Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sanghi Terrorists again behind the trouble.

Dear Sir,                                                       

In continuation of my article “Mumbai riots V/s Government of Maharashtra.” I was mentioned and suspicious on the act of Sanghi Terrorists, for the instigation and behind the act of violence behind the veil, and ultimately the culprits are arrested in the form of Muslims.  The act of violence instigated by the Sanghi Terrorists and when situation released from the hands and Muslims become violent the real culprits vanished from the scene.   

The Sanghi Terrorists are the back stabber, as they have got history of back stabbing.  In the year 2011 on the occasion of 15th August Abhinav Bharat along with VHP deliberately hosted Pak flag on the Govt. office at Bijapur at Karnataka.  All the activists were in Muslim dress and skull cap.   Their intention was to destroy the peace of Muslim dominated city.  Later stage inquiry officer proved the hands of Hindu organisation.  At Malegaon blast, Mecca Masjid Blast Hindu Terrorists organisation played same trick and tried to play the communal cards and wanted to spread communal riots.  The hands of organisation stated above are proved behind the attack in Hyderabad after the blast to disturbed the communal harmony and cause more casualties after the blast in Mecca Masjid and Malegaon. 

Now this time Hyderabad again, on 6th Dec. 2013 one Sanghi Terrorists namely Vijay entered in the Mecca Masjid, in black pajama Kurta and black skull cap, after Friday namaz he shouted the slogan “Nara-E-Takbeer, Allaha Hoakbar” and tried to disturbed the communal harmony of Hyderabad on the occasion of 6th Dec. the day on which Babri Masjid was demolished, and Muslims of the India and Globe are considered the day as the black chapter in the Indian history as far as secularism is concerned. 

This Vijay instigated the Muslim youths to pelt stones on the police and destroy the business establishment captured by the Hindus in Hyderabad, later the local corporator of the area can recognise him that he is not a Muslim man; thrashed him up and handed him over to police.  But for quite some time the situation become tense, because Muslim youths started coming in the trap of this man Vijay, thanks God who has given wisdom to this corporator of MIM who recognised the man as the Sanghi Terrorists and not a Muslim one; and the real face of the Sanghi terrorists have come in the public again. 

I was rightly observed in my letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJHCB/G-M/AHSN/HM/LM/AAA/E/139, on dated 21/08/2012 and expressed that the act of violence at Bombay on Aug. 11, 2012 was not created by the Muslims, but it was the act of instigation by the Sanghi Terrorists, when situation gone out of the hands and fire ignited then the real culprits run away from the scene. 

Muslims are always labelled as the trouble maker and involve in the violence, which is not correct; Muslims are sentimental and always flow in the sentiments, and taking the advantage of the situation Hindu terrorists always exploits them in the form of provocative speech, asking to commit the act of violence on the name of religion, when situation become ugly, the real culprits vanish and the act committer nabbed by the police. 

Thanking you,                                              
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Increase of fascist power

Recent election result of the 4 states in India have gone in the favour of BJP, out of these 4 states in Rajisthan and Madhya Pradesh BJP have won with more than absolute majority, in Chattisgarh with minimum majority and in Delhi ofcourse come out as the largest party.  Elevation of BJP is proved the mentality of Indian public who elected communal, fascist, criminal BJP and gives indication that they like the political and Sanghi terrorism.  BJP is always involved directly or indirectly in the killing of the minorities, whether it is country wide Hindu Muslim communal riots after 1992, Guj. 2002 Hindu Muslim communal riots, 2008 Kandhmal Christian Hindu communal riots, 2013 Muzaffarnagar Muslim Hindu communal riots, or involvement in the Bomb Blasts directly or indirectly.  This election proves one fundamental, if fascism is there in the politics everybody love that party.  BJP’s allegations on congress about the corruption and unethical politics are totally baseless and hold no value as BJP itself drives in the same boat and its leaders are also involved in corruption and unethical policies on what point BJP criticized to Congress Govt.

Now Indians don't have any moral grounds to criticize Pak about Jihaidis and their political involvement to run Government. Now people of India don’t have any moral grounds to criticize Pak Govt. about puppet and real power is captured by the jihadi elements, as the situation is almost same in India, at least after the election in the 4 states proves that Indian politics has been captured by the Sanghi Terrorists and winning of BJP in the 4 states is the proof of the rise of sanghi terror in India.  All the time media remains busy to peep in the affairs of Pak and Jihadi activities, now what is the story of Indian media on the rise of saffron, fascist party and the tentacles of terrorists are about to enter in the Indian Parliament.

