Thursday, 21 February 2013

A false Compensation to Kashmir or a tribute to Afzal Guru.

Dear Sir, 

In continuation of my article “Afzal Guru a Martyr or Terrorist.” and my all the articles and letters addressed to the Judicial, Government and Administrative authorities of India, wherein I am concerned and anxious the way in which Muslims are being targeted and trapped in the legal terrorism of India.  Fact is always bitter and no power in the Globe can change the fact.  And fact is Indian Government and President swam away in the sentiments of Hindu Hardliners in case of Afzal Guru.  Because crime on Afzal has not been proved in the court of law but looking at the sentiments of crores of the people of India he has been hanged to death.      

Now question arises if Afzal was not terrorist and the way the punishment executed hanged to death to him and he was projected as terrorist, then who is real terrorist, whether system of India where politicians decide the fate of human or people of India, who if with common voice loud “death penalty”, whether, crime has proved against criminal or not, but he has to move to the gallows.   Because whatever Supreme Judicial Authority of India admitted the Supreme Court admitted that the evidence against Afzal was only circumstantial, and that there was no evidence that he belonged to any terrorist group or organisation. He was subsequently meted out three life sentences and a double death sentence.”

If Afzal was not terrorist as alleged by the Indian Government Authorities and police intentionally arrested him and send him to the gallows then what would be the compensation to the people of Kashmir and to his family members specially an innocent son of 12 years.  Because the evidence against Afzal included his confessional statement, which was recorded by the DCP, Special Cell was proved as statement given in the pressure,  because DCP had asked the policemen present there to leave the room.  After that he had warned and explained to Afzal that he was not bound to make the confessional statement and that if he did so, it could be used against him as evidence.  In the interview given to several media houses, Afzal openly confessed the crime which he had not committed. 

As per the senior Lawyer of the Supreme Court Ms Kamini Jaiswal revealed that these confessions were made under duress Ms. Kamini was representing him in the Supreme Court of India.  Sushil Kumar, Afzal's advocate later claimed that Afzal had written a letter to him where Afzal said that he had made the confessions under duress as his family was being threatened.

Indian Government always ahead to distribute the charities “Bheekh” whether it is in the form of Article 370 special status to the Kashmir, in the year 1948 to calm down the rage of the people of Kashmir against the joining of Raja Hari Singh to India.  What is the current status of Article 370?  Or after 6 decades it is again Government of India pacify the rage of the people of Kashmir against hanging of Afzal Guru and   recommending the name of Parvez Rasool in the Indian Cricket Team.  Such types of attitude can not apply the ointment on the wounds of the Kashmiri people.  If Afzal Guru has been wrongly executed, then it would be irreparable loss to the Kashmir and it would not be heal up merely given a chance to a Kashmiri cricketer to the Indian cricket squad. 

Afzal was the icon for the independence of Kashmir if at all he is wrongly convicted and his death can be compensated anything would be the libration of Kashmir from Indian occupation or absolute autonomy to the Kashmir.

If at all Afzal Guru was a Jihadi and he has given correct sentence.  Then it would not halt the Jihadi activities in India, Government has to reform her act towards the Muslims.

It is prayed

1. Callback the Indian Army from Kashmir & Remove the controversial Law AFSPA.

2.  Implement the intraocular report on Kashmir.

3.  Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,
 Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 11 February 2013

Water logging near Masjid Omer.

Dear Sir,                         

There is severe life threat, water logging and sanitation problem near Masjid Omer, Kadar Palace Lane, Moulana Hasrat Mohani Road, Kausa Mumbra.  Due to water logging, the area is become breeding place for mosquitoes and dirty.  Mosquitoes are health hazards and the carriers of several diseases. Virus Vivex, Falsiparum which causes diseases malaria, and is fatal in nature.  Photographs of the area are given for the press consideration.  When citizen generalist     Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan reached to the spot shocked to have a look at the logging place where thousands of mosquitoes were flies. 

As undersigned raised the issue of sanitation problem in Mumbra through letter No. ZAK/PM/MSG/EM-IM/RG/JA-MLA/E/159 dated 28/12/2012, it looks no action has been taken by the authorities.   

If it is the situation in the summer then what would be situation in rainy days.  This area is submerged in the rainy days and residents are facing acute problems.  Freelancer and citizen journalist Mr. Zuber Ahmed Khan asked one of the trustees of the Masjid, in reply the Trustee told him what will happened even after reporting the matter to the civic authorities.  Several complaints have been made for this issue nothing has been done at their part.   

