Monday, 29 September 2014

Culprit is holding the dais.

Dear Sir,

The recent visit of Modi culprit Prime Murderer of India to America and delivering speech in UN General Assembly is proved one thing, if anyone had the charges of crime against humanity and if he is elected representative or Supreme Head of the country then all of his sins, crime become null and void and he is able to sit, hold the meetings with the supreme heads of the Globe and able to address them.  Now culprits of Genocide in the form of Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu is coming and attending the conclave of Justice and delivering lectures and addressing to the international community. 

Modi delivered the speech from the dais of UN the supreme judicial body and Global parliament and addressed on terrorism to international community.  What an irony, a terrorists supportive is speaking on terrorism who himself is the outcome of the Hindu Terror outfit of India Bajrangdal, VHP, RSS.  He is the culprit of killing of 3000 innocent lives of Muslims that is not enough he looked inactive when police opened fire on Muslims at Baroda killing 12 Muslim youths protesting against the demolition of 700-year-old shrine of the Sufi saint Syed Rashiduddin Chisti on Fatehpura-Chappaner Road, Vadodara's old city, and when Muslims killed in the name of encounters by the police, 35 Muslims lost their lives in the fake encounters in communal Guj after 2002 most of them are from age group ranging 18 to 24 years.  

Claim of Modi supporters and terrorist’s supportive political wing BJP that he has not punished from either court in India for his role in communal Guj 2002;  so he is innocent is not appreciated by the Human Rights activists and author.  I would like to ask the BJP and Sanghi Terrorists whether fair and proper trial carry out in India against Modi or whether Judiciary did its job with utmost honesty and care to try Modi and bring him for justice, if yes, then why American court summoned him for the same crime in which Indian courts could not prove him guilty for his role in Guj 2002 communal riots and one sided action on Muslims.

If the parameter of respect is judge by the international community merely on the election, all sins and crime of criminal become void after become the democratic head of the country, then I will request with Hafiz Sayeed to become elected representative and become Prime Minister of the Pakistan, then what would be the reaction of international community for him. Because Modi and Hafiz both are traveling on the same boat, none of the court in Pak ever convicted Hafiz Sayeed for his role in Bombay attack.  One positive point is there for Hafiz Sayeed that he is not holding any democratic post of the country during the course of trial so very meager chances of manipulation but in case of Modi he was Chief Minister of communal Guj during the course of trial and vast chances of manipulation and manage Judiciary in India.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 22 September 2014

One sided love of Muslims.

Dear Sir,

In continuation of my article Political Modi and Muslims of India.  Mr. Modi had given good name to the Muslims of India, stating that Muslims are not anti Indian and he is under impression that no one should suspect on the integrity and patriotism of Muslims in India.  I am sure that Mr. Modi’s statement is absolutely political or it would be given to prepare the land of discussion with President Obama in America. If it is not correct then why Modi is unable to take action on the mischief mongers, in the form of Bajrangdal, VHP, RSS, Durga Vahini, Hindu Janjagrity Manch, Dharam Jagarn Sena?  I would like to ask some burning questions with Modi if he thinks that Muslims are patriotic then:- 

1.   How long Muslims will remain with an environment in which they teased  on the name of their religion Islam, Quran, Prophet and Allah abused openly by the public and politicians. 
2.  How long Muslim youths will face the heat of Hindu Hardliners on the name of love jihad.
3. How long Muslims will be torture and harass on Madrassa Education. 
4.  How long Muslims will face Sanghi terrorist's hate of highest value calling every Muslims are Hindu.  
5.  How long Muslims are unable to purchase any property in India; if at all they purchase they will have to face the rage of Sanghi Terrorists like VHP, Bajrangdal. 
6.   How long they will remain in constant fear and pain that India will become Hindu Rasthra and their voting rights will be snatched any moment by the Hindu terrorist master mind Pravin Thogadia, and they will become second class citizens.
7.   How long they will bear the version of the Minority Minister that Muslims are not minority. 
8.  How long they will remain in constant fear if riots erupted how they will save their life, property and chastity of their girls and daughters.

Mr. Modi Don't examines and exploits the passion of Muslims on the name of patriotism and Indian love.  I am asking a simple question with you. If a Man has got four sons and he distributed his property worth crore of Rupees discriminately, giving maximum benefits to biggest son remaining all are depend on the charity of biggest son. Will other sons still love to the father and will not develop the hate for one sided distribution and affection to the particular son.  If matter is not settle within due course of time and other sons unable to get proper justice then fight and blood bash is expected. I guess you might have understood better what I mean to say.  Love is not single way traffic, it gives fruit and flourish when other side responded to you request, unless hate, agony and pain.  One sided love does not hold any meaning. 

Modi Ji Muslims are doing one side love with India and not getting your proper response; as you are the top administrative authority of India don’t be sympathetic to particular son i.e. Hindus be impartial and give proper treatment to everyone.  

1.  Remove the culprits of Muzzaffarnagar violence from your council of Ministers; their appointment hurts the Muslim sentiments.
2.         Remove Uma Bharti the culprit of Babri Masjid demolition from cabinet.
3.        Move in higher court against the acquittal of terrorists lady Maya Kodnani, Asimanand and D.G. Wanzara
4.  Cancel the reinstate orders of p0lice officers in Guj involved in fake encounters of Muslim youths.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Muslim boy beaten up mercilessly.

