Thursday, 27 March 2014

Modi and his Na-Pak attitude.

Dear Sir,

Arvind is throwing arrows and Modi is not having any suitable answers to reply the series of questions asked by Arvind, as usual the last option in the form of Pak love and Pak agent has been throw by Modi for Kejriwal to get vote in favour of BJP.  Such types of derogatory remarks and filthy language are not expected from the Prime Ministerial candidate for his opponent. Arvind is also the Prime Ministerial candidate and big opponent of Modi in political fray at Varanasi, and calling him Pak agent or termed him with cannon like AK-49 is highly objectionable.  It is another episode has been added in the personality of Modi after Guj riots, fake encounters, and Kejriwal entry to Guj. Such type of language from Modi is showing his mean mentality as the BJPities are famous and used to for such types of language, whether it is Meenakshi Lekhi, Jainarayan Viays, or Prem Shukla. Before Delhi election Subramaniyam Swami another BJP man alleged on Kejriwal that he is getting money from Pak to topple down Modi.  Delhi public knows everything and result is in front of the India, what is the condition of BJP and AAP in Delhi, AAP one who has launched in the year 2012 and contesting first election but did not remain much behind from BJP.

Two things have become very clear, Modi is crazy for seat and he can go any extent and will not spare any person not only Muslims but even Hindus too, to get the political benefit.  After 2002, very first election in communal Guj, Modi lured to the voters with a slogan Miya Musharraf and the same was his political speech; if BJP will lose in communal Guj, the people of Pak will celebrate.  After 2002 every Muslim was the Pak agent and looking with the terrorists angle.  Now it is the time for the National Election, but this time the terminology has been change, now it is not Muslims but a Hindu a true nationalist is Pak agent and he has been assigned a task by Pak to topple down Modi and BJP, what a silly contention of Modi and BJP.  It shows the mentality of Modi & BJP, the person one who dire to speak against their misdeed he is Pakistani or Pak agent, it is irrelevant whether he is Hindu or Muslim.

Modi is crazy for seat whether CM or PM if he is not crazy for seat then after communal riots 2002 why he has not resigned accepting his moral responsibility failing to control the communal violence in his state, why he had not sent his resignation to the Governor of the State.  Secondly, his presence has affected the probe process; the officers of SIT could not probe properly against him because he was a sitting CM of the communal Guj and that is the only reason his role in the communal riots could not proved.  His presence as a CM affected the probe and the officers in several places. 

In my article long back I had predicted, for those who were supported to Modi and justified to the communal riots, I asked them don’t favour to Modi he is crazy for seat, he will never hesitate to kill even a Hindu one who will eclipse to his political image.  Preset episode of calling Kejriwal a Pak agent is the proof that Modi can go any extent.

Prime Minister is the representative of the country in foreign delegations, and if a Prime Minister of the country has any biased feeling with any neighbouring country, then how we can establish friendly relations with our neighbors.  If a person is exploiting the name of neighbouring country to solve his political hazy how we can expect him to be a great Prime Minister of the country.   

Thanking you,
Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Afzal Guru V/s Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru.

Dear Scholars,

I would like to ask a question with all the scholars and philanthropist people of the Globe, on 23rd March 1931 Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru were awarded the death penalty against the terrorists activities in British ruled India, but Indians have given the name of martyr to these terrorists, and these three Indian terrorists have become martyr for Indians and before the name of these three people Shaheed word has been added.  Almost nearly after a century on 9th Feb. 2013, Afzal Guru awarded the death penalty by the Indian Government on the same charges that is terrorism but he has not been given the name as martyr by the Indian public.  Why”.   If Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru are martyr how Afzal Guru can be a terrorist. 

The causes are almost same Bhagat Singh, Sukdev, Rajguru were fighting from British forces for the liberation of India while Afzal was fighting with Indian Forces for the liberation of Kashmir.  Bhagar Singh Sukhdev Rajguru were labeled as terrorists by the British Government but Indians believed that they are martyr but in case of Afzal he was labeled as jihadi (terrorist Indian Version) by the Indian Government and Indians are also believed that he is jihadi (Indian version Terrorist). 

