Thursday, 26 February 2015

Criminals in Muslim outfit with Hindu identity.

Muslims in India has been given bad name by the Hindu terrorists, media, public and public servants.  Across the globe same practice prevails and almost in maximum cases the actual criminals are at par and innocent arrested due to bad name who are Muslims.  Some time the Hindu terrorists committed the crime with fake identity and in Muslim outfit and sometime Hindu terrorists abetted for the crime to the Muslims.  In both the cases police without doing home work or going upto the root cause, simply arrested to the Muslim youths.  

Several crime committed by the members of Hindu organisations in Muslim outfit just to confused the police or with an intention to distroy the prestige of Muslims.  All the cases had brought in the knowledge of police department.  Some of the mischievous game by the Hindu terrorists with fake identity.  

1.      In the year 2012 on the occasion of 26th January Abhinav Bharat along with VHP and Ram Sena deliberately hosted Pak flag on the Govt. office Bijapur at Karnataka.  All the activists were in Muslim dress and skull cap.  Their intention was to flare up communal violence and destroy the peace of Muslim dominated city.  Later stage inquiry officer proved the hands of Hindu organizations.

2.  After Mecca Masjid Blast Hindu Terrorists organisation played with the sentiments and instigated to the Muslims to attack on police, their intention was more Muslim causalities when police start fire, when situation become worsened and police start fire these hindu terrorists vanish from the scene but 12 Muslims killed in police firing after mecca masjid blast.  All the instigators were in Muslim outfits. 

3.  At Azad Medan 2012 Hindu terrorists in Muslim dress burnt the media vehicles and threshed to media persons and instigate to the Muslims for attack and destroy public property.  When Muslims come in the trap these Hindu mischief mongers vanished from the scene.  Ultimately police killed two Muslim youths and arrested another 55.

4.   Hyderabad on 6th Dec. 2013 one Sanghi Terrorist namely Vijay entered in the Mecca Masjid, in black pajama Kurta and black skull cap.  After Friday namaz he shouted the slogan “Nara-E-Takbeer, Allaha Hoakbar” and tried to disturbed the communal harmony of Hyderabad, asking to the Muslim youths to destroy establishment carry out by Hindus in Hyderabad.

5.     In the year July 2014 at Poona one Mohsin Sheikh lost his life because of the allegation he uploaded objectionable pictures of Thackrey and Shivaji.  Later stage fact come that pictures were uploaded by Hindu boy. 

6.   In October 2014 at Poona false message circulated on Whatapp a cow has been slaughtered by the Muslims on the occasion of Id-uladha.  Situation become tense and two community pelted stones on each other. Police nabbed two Hindu mischief mongers and in press conferences testified no cow has been slaughtered.  It was the rumor by mischief mongers just to destroy the festival passion of Muslims.  

7.    There are several cases of sending e-mails in the name of HuJI, LET or SIMI to the police, media and Government officials but in these all emails every time the Hindu mischief mongers were nabbed. One young Hindu boy from Bhopal arrested to send threatening mail to President Kalam, on the letter pad of SIMI with Muslim name.  

In this all episode one more case has been added on Sunday 15/02/2015 two woman caught attempting to steal valuables at a wedding function in guise of ‘burkha’ at Udyavar in Udupi district.  These two women in burkha were behaving and moving suspiciously in the wedding hall.  Some people from the family kept watch on them and caught red handed while one of the woman trying to steal the purse full of valuable. Later on she was handed over to police along with purse, gold ornaments, necklace and earrings.

Kaup police have arrested the women and begun the inquiry in this regard. In police record it has come in the knowledge both the women are said to be originally from Tamil Nadu. The woman who was caught revealed that she was known as Lakshmi alias Roja, belonging to Hindu community.

