Friday, 31 July 2015

Another Muslim killed in cold blooded.

At last Yakub Memon sacrificed by the Terrorist Government due his Muslim identity and as such terrorists took revenge with Yakub because of his Islamic culture and identity.  Such types of state sponsored terror activities of Democratic Government against Muslims will give rise to the rebellion attitude amongst the youths.  Other Islamic States may follow the same modus operendi of India with Hindus living in their countries. 

Certainly, injustice done to Yakoub.  Judiciary, President, Terrorist Modi and Maharashtra Government are standing in the witness box of culprits.  It is not the first instance when a Muslim has paid the value for his religion in India, but this principle of injustice of judiciary with Muslims on the basis of caste, creed and culture was started after 1992. 

Indian Hindus could not recognised Muslims as Indian after partition in the year 1947. Those who demanded Pakistan had migrated to Pakistan for their better prospects and the Muslims who remained in India were pure Indian that was the only reason they refused to go Pakistan and saw their bright future in India even after partition.  But that was their mistake and they realised after the perpetual harassment, torture and label of turncoat or Pakistani given by common Hindu who could not recognised a Muslim as an Indian. 

Indian Judiciary is also biased against Muslims because of their Islamic Identity even if they are totally devoted for India.  That is the only reason Yakub Memon was murdered by the Supreme Terrorist of India for his crime which he did not committed. 

Yakub Memon surrendered himself on the request of RAW and Indian authorities that fair justice will be provided to him, and they will recommend mercy for him.  Thus he helped to the Court and acted as the amicus curry for the Court.  He had provided all the information, videos and foreign hands in the blast of 1993.  But what Indian Judiciary did with Yakub it implicates to the friend of court and assigned punishment to him, and gave proof that Indians (Hindus) never be faithful for  Muslims.  Now next time none of other Muslim will support to any of the Indian Judicial authority or ever try to help the Indian Courts in giving evidence.  Secondly none of Muslim will relay on the version of any Indian authorities in any case.  In fact it is not the mistake of court but it is the culture of religion of tolerance.  These people used to insert knife from back while they embraced Muslims.   Indians are killing to their own friends those who helped them.  Shivaji met with Afzal Khan and during hug he tried to insert knife on the back of Afzal Khan, later Afzal Khan hold Shivaji in his single arm and hanged him with his neck.

Indians cannot be relied upon its versions and it is the habit of Indians to break the promises show its infidelity with others.  Here I will not take the name of any political party but I will take the entire Indian Community excluding Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. Indian Government all the time blaming to Pakistan for cease fire violation and responsible for violation of peace talks.  But looking at the past in the year 1971 what Indians did with Pakistan and what Government did with its own friend of court Yakub Memon in present it is proved that cease fire violation and violation of peace talks are from the Indian side.  If Indian Government cannot protected its own friend of court then how we can expect Indians will keep its version alive with Pakistan.  

It is the request with every Muslim please don’t rely upon the sweet talks and wordings of any Judicial Authority of India and don’t come in their trap.  If any Muslim is having any concrete proof or information for any terror activities don’t share it with police, court or Government Authorities.  They will share in good faith of justice but they will implicate in the crime like Yakub Memon.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 30 July 2015

एक और बटवारा ………।

शहीद याकूब मेमन

अन्याय जन्म देता हे अलगाओवाद को और अलगाओवाद जन्म देता हे बटवारे को.  १४ अगस्त १९४७ भारत को आज़ादी नसीब हुई लेकिन अनेक टुकड़ो मे. जिसमे मुख्यत पाकिस्तान एक बड़ा हिस्सा भारत का अलग हो गया.  जो मुसलमान पाकिस्तानी समर्थक थे वो पाकिस्तान चले गए लेकिन जो सच्चे भारतीय थे उनको भारत के अंदर रहने में ही अपनी फलाह और कामयाबी नज़र आई.   लेकिन य क्या भारत का हिन्दू कभी उन मुसलमानो को भारतीय नहीं समझ सका जो भारत में रह गए थे.  १९४७ से ले कर १९९२ तक सभी मुसलमानो को पाकिस्तानी और गद्दार कह कर सम्भोदित किया जाता  रहा.  यहाँ तक के स्कूल में मुसलमान बच्चो को प्रताड़ित किया जाता उनको मारा पीटा जाता, स्कूल टीचर सामने खड़े रह कर मुसलमान बच्चो को हिन्दू बच्चो से पिटवाते और उसको नाम दिया जाता कुश्ती।  जब कुश्ती ही करना हे तो मुसलमान बच्चा कियो हिन्दू बच्चे को मार नहीं सकता इस सवाल पे टीचर चुप हो जाता.  य बाते सिर्फ लेखक का दिमागी फुतूर नहीं हे बल्कि उसने य सारे वाकियात उसके साथ महसूस और दुसरे मुसलमानो के साथ अनुभव किये. 

