Thursday, 18 October 2012

Who is guilty police or Muslims???????????


1.  State ATS chief Rakesh Maria, Usmani a grocer from Govandi, had no role to
     play in the serial blasts on July 13, 2011.  News Times of India

 2.  My letter ZAK/P/PM/CJ-HCB/HM/LM/CM-M/E/56 dated 20/07/2011.
      Yet another murder of Muslim youth in police custody
 3.  My letter ZAK/CJI/P/CJ-HCB/HM/LM/RG/CM-M/E/63 
dated 21/08/2011. Do  Police Personnel are the legal terrorists??????????”.
 4.  My letter ZAK/CJI/CJ-HCB/HM/LM/CM-M/AAA/E/69 dated 17/09/2011
       Enquiry of the death of Faiz Usmani should be handover to Central Agency.

Dear Sir,
Faiz Usmani a Muslim youth aged  42, a grocer from Govandi, one who was picked up by the  Crime Branch headed by Himanshu Roy from his house on the evening of July 16 and taken him to the Crime Branch lock up at Crawford  Market.  Himanshu suspect at Usmani having role in the blast at Mumbai on 13 day of July  2011.  Usmani who died in the custody of the Crime Branch, has nothing to do with the blast of 13th July 2011. 

Charge sheet recently filed by the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) for the blast of 13/7/2011 nowhere in the charge sheet name of Usmani has been mentioned as the culprit and involvement of blast.  State ATS chief Rakesh Maria told that according to them, Usmani, had no role to play in the serial blasts on July 13, 2011 at Panchratna building, Zaveri Bazar and Dadar. 

If the charge sheet of ATS has not mentioned the name of Faize Usmani as the culprit it implies that ATS believes he was innocent.   This shows the ham- handed manner in which investigative agencies picked up Muslims merely on suspicion after any blast. The Crime Branch was perhaps trying to be one up on the ATS.  This is not great job done by the Crime Branch authorities headed by Himanshu Roy. 

A state CID probe by SP P. V. Ugale, mentioned heart attack and high blood pressure as the reasons for Usmanis death. According to him, Usmani, a patient of high blood pressure, was tense about being interrogated.  The histopathological report says there is no external mark or injury on the body, he might have tortured mentally up to that extend, that his blood pressure has gone high and he suffered with brain hemorrhage and died. 

No external mark or injury on the body on Faize Usmani does not given clean chit to the police.  It is not necessary that Faiz Usmani be physically tortured but he may be mentally tortured he may be exploited for his 17 year son as his brother Afzal Usmani was exploited. 

Cops involved in the death of Faiz Usmani, should not be let off in the name insufficient evidence against police, while doing so the moral of police will gone high while committing legal terrorism especially on Muslims.  To kill an innocent person with some particular community by the law enforcing body i.e.  police or perpetual intimidation of a society members or make them scared for arrest for the crime which they have not committed is the legal terrorism which should be stopped by the High Court or Supreme Court. Unjust, unwarranted and unauthorized atrocities on Muslims by the police producing a feeling of hate and biased attitude in the Muslims for the police.  Strict action be taken against all the culprit police for murder and let report be come in public.

Police is behaving like legal terrorists.  Police have got license to picked up any Muslim youth without any warrant and kill an innocent human being without any sin or crime most of them are innocent illiterate, uneducated Muslim youths, which is a kind of terrorism in a legal way.  Police officers are not authorised to kill anybody. It is the Judicial Authority to assign the punishment to a culprit, that is also after scrutinizing full circumstances. If circumstantial evidences are not favoring the person then court is also not authorised to give him corporal punishment or even simple punishment.

It is prayed:-

a.  Sack and terminated the police team for unauthorised detention of Faize Usmani as the Chembur Crime Branch was not authorised for inquire to Faize.

b.    Sack Himanshu Roy the police officer with immediate effect.   

c.   Probe of the custodial death of Faize Usmani be given to any central agency.

d.   Ad-entrime compensation be fixed for the family of Faize Usmani.

e.   Appoint any member of the family in police force.

e. Reserve 20% seats for Muslims in Police, Judicial and Administrative services.

Thanking you,                                                    
Yours faithfully, 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 15 October 2012

Do crime has any religion


1.  My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/EAM/LM/E/52 dated 01/07/2011

2. Court orders inquiry into allegations of forcing blast suspects to be nude in
     the open. News Times of India 27 June 20012.