In communal riots so many innocent Muslims, Christians have been killed but if any point of time Govt. of India planning to enact the communal riots bill, it is BJP who loud voice against the bill, and termed the bill as the vote bank politics.  Even Indian public is also biased in some sort, they never supported to the communal riots bill as the sentiments are related with the minorities, but they have supported the anti terror bill wholeheartedly.  I have come across uncountable views, the people those who killed in communal riots are bearing less sentiments of the public and concerned of media, because the casualties are more of Muslims, but the people who have killed in jihadi activities bears vast sentiments and concerned of media.  The difference between the sentiments have got couple of reasons, because in communal riots Hindu hardliners in the form of Sanghi terrorists have upper hand and the victims are mostly Muslims, whereas in jihadi activities the upper hand of Muslims and the victims are Hindus mostly.  This proves the biased attitude of Indian media and public with some particular part of the society and they support to the saffron terror, like in Pak people support to the jihadis.  But certainly I would like to ask question with the people of the country, those who supported to the victims of the bomb blasts and not to the victims of communal riots.  If any point of time their young son, brother killed in communal violence, their house burnt in the violence still they will ignore and not support to the victims of the communal riots.   

BJP is killing humanity and the people of India cast vote only on the name of religion, and not humanity.  From India the humanity is being killed, this is not the case of Hindu or Muslim. Now no Hindu wanted to purchase home in Muslim dominated area they hate Muslims and vice versa. Where has gone the Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb. The elements in the political parties are inserting venom in the young generation.  Even BJP who are teaching ethics to the country never hesitate to humiliate the women belonging to the Muslim community.  I can remember the case  of Ishrat Jahan, the innocent college going girl from Mumbra, who had been labeled as the jihadi and BJP tried hard to prove the allegation on her by hook or crook.  When things are started releasing from the hands of Guj. Govt. the BJP spokes person Meenakshi Lekhi, started maligning the character of Jahan in media with malicious comments.  I asked some questions with Lekhi.

a.)      If the situation would be just opposite the girl would be Hindu and  Govt. would be Muslim dominated then the same would be the comments of Lekhi,

b.)    If any point of time someone malign the image of Lekhi and raised question on the character of Lekhi in public then comments would be the same.

c.)      Lekhi is also a lady why she is maligning the image of a deceased girl in public.

That is fact and fact will remain a black spot on India.  We may call Pakistan as jihadi nation, anti minority. We may call India is a secular state have got courage to take care of minorities.  But fact is just opposite.  In Pak if minorities are in trouble then it will create sensation, news channel, media people create havoc.  But in India it is the planned game of communal, criminal political parties, to trouble minorities and captured the vote on that issue. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 29 November 2013

Things are coming to the track.

Dear Sir,

ZUBER is the name of a pain of an author who is fortunately Muslim, has been harassed on the basis on his religion, and lost his job twice because of his religious identity, firstly in the year 10th Oct. 1992, before the demolition of Babri Masjid. Because it was falsely spreaded a hoax by the Saffron elements that there would be severe Hindu and Muslim communal riots on 6th of December 1992, because on that day Sanghi Terrorists Sangh Pariwar along with the political supportive party BJP and its allies wanted to demolish Babri Masjid.  A wave and slogan of Jai Jai Sri Ram has been flung in the atmosphere.  Not a single person spared who had not recited that slogan at least once.  On the buses, trains, public places, private parties, marriage party, political party every where this slogan picked up mileage.  Saffron elements won the battle Babri Masjid demolished and India had seen worst communal riots.  As usual in that all episode the Muslims were the worst sufferer.  Like author, several Muslims lost their job, sole and family members in the riots. 

Second time again author lost his permanent job in the year July 2007, because of the Sanghi Terrorists, who played the important role to target the Muslim youths and to attack on their economic status. Between 2001 to 2010 a preplanned game played by the saffron people to target every Muslim as the Jihadi.  This phenomenon took the lead after the attack on America on world trade centre.  Author was labelled as a jihadi and harassed mentally, emotionally and tortured in the office between 2002 to 2007.  Because of the false propaganda spreaded by the Saffron elements about Muslim youths, that every Muslim is a terrorists.  After the 2006 blast in Mumbai author was labelled as jihadi or at least having linked with jihadis; his Chairman asked him not to come in office from next day. 

ZUBER accepted the challenge against the atrocities of the saffron people on some particular part of the society, and swear in his mind that he will never letdown upto when he cannot promote real secularism in India, on which Indian constitution is based.  Author started writing articles in the year 2008 and upto 2013 he got little fame and name and become the aware name in the writing filed.   

Initially the wording of author was very harsh and with full of anguished because of the pain and agony which author received after lost the job. Gradually things become in his favour and started coming on the right track.  Author’s spouse did hard to earn bread and butter for his family.  Author took admission in the International University to complete his Masters Degree in Journalism.  Things are coming to author's favour but still he could not concurred the battle and still long way to go for him. The days which have passed jobless for author are still the nightmare for the author and he never forget or wanted to forget those days.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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