Thursday, 31 July 2014

Terrorists are killing to the journalists.

Terrorists are killing even to the journalists as well in Gaza, because the real pictures of their atrocities should not reach to the world community.  Look at the site how a press journalist has been killed by Jews Terrorists.

Terrorist are targeting to the Ambulances and injured as well.  Look at the site how an ambulance is attacked by Jews Terrorists who was carrying to the injured.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Terrorists Israel and War Crime.

After forcible aggression of Palestine the land of Arabs in the year 1947 now Terrorists are planning for forcible aggression of Gaza the territory land allotted to Palestine citizens.  Jews Terrorists are killing innocent citizen, the barbarism and inhuman act of Jews Terrorists has not stopped by either of the Global country.   Photographs which are just peanut which shows the barbarism of Terrorist Nation Israel who not only attacked on the civilians areas but have not even restricted to air strike on the Hospitals, UN Shelter House, Religious places, Schools and parks and play ground. Killing of innocent civilians by Jews Terrorists have reached to its high and they did not stop its aggression on Gaza which is just a policy to grab a piece of land which has been allotted to Arabs. 

I have gone through full videos of causalities, it’s horrible if you are true human you cannot tolerate such types of barbarism, and if any point of time Muslims picked up arms Media labeled them terrorists and keeping blind eyes on real Terrorism which is Jews Terrorism. Still some Sanghi terrorists are enjoying the causalities of innocent children, they are supporting to Terrorists Nation Israel for its act of barbarism.  Israel Terrorism started in the year 1947 when Israel invaded the Arab land. Muslims are defending themselves and just demanding their homeland back from the clutches of Terrorists, they are not aggressor, Israel is the aggressor then who is the terrorist one who is defending themselves or one who is retaliates.

Whatever inhuman acts Jews terrorists are doing with the citizens of Palestine is not in true spirit of humanity, Jews terrorists are doing aggression and attacking on Gaza, though Terrorists Master Mind Benjamin Netanyahu stating it the act of defense from Hamas. 

It is high time for Jews and America to think about to settle all Jews from Palestine to Goa of India.  Goa was in the possession of Portuguese well after the independence of India in the year 1947.  After military action by Indian Govt. in the year 1961 involved air, sea and land strikes for over 36 hours & India annexed Goa to Indian state from Portuguese people.  Indian Govt. started settling Hindus in Goa; still Goa is the highest Christian population which is 27%.

On the occasion of Id the biggest festival of Moslems across the Goble Israel strike on Gaza again killing more than 32 innocent Palestine citizens, all of them 23 were from single family.  On 28th July 2014 about 13 small children were killed after Israel strike on the play ground and a park.  This is certainly against the war law and ethics, Israel is doing the Genocide of Palestine people which at once Jews people have already faced, action by great Hitler of Nazi force.  The same action Israel forces applying on the Palestine people, still global community is kept mum and closed their eyes.  So far at least 1700 Palestine people have been killed out of them all are innocent small children aged group six months to 14 years and women.

All people of the Globe praying for the people of Gaza, and win for the Hamas and Al-Qasim and the people across the Globe are not with Israel in this war, only selected people of India basically Sanghi Terrorists and their all wings who are also inhuman, butchers and executors and believes in barbarism and destruction.  The majority of Global countries are with the innocent citizen of Gaza because Israel is doing war crime, Israel is not following the war ethics killing innocent civilians attacking on Hospitals, Schools, Religious places and UN shelter house which is totally against the International and UN law and the Prime Minister of Israel is liable to sue for war crime.  Israel deliberately killing small babies and women with an intention to reduce the population of Palestine people and killing women with an intention their population cannot reproduce which amounts to the Genocide.  On the other hand so far Hamas have killed only Israel soldiers and they are following the war ethics, no hospital, Religious place or civilians have been killed in attack of Hamas.

