Monday, 24 February 2014

Vishwa Hindu Parishad and 5 Children.

Dear Sir,

Ashok Singhal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader, asked to the Hindus that they have five children.  I appreciate Ashok Singhal, every Hindu should have five children.  But I would like to ask some questions with Mr. Singhal, quantity is important or quality, India is much forward with Japan in the matter of population, but why it is much behind with Japan as far as science and technology is concerned.  The instruction of Singhal to produce 5 children will be follow by the lower middle class or middle class Hindus, and no high class or educated Hindu will follow his silly instructions, only illiterate and down toward Hindus will follow his instructions.  Secondly, how the expenses of five children will be manage by a single earning person.  If a person has three slice of bread, how he will manage to share amongst five children and one wife.  Either he can eat the bread or can feed up to his children.  Thirdly,  Mr. Singhal giving instruction to treat lady or female member of the family as the reproduction machine. 

Mr. Singhal’s apprehension that Hindus will become minority in India, is silly and baseless, to provide the status of minority or majority is not human philosophy but it is the desire of Almighty.  I would like to ask a simple question with Mr. Singhal Islam is not very old religion, but the followers of Islam are second in number after Christianity Globally.  Jeiws are considered the oldest religion but they are not even  holding third place as far as population index is concerned.  

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Do anybody ask the meaning of sacrifice.

Dear Sir,

Kejriwal has sacrificed his Chief Minister post, because BJP and Congress MLAs are deliberately causing hurdles in his way of working, it was rather not possible to work and cross every barricade caused by BJP and Congress.  Still BJP and Congress alleging that he is crazy for the post of PM he sacrificed his CM post looking at the post of PM.  Arvind did the right thing, the people who are crazy for the chair, even after allegations of Mass murder, state sponsored terrorism, arson, loot having link with terrorists still they remain on the chair, shameless, corrupt people those who don't have any moral in life they cannot resigned. But the people like Kejriwal, educated, ethics follower cannot tolerate a single word which hamper his prestige.

Even after projecting the post of PM candidate Modi could not resigned, because he scared if he could not manage to become PM and if he resigned from CM post then the situation and hindi proverb will be fit on him.  “Dhobi k Gadha n ghar k n ghat k.” 

Those who are thinking about the sake of the people of the country they don't scared about their sole, wealth and prestige.  Sanghi people and their supportive political wing BJP and their Politicians are speaking about nationalism, patriotism, sacrifice orally but when it has come for the practical they are showing their back to the public.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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