Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Muslims in Police Record & Crime Rate

Dear friends,

Start in the name of Almighty Allaha who is most merciful and benevolent.  I have completed my research on the subject Social backwardness & Percentage of Muslims in crime, and soon I will submit my project and thesis of work to the University, after authentication and approval from University my book is available in open market for sale. 

There are 12 subjects and issues discussed in the book related to the Muslims in India and internationally and how it is planned policy of West, America and Israel to sabotage the Muslim world’s economy and killing of Muslim youths in planned manner in the name of terrorism. 

Often a bad name is given to the Muslims that Muslims are terrorists, criminals and involved in anti social activities by the Hindu Terrorists in India and Jew lobby internationally.  Moral police of Hindu terrorist’s are always behind the Muslim youths whenever any crime comes in the knowledge of these Hindu terrorists they start harassing to the Muslim youths.  Police arrested Muslim youths on the false imputations of these Hindu Terrorists which increase the the percentage of the Muslims in Jails.  Overall population of Muslims is 14.2% but as per the data of Jail record at least 20% Muslims are in Jail as per census of 2011.  Who is responsible behind such types of figure of crime ratio and Muslim population?  As the researcher it has come in the knowledge that in maximum number of cases police arrested innocent Muslims age group of 20 to 30 with an intention to destroy their career and life.  Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis three of the most vulnerable sections of Indian society make up more than half of India's prison population, according to an official report on prisons released this month. Although the proportion of these three communities in India adds up to about 39%, their share amongst prisoners is considerably higher at 53%.

It is also the policy of Government to destroy the young hood of Muslims.  There are several cases in which it was proved that Muslim youths implicated in the crime falsely.  This trend started after 1993 when police with malicious intention started arresting the Muslim youths without any crime or criminal background and implicates them in false charges.  This fact came in the light through a private inquiry carried out by the author with the family members of the arrested person in the year 1997.  The family members could not move to the court because of the economic and educational backwardness.  

Being a researchers and journalist author have bitter experience of the Durga Vahini a mischief monger group of the Hindu fanatics.  Author somewhere in the year 2012 had gone to visit Nursing Council of Maharashtra, at Mulund (W) for some official work.  It was the registration time for the newly passed nurses at the council and had huge crowd of ladies.  I even could not move forward because of crowd.  I hold wall from one hand to protect myself from possible push.  Suddenly one of the lady started screaming, and blame on me behave indecently.  Other group of the ladies immediately caught the attention towards that lady but could not harm me because of my proper western outfit, even though I was with beard face.  I replied how I can behave indecently to her as she is not very close to me but before two three girls.  When ladies forcibly asked her what happened she replied that she is the worker of Durga Wahini and have come to punish any mischief monger male, she felt sorry for the incontinence caused to me.

But one thing has become clear from this incident that if it would have been happened with any other Muslim youth who is uneducated or don’t have economic background he may have become easy prey for the mischief mongers.  I was educated and if matter would have reached to the police I can produce my identity card and even can defend myself in the court of law.  But what about the uneducated Muslims who cannot defend themselves in court of law and that is the reason in the rise in the number of Muslims in Jail and crime.  In most of the cases false allegations become the cases of arrest to the Muslim youths. 

Police without doing proper home work and maintaining prima facie case arrested Muslim youths only on the report of eve teasing, chain snatching or any other petty crime.  In terror related cases wrong inputs by the intelligence agencies leads big amount of Muslims to the jails. That is the reason behind the increase in the number of Muslims in crime and in the Jails.  Almost in 70% terror related cases Muslims acquitted from court of law, which shows the highhandedness of police while arresting to the Muslims.

Another reason behind the increase in the number of criminals amongst the Muslim community, first time committer of crime becomes chronic criminal.  Any particular might have committed crime sometime but after released from jail even if he is not involved in any type of criminal activities and spent his life peacefully, but police arrest that particular again and again for the similar gravity of crime even though his involvement is nil in any such types of crime.  Because of perpetual arrest that particular becomes the chronic criminal and frequent visit to the police station and jail remove the fear of police and he become friendly to the police and jail staff rather to fear from police.  Some time moral police of Hindu terrorists RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal forcibly registered the cases against Muslims in wrong context which is proved in several cases.  After the death of Bal Thackery Shiv Sena the political party forcibly asked the police to registered case against Muslim lady Shaheen Darda aged 21 years old, the articles and sections were not met with the crime but police under the dictatorship of Shiv Sena registered the case against Muslim girl.  Later stage she was discharged with honour and police lifted the case against her.  

Government machineries played important role behind the fake arrest of the Muslims by the police.  It is evident by the record after the 1993 in almost maximum cases the arrested Muslim youths acquitted from the court of law who were arrested in the charges of terrorism.  Government of India passed several draconian laws in the form of TADA, POTA but due to their misuse Government repealed such types of laws, because the 100% detainees were Muslims under such types of laws.  Most of them are still waiting their turn to come for the final disposal, they are in the jail because of the tough section of law that detainee can not apply for the bail. 