It is request

1.   Kindly solve the sanitation problem near Masjid Omer, failing which face the action.
2.  Apply proper chemical to stop the breeding of Mosquitoes, to stop Malaria.
3.  Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,     
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Afzal Guru a Martyr or Terrorist.

Dear Sir,

On Saturday 9th Day of Feb. 2013 at last Afzal Guru was hanged to death.  Again phenomenon adopted by the Indians was same as Kasab, and kept everything in the dark.  Even his family members are too not informed about the execution of Afzal. It was alleged by the brothers and family members of Guru that Afzal has not been given proper legal opportunities and he is the victim of caste based identity and framed by the police.  In fact Indian Government, Police, Administration and public are communally biased.  Author believes that even Judicial personalities are also differentiates the crime on the basis of caste, creed and culture.     

The way to execute the punishment hanged to death to Ajmal Kasaab and Afzal Guru raised several questions on the act of Indian Government Authorities.  The act is looking like an appeasement to the voters more, rather to execute the punishment in good faith of Justice.  Because, since last 10 to 12 years Afzal Guru’s mercy petition was pending why so hastily he has been hanged?.  Because Congress Government is losing faith in public and she wants a man to sacrifice, who would be the best to sacrifice other than Afzal Guru.  In India not only Hindu Hardliners in the form of BJP, Sangh Parivar, Shiv Sena but the people of so called secular Congress also thinks that he is culprit and terrorist and deserve the death punishment.  It is the appeasement policy of Congress to sacrifice the scapegoat when elections are due in 10 states in the current year and in Union of India in the year 2014, and lead in the election.  Indian Government, Public may project Afzal as a terrorist but the people of Kashmir and his followers who love him will never treat him as a terrorist, rather the way in which he was executed he has become martyr for the numerous people of the Globe.

It is baseless to say only jihadi elements targeted India and death punishment is reserved for the jihadis only so far, but Hindu terrorists are equally responsible to target India and involve in the bomb blasts.  But so far not a single Hindu terrorist awarded death punishment.  Why for the same crime in India punishment alters while looking the religion of the culprits if found Muslims they assigned death penalty and if Hindus life.  This phenomenon starts from 1992-93, all the accused and gundas of Shiv Sena were involve in Bombay riots, Gang Rapes, loot, arson burnt alive to the Muslims and murder but when matter of punishment comes all are set free and discharged with an honor but Muslims were sent behind the bars and some of them hanged to death. 

Since from 1993 trend to implicate innocent Muslims in the false charges by the police and send them behind the bars is on the peak. Music Magnet Nadeem Saifee was framed and convicted in Gulshan Kumar murder, Mumbai Police framed him in the bomb blast of 1993 also.  Nadeem seeks asylum in United Kingdom.  UK court acquitted him with an honor and found no malicious at the part of Nadeem Saifee.  Now question arises how two different views for same crime.  If Mumbai police framed Nadeem as culprit and involvement in Bomb Blast then why Britain acquitted him.  It proves police arrested any innocent Muslims without doing home work and without established prima facee case.  Jury of Judges passed an order that murder charges have not been established on Nadeem Saifee.

11 Shiv Sainiks and 10 other Hindu hooligans are set free from the legal clutches for rioting, killing and gang rapes of Muslims.  On 29th Aug. 2011, out of six, four Hindu terrorists acquitted for the blast at Thane, Vashi, Panvel by the Thane Session Court, merely 2 terrorists convicted that is also for 6 to 7 years.  In fact, the Special Public Prosecutor Rohini Salian of the case had recommended for the appeal to the Home Ministry against the acquittal of four, and life term to the convicted.

On March 01, 2011 Tuesday Special judge P R Patel pronounced death to 11 Muslims in the Godhra train burning case and handed down life sentence to 20 others.  Special judge P R Patel considering the case as "rarest of rare" pronounced death penalty for 11 out of the 31 convicted in the case while 20 others were sentenced to life imprisonment.  Still Gujarat Government was not satisfied with the verdict and challenged a trial court's decision to acquittal of 61 persons in the Godhra train burning case in Gujarat High Court and sought death sentences for 20 convicts who awarded life imprisonment in the case. An appeal challenging the trial court's verdict in the case was filed in the high court. 

