Friday, 31 May 2013

So called Terrorists are martyred; Govt. officials are Terrorists.

Ref:  1. Ishrat case: CBI summons IB officer over fake alert. Hindustan Times 30/05/2013.

          2. ATS, CBI pressured witnesses. Hindustan Times 28/05/2013.

          3. My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJHCB/G/HM/LM/E/164 dtd. 30/01/2013
             Now enquiry of Fake encounters in Mumbai / Maharashtra.

Dear Sir / Madam,
Indian constitution was come into existence on 26th Jan. 1950.  Constitutionally India is a Secular, Sovereign Republic.  But do we follow the principle and articles of the constitution.  No, never.  Fact is totally opposite; Government officials are involved in communal policies spreaded by Sangh and BJP and they are communally biased with some particular community people, especially Muslims and Christians. 

This is with regards to the News Article published in Hindustan Times regarding the fake alerts given by IB officials.  Since from 2009 in my several comments in The Times of India I raised the finger on IB department, from where they have got alert that Ishrat is a Jihadi of LeT and she is coming to kill Narendra Modi along with three others.  Now it is proved that Ishrat no-where related to any of the Jihadi module neither she had gone to communal Guj. to kill Narendra Modi.  It implies that IB department had given false intelligence report.  It is the communal mentality of the public servant on duty, or it would be on the instance of political party. 

Undersigned is a freelancer citizen journalists and article writer, on private and personnel enquiry it has come in his knowledge that some time unwillingly government officials are forced to act communally on the instance of Political parties.

I can remember the incident of Palghar girls one who expressed her view on social networking site after the death of Bal Thackery and another one who liked on Face Book.  The incident was not unconstitutional and no where hurts the religious feeling but due to influence of Shiv Sena, police not only arrested the girls in the dark but registered the case which does not meets to the section and articles which imposed by the police on the girls.  But it is all the high handed politics of Shiv Sena.  In fact a case would have been registered on Shiv Sena and the Shakha Pramukh of Palghar, to terrified and show undue political power to a public servant, and influenced the public servant on duty politically and gets the work done on wrong policies due to political influence.

Involvement of Judicial, Government, Police, Administrative Authorities in communal policies is matter of concerned for the people of India who indeed believes in secularism not like congresee pseudo secularism, but one who believes in real secularism.  The Judiciary is also believes in communal policies and follow the steps of Sangh and BJP.  CBI interrogated Sudhir Brhmbhatt Chief Public Prosecutor of Ahmadabad Session Court, for his involvement in the encounter of Ishrat. 

Special Public Prosecutor Ujjaval Nikam, the name who defamed, maligned and low the dignity of Indian Judiciary.  In all the cases he represented Government of Maharashtra in which Muslims were the Defendants.  He refused to defend Government of Maharashtra in case of Hindu Terrorists Pragiya Thakur and ors. 

Between July 1993 to 2007 in Maharashtra several youths were gunned down by the police in the name of encounters;  95% deceased were Muslims and all the encounters of Muslims were fake.  In every encounter the same fabricated story of police “the culprit was the member of Dawood Gang and had a linked with underworld and police was looking him for Bomb Blast of March 1993.   Police stop him he fired on police and in retaliation and self defence police opened fire in which the so and so has been killed.

After Malegaon Blast 2006 ATS arrested some 15 to 20 innocent Muslims on the charges of Bomb Blast which CBI testifies the role of Jihadi Module in the Blast, NIA team over ruled all the previous theories and started the enquiry right from beginning and brought the ugly, communal face of ATS and stated that ATS, CBI pressured the witnesses.

It is the hard time to be tough on the communal political parties like BJP, Shiv Sena, VHP, RSS and debar them to contest election under secular democracy and representation of people act 1951.

It is request

1. Debar the communal political parties like Shiv Sena, BJP, RSS, VHP to contest election U/A 29 A(5) RPA 1951.
2.  Enquiry of the fake encounters in Maharashtra taken place between July 1993 to 2007 be carry out same as Guj.
3.  Enact legislation to prevent communalism in public sector, there should be provision of jail if any public servant involve in communal policies.
4.  Pass anti communal riots bill immediately.
5.  Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Indian Sponsorship for Terrorism.


