Islam concerns the religion of Islam and its adherents, Muslims.  Muslim is an Arabic word meaning "one who submits to God". Muslims and their religion have greatly impacted the political, economic, and military history of the Old World, especially the Middle East, where its roots lie. Though it is believed by non-Muslims to have originated in Mecca and Medina, Muslims believe that the religion of Islam has been present since the time of the prophet Adam. Muslims believe that prophets Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, among others, were all Islamic prophets, and they have equal veneration in the Qur'an. The Islamic world expanded to include people of the Islamic civilization, inclusive of non-Muslims living in that civilization.  Idol or structure worship is strictly prohibited in Islam.  All the prophets of Allaha used to perform the act as per the wishes of Allaha and they were following Islam of that time.

Almost 1444 years before, Prophet Mohammed came to the earth as the last apostle from Allaha. He spent forty years of his life with full of simplicity and truth and showed his pain for mankind.   After 40 years when Allaha asked him to expressed himself through Archangel Gabriel as the Prophet  and  give  the  message of one Allaha no one from Arab is ready to accept the fact initially; & no one was ready to listened the version of Prophet  except  one  child, an adult, a woman and a slave have shown faith on the version of Prophet Mohammed Sallam, stating that you are always speaking right and we believe in you.    It  was Ali  amongst child, Abubakar in adults, Khadija in women and Zaid from slave category peace be upon them.  When Prophet Sallam given the version of one Allaha the people of Arebia become his enemies rather to listen the truth or fact, but very fast people of Arabian Peninsula started coming into Islam and they can realised that Islam is the religion from Allaha and is the only religion which is fair and correct.  Very soon Islam religion crossed the boundary from Arabia to eastern and western region.  It is not because of sword, but it is because of miracles shown by the Prophet, simplicity and pleasant nature.  Now after twenty first century Islam is the only religion who has followers in almost every parts of the Globe. Islam is the second largest religion population wise after Christianity. None of the religion is increased in such a vast manner obliviously it is not because of sword, missile or mussel power as other religion followers alleged and tarnish the image of Islam. But it is because of the right teaching of Prophet and Quran.

The popularity of Islam and vast increase in the number of its follower’s day by day makes other religion personalities worried and they developed the feeling of jeopardy and hate against Islam popularity. Some of them think with positive mentality and never hesitate to express that Islam is the best religion amongst all. But some feel jealous, jeopardy for the existence of their current religion and they started playing mischief in the form of sacrilegious articles, books and films. The recent episode of film “Innocence of Muslims” is the evident of jealous at the part of Jews Director of the film which come out in public and hurts the sentiments of uncountable Muslims, Islam and Prophet loving people.

I used to come across several comments and articles which defame Islam and committing blasphemy for the prophet of Islam. But in fact Prophet of Islam is a kind hearted and pleasant personality which is not a myth or mythological personality but evident in the historic book also. It is not like a king without historic value worshiped like a God in some religion people. Prophet of Islam is himself a miracle his every act is supposed to be a miracle, and his body from top to bottom is full of miracles.

In the early ages of Prophet it has been evident by the Christian and Jews orthodox, that a cloud used to cover & provide shadow all the time on the Prophet. Several Christians and Jews orthodox enter into Islam because of the forecast made in their holy books about the Prophet Sallam and identity showed about him. Further in the holy books of Christians and Jews predicted that Mohammed Sallam would be the last Apostle of Allaha and Islam would be the last religion from Allaha.

Right from Adam to Prophet Sallam Islam does not allow any Muslim to use any blasphemous language for any one of them. If any Muslim use abusive language or disbelieve any of the Prophet of Allaha then he is no more Islamic. That is the only reason most of the Muslim scholars are respecting to Hindus Load Krishna, Goutam Budh and Mahavir. Muslim scholars believe that they might be Prophets of Allaha because all of them have come before Jesus. According to Islam one Lakhs twenty seven thousand prophets have come to the earth from heaven. That is the essence and fragrance of Islam which is found only in Islam and none of the religion provide such image which makes people dragged towards it. That is the reason Muslims never insult to any prophets of Allaha.

Since last 15 days I have come across the news of protest of Muslims Globally against the film “Innocence of Muslims” which has been directed by a Jews Director. Several lives have gone during the protest. All the western world and Jews lobby along with media criticized the protest. But I personally feel that protest is justified. Protest and strike for personal gain, worldly pleasure or personal benefit is absolutely null and void and cannot accommodate in any civilised society. But when it hurts the religious sentiments then protest is justified.

Muslims are always very sensitive and sentimental specially if the matter is related to their Prophet, Religion & Quraan. They start coming out of their house with the sole intention to kill the blasphemous or die for Islam. That is their utmost love towards Prophet, Islam and Quraan. We will have condone such types of violence because it is always been created deliberately by the Jews lobby. Their intention is very clear to the Muslim world just to hurt their religious sentiments and peace. The latest film is the proof of the Jews lobby which is the dirty garbage of decay mentality of the film maker just to defame the Islam and the Prophet .

There should be international law for the blasphemy against all the Prophets of Allaha right from Adam to Prophet Sallam. Who have been mentioned in the holy books of Allaha Zoboor, Tavret, Injeel and Holy Quraan. The guilty should not be let off. He or she should be punish hard.

There is deep shock, protest and anger in the Muslim world after the blasphemous film. The Administration and the Govt. of the Muslim States hold responsible to the protestors, in police action several protestors injured severely and several killed in police firing. Contrarily Govt. of the Muslim world hold responsible to the American Media, Israel and West for the current situation. The Government and Administration of the Muslim countries should not take action on the protestors. Because the Government people should well aware the Islamic Punishment on the blasphemous.

A very clear, understanding and tough message should be given by the delegation of all Islamic countries to the America, West if any blasphemous article, film or message is published on Prophet Sallam & Islam in their country then Muslim countries will not able to provide security to your citizens and delegates. Because in such cases violation is vast.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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