Sunday, 29 June 2014

Humanity and Muslim Mulanas.

Dear Sir, 

In continuation of my article Muslims & India  on 25th June 2014, wherein I asked the questions with Indian public about the meaning of humanity, and raised several questions whether humanity should be confined into the cage of religion, race and place of birth or it should be unanimous for all.  If humanity is not confined or may not confined into the cages of religion then why people of India and media had not raised voice against the cruelty on Muslims in Assam May 2014.  It was their responsibility to raise the voice just to safeguard the humanity or at least after the incident they should raised the voice to bring the culprits for justice.    In India general trend is there whenever any Hindu is in problem in foreign land or in any jihaidi attack we are recollecting and speaking about humanity and termed the act is most inhuman with scratchy articles and videos for particular religion.  But we are closing our eyes for the same act if it has been committed by Indian public and media close their eyes to circulate such types of news, in which the wrist of Indian terrorists open in front of International community. 

The same is the situation in Israel on every single day most of the young school going Palestine boys between 6 to 11 years detained by the Israeli soldiers.  I have come across a couple of videos shared by Dr. Ramy Abdu from England on social networking site Face book.  In that video two boys hanging their school bags in one hand and packet of Uncle Chips on other hand are crying for help; Israeli soldiers arrested them.  Israeli soldiers are with well sophisticated guns, such types of guns are normally using in the military action on the enemies.  In second video a small boy of 6 years old had been detained by the Israeli soldiers same modus openendi keeping gun of sophisticated make on the boy, and he is crying for help.   If we are speaking about humanity then why we are kept quiet on such types of incident, can a 6 year old boy be a terrorist at the stage of 6 years his bones are not fully developed how he may be a terrorist and he is detained on the charges of terrorism.  Where our sense has gone; still the people like Col. Bakshi who are defending to Israel, if we are speaking on humanity and we believe in true humanity instead of defending to Israel we should condemn such types of barbaric act on innocents. 

Indian Government is in touch with the Muslim Moulanas who are planning to leave for Iraq to bring Indian hostages to the home.  I appreciate the efforts as it is the matter of human beings but with a request to the Moulanas they should go to Iraq on certain conditions and after detail discussion with Indian government and if Government is ready to full the demands as follows. 

1.       If India is ready to break up diplomatic relations with 
      Terrorist Israel.
2.      If India is ready to punish the culprits of Assam massacre 
      May 2014.
3.      India ask Terrorists Israel to vacate Arab land Palestine.
4.      At least India should ask Israel to stop barbaric acts on the 
       Palestine citizens and India ready to keep close watch on 
       the situation on Israel.  

Muslim Moulanas should not compromise on Muslims issues and keep their demands in front of Govt. and should not bow down or come in any types of allurement or threat whatsoever from Government. 

Same situation was in Assam in the month of May 2014, wherein 58 Muslims killed with sophisticated weapons and their homes burnet later on.  Amongst victims most of them were women and small children, but no media havoc no government sympathy, comment or press release on the incident for the victims.  On the other hand government of India is speaking from Muslim Mulanas to go Iraq and safe exit of Indian captures. If Government of India is inhuman and giving lesson of differentiating between the human beings on the basis of caste, creed, culture and place of living then why these Moulanas are remaining ahead who can go upto Iraq to safeguard the Indian captures.  At the one hand after Assam massacre Government is kept quiet like Napoleon and on the other hand it is discussing the matter of Iraq with Muslim Moulanas.

Humanity is not the treasure of anyone or it is not the ancestor property of the black sheep in the community like Col. Bakshi who is defending the acts committed by Israel on the innocent Palestine children but creating havoc on the act of anyone committed on Indian; and speaking on humanity. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Muslims & India.

Dear Sir,

I have received several comments on my Google+, Mobile and blog for the last para of my article “Islam will alive after Karbala.  Some of them are legitimate but some of them are derogatory and deserve to omit or overlook.  But certainly I would like to ask one question with all the viewers of my articles why there is double standard of speculating the humanity.  If you people are speaking on humanity then there should not be any barrier or barricade of caste or place of origin. It is with reference to the massacre of the Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam quite often and latest in the year 2012 and May 2014.  By which it is proved that for Indians humanity is confined only for the Indians and not for others.  If it is not, then why media electronic and print were shadow the incidents of Assam massacre 2014. 

It looks that we are concerned safety only for the Indians living in foreign lands or if at all they stuck up in Iraq, Libya or Egypt.   For such incidents media creates havoc with the appeal for safe exit, some of them are in the opinion to send Indian army and attack on Iraq for the Indians.  But do we have thought a single moments for the innocent those who had killed in Assam by the Hindu Terrorists.   Mr. Harsh Mander and Seema Mustafa were the members of fact finding team who reveals the horrific facts and one sided action of Bodo Terrorists on the unarmed Bangladeshi Muslims.  Romila Khatoon the nine years old run behind her mother when ultras were rained from all sides with automatic weapons, they chased a crowed of terrified Muslims and killed several; Romila Khatoon’s mother carried her four months old baby in one arm and her three years old child in other but could not saved them and herself, bullet hit her and she drowned in Baki River, Romila three years brother tried to swim, but was soon also pierced with bullet and killed.   Romila can survive as she swim and fight with the bullets and currents of Baki River, but she was in deep shock and agony with the incidents which still haunted her which lost almost every members of the family. 

The incident of ten years old Mohammed Ismail is also heart touched who recollects that at around 3 P.M. a group of armed men attacked on the village and killed his mother and seven year old sister.  He saw his loved one and neighbour fell one by one and shot them from behind while stand them in a queue.  Many of them shot as they tried to swim from Baki river and their homes set on fire. 

