Thursday, 11 July 2013

Saffron Indian currency.

Dear Sir,

After Army, Police, Government Officials, Education now saffron colour enters in the finance department also.  Latest I have come across coin of Rs. 5 on which one side is legal constitutionally correct embalmed with Government Raj Mudra, whereas other side of the coin reflects the saffron colour, engraved with the statue of Vaishnodevi.  What is the status of Vaishnodevi? legally, constitutionally democratically.  Statue of Vaishnodevi is religiously worshiped by Hindus that does not mean she holds the legal or constitutional value.  How Finance Ministry allowed embalming one side of the coin with unconstitutional statue, which does not hold any constitutional value.  That is grave violation of the constitution, because India is a secular country and emblambed a religious structure of particular religion on the Government currency is the violation of constitution of India and its secular status is in jeopardy. 

Either Government has to amend the constitution and embalmed the statue of Vaishnodevi as the new Government Raj Mudra, or Government has to remove circulation of all such types of coins with immediate effect.   

It is request

1.   Kindly remove the circulation of unconstitutional currency, with immediate effect, which hurts the religious sentiments of others.  
2.  Finance Ministry has to submit its say behind unconstitutional act of the government.
3.  Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper. 
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

BJP, Murder and terror activities.

Dear Sir,

BJP is the party who believes in communal policies and wanted to achieve power on the dead bodies, Modi wanted to become Prime Minister of India and wanted to erect his castle on the head, bones of uncountable innocent citizens.  Involvement of BJP in all the anti national criminal and terror activities is very vast likewise 

1.   Bifurcation of India in the year 1947.
2.  Babri Masjid Demolition
3.  Bomb Blast across India from Srinagar to Kerala
4.  Uncountable Communal Violence including Gujarat.
5.  Fake encounters. 
6.  Defend the act of Terrorism and safeguard terrorists in Jail.
7.  Spreading communal hatred amongst the people.

Bodhgaya would be new destination of BJP and Sanghi Terror, where they wanted to achieve the goal of communal violence between Dalit (Bodh) and Muslims.  Because Nitish Kumar has splits from BJP on the issue of Gujarat Violence and State sponsored Terrorism.  Same trick Sanghi Terrorists adopted in Hyderabad Mecca Masjid and Malegaon Blasts.  They wanted to ignite communal violence after the blast and caused more casualties in the form of one sided police firing. 

Bodhgaya blast is the outcome of Sanghi Terror I will give several view point to make my statement strong. 

1.    In Ishrat Jahah Case BJP has criticized severely and failed in all fronts to answer about the fake encounters and killing of innocent.  They wanted to divert the minds of public from genuine case. 

2.  In Communal Guj. involvement of IB officers was tracked down by CBI, who used to provide wrong alerts, on the instance of Hitler Modi and his lieutenant Amit Shah.  Now after blast at Bodhgaya, BJP justified the IB alerts given by IB officers in communal Guj. and fake encounters. 

3.  To teach a lesson to Nitish Kumar, who splits himself from communal BJP, just to protect his Muslim vote bank?  Sangi Terrorists wanted to create communal disharmony after the blast between Bodh and Muslims, after that blame to Nitish Kumar.

4.  To spread the Dalit-Muslim riots, thus safeguard the upper caste Hindus, played like British policy. 

5.  BJP wanted to get political mileage, and wanted to drag the Dalit, Bodh vote in her favor.  She did not want to lose Bihar, in any condition. 

Minakshi Lekhi the broker of BJP raising finger on the act of deceased girl, Ishrat Jahan.  Ms. Minakshi is doing hard efforts from post to pillar and turning every stone to declare an innocent girl a terrorist and raising finger on the character and conduct of a lady, just to satisfy her political Akas, and wanted to get berth in the politics.   Ms. Lekhi is also a lady, if any point of time she would have come under such type of false, manipulated and cooked situation and people will raised finger on her conduct and character, then she will realized how difficult is to safeguard the honor for herself. 

Now it is declared that Ishrat was innocent and legal terrorist killed her in cold blooded.  Now CBI should enquire about the intentions of the terrorists in uniform D.G. Vanzara & Co, which is still undisclosed.  Why they have committed most heinous crime of humanity.  Not only Ishrat but in every case of fake encounters taken place from 2002 to 2006. 

After the Justice Tamag report come to public about the encounter of Ishrat the Zee News and Star news reporters wanted to safeguard the legal terrorists telling “this is all has been done by legal terrorists to get fame and medal from Hitler Modi”.  Reporter of concerned news channel cannot look at the communal angle which is anti constitutional act by a Judicial authority, when asked the question from the news room reporter the reporters over ruled the theory of communalism, behind the fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan and three others.  It is baseless, to say legal terrorists killed 35 innocents just for medal and fame.  Legal terrorist D.G. Vanzara was already very trusted lieutenant of Hitler team and did not required any close circle with Hitler Modi.  If fame and medal was the motto then why some particular person of the society had been killed in the encounter.  Out of 30 encounters merely 5 are Hindus and remaining are Muslims.  Certainly this is all done on the instance of Hitler Modi, the reason is communal policy of BJP. 

Bodhgaya blast is the act of Sanghi Terrorists and their political wing BJP.  NIA still clueless, though one Vinod Mistery has arrested and inquiry is in progress, still some of the reporters got the wrong intelligence report and they openly calling the Jihadi act and blame it to IM and LeT.  Their silly mistake unnecessarily hanged one innocent Afzal Guru.  Immediately after that at least 40,000 people pay the value in the form of natural calamity. Nothing has left in Uttrakhand, several villages of uncountable citizen is looking like a grave yard.  Be-aware if BJP and Sanghi terrorists will not stop their act to harm innocent then nature will take revenge at his own.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 8 July 2013

It is terrorist Attack.

Dear Sir

 The blast at Bodhgaya is the terrorist attack.  Just to defame the State Govt. of Nitish Kumar.  Just a months back Nitish splits from communal hardliner BJP, it may be the revenge policy of BJP along with the Terrorist Organisations RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal. Though inquiry is in progress, nothing concrete has come out so far. BJP and Terrorists Sangh parivar wanted to kill several birds with one arrow.  1. Bomb blast at the budisth place. 2. Blame it to jihadi modules and getting political mileage. 3. To split the dalits vote at the time of election and getting the sympathy of dalits.  4. Blame the Central and State Governments.  Let election commission should keep strict eye on the development and no fasist party should allow to take the political mileage & advantage of the situation and spread the communal hatred.  BJP's broker Shahanawaz linked the incident to the Barma communal riots.  It z again the communal card of fasist BJP.  The incident is also raised several finger on BJP and terrorists Sangh Parivar.  Jihadi module nowhere related to this episode?

Media is again over reacting to the episode.  Breaking news and news papers are abundance with the news materials on the blast.   Though, no reporter directely linked the incident to any of the jihadi module, and they are causous about the news reporting but some of them linked the incident to the jihaid module without the inquiry report has come to the public.  It is also good sign that instead of ATS, NIA is probing the incident. 

It is the request with the probe official and the team of NIA they should not bow down with any type of pressure or allurement whatsoever from any terrorist’s organisations or fascist political parties.  They should conduct the fair enquiry, in all angles and let the real culprits should come to the task.  Who are behind these all anti national activities and still claiming themselves as patriotic, social organisations?  

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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