Sunday, 28 April 2013

Biased picture of Indian Electronic Media.

Dear Sir,

On Saturday 27th Day of April 2013 Indian Terrorist Sarabjit Singh has been attacked in Pak Lahor Kotlakhpat Jail.  Indian Media specially ‘Aaj Tak News’ creates sensation and wanted to provoke the sentiments of the public. 

It is very shameful act of Indian Media who openly supported a Terrorist.  In the news channel Aaj Tak the reporter openly pleads with the people to pray for the Terrorist on 28/04/2013, at about 9.15 a.m.  and telecasted the sentimental scenes.      

Where was the same attitude of Aaj Tak has gone when Muslims in India faced atrocities not only with the jail inmates but the Govt. officials as well.  Some burning questions I would like to ask with the Indian Media. 

a.   Where was the same attitude has gone in the year July 2008 when son of one of the 7/11 train blasts accused Mohammed Shaikh, alleging that his father, and many other prisoners, were mercilessly beaten up with batons, sticks and stones by jailor Swati Sathe and others. His father fractured his leg, and the petition alleges he was not given any medical treatment.

b.  Why we have seen the lack of the same attitude of Indian news agencies when innocent Muslim Qateel Siddique was murdered in a very inhuman way by Hindu Hardliners in Pune’s Yarvada Jail on 8th June 2012.  The charges on Qateel was not proved, and Indian security agency ATS was unable to prove his involvement in the Blast and his custody was supposed to given to Delhi Police on the day of his murder.  

c.   Where was the same attitude has gone when Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab had suffered with Dangue in year Nov. 2012 and Indian Jail Authorities come to know his ailment after five days.

d.  Where was the same attitude has gone when Afzal Guru has been executed hanged to death in a very unethical and unconstitutional way secretly.  He was not allowed to meet his family members before death, thus Indian Authorities were involve in serious Human Rights Violations.

e.   Where was the same attitude has gone when the alleged Muslims accused of Bomb Blasts at communal Guj. were forced to remove their cloths in front of every jail inmates.  After questioning from authorities, they informed tf the accused it is  necessary and for security reason.  If it was mandatory and for security reason then why not other jail inmates whey Muslims only. 

f.    Where was the same attitude has gone when the Muslims accused of Bomb Blasts at communal Guj. Were attacked by the Hindu Terrorists Babu Bajrangi and threatened them to death.   

The crime in all the above cases has not been proved except in case of Ajmal Kassab and the proceeding is in progress that meance these all inmates are innocent.  But the charges on Sarabjeet has been proved and he is on the death row,  still news channel shows sympathy for Sarabjeet and not the innocent Muslims in India.  Secondly in India in maximum cases the Jailor and Govt. authorities are involved in the Human Rights violations and not the other jail inmates. Except in couple of cases wherein the other jail inmates were involve in violation of jail rules.   

I very strongly protest the act of Media who supported a terrorist because of his Indian identity and casting the sympathy row for a terrorist. 

It is request

1.   Kindly banned the telecast of   the news channel Aaj Tak, indefinitely.
2.  Take proper action on the reporter to support a Terrorist.
3.  Impose the penalty on the channel and the reporter. 
4.  Any other plea as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bomb Blast is it BJP’s Home Work?????

Dear Sir,

Another bomb blast rocks the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore on 17/04/2013.  Without doing any inquiry and intelligence report, political leaders of Karnataka directly linked the blast to IM. Police suspects the hands of IM and Lashkar.  Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and State Deputy Chief Minister R. Ashok with closed eyes called it terror attack.  News agencies Print and electronics linked the blast directly to the IM or Lashkar.   I very strongly condemn the version of police and politicians.  Without doing inquiry how the police department reached to a conclusion and linked any incidents with any jihadi modules.  What is the benefit behind the blast for the jihadis, rather such types of incidents will benefit to the BJP itself.   

Blast at Bangalore is all politically motivated drama.  Just to get the sympathy of the people at the time of election, which is due in Karnataka this year only?  In politics, even the politicians never hesitate to kill their own son or even father as well.  BJP severely losing confidence amongst the people of the country, it is nothing but handy work just to consolidate the scattered votes and get the political mileage.   Police party should scrutinize the episode with utmost care and never allow anybody to get the political benefits of the incident in the election declared state and bring the real culprits for the task who is playing mischief behind the veil.  Within 15 days this is second attack on Hindu hardliners, first was at Kerela somewhere 10 days back in that attack even no one was injured.  It is enough to understand who is behind the attack.  Ram Sena of Muthalik is very strong in Karnataka.  Bangalore was the soft target of the Ram Sena previously also as far as Pub and Rev Party is concerned.  

