Saturday, 19 March 2016

Muslims hanged by terrorists.

Now 100% India has come under the string of terrorist’s web where Muslims, Christians & Dalits are under severe life threats and they are scared for their life.  Incident of manhandling of Muslim police officer at Latur in Maharashtra State of India in the month of Feb. 2016 has not been cool down the incident of murder of two Muslim cattle traders come in light. 

Incident is from Latehar district of Jharkhand where two Muslim men herding buffaloes to sell on Friday market were interrupted by the Hindu animal protection brigade, beat them up mercilessly and hanged to death from a tree in Balumath forest on 18th Feb. 2016.   The deceased identified as Mohammad Mazloom, 35, and Azad Khan Ibrahim, 15.  According to police they were killed in very cruel manner which shows the anger and extreme hate of assailants for the deceased.   Hands of duo were strung up behind their backs and their mouths imbedded with cloth.

On 15th March at Rajasthan four Muslim Kashmiri students Shakib Ashraf, Hilal Farukh, Mohammad Makbool and Shaukat Ali, aged between 21 and 27 years were thrashed and manhandled by hardliner Hindu students and arrested by the police on the false, bogus complaint and after rumors spread that they cooked beef in their hostel room.  Sample proves that it was not beef but goat meat.
That is fact after BJP come to power the incidents of religious intolerance is augmented drastically by the radical Hindu groups.  As such Muslims and Christians cannot carry out their business and terrified for their live hood.  These radical, terrorist, hardliner Hindu groups have full support of Modi Administration and fascist BJP.   Jharkhand is run by the Hindu hardliner supportive political wing BJP who won the election in the year 2015 and captured the power of one of the state of secular India. 

That is not enough if any one bring the silence of Modi Administration on these radical Hindu hardliners or failure of Government to maintain tolerance, Modi Administration may impose the sedition charges and may arrest the person who bring the misdeed and silence of Government over the issue.   Where is the freedom of speech, where is the right to live, where is right to follow the religion, where is the right of minorities.
How long minorities will face heat of extreme value.

Zuber Ahmed Khan


Monday, 7 March 2016

What scare Modi Administration??.

The delegation of International Religious Freedom wanted to visit  India and inquire the incidents of growing atrocities on Muslims, Christians and rise of religious intolerance by the Hardliner Saffron groups.  Minorities basically Muslims and Christians don't have religious freedom in Modi ruled India.  Indian Government denied visa to the delegation from the United States, agency monitoring international religious freedom.  Mr. Robert George US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) chairman was deeply disappointed from  Indian Government for denial of visa.  

The denial of visa to US delegation raised several questions on the Modi administration and open the wrist on the claim of Modi Administration about the presence of religious tolerance in India even after BJP come to power.  Fact is that after BJP come to power religious intolerance increased in India drastically. 

People of India always criticize Pakistan and other Muslim nations about the stiff Islamic rules and minorities are in trouble in Pakistan, Saudi.   It is very amazing that countries those who are supposed to be the worst offenders of religious freedom, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, provided visa to the US delegation for religious freedom but Modi Government could not.  This proves the presence of the religious intolerance in India and faint the claim of Modi Government about presence of religious tolerance. 

If Governments like Pakistan and Saudi can provide visa to international delegation and welcomed to the delegation for international religious freedom to inquire the cases of religious intolerance is wrong, though claim of India and other countries that minorities are not safe in these places one would expect that the Indian government would allow more transparency than have these nations, and would welcome the opportunity to convey its views directly to USCIRF.”

After BJP come to power in India and other states incidents of religiously motivated and frequent communal violence have increased the same has been observed by USCIRF in its report which was submitted in the year 2015.