Dear Sir,

A Muslim boy Nayab Khan was beaten up mercilessly in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh by the members of Hindu Terrorists Dharam Jagriti Manch and women wing of Hindu Terrorists Durga Wahini. There are severe injuries on the head and it was profusely bleeding, his nose broken and he has admitted to the hospital.  So far reports have come that boy was called in the park by anonymous caller, after reaching in the park the members of Hindu terrorists attached on him with lathis and punched him severely.  His both the hands hold by the members of Hindu Terrorists and tied up with the rope.  The Hindu women wing Durga Wahini slapped punched and kicked him.  His cloths snatched and turned into pieces, he was admitted in the hospital in seminude condition. 

Detail report is awaited, police is denying the fact of the incident and saying total reverse story of the case.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 19 September 2014

Political Modi and Muslims of India.

Dear Sir,

Statement of Modi the current Prime Minister of India given on Muslims and their patriotism in an International News interview, appreciated in the political gallery. Author of the article appreciate Mr. Modi's statement, given on Muslims.  I would like to remind the statement of Modi to the viewers of my article “Mr. Modi replied to the question of the Journalist and said Muslims of India are patriotic and they will live for India and die for India, I would like to say to Mr. Modi, Muslims did not require a certificate from any one to prove them as a patriotic. Secondly, I would like to tell Mr. Modi that Muslims are always patriotic to their home land, but the situation and circumstances makes them to act and involved sometime in anti national activities.  The reason behind is the wrong and barbaric policies of Government which harass them and deviate them from their original path. 

We cannot ignore the contribution of Muslims as they are the sculpture of modern India how we can ignore the Muslim potential which is evident in almost every filed. Contribution of Muslims cannot be ignored for the Independence of India.  Contribution of Captain Abdul Hameed and several soldiers who served for Indian army and achieved the martyrdom cannot ignore.  Contribution of father of Indian Missile Technology and then President of India Abul Kalam, contribution of most successful captain of Indian Cricket Team Mohammed Azharuddin, contribution of most successful hockey captain Aslam Sher Khan, Mr. Khan helped Indian Hockey Team to win gold medal, and lance tennis Sania mirza cannot be ironed. Sania is first lady tennis star from India who achieved the highest ranked as player.  In entertainment industry the contribution of Amir Khan, Sharukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan cannot be ignored.   No one can even try to ignore the contribution of the world fame Ustad Bismillaha Khan, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Ustad Zakir Hussain in music. In politics the contribution of Abul Kalam Azad the first Education Minister of Independent India may hardy ignore by any one. That is totally irrelevant that the good deeds of Muslims are not highlighted as that should be; and suppressed like a piece of paper hide and overlooked under thousand numbers of files though which is important.    

Suspect on the integrity, conduct and patriotism of Muslims is the habit and character of Sanghi Terrorists and Sanghi people, no sensible, educated, scholar can even think to ignore the contribution of Muslims for India and labeled them anti Indian.  That is the only reason the art legend and world fame artist Fida Hussain has been given bad name for his paintings by Sanghi Terrorists Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS and caused the environment he chose to live in exile and breathe his last sole as Qatar citizen. 

I would like to remind Mr. Modi that he is serving as Prime Minister on the support of Sanghi Terrorists and there is contradiction in his statement and his policy, one Giriraj from Bihar calling in political rallies every Muslims are Pakistani and anti Indian and he swore that if BJP come to power it will wipe out all the anti Indian elements from India or parcel them to Pakistan.  How Prime Minister of India making his statement true and upto when Muslims will face the heat of Sanghi wordings who are creating panic in the name of Love Jihad, forcing of 100 Muslim Girls in lieu of single Hindu.  How long Muslims will suppress their passion and remain calm, and feel proud while addressed them as an Indian.

It is quite ambiguous whether Prime Minister’s observation on Muslims is political or he is sincerely thinks that Muslims are patriotic and they are not anti Indian; but how long they will remain with pro Indian attitude specially when perpetual torture to the Muslim youths in the form of riots, allegations, illegal detention, conversion of their daughters and sisters may forced them to join anti Indian campaign.  If Prime of India sincerely thinks that Muslims are not anti Indian and wanted to maintain that stream alive then he has to give proper dignity, honor and justice to the Muslims for which they deserve.   If it is merely political statement and Mr. Modi wanted to lure Muslims with his sweet language then it would not serve the purpose by making statement and overlooked to the particular community exploit them and intimidation for their justice, which may change the current scenario.  

If Modi thinks that Muslims are not anti Indian and wanted to keep alive that stream then Modi government should not commit acts which leads Muslims towards anti Indian activities. Why immediately after coming to power terrorist lady Maya Kodnani, Asimanand and D.G. Wanzara discharged from judiciary, why criminal police officer Abhay Chudasama accused in Sohrabuddin fake encounter reinstated in police force and join duty as Superintendent of Police. The acts of exploitation, intimidation of justice with Muslims may develop anti Indian attitude and hate against the system and Government. 

The barrier of passion of Muslims so far unbeatable as far as patriotism and Indian love is concerned, but things may change according to situation and circumstances and that is the principle of nature as well, if you will destroy forests destruction is certain.  If Modi wanted Muslims to remain with India and believe in system, judiciary and give contribution in construction of India he has to act against the acquittal of Terrorist Lady Maya Kodnani, Terrorist Asimanand and Wanzara. He has to act on the police officers who were involved in the fake encounters of Muslims in communal Guj and act against the police officers who reinstated in police force.  He has to take personal attention of the cases for the innocent Muslim youths nabbed during the Congress Government under the charges of terrorism.  If Modi wanted to create a golden India, peaceful India he has to take care of the confidence development measure of minorities and that will come after rectifying the misdeed done by his Government in past two or three months which directly affected to the Muslims of Gujarat and hurt the sentiments of Muslims across the Globe.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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