Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Holy personalities with unholy acts?.

Dear Sir,

It is the election time and every political party are busy in lure to the voters and wanted to build their strong vote bank.  In India as usual BJP is the political party who is backing its cake on the communal agenda.  In every election BJP is polarising the vote on communal lines but a common Hindu is not communal and not believing in caste based voting, but it is BJP who is inserting the venom and differences between the communities and difference of upper caste and lower caste.  Almost every sadu sanths who are contesting election on the ticket of BJP holding serious criminal charges including rioting which are punishable under Indian Penal Code and maximum term is life and in some cases even hanged until death as per Indian Penal Code.  Some prominent personalities names from BJP parliamentary candidates who are holding serious criminal charges.

1.        Sakshi Maharajj (BJP):    Charges of Murder, Attempt to 
                                            Murder,  Forgery, dacoity,    
                                            robbery and Rioting

2.    Uma Bharti (BJP)          Attempt to murder, vitiating 
                                           communal harmony, rioting.   

3.      Yogi Adityanath (BJP) :   Murder, Attempt to Murder, rioting,  
                    inciting communal passion

4.      Savitri Bai Phoole(BJP):  Rioting, Voluntarily causing hurt, 
                                           House Trespass, theft, Dealing in 
                                           stolen property.

A common Hindu is not communal if they are; then why Achariya Pramod Krishnan contesting election from Congress ticket and Swami Paglanand contesting election from Mahan Dal are not holding any criminal charges and any charge of rioting or disturbance of communal harmony. 

Almost every holy personalities of BJP holding some charges out of them some are grave in nature and some minor.  Recent episode of Beroopia Baba is not hided up with anybody.  He insulted to the ladies of particular caste and community.  What a shame.  He is sympathiser of BJP and Modi; Modi in his all the political rallies cry about the respect to the ladies, and his promoters like Baba who is insulting to the ladies.  Modi himself involved in Snoopgate charges and asked his servant Amit Shah to track on the phone calls of a lady.  I asked some burning questions with Modi, if he becomes Prime Minister of the country can he provides respect to the women of particular caste.  My indication was towards the Muslim Women who are totally ignored and isolated.  They are sometime exploited by the police on the wrong article published in Samana and some time by the terrorists in communal riots.  But I was totally ignored to the Dalit sisters who are travelling in the same boat and facing same trauma as Muslim women are facing.  

Now decision is on the voters to whom they wanted to see in the parliament, a candidate who is holding serious criminal charges or a person who is clean in image, attitude and non communal. 

Thanking you,
Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 21 April 2014

Started showing its true colour.

Dear Sir,

In continuation of my article BJP, Modi and paid Indian Media.     Second last paragraph of my article is going to prove correct, even election is not over and BJP has not proved its majority in the Parliament but its leaders started showing its true communal colour.  Two days back in Bihar BJP candidate Giriraj Singh in a public rally never hesitates to call every Muslim is Pakistani and having affection with Pakistan, further he asked to the crowed that those who did not want Modi to become Prime Minister let they all should go to Pakistan.  What a silly observation of BJP candidate, it implies that those who never love to BJP or Modi they are all Pakistani. 

Terrorists Master Mind Pravin Thogadia called his terrorist Bajrang Dal to targets Muslim house in Hindu area.  Further he appealed to the terrorists to terrified to the Muslims threaten them and if still they did not vacate, kill them burn their establishment owed in the Hindu dominated areas.  Rajiv Gandhi killers have not been hanged, how you could be.  Further he asked with his terrorists I have done in the past and Muslims lost their property and well as money.  Terrorist Master Mind Pravin Thogadia gave 48 hours ultimatum to the Muslims to vacant their establishment owned in the Hindu Dominated areas failing which ready to face dire consequences.

Same apprehension I have, Modi who is speaking sweet language for Minorities and Muslims and showing his secular image, but it is question whether it would be only upto election or forever.   What happened if BJP come in power whether it will start showing its true communal colour or remain secular as present?  Secondly, can Modi able to control the terrorists in his own state.  Can Modi destroy terrorist organisations like VHP, Bajrangdal, RSS as he is planning to destroy jihadi organisations after coming to power.  

True nationalists never think about caste creed and culture, they are thinking about Nation and not the people of the nation.  If they are doing good for the nation automatically it will benefited to the people of the country.  But the bugs like VHP, Bajrangdal, RSS they are destroying India and decaying Indian base who at the 21st century still stuck up in Hindu Muslim differences.  How India will become the biggest supper power of the century if the terrorists like Pravin Thogadia are still alive in India. 

It is a request with the people of the country vote to the right people, correct people who indeed think about the nation and not merely making promises who never be fulfilled and after coming to power showing its true communal, fascist colour.  Encouraging differences between two communities, riots, burning, killing to the innocent and humiliation to the ladies of particular caste.   

It is requests to the Minorities and secular and right people of India select to the correct person for parliament, unless upto five years you will have to face them in the form of differences.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Black Sheep in the community.

Dear Sir,

Look at the black sheep in the Muslim community.  It is with reference to the news article that Mulana Mehraj Khalid Noor is planning to contest against Modi in Varanasi.  He is the paid agent of BJP and gaddar of Muslims and India.  Political pundits can understand very well that this maulana cannot win against Modi but only cut the secular and Muslim votes which directly benefited to the Modi.  Dabang politician like Mukhtar Ansari who was supposed to contest against Modi & holds some prestige in the city of Varanasi but he decided to keeps away himself from the election just to benefit AAP. 

In politics everything is fair, even politicians never hesitate to kill their own family members if they think that their political career is in jeopardy.  This man Mehraj who is calling himself and Osama of Bihar can only divide the vote.  The people of Varanasi should throw such types of person into garbage and show them their real place, from where they have come. 

Muslims should not go behind the sentiments and they should not cast their important vote to the beroopia people like Mulanas.  Every Indians knows the status of these Mulanas they are selling their religion Allaha, Quran and Islam merely five to ten bugs. 

Last week Maulana Bukhari gave Fatwa to the Muslims to cast their vote to Congress.  Beroopia dhongi Baba Ramdev advocating vote for Modi since last one year.  He is so crazy to see Modi as the Prime Minister of India that he never hesitate to invite Modi in his yog camp and starting request from his disciples to cast their important vote for Modi.  It looks that Hindu Muslims are the ancestor property of these Sadhus and Maulanas and they can utilise the community for their own desire any time on the sentimental grounds. 

Why Muslim should cast their important vote only on the fatwa of Bukhari, it looks that community don’t have their own understanding and mind set.  It is very laughable that even in the 21st century still community has been captured by the black sheep, black bearded so called Mulanas.  What these Mulanas understand about politics, how they can run to the country if at all they have elected.  No doubts for any religious matter they are holding important place but politics and religion are two different things.  Religious personalities should restrict themselves only upto religious places.   

People of the Varanasi should cast their important vote to the candidate who is not communal, not corrupt, educated and sincerely fighting against corruption. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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