The democratic country like India is under the clutches of fascist Saffron forces. There is genuine reason for alarm on the incidents of Patiala House Court where some lawyers manhandled to the Journalists and pleaders on the pretext of India love after the JNU incidents.  All the lawyers were supporters of BJP and followers of terrorist Sangh Pariwar.  At Latur Maharashtra a Muslim Police Officer was thrashed severely and forced to hold up saffron flag with slogan Jai Shivaji Jai Bhavani.  In UP the incident of Dadari where one Muslim 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq Saifi man was lynched because of the allegation he consumed beef, and in High Court Premises one Muslim lawyer Salman Khan was gun down by police and another one was injured severely because both were engaged to plead in favour of bomb blast activists.  A Muslim couple was brutally beaten up in a train by seven members of the Gauraksha Samiti at Khirkiya railway station, in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh on suspicion of carrying beef.  Right-wing activists asked the Muslim couple 43-year-old Mohammed Hussain and his 38-year-old wife Naseema Bano to open their luggage and when they objected ,the group forcibly searched their luggage beaten the couple and thrown the wife of Mohammed Hussain out of train. Whether it is the incident of cancellation of concert by Ghulam Ali recently at Mumbai with the activists of Shiv Sena and more menacingly, dousing in black paint on the face of organiser. 

There is no freedom of speech remained in India after hardliner BJP captured the power of Indian Parliament, the terrorists and hardliner Hindu groups can thrashed, kill or tortured to anyone even to the police on the pretext of India love or one who exposed them.

The basic reason for the refusal of visa to the international delegation of religious freedom is that Modi did not want to expose himself and Saffron groups being partial and religious intolerance is present in India after BJP regain power.

The alarm bells are ringing; India needs to reaffirm its commitment to pluralism and diversity.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Safeguard my fundamental right to life.

                         Yunus Shaikh a Muslim Police Officer beaten up by Hindu Group

India is under the clutches of hardliner, violent saffron Hindu groups where Muslims, Christians and Dalits are facing acute life threats and forced to live in perpetual pain and agony.  Their fundamental right to life is in danger due to the threats by Hindu Hardliners.  BJP Government is just making fun in the name of democracy.  On 18th Feb. 2016 in Latur Maharashtra one Muslim Assistant Sub Inspector Yunus Shaikh was dragged out of the police station and beaten up mercilessly.  He was forced to holdup the saffron flag and forced to chat with the slogan Jai Shivaji Jai Bhawani.  Assistant Sub Inspector Yunus Shaikh of the Pangaon police station were attacked by a mob inside the police station.   

Dispute arises after Hardliner Hindu groups hosted a saffron flag on the land of Mosque.   When matter reached upto police station Sub Inspector Shaikh utilized his powers and removed the saffron flag with an intention to avoid the communal flare-up in the town.  On the night of 18th Feb. Hindu mob attacked on the police station and forcibly taken Shaikh to the spot, saffron flag in hand, and forced to chant 'Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji'.

Last year in UP one Muslim Advocate Salman was killed in High Court Campus and another one was injured by the police officer.  No one has got authority to bring the correct picture of Government.   

10 days back there was demonstration organised by the Student Union of Jawaharlal University at New Delhi.  Police arrested some students while produce one Kanayalal in the Patiala House  Court Advocates poses nude drama and beaten up JNU students, Journalist in court premises.   All the Advocates were supporters of BJP and they were Sangh cadre. Who has given authority to the Advocates to beat up the pleaders or Journalists but they did on the name of India love. Where is the democracy, if any one raised his voice against the Government the fundamental forces ready to shut his mouth with full force.  In fact India is moving on the path of Terrorist nation where voice of people suppressed by the terrorists groups.  Whatever is beneficial to the Government and hardliner hindu groups is appreciated but criticism never tolerated by these people, which is very dangerous stage.

Indian prestige being a democratic country is destroyed very severely due to the increased number of attacks on Muslims, Christians and Dalits and threat to their life.  All the violent act by the hardliner Hindu Group increased after Modi become Prime Minister and BJP captured the Parliament.  

One week back 34 American Parliamentarians written a letter to Modi Administration and raised their concerned for the increased number of attacks on Muslims, Christians and Dalits.  In Indian parliament Government said letter is unfortunate.  I guess nothing is unfortunate whatever happened in BJP ruled India with the Minorities and Dalites is unfortunate.

If Muslim police officer (a Government Servant) is not safe in India if Muslim Advocates are not safe in High Court Premises then that is the big threat and concerned for the Government and it is very unfortunate stage rather the letter of 34 American Parliamentarians.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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