Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Which place is safe India or United State?

Ref: My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/CEC/E/2011/49 dated 15/06/2011.
        Enact Communal Violence Bill Immediately.

Dear Sir,

India’s Number is 8th as far as list of most unsafe countries of the world is concerned.  If we speak about the safest place and civilised country of the world ‘The United States of America’ it has got 3rd number in the rank index for the most perilous nation of the world.   Interestingly,  Pakistan the arch nearest rival of India and considered to be most unrest country and supposed to be occupied number one position as far as danger, security of life is concerned have got no place even under ten.  

Rightly observed by Anahita Mukherji in his article in Hindustan Times on dated 25th May 2011 “India a dangerous place to live in”.  India’s ranks fallen by Severn points on the Global Peace Index, in the year 2011.  Pakistan had 146 ranks in the matter of peace and India has 135 that means Pakistan is just ahead of 11 points from India.  In my letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/CEC/E/2011/49 dated 15/06/2011, I observed the same thing and predicted that, if the situation will not change then in the couple of years surely we will beat Pakistan and will become most unrest and violent country in the world.  Situation is more worst as far as America is concerned; America has got 3rd position amongst the most unsafe countries of the world. 

That is all happened after Gulf war II which was started in the year 2003.  In the year 9/11, there was the attack on America most of the people believe that attack was in fact against the Hitler mentality of George W. Bush Junior.  But some philanthropists believe that the attack was conducted totally on the instigation of Terrorist Israel.  On the instigation of terrorists Israel America attack on Iraq, and Israel attack on America behind the veil, blaming the hands of Jihadi elements or Osama Bin Laden.  Iraq war-II was the unfortunate chapter of the civilised society, for no reason America involved in the war and acted like the most uncivilised country of the world.  Uncountable innocent citizens had been killed for no reason, do America found any result or mass destruction weapon after nine years of war, as alleged by the America or Allied forces under the instigation of Terrorist America.  If America received anything so they were oil wells.  

We are civilized and believing in civilization, but to destroy a developing country in Science and technology merely for wealth and oil is not true civilization.  No civilized country will allow to do so.  Then why world community kept mum in case of Iraq.  After 9 years of Iraq war nothing has been achieved by the America, rather America dragged thousand years back to a country developing in science and technology.   

Another reason of Gulf War II was the revenge and annoyance of George W. Bush Senior.  The pending work which Bush senior could not complete has been assigned to his son Bush Junior.  Because in Gulf War I, Bush could not captured the President Saddam Hussain, and America and Allied Army returned with empty hand without any achievement nighters oil nor Saddam.  That uncompleted work has been completed by George W. Bush Jr.  But cost of laksh of innocent Iraqi citizen.  Several human rights violation, in Abu Gareb Jail  Illegal detention of  innocent citizen, committing rapes and gang raps on ladies even teenage girls.  

If America the most civilized country of the world called such types of activities like civilization then the most backward, baddu people of Iraq much better than America.   America has committed serious ‘WAR CRIME’ and ‘HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION’ in Iraq and has to answerable the Supreme Authority at the time of final judgment. 

In my article “Who will care and wipe these tears?????” dated 08/03/2013, I brought five false propagandas of Indian public and Government Authorities in the notice of Indian Government and International Authorities.  It is common belief and thought that Muslims are problem makers and involved in Jihadi activities.  Pak is the breading place for the Jihadis.  It is very amazing that out of ten only 3 Muslim countries are in the list of most unrest countries.  Rest of the countries are Christians, Hindus, Buddis or Communist.  

It is false propaganda and myths created by the Terrorist Israel, America and West against the Muslim Countries.  In fact the current situation of the Muslim countries is the responsibility and wrong policies of America and West.
Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Legal Terrorists strike again on Muslim man.

Another Khakee Terror on Muslim Man.


1.   My letter ZAK/P/PM/CJ-HCB/HM/LM/CM-M/E/56 dated 20/07/2011.
Yet another murder of Muslim youth in police custody

2.   Suspected IM……… feared for his life” news report Times of India 20/8/11.

3.   My letter ZAK/CJI/CJ-HCB/HM/LM/CM-M/AAA/E/69 dated 17/09/2011
      Enquiry of the death of …………handover to Central Agency”.

4.  My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJ-HCB/G-M/HM/LM/E/146 dated 18/10/2012
     Who is guilty police or Muslims???????????

5.   My letter ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJHCB/G/HM/LM/E/164dated 30/01/2013.
     Now enquiry of Fake encounters in Mumbai / Maharashtra.

Dear Sir,

On 17th day of March 2013 Legal Terrorists strike again at Mumbai in which one Muslim man Mohammad Naushad Hussain Khan had died. Maharashtra State was on the top of the table in the illegal custodial deaths, the illegal custodial deaths reported were 32 in the year 2011.  Whereas, Maharashtra state has got third number in the matter of custodial death, while court has assigned the remand to the person.  The Congress-NCP Government giving full shelter to the legal terrorists, who are involve in the fake encounters, killing of innocent Muslims, Rape of women, molestation but nobody dare to grabbed the collar of these legal terrorists. 

The mystery of the death of  Faize Usmani has not been solved another incident of custodial death is reported. In my letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJ-HCB/G-M/HM/LM/E/146 dated 18/10/2012, I raised finger on the act of Himanshu Roy and suspected about Himanshu Roy his involvement in the murder of Faize Usmani may not be ruled out.  It looks that nothing has been done and the enquiry report is in the cool bag.

Enquiry for the death of Mohammad Naushad Hussain be carry out with the retired Chief Justice of India, and sack the culprits upto when the enquiry is in progress.  If found guilty charge them U/s 302 of IPC.

It is the habit of the police personnel picked up any innocent without any crime and kill him in without any sin.  How long such type of the highhandedness of police will continue.  How long Muslims will continue the victims of police atrocities.

There should be legislation or legal binding on the police, to stop the legal crime on the innocent people of the country.

It is prayed

1. Enact legislation and amend the police manual wherein, police, if arresting any person without doing home work or maintaining prima faice case against person concerned, the concerned police party would be sack with immediate effect.

2.  Sack the Police team who killed the Muslims in custody.

3.  Appoint any member of the family in any establishment run by the Central Government or police force. 

4.  Compensate the victim family in proper manner.

5.  Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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