I am unable to differentiate how for same crime a person can be a martyr and another one terrorists.  If Indian Government believes that Kashmir is the integral part of India and anyone who will act against the integrity of India will be punished as the sedition charges and assigned the highest punishment hanged until death. But as far as my understanding and knowledge, Kashmir is not the part of India since from 1947, but has become a disputed territory after 1950, and issue is still unresolved, which should be resolved as early as possible.  If any person from Kashmir speaking about the liberation of Kashmir, we cannot equate the issue as sedition. 

Afzal Guru was the warrior for the independence of Kashmir from Indian forces, who are doing serious human rights violations on Kashmiri Muslims. Afzal was not a Terrorist this fact has been accepted by the Highest Judiciary of India that is Supreme Court neither his link from any Jihadi module was proved, but he faced the punishment of fighting to release his country Kashmir from the clutches of Indian forces.    

On the social networking site Facebook several people considered 23rd March as the black day for the history of India.  If 23rd March is the black day then what about 9th February, is it an auspicious day for Indians. 

If Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru are not terrorists then how Afzal be a terrorists for the same crime.  Please scholars give me answer????.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 21 March 2014

Why two seats required for single post.

Dear Sir,

As usual the dual policy of BJP could not hide up and it has come to the public through the act of BJP and it has been clear that Mr. Modi the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP going to contest from two constituencies Banaras and Baroda.  From Banaras he has displaced Murli Manohar Joshi because BJP was looking the safe seat for Modi.  But unfortunately Banaras was started looking unsafe seat for Modi so he changed his mind and planned to contest from Baroda as well.  But if fortune is with Mr. Modi and he won both the seat then which seat he will give up and which seat he will retain, this should be clear to the public before election. If he retains the seat of Baroda as usual his inclination would be for Gujarat and not UP then the people of Banaras feels that they are cheated and why the people of Banaras vote to a candidate who is with dual mentality.  In comparison with Mr. Mod I feel that Mrs. Sheela Dixit is much batter, she was aware that she going to lose the seat in front of Kejriwal, but she did not contest from two seats, thus she did not cheated the people of Delhi.  

In BJP the value of Modi has become more than a party.  In my several blog articles I expressed it and it is not good for the democratic value or for the survival of the Party.  In the last election of Gujarat every top leaders of BJP keeps side by and only Modi did the campaign for himself, a single man show has been telecasted in BJP, which is not good indication for the democratic country, like India. 

Modi the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP has got apprehension that he could lost from Banaras, after the challenge from Kejriwal to his candidature that is the reason he selected another safe seat from Baroda Gujarat.  Gujarat state is the safe haven for the terrorists, BJP and Modi.

Thanking you,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

An Appeal to vote for right person

Dear Voters

On 23rd March 2014, when Mr. Kejiwal open every false of Modi at Varanasi.  He will open the false and fake reports of the paid Media and journalists as well.  In Gujarat misdeed and wrongdoing of Modi has not been highlighted, how many farmers has been died has not come to the public.  These all facts Mr. Kejriwal will bring to the public.  If the people of Varanasi wants to forget their Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb for which Banaras if famous, if they wants Varanasi to become another Ahmadabad, Baroda, Surat if they want the communal elements like Modi spread venom in the minds of their teenage children, they can surely vote to Modi, unless select the person who is honest, hardworking and care for the people of the region and country.

This is only Modi who after 2002 communal riots roam all over Gujarat with communal slogan and spread venom, Ham Paanch hamare Pachees.  How he will spare Varanasi not to become communal hub like cities of Gujarat, where a Hindu Rickshaw driver did not play to the Muslim Areas and a Muslim to Hindu. 

Friends select a person with utmost care and understanding do not give vote on the basis of religion or a person who is in dual mentality, if you want to maintain the peace of your city select a candidate who is non communal.  I had gone to UP several times as compare to MP, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh I had seen the people are very cordial and they don’t have any communal feeling. 