3. My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJ/G-Guj/HM/LM/E/142 dated 04/09/2012

4. Blast accused file complaint against Bajarangi. News Times of India 25 Sept. 12

5. Mumbai bars terrify jailed cops News Times of India 29 Sept. 12

Dear Sir,

Sangh Parivar, BJP and Government officials specially police personnel always claiming that terrorists do not have any religion. This contention of police and other Jail staff become to be false and prove to prejudice at the part of police and jail authorities.

If terrorists do not have any religion then why in every cases of Bomb blast wherein Muslims were involved get the humiliation treatment in the Police Station, Jail and in any public place if at all they required to go there. Same is not in case of Hindu terrorists involve in the terror act. Shiv Sena and other Hindu Hardliners hurled the flowers on Malegaon Bomb Blast accused Sadhvi Pragiya Thakur and Ors at Nasik. At Samna mouth piece of Shiv Sena Bal Thakrey compared the Hindu Terrorists as the Hero of Hindus. Police and jail authorities are soft at their approach on the Hindu Terrorists, but hard on the Muslims.

In the year July 2008 a petition was filed by Saeed Shaikh, son of one of the 7/11 train blasts accused Mohammed Shaikh, alleging that his father, and many other prisoners, were mercilessly beaten up with batons, sticks and stones by jailor Swati Sathe and others. His father fractured his leg, and the petition alleges he was not given any medical treatment. Shaikh had alleged at least 30 accused were beaten mercilessly on June 28, 2008 under the guise of shifting them to other prisons. Swati Sathe justified the beating. Sathe had on her affidavit said that the under trial prisoners started shouting. Sathe contended that the jail manual allows jail authorities to use force whenever necessary and accordingly minimal force was used. However, the petitioner’s counsel argued that there was no occasion for the use of force. As there was dispute about the facts related to the case, the HC had ordered a judicial inquiry to decide whether the use of force by the jail staff was necessary or not. Later on Jalor Swati Sathe was transferred to Nasik jail. Why government officials looking Muslim culprits with biased angle specially bomb blast culprits or one who involved in terrorists act.

In Ahmadabad Sabarmati Jail all the Muslims who were involved in the Ahmadabad Blast are forced to take off their clothes in front of every jail inmates. One of the Muslim accused asked with the Jailor is it necessary, Jailor replied yes for security reason. If it was mandatory process and for the security reason then why the same practice have not been follow up by the other Jail inmates. It looks only Muslim are carrying unauthorized substance in the Jail, and other Jail inmates have come with clean hands.

Recently Hindu Terrorists Babu Bajrangi and Terrorists Lady Maya Kodnanai lodged in the Sabarmati Jail. But they have not undergone any such type of practice, i.e. beating with the hands of Jailor or making nude in front of everybody. Contrarily he used to roam free in the Jail and he found to issue threat to kill all the Muslim Jihadis who were involve in the Bomb Blast at Ahmedabad. Further Bajrangi abused all the Muslims on caste and threat to kill them. When the Muslims reported the matter to the Jailor named Vankar in reply he told to the Muslim Jail inmates what is wrong to abuse you, what is the wrong to kill you. You people deserve that.

Some points which are still unanswered and as an Indian citizen I would like to ask the higher authorities addressed above.

1. Do the jail manual allow such type of treatment with particular community people.

2. Do the jailors are authorized to give big hand to some particular community members.

3. Do the Jailor or Jail staff be allow to behave prejudice on caste, creed and religion.

4. Do the crime has any religion if not, then why Muslim bomb blast activist are forced to take off their cloths and beaten up in the jail and why not Hindu Terrorists, one those have been lodged against the heinous crimes.

5. What should be the purpose of Jail, criminal will give up their criminal life and come to mainstream or become more hardcore criminal after getting humiliation treatment from Government Authorities.

Such type of humiliated treatment of the Jail Authorities and Jail Staff producing more and more criminals, rather what should be the motto of the Jail to purify the criminal and jail staff including Jailor tried hard to bring the criminals into main stream. If a single criminal give up his criminal life and come into main stream then the purpose of Jail is solved. But if any one of them is bring 100 criminal behind him after getting the humiliated treatment then it would be difficult to overcome on crime in India.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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