Wednesday, 24 February 2016

JNU to Haryana everyone is anti Indian.

Last week there was protest by the student Union of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) at New Delhi.  Police slapped the charges of sedition on the Students mainly on Kanyakumar and others.  What about the agitation by the Jat community to get fulfilled their reservation demand; they destroyed the property worth Rs. 2000 crore to 3000 crore. 

Haryana boils with violent protest by Jats seeking reservations in government jobs for at least 10 days but neither Central Government nor Haryana Government registered strong case against the any of the protestors or organiser in the form of master mind and looked inactive on the protestors who burnt the public as well as private property. Contrary Haryana government has announced full compensation for damage caused to private properties as well as ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh to the kin of the 19 Jats killed in agitation for reservation. Central Government constituted a committee led by Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu and Anil Jain BJP general secretary of Haryana who will examine the demand by Jats for reservation in central government jobs announced Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday. Anil Jain informed government in the state will bring a bill granting OBC status to Jats in forthcoming assembly session.

Why Central Government has not constituted a committee who will examine and submit its report on the violators of law and collect information of damage done by the Jat agitators and how to recover it from the master mind and organiser of the agitation. Why Haryana Government announced full compensation for damage caused to private properties why not from the pockets of the agitators. Giving benefit of doubts and such types of highhandedness of Haryana and central Government instigate other community members for agitation.  Jats could not put up their demands on the constitutional frame work and they have adopted the way of destruction and making their demands in forcible manner why such types of heeling touch attitude of Government to Jats who acted like a traitor and distorted to their own motherland.  Why they are not termed as anti Indian while their act is totally anti Indian and weaken the country. 

Now come to the other side of the coin on 11th August 2012 some Muslim organisations organised the agitation in Azad Medan against the Burma communal violence and inactiveness of Media to bring the incident in the news.  Police registered strong case against 60 people arrested in the violence direction from court to recover the amount of Rs. 2.74 crore from the organisers.  But in case of Haryana, government announced full compensation for damage caused to private properties and no arrest to the agitators.

What ever happened in Delhi Jawaharlal University is totally peaceful protest of the students against the system and government.  No one was involved in damage to the public and private property, loot, arson and murder.  But still students faced the charges of sedition under the pressure of hardliners looking inactive on Jats while tough on the students.  Such types of police action may destroy the career of the students. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 19 February 2016

JNU to Goons in black coat.

India is a democratic country and constitution of India gives freedom of speech and expression to every citizens of the country.  What is ever happened in JNU is totally under the preview of freedom of speech and expression, but action on Mr. Kanaiya Kumar Union Leader of JNU for the protest against the misdeed of Government and its policies is unconstitutional. 

Home Minister Rajnathsingh blamed on Pakistan behind the entire episode of JNU further he blamed on Hafiz Sayeed funded the episode of JNU, just to exceed the sympathy volume of common Indian for Government, because if the name of Hafiz Saeed or Pakistan added in any matter in India it acts like a catalyst to alter the rate of reaction. 

Police arrested Kanaya Kumar under sedition charges but it does not authorised to the lawyers to manhandle to the pleaders and journalists. All the lawyers who have taken law and order in their hands were the sympathisers of BJP and Sangh.  Lawyers disturbed the peace of city and indulged in the violence act which is not at all permissible in the legal system of India or elsewhere that a Lawyer can take law and order in his hand and beat-up the relatives of pleader or under trial.  It is very shameful act by the lawyers and in fact they have defamed the decorum and dignity of the legal profession.  It is not the mistake of lawyers but it’s the mistake of the mentality and the environment where they studies and brought up.  All the lawyers who were indulged in the riots and violence are the supporters of BJP and Sangh.  

Modi and co should not forget the election rallies in which Modi appreciated the youth power and won election on the power of youth’s brigade.   Modi roam all over the colleges Universities for vote, now Government is busy targeting students and spoil their life.  It is the tendency of Modi Government who cannot digest the opposition and whoever loud the voice of opposition Government machinery curb and suppress the voice of opposition.

All those who are involved in violence in Patiala Court, should also be dealt sternly.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 8 February 2016

Muslims are Patriotic.

Like any other Indian, writer is also a true Indian and his heart beats for India.  But like any other Muslim writer also faced the axe of hate and abhorrence in his life by his companions and colleagues.  India got independent in the year 1947 Muslims those who migrated to Pakistan were not true Indian, but those who selected India as their country and homeland were purely Indians, but could not establish themselves as Indian.  Writer himself is a patriotic Indian but taunts like Pakistani and traitor hurts the sentiments from his school, college to professional life.  He used to keep side by with important portfolios may be because of his religious identity in professional life.   He lost his job twice because of his religious identity only.  His last assignment was with Terna Medical College where he had very bitter experience. 

Political parties though claiming themselves as secular but their agenda is totally against Muslims.  Author is the biggest sufferer of such types of pseudo secular image of the political parties and Ministers. 

During my working life of 10 years I had honour to work with great Political personnel such as Sudhir Kadam, in MGM College of Management Nerul Navi Mumbai.  I had also worked in Terna Medical college.  Having seen my sincerity, honesty and hard work with special knowledge in my field, as well as skill to manage and administer the office work, I was employed as PA by Shri Ranajagjitsiha Patil, Managing Trustee Terna Trust.  I had handled several Trust work with Asst. Commissioner of Charity, Mumbai and Thane.  I had conducted several key point meetings with high dignitaries to solve the problem of Trust.  However, unfortunately my services, for what reason I do not know, have not been appreciated, and in turn I was said Good bye.   This incident gave me great shock and to my mind it might be because I was Muslim.  I may be wrong that my services were not appreciated because I was Muslim, but no other reason ever fit in my mind.

The Managing Trustee of the college Mr. Rana Patil asked me to work with him as a Personal Assistant in the year 2003 and I worked till the year 2007. 

Even after I was rendered jobless, I did not get demoralized disheartened and did not lose hopes.  I worked in the line of freelance article writer.  However, when I did not get a platform to establish, I started my blog writing, which was appreciated my many people.  During that time I realised that I should obtain knowledge in journalism, therefore, in the year 2015 I went through course of Journalism and completed my Master in Mass Communication and journalism.   During that time it was my great honour to work with good professor having fine knowledge of journalism.

In my childhood I heard a story of a king, who lost hopes after getting defeated in 6 wars and was sitting by a wall with depressed mind, when he saw an aunt carrying insect upward on the wall and after reaching to some height, would fall, but it made several attempts to climb on the wall and finally it succeeded.   King got inspiration from that aunt and thought when small aunt makes so many effort and do not lose hopes, why he was depressed.  Finally king won the war.

I believe in success, despite several up and down in my life.  I believe that despite falling many times, every time I will get up and start new beginning.

 I believe that there is success after every failure, therefore, I do not feel that I am not competent to achieve the target.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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