All in that incident the Indian Govt. authorities were too involved, as the name of forest guard of their village has revealed by the children amongst the attackers. In that massacre 45 human lives were dead, including 19 children. Another 10 were missing and 2 children were missing.  Their only crime was they were Muslim. 

Indian media is always playing in the hands of saffron elements and internationally Jews lobby controlled the media.  They suppress the news which adversely affect the Govt. and maligned the image of nation in front of the international community.   Even Indian media never remain behind to support the terrorists as well.  I can remember the incident of Indian terrorist Sarabjeet Singh, who was punished in Pak jail for his crimes of bomb blast in PAK.  Indian media created sympathetic row for Sarabjeet Singh and hate campaign against Pak. 

There are several comments by the public and political personalities to wipe out all the Bangladeshi and Pak Muslims from Indian soil.  If we cannot accommodate single Bangladeshi or Pakistani in our land then how we can expect the Arab nation or Muslim world to accommodate Hindus on their land.  We are sympathetic and concerned for the Indians those who are living in Iraq due to current turmoil and never hesitate to take military action on Iraq, but what about the foreign nation living in India and killed in communal riots, sanghi terrorists attack.  In Guj 2002 one British Muslim killed. Does India expect attack from Great Britain or retaliation from Bangladesh or Pakistan for the safety of their citizens? 

Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi before election in his political speech asked to provide economic status and shelter to the Bangladeshi and Pakistani Hindus.  Is it humanity, the Prime Minister of India in his political speeches differentiates between Hindus and Muslims what is the parameter to judge the humanity for the Prime Minister of India.  

If the country’s top democratic head speaks language which bifurcate Hindus and Muslims then barbaric attack like Assam is expected, media can close their eyes on such types of inhuman acts, public can peep only affairs of other nations but the incidents like Assam only sense the person who indeed think for humanity and mankind.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 23 June 2014

Islam will alive after Karbala.

Dear Sir,

Anti Government conflicts which started from Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Syria finally reached to Iraq, the country from where the fight for Islam was started and Islam and Muslims emerged with double power after the Karbala war.  Though the war of Karbala was not the political it was the war which was based on the principle and ethics, ultimately Imam of Muslim force won the battle though he was assassinated but Islam emerged with flying colours.    

Now it is peak time to think to form a federation of all Islamic Countries and disobey the resolutions of UNO who is the puppet of America and European Countries.  All Muslim countries should unite and form their own United Muslim Organisation.  Oil producing countries should use petrol as an Atomic weapon against America and European countries.  Muslim countries should start doing trade between them only, ignoring embargo and sanctions by America. 

United Muslim Organisation should shape their Islamic Army to safeguard and defend every Muslim Countries to counter the attack from NATO, American, Terrorist Israel and European forces.  It has become the monopoly of America, NATO forces waging war against Muslim countries.  A long list of invasion of America on the Muslim world, Iraq was attacked by America with an allegation that she has mass destruction weapons.  A sovereign nation has become a slave nation.  One of the biggest oil-producing nations is now fighting for its existence and survival.  Uncountable innocent citizens have been killed, but alas no weapon has been found by the American and Allied forces.  If at all they find anything were the oil wells.   Muslim countries should form a federation of all Muslim Counties and should pass resolution on following points:-

a. Defend every Muslim Countries from America and allied forces.
b. Attacked on Zionist Israel to vacate Arab Land Palestine.
c. Press Indian Government to built Babri Masjid at its original place.
d. Liberate Kashmir from Indian aggression.

Israel is a Terrorist country who is involved in the Genocide of the Palestine Muslims. Israel deserves the retaliation from Islamic Army to liberate Palestine from illegal occupation of Israel.  Palestinians are not Terrorists rather Israel is Terrorist nation and culprit of illegal occupation of Arab Land. Such a situation cannot be equated with terrorism. 

Normally word Terrorism is reserved for the Muslims only. Whatever happened in terrorists Israel with Palestine Muslims? Whatever happened in Myanmar was not terrorism, there are around 1 million Rohingya Muslims in Burma which has been either killed or uprooted. The United Nations has called them one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.  What is happened in Assam (India) is not terrorism, at least 70 Bangladeshi Muslims killed by the ULFA terrorists with sophisticated electronic weapons.   In the year 2012 too there was riots and at least 50 Muslims had been killed.  Whatever is happening in Srilanka is  not terrorism, but if Muslims retaliate and show to the world how you treat us then it is terrorism. 

Indian Media have never shown the clippings or photos for the one sided killing of Muslims in Assam by the terrorists.  How a mother holds up her two sons one nine years and other one was six years fired from her back and sink in the river.  How several unarmed Muslims stand in a queue and fired on them from back.  But if anything going which is not so worst with Indians in Iraq Indian media created havoc, because some 100 to 200 Indians are stuck up in Iraq. 

Now time has come for the Muslim world to wind up all the Hindus, Buddhists from their land to their proper place.  Terminate the work visa or permit visa for the Hindus, Buddhists who are working in Muslim countries.  Cancel the permission for the companies having business rights to run business in Muslim countries.

It was biggest mistake of Pakistan and Muslim world to allow US and allied forces to attack on Iraq in the second Gulf War and provide America their military base and infrastructure against Iraq.  In fact, in the year March April 2003 when U.S. President George H. W. Bush junior deployed American forces into Persian Gulf if Saudi Arabia and  Muslim world would have retaliated and defend to Iraq and dragged away America & NATO forces from Persian Gulf and middle east then the situation would be different.  At that time only American forces dragged out from Iraq, and should have removed their presence from Middle East, and their military base in sea near Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Better late than never, still time has not gone I will request to form a federation of all the Muslim countries of the world and dragged out every non Muslims from their countries.  They are earning from Muslim counties and their earning is misused in the planned genocide of Muslim in India and other Hindu counties. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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