Monday, 30 March 2015

Me & my agony with secular Parties with communal agenda.

In India the so called secular parties Congress, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Samajwadi Party are claiming themselves as the secular parties, but their act and conduct is not secular they are following the footsteps of Sangh. 

Author is the biggest sufferer of such types of pseudo secular image of the political parties and Ministers.  Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) of Sharad Pawar is the party of communal, criminal elements, pseudo secular though showing its image as secular when approaching to Muslims for votes. 

I was deputed to work in the year April 2003 with Ranajagjitsinha Patil current MLA from Osmanabad at Royal Stone bungalow, as a PA to Rana Patil.  At that time Rana’s father Dr. Padmasingha Patil was Cabinet Minister in irrigation, and Rana was neither MLA nor Minister.  I was not aware the intention of Rana Patil & Co. for what purpose they depute me as a PA, only it will come to know me about their intentions and venom against Muslims after series of atrocities and planned torture.   

Rana Patil MLA Osmanabad NCP

In the year 2005 Dr. Padmasinha Patil given order to conduct the encounter of mine to his police escort. In white ambassador car of irrigation department kept large number of carbine guns and some rifles.  Havaldar Shinde, Constable Shivkar, and driver Borate knows about the forged encounter theory.   In the dark about 11 o’clock Dr. Patil  asked me to go at Terna Medical College for some work along with Havaldar Shinde in the ambassador car of Irrigation department, which was still in his possession of Dr. Patil even he was not Minister at that time.  Encounter was planned near Vashi creek bridge.  As per orders Driver Borate stopped the car near Vashi creek and Havaldar Shinde snatch my hand and tried to remove myself from the car and said “it is the order of sahib to conduct your encounter, I am helpless”.  But Almighty was with me and he saved me, after returned back to Royal Stone bungalow when Dr. Patil and Rana seen me alive they very much surprised and asked me how you come alive. 

Dr. Padmasinha Patil

When first incident failed, in second incident I was kidnapped by Rana Patil, in his personnel vehicle black Laxi along with driver Mahadev Thodsare and brought me to Poona, from there they brought me to an unpleasant, unknown place in the forest.  My mobile was confiscated by Rana Patil, because I cannot inform to anyone. The place was looking like form house with unused warehouse. it may be the form house of Sushant Jadav the industrialist and son of chief irrigation engineer Mr. Jadhav of that time.  Rana wanted to behead myself there, Rana locked me in the tin shade with old and rusted machineries.  I can hear the planning of beheading and instructions  of Rana Patil to someone from other side of the tin shed.  In entire episode Sushant Jadhav constantly refusing to commit crime against humanity he said it is sin dada “tumhala pap lagel”.  After some time one black masked man approached towards me with knife in his hand.   All of sudden what happened I don’t know, Rana approached to me snatched my hand, and asked me to sit in the LXI car in the returned he asked me not to tell anyone about the incident.  Both the incidents failed to kill me but still efforts of Rana and Dr. Patil were on to kill me or eliminate me. 

In the year 2006 I come to work at Cannot mansion 1st Floor, A-Wing Opposite Colaba Post Office, Colaba Mumbai, because Dr. Patil left the Royal Stone as he was not minister.  In the dark at about 12 when I was sleeping, Chandu the cook along with Driver Namdev Jadav and constable Samgeer attacked on me with knife, on the orders of Patils.  They wanted to kill myself; constable Samgeer asked Chandu let I will hold the legs of Khan Namdev will hold the hands and you cut his neck.  Here also Patils failed and they could not kill me.  At the time I left the job in 2007 Chandu was in library of Terna Medical College as a peon.

Not only servants but every member of Patil family wanted to destroy my prestige.  When they failed from everywhere Patil family played the political cards with me.   One of the lady from the office of Sanjay Raut the Member of Parliament of Shiv Sena came at Colaba and took permission with Dr. Chandrakala Patil the wife of Dr. Padmasinha Patil to blackened my face, further that lady from the office of Sanjay Raut asked Mrs. Patil you will not file any complaint in the police while we will enter in your house along with the cameras and Shiv Sena activists.  It was the BMC election time and Shiv Sena played trick the members of Shiv Sena come in crowd saying they have come for campaign along with the black paint and TV channel; their intention was to entre in the house and blackened my face if I allow them to enter in the house.  Neelam Gore was leading the procession.  Here also Almighty helps me and I did not allow them to entre in the house and unlocked the door, and they returned with empty hands and their foul game could not success.  Immediately, their return Mrs. Patil called me why you have not taken them in the house, in reply I asked Mrs. Patil I don’t have any information and they were from opposite group.  But I can understand about the planned drama had been designed by Patils in connivance with Shiv Sena to malign my prestige. 

When Dr. Patils failed everywhere and could not eliminate me and killed me they played dirty game to malign my prestige, on flimsy grounds.  I was alleged and planned to trap in wrong Rape charges, by then Minister of State and current MLA Rana Patil from Osmanabad, and his father Dr. Padmasinha Patil. In this all false, frivolous, forged complaint and planned rape accusation sweeper Sharad Pawar resident of Airoli Navi Mumbai, Datta resident of Natipote Poona District and Rozi a lady servant from Colaba slums were involved, they were following the orders of Dr. Patil.   Their intentions were to trap me in the charges of Rape of a young lady.  But when Almighty is with the man, no power can even deviate him or harm him.  Havaldar Shinde along with constable Shivghan hold my hand and asked me question about rape on the order of Dr. Padmasinha Patil for arrest.  Dr. Patil given order of arrest asking his escort persons to arrest me.  When I asked legality of the crime and medical report, further I asked them let me call to my council, then they scared.  God is with me they cannot trap me in wrong charges, their intention was to send me in Jail and let case be linger up for long and my life will destroy upto the final disposal of the case.  This all incident happened in the year 2007 at the resident of Dr. Patil at Cannot mansion 1st Floor, A-Wing Opposite Colaba Post Office, Colaba Mumbai.  This is same Havaldar Shinde who had assigned the task to kill me in encounter. 