Muslims are always labeled as the trouble maker and involve in the violence, crime and terrorism which is not correct. In most of the cases scapegoat or bad name become the cause of arrest of Muslims and actual criminals are at par.  Some time Hindu terrorists exploit Muslims in the form of provocative speech, asking to commit the act of violence on the name of religion, when situation become ugly, the real culprits vanish and the act committer nabbed by the police.  

Indian media played important role to tarnish the image of Muslims and labeled them terrorists.  Because of Indian media who without doing proper investigation and enquiry labeled an innocent Muslim a terrorist, criminal or anti national and due to that most of the Muslims are still behind the bars and Afzal Guru was given name as Jihadi and hanged wrongly until death.   

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Modi Government to its task.

On Jan 26th 2015 American President Barack Obama visited India on the invitation of Prime Master of terrorists supportive political party BJP.  President Obama could not uttered some hard words for India and its terrorist organizations during his stay in India may be due to fear of life threat from them, but he hints out at the close of the event about his discomfort of Hindu extremism increased in India and given some feedback about increase of religious intolerance, he further instructed India; no country can do development if a particular part of the society is in perpetual threat.   But after reaching to his home town America he in full volume of voice criticized India and its Government, being partial to minorities Muslims and Christians.  He further smacks down Indian Government for religious intolerance and it misleads the word non violence of Gandhi, and if Gandhi would have alive in this era of India would be ashamed and shocked to look present India.  

India strongly countering US President Barack Obama's charge of "religious intolerance" in India, the Modi government has conveyed to Washington DC and replied by Modi Government on the allegations of President Obama, that the usual notion of alienation of minorities is not valid in the Indian context as the government has ensured their socio-economic and political integration with the mainstream.  

On reply of Indian Government counter question of Journalist, if Government has ensured the socio-economic and political integration of minorities then why there is not a single MLA from MP, communal Guj, Chattisgard and how many MPs have won from BJPs tickets from UP, Bihar, Delhi and how many Ministers are there in central cabinet. 

Reply of Indian Government to American President at Washington DC. The government's response to violent extremism was calibrated to prevent disproportionate use of force, India highlighted how it had never used "air power" or "area weapon" to combat violent extremism. "India's National Security Guard, the nodal counter-terrorism force, is a police organization...the police with its roots in the communities deals with violent extremism firmly yet with human touch," Ravi said adding that even the Army was bound by India civil laws and functioned as "an empowered police".

On reply of Indian Government counter question of Journalist, why there are several camps of Hindu terrorists are still exists in Gujarat, MP, Chattisgar, Haryana, and several other parts of India who are violent extremist and all sort of lethal training given to them. 

Reply of Indian Government to American President at Washington DC. India took pride in the fact that despite a population of 180 million Muslims, there had been hardly any case of recruitment of Indian Muslims to any of the violent Pan Islamist groups. "Terrorism that India faces has their source often outside the country," declared Ravi.

On reply of Indian Government counter question of Journalist,  Mr. Ravi you and your government of India is the big joke of the 21st century.  If there is no religious intolerance in India and Government is not working on the basis of caste, creed and culture and there are hardly any Muslim in any terrorists group recruited, then what is the reason behind the bars of uncountable Muslim youths under the age group of 20 to 30 years for the charges of having link with HUJI, SIMI, Al-qaeda.  Why 35 Muslims killed in communal Guj by the police on the false report of intelligence, why after 1993 uncountable Muslim youths killed in Maharashtra of having link with terrorists organisations.   Why in Kashmir more than 5 lakhs Muslim youths killed in the name of insurgency.  Why more than 2 lakhs Muslim teenage girls lost their chastity with hands of communal Indian Army Jawan.  Why Muslims lost faith in justice while they are arrested in wrong tag.  This fact has come in the knowledge of the author during his recent research which had been submitted in the University.  Shame on you Ravi and Indian system who is killing Muslims silently and when things are coming to the knowledge of international community you people started beating the drums of Muslim sympathy if Muslims are not in terrorists list that implies  you committed crime of highest value being implicate innocent in the false tag of terrorism and destroyed his life.  You and your government have exposed in front of international community of being religiously violent and committed serious human rights violations.