1. ATS, CBI pressured witnesses. Hindustan Times 28/05/2013.
2. My article No. ZAK/E/185 dated 05/05/2013
3. My letter No. ZAK/NP/CJI/P/PM-I/P-Ir/PM-P/P-USA/PM-UK/E/170 dtd 21/02/2013
4. My letter No. ZAK/NP/CJI/P/PM-I/P-Ir/P-C/P-USA/PM-UK/E/167 dtd  11/02/2013
5. My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJHCB/G-M/HM/LM/AAA/E/126 dtd 19/05/2012
6. My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/CJHCB/G-M/HM/LM/LPY/AAA/E/122 dtd 05/04/2012.
Dear Sir,

Indian Terrorist Sarabjit Singh has given death punishment as assigned by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan on Saturday 27th Day of April 2013.  On arrival of his corpse to India, Government of India had given full protection and Honor like current President, a terrorist has got honor more than President.   

Prime Minister of India provided economic assistance of Rs. 25 Lakhs to the Indian terrorist Sarabjeet Singh from Prime Minister's Relief Fund.  After handing over the cheque to the family, National Commission for Schedule Castes (SC) and Schedule Tribes (ST) vice-chairman Raj Kumar Verka said the amount was not enough for the bereaved family, and requested the Indian Government for more help for them as much as possible.

Punjab Government announced Rs. 1 crore to Indian Terrorist, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal Punjab, announced a financial assistance of Rs one crore to Sarabjit's family. Punjab Government of India announced 3 days state grief, and provided State funeral to the Terrorist.  Government’s showers of money in laks and crores on the family members of terrorist, is the Government sponsor terrorism of India. Now question is whether Government is authorized to distribute such a huge amount to terrorist’s ancestors, if no then it is the misuse of the public money. 

Prime Minister and Punjab Government have got no authority to distribute such a huge amount of public without taking the people of India into confidence.  Such type of support from Government authorities has got little concerned for the people who believe in Judiciary neglecting the law of the country.

Such type of highhandedness of top most Government officials of India shows that Government officials supporting the terrorism on foreign land and it shows the mentality of Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Punjab, they are instigating other terrorists in the form of Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS go to foreign land bombard there kill innocent people, while returning alive you will be rewarded and in case of dead your family members will be rewarded.  Such types of attitude of Government inspired other terrorists of India and installation of new bases of the Hindu Terrorists in India is expected.  Can Government of India undertake responsibility no terrorist attack will take place in the neighboring countries after giving relief package to the Indian terrorist Sarabjeet and no other Indian will get inspired with the act of Government.

If it is the matter of principle of Government of India to provide the economic assistance to the ancestors of the terrorists, because without any fault why family members will suffer, then why Government has not provided assistance to the Afzal Guru; his innocent child of 12 years, his innocent wife who is doing job to earn bread butter for her son and provides live hood.  In case of Afzal Guru the Case was not decided on merits, but it was decided on the pressure of Sangh, BJP and other hindu hardliners on Government.  Media played important role for the execution of Afzal and labeled him as terrorists, especially electronic media.  His brother also alleged the same thing, and shares his sorrows with me when my visit to Jageer the native place of Afzal on 19/05/2013, I endorsed on his version.  He further alleged Afzal was not provided the proper legal opportunities in India; he was the victim of caste base identity and communal policies of Congress.  Congress Ministers and cadets have to repent long for their mistake, which they have committed against Afzal Guru.  After every single moment they will repent why they have committed such a big blunder and supported hanged of Afzal.

After 1993 blast at Mumbai, police started labeling every Muslim as Jihadi.  On the instigation of Terrorists Israel ATS has formed filling of wrong cases, getting confessional statement under pressure and life threat to other family members is the policy of ATS and police.  It is proved with the investigation done by NIA in case of 2006 Malegaon blasts, wherein ATS arrested at least 15 to 20 Muslim youths on the charges of Blasts, and filed the confessional statement in court of law.  CBI endrossed the version of ATS and testify the same.  On the investigation of NIA it is proved that every witnesses were pressurized by ATS and CBI, they were forced to give confession under duress. 

