Saturday, 27 June 2015

Muslims can’t offer Namaz in Modi Rule.


Reports are coming from Delhi where Khakee terrorists of India (Police) stopped the Muslims to offer Friday Namaz on 26/06/2015 in the The Khirki Mosque a protected monument.  Since last two weeks Muslims tried to offer Namaz on the Monuments which was constructed by the Muslim emperors and Government of India captured under the pretext of heritage monuments.  Mosque was built by Khan-E-Jahan Junan Shah in the year between 1351 to 1388, a Muslim Prime Minister of Tughlaq Dynasty.   Incident  become tense when Muslims tried to offer prayers forcefully at Khirki Mosque on Friday, the plea of Muslims was turned down by the police that we will peacefully offer the namaz, there is reports of manhandling and misbehaviour done by the police to the Muslim Moulanas and scholars.  Police also threatened to the group of Muslims who would like to offer peaceful Namaz to suppress them after calling extra force.  Please see the link and argument of Muslims brothers with police, and threat of police to call extra force

An elderly resident of nearby Hauz Rani Feroze Khan said, "Someone lakh Muslims reside in this area, Khirki Gaon and Extension. If there were any need for additional space to offer namaz during Ramzan, at this mosque, the demand would have come from us first.

Ayub Khan, another resident, said, "We learnt that the youths' argument was that this mosque is in disuse anyway. Also, that it has become a den for alcoholics and mischief-makers, so why not allow it for offering namaz. However, we don't agree with their methods. If at all they wanted to use it for a holy work, they should have talked to the locals and taken the needed permission from authorities."

India is a secular country and even Monuments are also holding caste based status some monuments are Muslims some are Hindus while some are secular.  Khakri Masjid comes under the category of secular monuments which have no recent history of being worshipped are treated as 'secular structures of national heritage' and prayers are prohibited here.  Ironically, this principle are applied only on Muslims, that they cannot offer Namaz on Monuments, however Hindus are free to construct temples on every Monuments and can start Pooja.  Need not to say the Hyderabad Charminar, Goulkunda Fort, Babri Masjid, Dhar Jami Masjid, Gulbarga Masjid, Bijapur and almost in every big city Hindus captured Muslim Mosque no action but when Muslims offer Namaz in the ancient Mosque police stopped them with an action and threat to fire on Namazis. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Yog, Terrorists and Humanity.

Advertised products are always have some loopholes, lacunae and their side effects can only senses by the people after adopting the products. Normally companies promoting their substandard or low quality products in the form of advertisement and expedite the business.  Modi is the Gujju man who better knows the business through advertisement, but public realised his policy after come in his trap through vast publicity. 

Before Union election at centre Modi and BJP expends crore of Rupees in the publicity, advertisement with all the allegations on the Congress Government and public become easy prey for the mischief of wicked person.  People of India gave BJP a chance to run the Government Administration for good days but within the span of 13 months now things are becoming worst and people of India realises that they have committed blunder in selection of party.  Whatever harm congress done to the country in 60 years these Modi and Co. did in 13 months of Government.

Modi cannot leave any moment to make himself popular, highlighted himself for his pseudo development work in the public for appreciation.  Media is supporting Modi and its administration and projecting them as a rescuer for the public from the misgovernance.  Media took a lead in running multiple news, episode for the Yog day on 21st June 2015 since from 10 to 15 days before the event, as it was Modi’s dream project for the promotion of Hindu ideology. 

Here I would like to raise my protest on the act of paid Indian Media who was running behind Modi to circulate the Yog news on daily basis, and tried to make event grand success, but totally forget and ignored the news of Hooch tragedy at Indian biggest city and mercantile capital Mumbai on 19/06/2015.  Very first news was appeared in Pakistan news paper Dawn on 19th June 2015, initially there were 40 causalities, and I expressed my comments on the news paper. There were no news on any of the Indian News papers nor breaking news on any of the news channels as all the Media houses were busy to cover up Modi’s Yog day event, even the causality figure raises day by day.  At least more than 102 people have lost their lives and it become the Media attention only after Yog event completed on 21st June 2015.  Thus Yog event of Modi overcome on humanity, as if Yog is much important than Human lives, Indian Media were busy in telecasting the news of Yog on the instance of Modi but ignored the precious Human lives.  Due to excess advertisement and promotion to Modi Government, Indian Media and Government faces humiliation and embarrassment in Nepal recent relief work quake divested areas.  

Rajnath Singh and Dhongi Baba suggested Hurriyat leader Sayed Ali Shah Geelani and Jihadis to perform Yog, it will remove all the evil fortitude and mischief from their minds.  Why Rajnath Singh and Dhongi Baba is not giving such message to Hindu Terrorists who are having acute hate, abhorrence with entire Muslim community, Islam and Christians.  In Jammu VHP terrorists are taking training with lethal weapons in their training camps.  Why Modi and Rajnath become blind on such types of training centres of terrorists in India, when they raised finger on Pakistan Jihadi camps and while Indian Army doing aggression on Myanmar border to kill some people on the name of NSCN Terrorists. 

