Friday, 30 August 2013

War clouds become dark on Syria.

Dear Sir,   

Syria would be the new destination for American and Britain forces.  America is preparing to launch attack on Syria’s Bashar Al Asad forces, it the monopoly of America to pore its beak into the affairs of any country of the world.  Allegation on Asad forces that they have used Chemical weapons on the rebellions.  If Syria’s forces committed mistakes then it would become final for American forces they should commit the same mistake rather blunders.  Attack or war is not the solution of war.  Army in front of army is not the solution.  What about the causalities of uncountable citizens. For the diplomatic problems why the citizens of the country un-necessary suffer? 

Again history would be same as the Iraqi citizens faced after invasion of American and Allied forces in 2003.  The atrocities in Abu Gareb Jail by the lady commander of the American Army and head of the American Unit in Abu Gareb Jail, who committed sexual assault on Iraqi citizens.  How their private parts had been burnt, they are forcibly asked to masturbate in front of that commander. American soldiers will commit genocide and war crime on the innocent citizen of the Syria again.  The worst affected part of the society would be the female members of the country, as several charges of gang rape reported on American & Allied forces in Iraq, Afghanistan. 

There are reports in Iraq after every members of the family killed by the American forces the alone survived girl or girls prefer to choose the prostitution business for their live hood.  At the healthy times they were believed to be the wealthy family of the Iraq, and girls were learning in the prestigious schools of Bagdad.  But after every members of the family killed girls are forced to come in the prostitution business. 

Dialog is the best way to reconcile any problem.  War is the solution of the wild people, but not the civilized.  Syria is a Dictator country facing the civil war between public and the Monarch for democracy. Syrian public wanted democracy and not dictator, then where third party’s involvement is required. If at all Syrian Government wants any help from America then only America should involve in war with the rebellions.

War may end within two to three month but consequences of war will not end even after decades or several years after war wounds are visible.  In the Nineteenth century America bombard the Japan, but after a Century the wounds are still visible on Japan.  The Japanese cannot forgive America for war crime.

America should reconsider its war policy with foreign countries.  Instead of showing threat of Army, America should solve the disputes through dialogs.  If Syrian Army committed mistake they should be warn for the consequences instead of shown threat of war.  Let time to be given to Syrian Army not to commit the same mistake henceforth. 

Let other countries of the world stop American & Britain forces to attack on Syria and commit war crime on the innocent citizens of country.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Yaseen, Tunda are the political prisoners.

Dear Sir,

Our security agencies may pat their back behind the arrest of Tunda and Yaseen, but I smell like a political drama more in this case rather arrest of a real culprits.  I can remember the case of Mohammed Afroz, one who was arrested somewhere in the year 2001 he was the residence of cheetah champ.  He was labelled as the operative of Al-Qaeda.  Police and ATS pat their back; case had been registered under terrorist Act. The flood of news articles and documentary in the TV channels upto one year, later on police scraped the charges of POTA. 

Police claimed that he had gone to Afghanistan and met with Sheikh Osama bin Laden; according to police Afroz was planning to hijack the plan in India and wanted to do same attack as Al-Qaeda did in America.  Initially case has been registered in terrorists act at the later stage only IPC section was imposed on him.  Inquiry progressed and he got the bail and may be even discharged from the court.  Now nobody even remembered the name of Mohammed Afroz.  I can remember at that time also the story was almost same.  According to the police he was also arrested from Nepal border, but fact was at the time of arrest he was taking dinner with the family.

But in this all episode nobody even could point out the mistake and misuse of the public money by the Govt. officials which then commissioner of police M.N.Singh did?  M.N. Singh was about to retire from his post of commissioner and he wanted to roam England alogwith the family.  In the name of further enquiry and share the progress of the case with England he planned this all game.  Singh visited to England alogwith the family and expenses born by the Govt of Maharashtra because he planned the visit as official. 

This time Tunda and Yaseen, these two kingpins are the pawns of police itself.  I am looking like something fishy in these high profile cases also.  As the reporters on electronic channel stating that Yaseen was staying in Darbhanga since 2008 with changing identity and name.  Police theory is also full of suspicion, police are telling several names of Yaseen.  He was arrested in Culcutta for Some time ago but got the bail.  At one place police telling that he was waiting at the Bus stop in Mumbai and fled from the spot after watching police approaching to him. 