In case of Afzal Guru same thing has been revealed by senior Lawyer of the Supreme Court Ms Kamini Jaiswal that confessions made by Afzal were under duress.  Sushil Kumar, Afzal's advocate later claimed that Afzal had written a letter to him where Afzal said that he had made the confessions under duress as his family was being threatened. 

Charges on Afzal has not proved in the Supreme Court, but under pressure of BJP, Sangh and Congress Ministers Government bow down in front of fascist mentality, and convicted wrongly .   Do the Government of India and Ministers can undergo with same treatment with other death row culprits.  If no, then every member of Government machinery including President of India Pranab Mukharjee is the part of communal policies, spreaded by BJP and Sangh Parivar. 

If Sarabjeet has been rewarded for the terrorism then why not to the family members of Afzal Guru; he was hanged wrongly under pressure on Government by Sangh and BJP.  Government has to compensate family members of Guru in a proper manner. 

It is prayed

1.   Government of India and Punjab has to clarify their stand in the Parliament why they have shower the public money, what was the reason behind the sympathy to a Terrorist family.

2. If point 1 of the prayer was based on principle then provide economic assistance to Afzal Guru’s family too like Sarabjeet Singh, for same crime.  

3.   Dissolve the status of ATS, as in almost every case ATS team is proved to be biased and prejudice against Muslims.  Which is anti constitutional, and if a judicial body behaving anti constitutional way it should be dissolve?

4.   Release every Muslims wrongly arrested on the charges of Terrorism.

5.   Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kashmir; “Valley of blood and sole of Kashmiri Muslims”.

Kashmir has become screams of innocent teenage girls and young blood.

Ref: My letter No. ZAK/NP/CJI/P/PM-I/P-Ir/PM-P/PM-C/P-USA/PM-UK/E/172      
        Dated 08/03/2013 “Who will care and wipe these tears?????

Dear Sir,

Undersigned had a nice trip to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  Being a Freelancer and Citizen Journalist, he came across several views of the public.  Though trip was totally personal but after looking the ground situation in Valley and Srinagar, undersigned could not restrict himself to make it official.  During the course of stay he met with Qaid-E-Azadi Sayyed Ali Shah Gelani saheb and covered the interview.  He went to the Sopore the village of Afzal Guru, with couple of intentions firstly to pay condolence to Guru’s family members and homage to him for unethical hanged by Indian Government under pressure of BJP and Sangh.  Secondly to shoot the interview of the brother and other family members of Guru, I paid the condolence to Guru’s family and respect to him, but could not cover the interview of the family members of Guru, as his brother was in a deep shock because of the treatment of Indian Government, who secretly hanged to Guru and could not provides the opportunity to Guru and his family to meet last time before move to the gallows and his brother was not in a position to give interview. 

Indian Government was involved in serious human rights violation.  Do the Government of India and Ministers can undergo with same treatment with other death row culprits.  If no, then every member of Government machinery including President of India Pranab Mukharjee is the part of communal policies, spreaded by BJP and Sangh Parivar.  Guru’s brother blamed to the Indian media behind the entire episode of Guru and labeled him as terrorists.  I do endorse the views of the Guru’s brother, which is very clearly visible during the death of Indian terrorists Sarabjeet Singh.  Media wanted to create the sympathy row and projected a terrorist as a hero of the India.  This is the saffronisation of media and it should be banned, reporters should be answerable for their news articles if it conflicts with the policies of Govt. the concerned media person should be jailed and punished heavily, if they are working with any media group. 

During the 8 days stay in the State of Jammu Kashmir, I have come across several objectionable, unpleasant and mischievous experiences.  Indian Government is a democratic government believes in the constitution. Under article 370 of the constitution a special status has been provided to the State of Jammu and Kashmir.   The power of Parliament to make laws for the said State shall be limited.  No Indian laws applicable to the State of Jammu and Kashmir.  Supreme Court has got no authority over the Jammu & Kashmir.  But due to series of constitutional amendments with malicious intentions by the Sangh and BJP the status of Article 370 is being diluted.  But still property law is in existence and no other Indian has got authority to purchase property, land house in Jammu and Kashmir. 