On the other hand on 07 March 2012 at Ahmadabad 6 Hindus acquitted by the court, in a 2002 riots-related case. One Firoz and his mother Hamida Banu were burnt alive by six Hindu hooligans when the two were on their way towards Rakhial Crossroads on April 21, 2002. The victims were on a motorcycle when the duo was intercepted by a mob near Parmanand's Chawl in Gomtipur area. The accused pore petrol on mother & son torched on road in broad daylight. Not a single culprit has been punished for the communal riots 2002. Court fails to keep the incident in rarest of rare category and
acquitted all of them.

On Friday 31st Day of August 2012, verdict of Naroda Patiya massacre pronounced by the special judge Jyotsna Yagnik, against the Hindu terrorist lady Maya Kodnani and Hindu terrorist Master Mind Babu Bajrnagi.  This case is rarest of rare category wherein 97 Muslims including pregnant women, children and old men burnt alive but when the assignment of punishment comes duo got life and not death.

Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru have been hanged to death but can Indian Government able to provide the death punishment on Hindu terrorist.  Does the President of India Pranab Mukharjee may sign the death warrant of Hindu Terrorists if at all mercy petition reached to him?   Does Pranab Mukharjee will reject the mercy petition of Hindu terrorists?  If no, then Pranab Mukharjee is also involved in communal policy and the part of Saffron Agenda.

Indian Government, Police, Army, Administration and public are looking crimes with different spectacles.  If it is committed by the Muslims then all over India loud voice of harsh punishment will be listen, but if it is committed by the Hindu Terrorists then every Indians keep mum, except meager, poor voice of some NGOs.

Indian Government and opposition always blame Pak having Jihadis camps and harboring Jihadis in India.  What about the Hindu Terrorists Camp exists in India nobody looked at these camps where all sort of lethal training provided to the Hindu Terrorists.  In India Jihad moment started after the demolition of Babri Masjid, in the year 1993.  But in Pak the Indian sponsored terrorism was started after 1971.   Surjeet Singh, who was arrested on charges of spying for RAW in 1980 which has been testified by himself at Chandigar India, had released from Pak Jail after his death sentence altered to life term in Pakistan.  Sarabjeet Singh Indian national was arrested in bombing at Lahore in 1990 and convicted in 1991.  Pak Government feeding up both the Indian Terrorists more than 3 decades and released Surjeet Singh in the year 2012.  Sarabjeet Singh has awarded the death penalty but still not hanged.  Indian opposition, public and government blame Pak of inhuman.  It is enough to understand who is inhuman, Pak one who has feed two terrorist more than 3 decades and handed over one of them to Indian authorities safely or one who hanged the Ajmal Kasab and could not provide meal even more than 4 years.   As Indian Government always claiming and showing its pseudo human faces but could not provide meal even more than 5 years to a Pak national and hanged him secretly.  This is different between Pak and India.

Indian public behaves like an animal and misbehaved, manhandled lady hokey team of Pak recently, resulting pack up of Pak lady hokey team and cancelled the tour of India.  Lady members of any country, religion may be respected.  Do Indians learn to respect the ladies on the basis of caste, creed and culture?  Pak cricket team cancelled its tour in between and back to the pavilion after strong opposition by the Indian public. 

Indian Government pleaded American judiciary and President for the death of David Coleman Hadley and Tafful Rana.  Indian Foreign Minister, Prime Minister was perusing for the death penalty of Indian Terrorists Sarabjeet Singh to life.  Every country has got its own way of legal system.  Dubai Government has got the death penalty for the Murders; Somewhere In the year 2010-11, 6 Indians were convicted for the murder of a Pakistani National.  All the accused awarded the death penalty.  Against the death penalty Indian Foreign Ministry intervened and tried to peruse the matter and wanted to alter the death into life imprisonment, the act of India amounts the interference in the internal matters of a foreign country.  But one question arises in the mind of the author, if it is the matter of principle and minimum punishment to the culprits, then why Indian authorities asked death to David Coleman Hadley and Tafful Rana & why life to Sarabjeet Singh, Surjot Singh for same crime that is terrorism on foreign land.  This is double standard of Government of India.  Why Government authorities were disappointed while American court awarded 35 years punishment to Hadley.  It is the fact minorities are treated the second class citizen in India.  Police, Administration and some sort of legal system are communally biased. 

It is prayed

1. Ask India to prosecute Narendra Modi failing to control communal riots 2002 and send him behind the bars.

2. Ban Hindu Terrorists RSS, VHP,  Bajrang Dal, Ram Sena, Abhinav Bharat, Sanathan Sanstha.  Remove their training camps.

3. Censored the international fund of Hindu Terrorists sending from America, Britain, and Dubai. Freeze the account of Hindu Terrorists and Sangh.

4.  Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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