Thursday, 31 October 2013

Do the Statue of Unity will bring unity?????.

Dear Sir,

Modi’s dream statue of Patel will come into existence.  Modi has given the name of statue as the statue of Unity.  But do the people of the country specially the Guj. can understand the true meaning of unity.  If to unite the several independent states into Indian Territory after independence; is the true meaning of unity, then Patel was wrong.  Because British people and Indian politicians agreed to the terms and conditions and Indian independence was based on that terms only.  Which says any State or Ruler is free to join India, Pak or remain independent.  Sending military to the particular state and captured it and usurped that state is the violation of the treaty signed between India and British Government.  Patel also committed war crime, because Military action and merged to the independent nation is against international law.  How Patel become symbol of unity, he is symbol of destruction, he committed war crime.

From all over India Modi is collecting Iron to build the huge statue of Patel, the supporter of Terrorists RSS, and assassinator of Mahatma Gandhi.  The Hindi proverb is absolutely fit in case of Patel.  Moon P Ram Bagal M Choori”.  That is “Sweet wordings with hatred in heart”. Though Patel banned RSS after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, but he was involved with the Terrorists to assassinate to Mahatma, because he was aware the conspiracy and he did not take timely action.  

After a long gape of more than six decades Modi remembered to Patel and wanted to erect the statue of Unity.  Is it not misuse of the time and Government Machinery, for silly matters and non sense ideas?  Some questions people of India certainly ask with Modi:-

1.  Do the unemployment, corruption, and communalism, will 
 vanish  from  India after the statue of Patel. 

2.  Is it more important work to do before election?. 

3.  What benefit will India get if the statue of Patel erected. 

4.  Do Modi will utilize the Government Machinery for the work? If 
  yes then is it not misuse of public money, power for silly thing?.

5.  The land on which the statue will erected, is it public property or 
 private property.

6.  How much is the construction cost, if it is born by the BJP, then 
  how it has become public property.  If it is born by the Govt. do 
  Modi has taken people of India into confidence, before doing 
  silly things.

Now day Iron cost is touching to the peak, several people of the country are house less, they don’t have roof to live.  Do the donor don’t think that instead of dead man statue it is more important to construct free house for the house less people and donate it to them.  Crores of Ton Iron being utilize for the construction of the Statue, which is just wastage of infrastructures, money and manpower with benefits to none.

Keep the strict watch on the fund, collected on the construction of statue, same as in case of Ram Tample, crores of Rupees are utilized in the election, which has been collected before election for the construction of Ram Temple.  The fund collected by Modi and BJP may be utilized in the election.

After Modi Shiv Sena is also on the same row, to construct a big statue of Bala Saheb in the middle of Arebian Sea.

It is request.

1.   Kindly, stop the construction of statue with immediate effect.

2.  Ask Modi to submit the full report of amount received by him for 
     construction of statue.
3.   Any other relief as the authorities deem fit and proper. 

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 25 October 2013

Right Bill on right time.

Ref:  My letter No. ZAK/CJI/P/PM/HM/LM/CEC/E/2011/49 dated 15/06/2011.

        Enact Communal Violence Bill Immediately

Dear Sir,
Congress Govt. planning to enact anti communal riots bill, it would be the nice bill ever enacted by the Govt. since last decade as far as minority rights are concerned.  Though BJP is not comfortable on the bill based on the news report in Economic Times “Communal Violence Bill: BJP dubs it communal vote bill” BJP stated it as the vote bank policy.  

This Bhartiya Janta Party and their members are become crazy.  Every bill is minority appeasement; every action of Govt. is minority appeasement. What this party wanted to prove.  If we rely on data right from 1947, how many communal riots erupt in India, and how many Hindus killed and how many Muslims? Data will never lie, only and only Hindu fundamentalist or terrorists VHP, Bajraingdal, RSS are the responsible for the killing of Muslims & Christians. Some time on flimsy grounds sometime on the fake reports and some time on the false propaganda and some time on the fake videos and messages. 

Not only Muslims but Christians are also the victims of these terrorists organisation. In MP Jhabua, Alirajpur several Nuns has been gang raped and Churches has been broken. In Ahmedabad, Baroda Churches were broken. In Orrisa Kandhamal a planned massacre of the Christians along with the gang rape of several nuns. In Chattisgar Bastar, Jagdalpur several Churches has been broken down Father has been beaten up Nuns were gang raped.

The mentality of the public has become so communal even they would not care of the constitution of India.  In Ahmadabad of communal Guj. the management of the school cancelled the admission of a girl after knowing her caste as Muslim and the name of her father.  Annexed the Times of India report “School accused of shunning Muslim kids”

These are all Sanghi Terrorists, they scared if Muslims got an education they will bring the ugly faces of these terrorists, and the international community can come to know that who is terrorists and who is innocent.  I was at Indore on 8 and 9 of October 2013.  I had seen the people are very communal in their approach.  I had shot certain objectionable contents and went to the local news channel office Digi News with an intention to get the telecast of the news.  The News Editor Prakash Hindustani disrespects me with racial comments, and to my community that is Muslims. I brought the incident in the notice of Police and CM of MP with a complaint No. with Director General of Police TFSSLGMY.  Catch the detail article Piggeries at the sacred place of Muslims. 

For bright India it is necessary to join the hands of all secular forces. Being a journalist I have got Data for every casualty, since from 1947.  Muslims are not anti Indian, but it is also one of the false propaganda as usual of Sanghi terrorists spreaded, just to eliminate the Muslims with the hands of Police in the form of encounter and false arrest on the tag of Terrorists, secondly create the anti Muslim attitude amongst the ministers and govt. officials, just to keep away the Muslims to get the benefits of the Government schemes.

In KHEDLI (ALWAR) Rajisthan Mr. Rahul Gandhi, criticized to the BJP and alleged that the saffron party is involve in rioting and supported by the terrorists, which results of increasing Jihadi activities in India.  Mr. Gandhi why your Govt. has not banned to BJP labelling it the fascist party, and cannot contest election under secular democracy.  Why your Govt. cannot banned a single terrorists organizations VHP, Bajrangdal, RSS, Durga Vahini (Women Terrorists), Abhiva Bharat, Sanathan Sanstha et al, almost in 80% cases of Bomb Blast and anti Indian activities their hands is opened.  Jihadi organisations have been banned, why these traitors terrorists organisations are spared.  Merely political speech doesn’t holds any water, if anything goes wrong then rectifies it.  Jihadi Afzal Guru, Kasab has been hanged why not terrorists Kodnani Babu Bjrani Amit Shah. Why this double spectacles of Congress for looking at the crime.  Though Afzal was innocent he was perusing the Medical course at the time of arrest, and he was at Srinagar.  All of sudden he had arrested by the police after one month of the attack.  He was the supporter of independent Kashmir.  Police took the revenge with the innocent. He has not been provided the proper legal opportunity to put up his case in the court of law. 

It is prayed

1.   Enact the anti communal riots immediately.
2.  Abolish the communalism from India.
3.  Ban Sanghi Terrorists Organisations.
4.  Any other relief as the authorities deed fit and proper.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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