a.   It shocked me a lot on my way to Gulmarg when I caught a sign board of a big very big piece of land wherein it was mentioned “this property is belongs to Indian Army, trespassers will be prosecuted” now question is whether Indian Army is authorized to claim any land to herself.  Who is Indian Army, what is the status of Indian Army, in Kashmir.  Indian Army is merely a caretaker rather servant of Kashmiri people, just to safeguard the life and honor of people of Kashmir, and a servant cannot become honor of the property.  Contrarily, Indian Army unable to safeguard the life and chastity of Kashmiri people, but involve in the killing of Kashmiri young blood and destroying the chastity of Kashmiri girls.  Indian Army forcibly wanted to grab the land of Kashmir on gun point and terrified to the Kashmiri people.  A caretaker of the property becomes owner of the property.

b. It shocked me again just kilometers away I had seen a big bungalow surrounded by big land and a sign board “Col. Sir R.N. Chopra, MD, DSC, DM, Chopra Huts 148, Kilan Track.”   Col. Chopra was killed in Kargil war.  On enquiry it had come to know me that, Indian Government has gifted this bungalow and piece of land to Col. wife in lieu of his gratuity and other incentives which he had to get after retirement.  Now question is whether Indian Government is authorized to work against her own constitution which has been designed by her own people.  Further it has come to know me that Chopra’s wife is no more but his son and daughter in law used to come in the month of June and stay upto August in this bungalow.  After wife son having right on the property and after son it would be grandson and this land will become honor ship of this Chopras.  Which is gross violation of constitution of India?  How Indian Government and Government of Kashmir allowed a non Kashmiri to purchase a bungalow in Kashmir.  To gift a land and bungalow in Kashmir is gross violation of Article 370 of the constitution and Government machineries are involve in the violation of the rights of the Kashmiri people. 

c.   It shocked me in Srinagar and full valley when I seen the flag march of communal army Jawans.  They used to have ballistic weapons like 303, AK 47, Machine Guns, Rocket launchers.  Now question, is it necessary for such types of flag march in civilian areas specially Srinagar from where AFSPA has been removed.  Why these Jawans are not reporting to head quarter.  If any untoward situation arises then these jawans should come out with their head quarters.  Flag march with sophisticated weapons like 303, Machine Guns, AK-47 in civilian areas is intentionally just to terrified the citizens and if feel necessary to kill any civilian in the name of terrorism as India has good record in doing so.

d.  On my way to Pehlgam I had seen at least 50 to 60 army Trucks with full of arms and ammunition coming toward Srinagar one after one. 

e.   Whole valley has become the training center for Army people.  At Sopore it was pin drop silence, only I can hear the twittering of the sparrows and footsteps of mine.  Sopore was looking like a grave land with total silence and has become Army head quarter with presence of more than 10,000 army personnel. 

During my discussion with Qaid-E-Azadi Sayyed Ali Sahah Geelani he informed these incidents are common, these Army Jawas any time picked up any innocent on the charges of terrorism and gunned down them.  They destroyed the chastity of the girls any time, when they required.  Further he informed at least one laks Muslim girls has been destroyed by these Army Jawas, and two lakhs Kashmiri Muslims Young men had been killed by Indian Army.  He further informed that lakhs of canal land has been grabbed by Indian Army.  Whenever they required to installed new base in any field they forcibly entered in the field and terrified to the owner of the farm on the gun point and establish their new base.  Such types of facts and atrocities Indian media never brought to the notice of their viewers.  Which is a kind of shame on Indian media who never reciprocate the facts and scared to get shatter their economy if they revealed the facts? 

If Indian Government cannot respect to their own constitution then it is better to burnet the books of constitution in public.  What is the use of constitution if the Government who is democratically elected did not follow the articles and section of the book? 

Let international community should understand the dual policy of India.  Target the Muslims and getting the sympathy of international community in the name of Jihadi activities and malign the image of Muslims.  International community should take immediate cognizance on Kashmir, and pass the resolution on Kashmir issue.

It is prayed with international community and judicial authorities in India. 

1.   Ask India to liberate Kashmir immediately.

2.  Ask India to remove her bases and demilitarize Kashmir, and returned the land which Indian Army illegally grabbed in Kashmir.

3.  Depute Islamic Army in Kashmir or

4.  Depute the international Army or UNO forces in Kashmir.

5.  Repeal the controversial law AFSPA.

6.  UNO should monitor the situation in Kashmir.

7.  Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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