Reply of Indian Government to American President at Washington DC. Even the 65% turnout in the recent polls in Jammu & Kashmir, India's only Muslim-majority state, was highlighted at the US meet as "a testimony to its (India's) success story".

On reply of Indian Government counter question of Journalist, maximum seats BJP won with fake and bogus voting same as BJP did in Varanasi election; at least 6 lakhs bogus voters cast their vote to elect Modi reported by Times of India, but report could not tabled in the parliament for discussion.  In fact entire election on maximum seats in India BJP won with manipulation and bogus voting.  What is BJP’s position in valley, not a single seat it can win from valley. 

Reply of Indian Government to American President at Washington DC.  The government had, over the last two years, trained over 1.7 lakh women belonging to the minorities, under its scheme 'Leadership Development of Minority Women', preparing them for participation in grassroots democratic institutions and for accessing institutional finance.

On reply of Indian Government counter question of Journalist, what is the economic status of minorities; Muslims and Christians.  What you did is not important what is the result of your efforts is more important, if result is failure it  implies your efforts were not with positive will.  Still 80% Muslims are living below poverty line in most variable condition near drainage and slums.

Reply of Indian Government to American President at Washington DC. The National Minorities Development and Finance Cooperation disbursed concessional loans of over $500 million to entrepreneurs from smaller communities, for self-employment.

On reply of Indian Government counter question of Journalist, still 90% Muslim youths are unemployed and 17% rate of literacy amongst Muslims under the age of 17 years.  Why over all literacy rate in Muslims is merely 59% while they are 14% of their population while in Christians it is 80.3% in compare to their population 3.3%, Sikhs rate of literacy is 69.4% with respect to their population which is 2.9, in Buddhist the rate of literacy is 72.7% while they are 0.8%, Parsis 97.9 and population is 0.017.  Why the research report of Sachar Committee is found that one-fourth of Muslim children in the age group of 6-14 years have either never attended school or are drop-outs.  Why the dropout ratio amongst Muslims is very high near about 75%. 

Fact is that Muslim students are tortured in the schools and colleges by the majority community and teachers, they are developed the feeling of isolation in the schools, through perpetual taunts, religious and racial comments.  Which makes them uneasy to attend schools and could not concentrate to their studies and hence they prefer to remain at home rather to attend schools. 

If Indian Government sincerely thinks to improve the economy and education of Muslims;  Government should come out with some concrete solutions or at least adopt the recommendations of Rajendra Sachhar committee.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Human Torture by MLA man



Reports have come in the knowledge of journalist about the human torture by  the terrorists supportive political party BJP MLA right hand man Suresh Gatige on two humans.  Who were these youths is still not confirmed may be from Muslim community.  MLA Suresh Gatige from BJP in Kolhapur detained two youths in the month of Nov. 2014 at Kolhapur District of Maharashtra District naked them, and tortured one by one.  The allegation on the youths they were supported to the marriage of some common friend. 

MLA implies the legislative post and representative of the public in the area, but the MLA of BJP and representative of the public is having cruel mentality and terrorists attitude, which is evident in several cases.  In communal Gujarat riots in the year 2002 most of the MLA were involved in the Genocide and killing of the Muslims.  Most popular name amongst the list is Maya Kodnanai who were Minister for women and Child welfare at the time of her crime.  Most of the BJP MLAs were involved in the slice of the foetus after removed from the abdomen of pregnant Muslim women.  

Last week one Muslim man Afzal Beg was murdered by the son of police constable at Malad Mumbai.  Now BJP MLA involved in torture.   Fact is that when terrorists supportive BJP captured the Parliament the Human Rights has been violated very badly in India.  No one can claim that he is safe and will remain safe in India specially after BJP captured the power.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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