Question arises why numbers of Muslims are more in Jails and having police record.  To solve the hazy of the question I had visited to the families of the victims who were lodged or arrested by the police.  I find it very surprising to know in 75% cases the family members are denying the involvement of their family members in the crime, during the interaction and discussion I feel comfortable with the version of the family members of culprit; and at least in 50% cases police used to arrest the culprit without any notice or FIR being registered, some time police called the victims on the phone and ask him to attend in the police station after attend to the police station police did not allow the victims back to home and file case against him. Sometime family members don’t know under what crime or reason our relative has been arrested even after arrest to the culprit it would remain unsolved for what crime he has been arrested.   Another reason for the high number of Muslims in Jail and police record, is that some time long ago the particular may committed single crime and after completed his jail term, after release from the jail he led peaceful and normal life and was not involved in any criminal activities but police used to arrest that particular again for the same gravity of crime, because of his bad police record.   Some time due to perpetual torture and harassment from police, administration and neglecting from the society Muslim youths turned to the criminal and involved in criminal activities.  It is also observed by the author because of wrong charges and illegal detention of first time a normal Muslim become chronic criminal.  Because at first time he tested the Jail environment and come across several anti social and criminal this leads him on the way of criminal life.  Some time revenge police leads Muslim youth’s upto jails.  It is the right of any citizen of India to get food, home and cloth from government.  Muslims are not getting proper food they are homeless and don’t have proper cloths.  To manage their daily expenses they are involved in crime.  Another reason behind the rise in the number of Muslims in Jail that big criminals if they are Hindus keeping Muslims to carry out their petty crime.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Hindu Terrorists and their torture.


Dear Sir,

Rise of Hindu terrorism and barbarism in India after the formation of Bhartiya Janta Party in India who is the supporter of Hindu Terrorism and looking like to protect the Terrorist.  The worst sufferers of the atrocities of Hindu Terrorists are the Muslims and Christians.  Another proof of Human Rights violation which I expressed in my article Terrorists Government of Terrorist Nation.

There are reports of Hindu terrorist’s camps in Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Chhattisgarh, where they tortured and given third degree punishment mostly to the Muslims and Christians.  In the camps cadets and terrorists are taking martial and lethal trainings.  These terrorists have full support of the BJP Government.  

Please see the link above which is the worst example of barbaric act.  In the video it is clearly shown the cruel and 3rd degree punishment to the victims that are not enough when terrorists finished beating one of the terrorists forcibly urinate on the mouth of one of the victim and asked him to sip his urine. 

To kill a human with immediate effect or instantly is not much painful, but perpetual harassment and killed a human in installment every day is much barbaric and cruel which Hindu terrorists are doing.  They are killing humanity in installment.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 27 December 2014

It will give rise to Christian Terror.

Dear Sir,

BJP is the party who believes in killing and destruction, because the Prime Master of BJP is holding good record in mass murder, loot, arson and gang rape to the helpless unarmed civilians.  It is because of BJP Jihad moment started in India after the demolition of Babri Masjid in the year 1992.  Which took lead after State sponsored terrorism of Gujarat.  It is evident through data whenever BJP has come to power the incidents of Human Rights Violation increased.  This time one more article of the constitution has been violated by Hindu terrorists Right to Religious belief.  Hindu terrorists under the protection cover of BJP forcefully converting Muslims and Christians into Hinduism.

India already faced the heat of Jihadi organizations after 1992, but this time she has to handle the Christian terrorism as well.  I personally justify the act of BODOS if they are Christians. We cannot term the retaliation as terrorism. It is Hindu terrorists who ignite the fire first; afterwards they faced the retaliation from others. After 1992 demolition of Babri Masjid by the Hindu terrorists along with the BJP India faces the heat of Islamic Organisations, now it is the time for Christians to retaliate on Hindus and against the Government. In fact BJP is the party who is always bringing the destruction and killing of humans. We have seen since last two months how these Hindu terrorists are targeting to the Minorities in entire India. It is warning to the Government if timely action is not taken on Hindu terrorists India will disintegrate or at least faced the retaliation from the aggrieved minorities.  Entire North East State, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala will detached from India.

Remember the atrocities which Indian Terrorists (Sanghi-Hindu) did on Christians in Kandhamal, 2008. Before to Kandhamal episode Hindu Terrorists burnt alive father Graham Stain and his two teenage sons, which was be the brutish episode of civilized India.  Now since last three months especially after the formation of terrorist government at Centre, atrocities on Christians are increased drastically.  Religion of tolerance has become religion of violence and wanted to increase its followers through flimsy means, sometime Hindu terrorists are converting Muslims and Christians on allurement some time by force and threat of life.   Such types of act of Hindu terrorists are harmful for their country and they should ready to face the heat of Christian terror.  India is asking help from neighboring country Myanmar, Bhutan to track down and provide the whereabouts of the BODO who were involved in the killing of Hindus in Assam. What is the use and ask the help from feeble, economically, politically weak nations like Myanmar and Bhutan. Why India is hesitating and unable to take help of America and West. Because if Government will seek help from Christian countries first question they will ask what Hindu terrorists did with Christians, is the result of today's situation with India.

India is going on the path of Pakistan and soon it will emerge as the biggest terrorists Nation and international community, UN and America will track down the hideouts of Hindu terrorists and attack with drown.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan 

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