So far death toll reached to 1700 innocent Palestinians mostly small children and women since the beginning of the current Terrorist Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip which started from 4th July 2014 and more than 7,000 are injured by Israeli terrorist air-land attacks on Gaza, upto 30th July 2014

Why Global community is keeping their eyes closed, where the Human Rights organizations like Amnesty International have hide, where are the Child Rights Organizations, where are the Women Rights Organizations.  Do the women of West, America or India possessed chastity and this principle is not applicable on the women of Gaza, if no every women possessed the chastity then why none of the country has ever loud its voice against the Gang Rape of Women of Gaza by the Jews Terrorists, on road just kept highly sophisticated weapons on the women of Gaza.  Is it civilization…..  Please answer. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 25 July 2014

Jazia Tax on Non Muslims.

Dear Sir,

There are a lot of misinterpretation in the minds of Non Muslims and have got biased feeling on the Jazia Tax.  Let me give you clear understanding on the Jazia Tax.  It is a tax which is collected from the Non Muslims living in the Islamic Caliphate ruled state.  Why this tax compulsorily paid by the non Muslims and not Muslims.  Reason is the safety to the non Muslims living in Islamic Caliphate.  When war starts with enemies which are possible, then after following the Fatwa or ruling of Caliphate every Muslim men compulsorily join the war for Islamic state.  If any Muslim youth due to fear of life did not abide the ruling, then severe punishment is there for him or he is not treated as Muslim.  Exemption is there only for the female members, small children and old men.  Only single youth of the house can stay in the home during the course of war to safeguard the female members and children, rest of the youth should report to the war zone.

This is the one part which is applicable on Muslims at the time of war, now come to the second part what about the non Muslims living in Islamic Caliphate.  They are not allowed to report to the war zone now what about their safety.  Now here is the point, it is the responsibility of the Islamic Caliphate to take care of non Muslims living in his state, and for that reason they are bound to pay Jazia tax, if they are not ready to pay Jazia Tax then they have to come in Islam and go to war zone for Islamic Caliphate during the war time, else fight with the army of Caliphate.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Open Letter to Warriors of Allah.

Dear Holy warriors,

It is matter great concern that you are killing some innocent Muslims as well, during the course of establishment of the Islamic State.  You are the warrior of Allaha and doing holy war for Islam, your motto should be the formation of the federation of all Islamic states, without disturbing the current Government of the Islamic Countries.  Before any military action please contact to the head of the Islamic states, and request them to join in your federation.  If they are willfully ready to join your federation then no need to take any military action on the Islamic states.  

Proceed further towards West, conquered over Roam, Spain and win successfully over terrorist Israel.  Towards east establish federation with Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and conquered over India, Myanmar.  In Middle East form federation from Kuwait, Saudi, UAE, Turkey, Jordan and Syria.  In Africa form federation from Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan.  Win successfully with other nations of North and South Africa who has population more than 20% Muslims but Government is run either by Jews or Christians.  

Keep in the mind you are not terrorists but Jihadi and a Jihadi is not cruel but intelligent who has given wisdom by Allaha, and if Allaha provides wisdom and strength to the person no power of the Globe can beat him.

May Allaha protect you and your warriors from any Satan attack who is the open enemy of true Muslims, and provide you and your Army courage, strength to fight with the enemies of Islam.  Ameen

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Protest against Jews Terrorism

Sorrowful message to all Muslim Brothers and Sisters,

Due to recent Jews terrorists attack on Palestine resulting death of uncountable innocent citizens, small children and Gang Rape of Palestine women, girls by the Jews Terrorists cause me deep pain and anguish.

I hereby decided to celebrate Id with utmost normal way and will not put on new clothes. I hereby request to all of my Muslim brothers and sisters and my followers and friends to do the same, if at all they would like to purchase new cloths please purchase black cloths which is the symbol of protest. I will pray with the Almighty Allaha to provide the courage to the family members of the victims and release Palestine from the clutches of Terrorist Israel. Ameen.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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