०६ दिसंबर १९९२ को बाबरी मस्जिद शहीद कर दी गई और उसके साथ शहीद किये गये हज़ारो मुसलमान जिनकी सुध लेने वाला कोई नहीं। पुलिस की गोली चली तो मुसलमानो पे, हॉस्पिटल में डॉक्टर्स का मुसलमान का इलाज करने से इंकार, उधोगिक जगत का मुसलमान को दान न देना।  फिर मार्च १९९३ को इन सारे सवाल का जवाब मुसलमानो ने अपने ही अंदाज़  में दिया जिसके बाद एक और नाम अपने साथ जोड़ दिया गया वो नाम था आतंकवादी। अब जहा कही भी मुसलमान जाता उसको शक की नज़र से देखा जाने लगा.  हर मुसलमान के पीछे भगवा मोरल पुलिस लगी रहती और किसी भी झूठे इलज़ाम में उसको गिरफ्तार करवा दिया जाता.  १९९३ से लेकर २०१० तक हर मुसलमान में सरकार, पुलिस, न्यायलय और हिन्दू जनता को आतंकवादी ही नज़र आने लगा.  ज़ुल्म की हद  तब और भी बड़ गई जब मुसलमान हल्को में ब्लास्ट का दोषी भी मुसलमानो को ही करारा दे कर जेलों में बंद किया गया.  जब तक की हिन्दू आतंकवाद का चेहरा बेनक़ाब नहीं किया गया. 

अब परीक्षा और बारी थी न्याय के मंदिर तथा भारत की न्याय प्रणाली की।   यहाँ पे भारत की न्याय प्रणाली मुसलमानो के लिए कम नहीं रही.  जब १९९३ के ब्लास्ट करने वाले याकूब को फ़ासी की सजा दी जाती हे तो बाबरी मस्जिद शहीद करने वालो के ऊपर अभी तक चार्ज शीट तक दाखिल नहीं होती.  जिन शिव सेनिको ने दंगो में सिर्फ मुसलमानो को चुन चुन कर शहीद किया था वो सब बरी हो गए. जो पुलिस सरगना तियगी जिसने १५ से २० मुसलमानो को सुलेमान बेकरी में गोलिओ से भून डाला था वो बरी हो गया.  

फिर २००२ के आतंकवादी कोडनानी को काहे २० साल की सज़ा और बजरंगी को काहे उम्र कैद.  य केसा भारत का न्याय हे एक को २५३ लोगो की जान लेने पे फ़ासी  और दूसरी तरफ ३००० लोगो की जान लेने वालो को  सिर्फ जेल.  उसमे भी सितम देखिये  न्यायल का जिसने कोडनानी को बैल पे घर जाने की इजाज़त दे दि और वो आतंकी महिला खुली हवा का आनंद ले रही हे. 

अब मेरे पहले वाक्य  पर आईए, अन्याय तो हो गया मुसलमानो के साथ.  पिछले १० सालो में सिर्फ तीन फ़ासी हुई और वो तीनो मुसलमानो की.  पहला मोहम्मद अजमल कसाब दूसरा शहीद मोहम्मद अफज़ल गुरू और तीसरा शहीद याकूब मेमन।  

तुमको किया मिला तुम्हारी भारत से वफादारी का इनाम।  गद्दार, पाकिस्तानी और आतंकवादी का तमगा।  तो उस तमगे को अब सही साबित करना तुम्हारा काम हे।   

अगर अब नहीं जागे तो कभी नहीं जागोगे।  अत्याचार सेहना भी एक अन्याय हे और अन्याय के खिलाफ लड़ाई करना न्याय. 

ज़ुबेर एहमद खान

Monday, 27 July 2015

A right Delegation to right Person.

Representation of Muslims under the banner of Rashtriya Ulema Council given memorandum to the Governor of Maharashtra at Raj Bhavan on 27th July 2015. Delegation led by Noor Mohammad Khan Mumbai President of Ulema Council supported by the Journalist Zuber Ahmed Khan International Peace and Justice.  Mr. Nazeer and Safdar Azmi from Milli Council and Social worker Farooq also join the delegation.   The prayer of the delegation was to abolish the corporal punishment assigned to Yakoub Memon.   Further during the discussion with the Governor Office Mr. Nazeer and Azmi told that Yakub who had given loophole and all the hidden information of the anti Indian elements to the Government of India with respect to the ISI and other groups.  He already spent more than 22 years behind the bars without a single moment of bail hence  he already spent his life behind the bars and completed the term of life so very strong to abolish the corporal punishment and acquit him.  While discussion with the media persons Safdar Azmi told that Yakoub willingly surrendered himself to the security agencies after 1993, even though he had ample opportunities to hide and survived himself.  Zuber Ahmed Khan was in the opinion what about the culprits of the Bombay riots, what about the culprits of Babri Musjid Demolition.   If at all we consider Yakub guilty and he has to move to the gallows then first right move to the gallows should be  reserved for the culprits of Babri Musjid demolition.  Then Shiv Seniks who killed more than 3000 Muslims, Bal Thakery who in his provocative speech instigated to the Shiv Seniks “not a single ladiya should be spare to give oral evidence in the court of law against Hindus kill everyone of them.” 