Maintain that spirit don’t give your Banaras in the hands of fascist forces or a person of Hitler mentality. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

BJP, Modi and paid Indian Media.

Dear Sir

When Kejriwal enters in communal Guj on 4th of May 2014 the Administration of Modi arrested him on the false charges of law and order situation.  This is the real annoyance of communal Guj Govt, Modi and BJP.  Some days ago BJP supremo Rajnath Singh appealed to the Muslims, if anything have gone wrong with them he apologies for the mistake.  Sanghi terrorists tried to vow that Muslims will protect if BJP have come to the power.   In all the news channels right from Jan 2014 it is projected that BJP will win 193 seats and NDA will win 230.  If we rely on the speculations of media houses print and electronics then BJP need not worry they require only 42 seats to form the Government.  Then what is the reason for the apology of Rajnath Singh; why Modi in the rally at Purnia Bihar tried to approached to the Muslims.   Now question is why BJP, Sanghi people trying to lured to the Muslims as in all the paid news channels and paid news papers projection is in favour of BJP and speculation that BJP is winning 230+ if the projection of the paid journalists are correct then BJP is not required to ask apology with the Muslims, instead of that BJP should tried to strong their Hindu vote bank instead of showing Muslim love.  Something is wrong with BJP and it is absolutely well behind and short of the magical figure. 

In fact BJP have purchased all the major media groups.  Same thing they have played before the assembly elections of four states in the year 2013.  Unless Delhi, Chhattisgarh were 100% not in control of BJP and there would be marginal win in MP but due to wrong projection and wave created by the paid Media group BJP have won the election in M.P., Chhattisgarh and come out the largest party at Delhi. 

Mr. Kejriwal is very right if his AAP have come to power he will jail to all the paid journalists and banned to the media group who are giving news after accepting bribe. It is indeed bold step by him to challenge the candidature of Mr. Modi from Varanasi, and people’s blessings are always with him, as he is fighting honestly for the people of the country.  He is common man not like Modi, Rahul, Mulayam or any other political leader who is projecting themselves as the protector of common man but enjoying 5 star facilities.   I can remember the Sadbhavan fast of Modi, he chooses five star camp with Air conditions and all sort of facilities, what is the meaning of such types of fasts, if Modi is not able to take pain for public then there is no meaning of any type of fast. 

Media all the time busy in showing the fake reports on the development of Gujarat.  In fact since Modi has come to power in Gujarat everything in Gujarat is Fake. The progress, The Peace, The Police, The Inquiries, The commission reports, The encounters, The Publicity and fake Jail.  All these shall continue until Modi is not out of power because he is doing all these to remain in power. 

Being an Indian some questions I would like to ask with BJP. If BJP is so sincere, and Modi whose mouth instead of omitting venom spreading sweet honey for Muslims:-

1. Can provide reservation to the Muslims in Govt. Jobs, educational institution, parliament. 

2.      Can BJP promise if they come in power will pass anti communal riots bill in the parliament. 

3.      Can Modi administration provide respect to the Muslim women?

4.  Can Modi keeps distance with Terrorists, and never follow the orders of Terrorists. (Sanghi)

5.   Can Modi re investigate all the cases in which Muslim youths were falsely implicated for the Jihadi Attack and labelled as Jihadi.

If no then what is the use of this highhandedness of Modi in Purnia.  This is again double standard policy of BJP.  Is it a policy only upto election?  Or can BJP amended its constitution, and resolved in its parliamentary board. Be-aware this is BJP; this high handedness of BJP is only upto election.  At once Modi will become PM which is looking very faint he will count the heads of Muslims and start killing them under following tags terrorism, fake encounters, Pak intruders, anti Indian.  BJP is the culprit of Babri demolition and killing of innocent Muslim Old men, women, and children in every communal riot. 

This election certainly going to create history in Indian Parliament, whatever had not happened, will be happen now, so many faces those who were used to for the public, will be wipe out and so many new faces will emerge in the Parliament.
Thanking you

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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