If the party like Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) who is claiming itself as the protector of Minorities and minister like Patils who are showing Muslim love can commit the crime of highest value with their own employee only because of his religious identity, then what would be their percentage of hate from common Muslims.  Think before vote, only they are showing pseudo love for sake of votes.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 27 March 2015

Exploited Muslims and Indian Cricket

Indian cricket team is out from the world cup cricket tournament on 26th March 2015.  She lost the battle by Australia with 95 runs and back to the pavilion.  Some important incidents which I would like to bring in the notice of my article in respect of team India and media persons.  

As soon India beats to Bangladesh in quarter final, a series of sympathetic massages for Mohammed Sami flung on the social networking site Face book, by Rashtravadi Muslim group.  In that massage that group wanted to exploit the Muslims of India on the name of Mohammed Sami the only Muslim face in Indian squad.   Saying if India will win Semi final we 30 crore Muslims will proud on Mohammed Sami lets pray for Indian team  for Mohammed Sami.  Such types of groups are usually created by the Sanghi people at the time of any political need or at the time of any events in which India is supposed to come in flying colors.  Intention of the group people is just to exploits the sentiments of Muslims with a hope and expectations they will pray for India.  In the same way in Nav Bharat Times the Hindi news paper of Times group given full news coverage on Muslim villagers of Mohammed Sami praying for India after reciting Quraan.  Said paper given some quraanic verses also just to exploit the sentiments of Muslims on religious grounds.  TV channels shown the clipping that Muslims, Christians are praying for India after doing their religious deeds.  

I cannot understand any ample reason why Muslims should pray for India or its victory, especially when the people of India (Hindus) used to abuse with highest filthy language to Allaha, Prophet and Quraan.  Hindus used to mimicry on Islam and saying Quraan is the violent book some of them is in the opinion it should be banned.  Why Muslims should pray for India when some students at Mangalore beaten up mercilessly because they were Muslims and going to represent the event on behalf of college where some Hindu girls were also present in the group.   Secondly if Hindus don’t have faith on Islam if they abused Allaha and saying Quraan is the most violent book and main source of terrorism then no meaning to beg from Muslims to pray for India’s victory.  There is no reason to exploits Muslims on sentimental grounds, showing Quraanic verses and create sympathetic attitude for Mohammed Sami in Muslim community.  Secondly if only Muslim villagers of Mohammed Sami prayed for India because of Sami it proved that no Hindus might have prayed for Sami but they would have prayed for India only and not for Mohammed Sami, if Hindus can discriminate on the basis of caste, creed and culture then why Muslims should pray for India only because of Mohammed Sami.  

It has become culture of Indian public, right from politicians to normal public whenever they required any help from Muslims they will start using sweet language and exploits them in the name of Islam, Prophet and Quraan, and when Muslims come in their trap and politicians solve their problem they behave and meet with Muslims like untouchables, and when Muslims required the help of politicians they start giving flimsy excuses.  Muslims have seen the congress rule since from 1947, Muslims have seen BJP rule thrice.  

Modi in his all the public rallies exploited Muslim community and begging for votes but after come to power Modi conducted and completed a preplanned, silent attack in connivance of Terrorists on Muslims.  Modi Government is totally answerable in the rise of anti minority campaign by the Sangh in the form of Love jihad, Ghar Wapsi anti Muslim attitude, communal violence, attack on the Mosques, Madrassas but still Modi Government is silent.   

Judiciary is also answerable for the miscarriage of justice in delivering the verdict of Hashimpura police massacre on 47 unarmed Muslims.  Indian government is worried on the life of 39 Indians in Islamic State and constantly following up the matter, if same is the situation in India then for what we are calling yourself as the biggest democratic country.  It is war zone in entire Gulf region and no one can give any guarantee in war zone, but in Hashimpura there was no war like situation but still PAC killed innocent unarmed Muslims.  If more Hindus may killed in Dubai,  UAE and other Muslim nations same as PAC did with Muslims in Hashampur, Indian Government don’t have authority to criticize to the concern Government of Muslims countries.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Torture of Muslim Man

"Please share this, look at how these Hindu terrorist are torching  the Muslims to become Hindu.  This is wrong, they should be put in jail."

Tortured on Muslims is unstopped every single day new case of torture and beating to unarmed Muslim by the terrorists of RSS, Bajrangdal, VHP and related all the Hindu terrorists groups reported.  This time an unarmed man tortured after tied up his hands from the pole and encircled his neck with gallows,  this video is horrible and shoots by the Tehalka.  One of the Hindu terrorist is telling in the video on the religion of the man that he is Muslim, after asking his name. Terrorists forcible asked to recite the name of Hindu mythological character Ram. 

This is total Human Rights Violation and India has to reply on the growing atrocities on minorities Muslims and Christians with necessary action on Terrorists.

Just four days ago one Church in New Panvel of Navi Mumbai area and one Church at Jabalpur has been dismantled and de-sacred.  Ten days ago one Church at Haryana de-sacred and installed the idol of monkey and hosted saffron flag on the top of the Church. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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मुस्लिम पर्सनल लॉ के शेर की दहाड़ के सामने हिन्दू स्टेट के सबसे बड़े पाखंडी और आतंकी सरगना की गीदड़ भबकी बोहोत ही दबी हुई जान पड़ती है.   प...