Representation of the Muslims accepted by the Governor Office with an acknowledgment an assurance of necessary action.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 19 July 2015

A patriotic Indian would be on gallows.


Yaqoob Memon anther Muslim who will be hang to death on 30th July 2015 by the Indian Government, after Mohammed Afzal Guru.  Like Afzal Guru who had utmost love and respect for his country Kashmir Yakub Memon is also true patriotic and has love with his country but India.  


Yakub ignored the warning of Dawood Ibraheem “don’t go to India you are a Muslim and Indian Judiciary, Government and politicians never faithful to the Muslims they will hanged you”.  This statement Yakub also shouted when Tada court of Justice Kode assigned the death punishment to him.  Yakub said “he had not come to India to become Gandhi even after opposition by my mate I had come to India because I had full faith on my country’s Judiciary but I lost my faith on Indian Judiciary and Dawood  warning prove to be true”.   Here I will certainly appreciate Dawood who may be terrorist in Judicial language but his version become true and Judiciary is become culprit rather act like a terrorist.  


Yakub Memon is the most educated man ever be hanged in the history of Indian existence if at all he executed.  He is polite, kind hearted, soft spoken and soft hearted.  After looking his physical and mental attitude no one is ready to accept him to be involved in the heinous crime of terrorism.  He due to his education, knowledge, wisdom and love to the people won the hearts of other jail inmates and staff.  He educated the jail inmates with teaching the accounts and English language.  He has got respect of ultimate amongst all the jail inmates and whenever he comes in between them they stand-up and pay respect for him while offer him with an extra place to sit.


In fact it is the fault of Yakub Memon who showed the faith on Indian Judiciary and lesson to every Muslim who are at par with Indian Judicial system ever tried to come India; beware they will not given proper legal opportunity. Fact is that there are several other Hindu Terrorists and criminals who are on the death row but the Pranab Mukharjee did not signed on their death warrant except Ajmal, Afzal and Yakub.  If at all he signed the concerned Government did not comply the order of  Pranab so promptly.  


I have not seen in India not a single Hindu Terrorist ever been hanged to death for the crime against Humanity.  Rajeev Ganghi Murder culprits have not been hanged rather Tamil Nadu cabinet moved a legislation against the execution and assured all the 7 culprits will be released soon.  

Dara Singh the Hindu Terrorist of Bajrangdal who was given death punishment by the lower court in the murder of Australian Christian missionary Graham Staines and his two innocent sons Philp 10 years and Timothy 6 years altered to life imprisonment by the high court.  The procession which led by terrorist burnt alive father and his two innocent minor sons in the dark while they were slipping in their car.  Miscreants even could not allow the children to come out and forcibly restricted them to remain in the fire.   Dara Singh was the activists of cow protect moment and also the culprit of the tortured and harassment of the cattle traders. He also murdered a Muslim trader Shaikh Rehman, following the Saffron Dictate to slit his neck. 

Nithari Culprits who were responsible for the killing of several innocent boys and girls age group between 10 to 13 and eat them.  The main culprit Surinder Koli has been convicted of five murders and was sentenced to death, the sentence however being reduced to life imprisonment upon appeal.

How false reporting is doing even by the Government Pleader, which is testify by Ujjwal Nikam the public prosecutor who gave cooked and false story about Mohammed Ajmal Kasaab that he was demanding Briyani in Jail, later on Nikam himself given statement at least after two years that he had given false statement in front of Media because of his increasing popularity. 

There are at least 100 cases where Hindus are given benefit of doubts and Muslims punished.  At least 100 people in 2007, 40 in 2006, 77 in 2005, 23 in 2002, and 33 in 2001 were sentenced to death but not executed, except a Muslim Afzal Guru in 2013 and now another Muslim Yakub Memon.  If at all we leave the hang of Mohammed Ajmal Kasab another Muslim because the theory and suspicious of his death. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

ट्रिपल तलाक़ के खात्मे के खिलाफ मौलाना की दहाड़

मुस्लिम पर्सनल लॉ के शेर की दहाड़ के सामने हिन्दू स्टेट के सबसे बड़े पाखंडी और आतंकी सरगना की गीदड़ भबकी बोहोत ही दबी हुई जान पड़ती है.   प...