Modi pats his back in solving the border issue with Bangladesh.  Certainly Modi is not the symbol of appreciation  rather full credit goes to Congress the main opposition party who supported Modi cabinet in Parliament while passing the resolution on the issue.  I would like to ask Modi and BJP members of Parliament what would be their stand if  same resolution would have passed by Congress to solve border issue with Bangladesh.   Will they remain silence and allow to pass the resolution if  Congress would have donate 17000 acars land of India to Bangladesh.  Will they not remember motherland, Nationality and Indian love, will they not pollute the mindset of Hindus and turned it on communal line.  If any problem solved amicably without any opposition then credit goes to the opposition parties of right mentality people and not the current Government and BJP people of polluted mentality who always blaming the running Government of Vote Bank politics. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cricket has not remain Gentlemen game.

Indian cricket team have lost the fray with Bangladesh in both the one days and the only test remains with draw.  From the tour of Bangladesh and humiliated defeat to India some points become clear.  Firstly Indian cricket team can perform well only on the home grounds specially when local empires are on the panel.  Secondly India won world cup quarter finals played in the month of March 2015 with Bangladesh adopted the policy of cheating and Lastly, Indian team is not strong as it was assumed to beat Bangladesh.  

Before tour to Bangladesh Indian Army was very much confident to conquest on Bangladesh easily when they entered to the border of Bangladesh in the morning and as per the Captain they will sip tea at Dhaka by evening.  Alaas all the dreams of Indian captain scattered.

I can remember the English proverb “a drop of bad water makes an ocean dirty”  some persons and teams destroyed the prestige of gentleman game cricket.   Upto mid 19ties cricket was supposed to be the best sports amongst all.  But slowly slowly it lost its passion due to corruption, manipulation and politics entered in the game. 

In India the fascist and terrorists supportive political parties like Shiv Sena and indeed terrorists VHP, Bajrangdal and RSS always opposed the participation of Pakistan to play cricket on Indian soil.  Four years back these terrorists organizations opposed the presence of Australia cricket team to play in India.  I can remember the semi final of world cup 2011 played between India and Pakistan at Mohali on Mar 30, 2011.  But due to acute threat not to allow Pakistan cricket team at Bombay to play final by Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackrey, there was severe pressure on Pakistan team to lost the battle.  Then India Minister Sharad Pawar had gone to meet Thackrey and discussed the issue if Pakistan have reached to final, will Shiv Sena allow it to play at Bombay.  Finally, Indian Government along with Sharad Pawar pressurized Pak team for lost, saying if Pak will win the match there would be severe communal violence across India and loss of Muslim lives.  In TV interview after the match Shaheed Afreedi the captain of Pak team openly criticized to Indian politicians, media and Hindu Public.  As per Shaheed Muslims are big hearted and Hindus have small hearts Hindus cannot sacrifice as Muslims are doing.  Semi final and final of the world cup 2011 was fix, and I had written an article on the issue. 

On 16 March 2012 Bangladesh beat India by 5 wickets, but here also very low umpiring was evident.  Four to five wrong decisions  favoured India and harm to Bangladesh.  But it may be the Friday effect that even century of Sachin 114 could not survive India and Bangladesh won by five wickets. 

Above mentioned points low the dignity of cricket rest destroyed the prestige of cricket by IPL.   Now IPL is become the gathering of  gambling,  prostitution, money making, liquor bar and involved in all the unethical means.  Better late than never, it is the right time for International Cricket Council to save the gentleman game Cricket and remove the tag of bad name from it.   Frame some strict rules and regulations for the players, cricket boards and teams.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ramadan delighted me.

Start in name of Allaha most merciful and benevolent.

Dear friends, all of my well wishers, followers and viewers of my blog. 

Holy month Ramadan brought the good news for me. It is 2nd day of Ramadan and I received the good news. I would like to share the moment of joy with all of you.  I have cleared all the milestones in Ist attempt.  Today my result of 4th and last semester for Master Degree of Journalism and Mass Communication is out and I scored 60% marks.   Now you can call me Journalist.  

Inshallaha I will go to Pakistan in the month of August 2015 I have already applied for Visa.  I would like to meet with Hafiz Saeed, Talibani leaders and Pakistani Security Personals.  I will inquire the incidents of Bomb Blast across Pakistan after June 2014 after Sanghi Terrorists captured Indian Parliament and Modi become head of the Union.  I will basically inquire the incident of Terrorists attack on Karachi Airport, attack on Military School  and recent attack on Church killed at least 60 Christian brothers and sisters.

I will inquire the entire incidents at my own same as I did in case of  Afzal Guru and inquired the matter and come to the conclusion that Afzal was not Jihadi.  He was given bad name by Indian security agencies.  If Indian hands proved in the terrorists attack at Pak soil then India has to answer the questions of International community, and if Indian Government failed to take action on Sanghi terrorists for terrorists attack on foreign land then India may face the Drown Attack of America and international community. 

I would like to request with the Dawn News Paper, Al Jazeera News services and Gulf News to give me an opportunity to work under their kind control.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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