Sunday, 29 September 2013

Indian Parliament and 163 thieves.

Dear Sir,

In the age of 20ties I had seen a movie “Ali Baba and forty thieves”, the film based on the story of Bagdad, Iraq.  In which a man who had powers to become forty supporters even after being killed, he used to deliver the verdict and judgement during the day time, but in the dark he used to involve in criminal activities loot, arson, rape, bounded labour etc.  That film is going to prove correct at the twenty first century in India.  There are at least 163 Parliamentarians holding the serious or minor criminal charges punishable under Indian Penal Code. 

Supreme Court very correctly gave a couple of verdict on criminal politicians.  First verdict came from Supreme Court none of the politicians can contest election who have been convicted by the Judiciary, which has been overruled by the Congress Government & passed an ordinance in the Loak Sabha to safeguard the Dagi Netas.  Second one has come with regards to the election procedure of Dagi Netas, people have got full authority to reject the elected member of the legislative assembly or parliament if they found they are not working properly, even during the tenure of their work. 

These two important verdicts came from Supreme Court, will help to keep a taboo on the errant, corrupt and criminal politicians.  Indian Politicians think that they are above the law and no power in India can teach them a lesson.  Now after the verdict of Supreme Court the public himself teach them a lesson through democratically, and thrown them out who are not provide the satisfactory services to their wards. 
Congress Government is trying hard to safeguard the Dagi Netas by passing the ordinance on the Supreme Court verdict and wanted to get it signed from Rubber Stamp President Pranab Mukharjee.   NCP is also looking worried on the verdict of Supreme Court.  Praful Patel the key Lieutenant of Sharad Pawar regime, one who is also a big Dagi Minister is looking worried and safeguarding to his colleagues in NCP.  I can remember the case of murderer, money launderer, corrupt Dr. Padmasingha B. Patil, who was elected as a MP of NCP even after the case was going on him.  Right now he is in jail, how a murderer, criminal may become the law maker for the country, who himself is a criminal and having criminal background. 

It is very ironical when attack was going on at Kenya on Indians instead to raise the issue to the Kenya Govt. our politicians were busy to trace a way for not to come under legal implications, if at all they have come under the section or articles of Indian Penal Code, and punished for at least two years. 

It is indeed place of joy or worried for the people of India I can’t understand.  If any country would become the biggest supper power of the world & if the politicians of the country are involve in the serious criminal charges, the country will have to face the humiliation in front of the international community.   

The Genocide Master Mind Narendra Modi is still far away from the Legal clutches.  We have seen Babri Masjid has been demolished, since 1947 uncountable communal riots happened. Gujrat Muslim Genocide in which 300 Muslim Women lost their chastity.  A long list of fake encounters of Muslims, in the State of Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajisthan, Karnataka.  But so far none of the politician is debarred to contest election under Representation of People Act. Instead of tracing a way to safeguard the Dagi politicians Congress Government should implement the verdict of Supreme Court, and show the way of exit to the Dagi politicians.

Politicians are the servant of the pubic and they are not VIPs.  They are spending the pleasure life and getting five star facilities on the name of VIP, only because of the public fund, which is the misuse of the public fund.  President should not sign the ordinance passed by the Congress.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 20 September 2013

Can Modi bring Sanjeevni Buti?????

Dear Sir,

Ramayan is the hallowed book of Hindu Myth, wherein it was mentioned when Ram and Laxman come into the trap of Ravana, and about to die, then Ram’s disciple Hanuman searched a natural medicine which is known as Sanjeevni Buti.   Both of them got life after consuming that natural medicine.   But that could possible on Ram and disciple like Hanuman, both of them had spiritual powers, but this is Kalyoug and Modi is not the Hanuman of Kalyoug. 

After the elevation of Mr. Modi as the Prime Ministerial Candidate; all over India the BJPties and the Chaddi Banyan groups, projected that BJP will win 280+ in the Loaksabha election in 2014.  How it can be possible; even in the regime of Vajpayee BJP could reach 180 seats in parliamentary election.  BJP itself accepted that Vajyapee was the most popular leader amongst all the Prime Ministerial Candidates of BJP.  Modi is not popular as Vajpayee was, under the leadership of Vajpayee BJP could reached to the Maximum seats 180, how it is possible that Modi can bring Sanjeevni Buti, and can provides BJP 280+ seats in the Union election, especially when the popularity of Modi is below to Vajpayee, if at all this happened then Modi will prove to be the Hanuman of Kalyoug.     

In continuation of my article of dated 01/4/2013, “Do Modi is eligible to become Prime Minister of India???  Modi do not have the abilities to become the Prime Minister of the country.  A Prime Minister of the country is the representative on the foreign land and his foreign policy should be appreciated.  As Modi is supported by the Sanghi Terrorists, it is possible if at all, he will become Prime Minister of India he will be dictate by the Sanghi Terrorists.  He will act merely as the puppet of the Government and real cabinet will be enjoyed by the Terrorists. 

In the public rally at Rajasthan Modi shows his desire and ask Pak Govt. to give up shelter & support to the Jihadis.  Further he told if he elected as a Prime Minister of India he will work on the education and peace with Pak, Bangladesh and India.  But is it the political statement only, or Modi will do sincere efforts to make his statement true. 

Mentality of the Sanghi terrorists is destruction they are speaking about war, guns, blood.  But for the peaceful nation like India who is ratified to the non violence treaty, peace process is the first priority, upto when every option of peace and dialog close.

Some questions which may be answers with Modi if he becomes the Prime Minister of India. 

1.   Can we expect the friendly relations with our neighbours, especially with China or Pakistan?  Peace will not disturbed under the pressure of terrorists (Sanghi)

2.   Can we believe that no sanghi terrorists will dictated their ideology to run the Government. 

3.   Can we expect the peaceful, diplomatic dialog with our arch rival Pakistan on any matter? 

4.   Can Modi will continue the peace process with Pakistan, which was started by then Prime Minister of India Mr. Vajpayee, and personally gone to the Lahore Bus.

5.   Can female members are respected neglecting their caste, creed and culture.  If yes, then why Sanghi Terrorists gang raped or raped some particular women of the society in Communal Guj 2002.

6.   If at all any crime reported on the female of opposite community by Sangi people shall Modi will take appropriate action on the criminals, if yes then why so many criminals are roaming free, specially Amit Shah who was the criminal and master mind of Kausar Bi an innocent woman & Ishrat Jahan.

It is allegation that Pak Govt. is supporting to Jihadis then the elevation of Modi on the support of Terrorists.    It has become clear that BJP has given name of Modi only on the pressure of (Terrorits) Sanghi people.   Secondly as far as education is concerned, if he is so keen to ignite the light of education, then why his Government passed the circular just two days back no Jihadis are allowed to get the higher education from Jail.  Reports published in The Times of India on 17th day of Sept. 2013 “All terror detainees barred from higher studies in jail .”  India is the non violent country, where 70% people want peace and a person who ruled over them should be calm, young, dashing and with pleasant personality.  As far as Modi is concerned he has got nothing in his hand from above mentioned quotes.  Rahul Gandhi is emerging as the new face of Indian Prime Minister and Modi will get tough fight with Rahul Gandhi, though media is covered by the Sanghi people and showing Rahul Ganghi much behind to Modi, which is not correct.   Because at least 80% youths likes Rahul and his attitude, as journalists it has come to the knowledge of undersigned. 

Election of 2014 is not much far and if at all Modi brings Sanjeevi Buti for dying BJP, then he would become the Hanuman of Kalyoug. 

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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