I call upon the people of the India not to confuse with the communal and political game of BJP.  It is the policy of BJP before election divides the voters and polarizes BJP  vote bank. 

In my letter No. ZAK/AAA/MBA/MB/MMY/TA/EA/E/173 dated 12/03/2013, I raised the objection on Hyderabad blast on 21 February 2013, it was nothing but another part of getting political millage of Congress. Congress was in trouble after the series of scams were come into light.  2-G scam about to finished, Adarsh scam came to light enquiry of Adarsh was not completed Colgate came. The charges on the Colgate was not framed helicopter scam has come.  Congress government was in big trouble for the series of scams and was looking to get the political blow.  Congress wanted to divert the minds of the people of India from the series of scams, so played several dramas including the unconstitutional hanged of Afzal and afterwards bomb blast at Hyderabad in Hindu dominated area of Hyderabad and given it the name of revenge policy of the sympathisers of Afzal Guru.   

This time same trick played by the BJP, who is crossing very unfortunate stage of political career, and wanted a platform from which she consolidate the BJP vote bank.  

It is request

1.      Stop political parties especially BJP not to get the benefit of the Blast on 
      election turned state.

2.   Through inquiry is required to take for the incident, real culprits should  
      come for the task.

3.     Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Some expectations are alive from High Court Gujarat.


1. My letter ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJ/G-Guj/HM/LM/E/142 dated 04/09/2012.
    Is it absolute sentence????. 
2. Govt. of India Ministry of Law letter No. A-60011/c/2012-Admn.I(LA)
3. SIT to seek death for Kodnani, Bajrangi. Times of India dated. 17/04/2013

Dear Sir, 

The ray of hope is still alive for the victims of the horrible Gujarat Communal violence in the year 2002.  So far, not a single Hindu Terrorists for the crime against humanity and Genocide of Muslims had been awarded death sentence in the past. 

Gujarat Government permitted SIT to file an appeal for death sentence to terrorist lady Maya Kodnani and Terrorist master mind Babu Bajrangi and nine others, for their role in the massacre and butchered to the Muslims in Narora Patiya in the year 2002, and permission is granted to challenge the lower court's order in the Naroda Patia case, before the Hon’ble Gujarat high court.

Still Modi is at large who wanted to wipe out the stain of the communal violence and wanted to keep himself sideline, after allowing SIT to appeal in Hon'ble High Court for the Death to the terrorist lady Maya Kodnani and terrorist Babu Bajrangi and others.  Is it possible after filing the appeal, Modi will not interfere in the court proceedings?  As we have seen, the fundamentalist forces Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS in Guj. always abstracting in court proceeding.  Matter is already brought in the notice of Highest Judicial Authority and Administrative authorities of India through letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/E/004 dated 09/09/2010.   

In my letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJ/G-Guj/HM/LM/E/142 dated 04/09/2012.  Is it absolute sentence????”.   I raised several points to show that the sentence awarded to the terrorist lady Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi is not absolute.   I compared the crime of Hindu Terrorists more heinous than Kasaab and given five points for consideration, which makes my point of view strong. 

Matter is reached to the High Court Gujarat for the death penalty to the terrorists its good indication, provided SIT file the appeal with an intention to provide the justice to the victimized family.  It would be proper tribute to the innocent those have lost lives during action of the terrorists in Gujarat, including teenaged children, pregnant women and old men.   It is a request with the Hon’ble High Court to assign the death penalty to Maya Kodnani and ors.  It will boost up the confidence of the victimized family in Judiciary.  Also, keep a strict vigil during the pendency of the petition on the fundamentalist forces in the form of Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS who can abstract in court proceeding ask any unauthorized person to keep away from the proceeding.

It is prayed

a.  Alter the impugn order passed on Friday 31st Day of August 2012, by the special judge Jyotsna Yagnik, and sentence to the Terrorist Lady Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajranngi and others hanged until death.

b.     Compensate the victimise Muslim families from the pocket of the culprits.

c.     Impose the damages on Gujarat Govt. failing to control the riots and life of the Muslims and distribute the amount amongst all the victims of riots.      

d.  Reserve 20% Muslims in police force, Army, Judicial and Administrative services.

e.  Ban Bajrangdal, VHP, RSS as their hands opened in communal riots and terror activities.

f.      Pass Anti Communal riots bill immediately.

g.     Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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