Police are telling that Yaseen is arrested while crossing the Nepal border.  Sometime reporters say that he was arrested in Nepal by Nepal police; however Nepal authorities denied any such types of development.  They don’t even testify about Tunda or Yaseen has been arrested in their country.  If at all the theory of police can be authenticated, if Tunda and Yaseen are arrested in Nepal, there are certain procedure to be followed while exchanging the culprits from International boarders specially the Jihadis and Terrorists.  Why India and Nepal have not gone to the extradition treaty.  Nepal Government denied about any extradition treaty has been signed between the Indian & their Government. 

There are enough suspicious on the police theory.  If at all police have arrested Yaseen ask his parents to testify his identity.  Where are the other family members of Tunda.  Why they have not come forward to testify the identity as a father, grandfather or husband.   

Role of IM or any Jihadi module has not been proved in Hyderabad & Bodhgaya 2013 blasts.  These blasts were political blasts.  No concrete has been come out and no arrest so far, but police is taking the name of Yaseen is involve in the blasts of Hyderabad and Bodhgaya.  Suspicion needle is pointing towards the terrorists (Sanghi) in Bodhgaya one Sadhu was arrested and more man arrested, but after questioning them they letoff.  How police is so confident on Yaseen is involve in Bodhgaya and Hyderabad blasts.

This is election time Congress wanted to grab the majority vote while spreading such types of sensational news, cooked and frivolous stories.  But in these all episode if at all the story is cooked and the culprits are innocent, how badly the prestige of the person would be affected.  If police indeed arrested real jihaids in the form of Yasin or Tunda then they are the symbol of appreciation.  But if at all they are doing these all drama just on the political instance it would be black chapter on judicial authorities.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Is it ‘Davi Prakop’, Natural Justice or nothing???.

Dear Sir,

In continuation of my article “Babri again, hate campaign again, Sanghi Terrorist...” dated 21/8/2013.  The latest situation of entire North India is drastic due to flood and excess rainfall. After Uttrakhand flood and landslide the observation of Sanghi rebellions (Terrorists) that it is due to displacement of Davi.  Sanghi Mobile mouthpiece Uma Bharti wanted to exploits the situation of Uttrakhand stating that is the Davi Prakop, in her TV interview and documentary on Uttrakhand tragedy, she referred the incident as ‘Davi Prakop’. Nature showed his annoyance and showed to the Sanghi people that Uttrakhand flood was not due to displacement of Davi, but it is the natural justice, for the killing of innocent in India and entire India flooded in the water.

Now what is the new theory for North India flood of mobile mouth piece of Sanghi rebellions? Almost after three months from Uttrakhand tragedy, and interview from the Sanghi’s Mouth Piece one week back, flood situation in North India has become worsened within the span of one week.  Is there any Davi has been displaced from her original place in North India too.  If not then how sangi people justified the flood of Uttrakhand stating that it is the Davi prakop.

Nature or God wanted to show these Sanghi people the incident of Uttrakhand was nowhere related to Davi Prakop but it is the case of Natural Justice.  When these Sanghi people wrongly projected the natural justice as the ‘Davi Prakop’ then God shows again, in entire North India that it is not the Davi Prakop but his annoyance and Justice.  Because mankind and innocent people have been kill on the instance of these Sanghi Terrorists.

In Uttrakhand at least 40,000 to 45,000 people have been killed, official figure is 10,000 killed and another 6,000 is missing that meanse 16,000 people have killed.  Unofficial figure is 40,000 and at least two to three lakhs of people affected and displaced and uprooted.

The latest flood in North India is the proof that there is annoyance in nature and it is not due to displacement of Davi in Uttrakhand but God wanted to show these Saffron people that the tragedy at Uttrakhand was not due to displacement of Davi as alleged and propagated by Sanghi people, but it is due to the death of innocent human being and curse by their survivors. 

I would like to ask the people of India and Globe, whether the tragedy at Uttrakhand at all related to displacement of Davi.  If yes; then what has been displace in entire North India.  If no; it was the natural Justice due to killing of innocent, or if at all it was neither related to any incident of Davi Prakop after displacement of Davi nor Natural Justice.  Then why these Sanghi people exploited the incident of Uttrakhand as Davi Prakop.  Please Answer. 

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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