Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Muslims forced to eat cow dung

NEW DELHI : Indian Prime Minister Modi had not finished under
playing growing incidence of hate speech by his supporters.  In a TV 
interview on Monday when a video surfaced of two bruised and battered 
Muslim men being forced to eat cow dung.

The Hindu terrorists of Gau Rakshak Dal (Cow Protection Group) 
forcing two Muslim men, who they suspected were beef transporters, 
to eat a concoction of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd and 
ghee near Delhi recently.

Instead of taking action on the perpetrators Modi started blaming on 
media in his TV telling the false image to malign the image of his 
Government.  He said the media made heroes of the communal 
propagandists. The surfacing of the video of a two-week old incident 
belies the claim because without the media’s help no one would know 
what really transpired with the two men.

On June 10 two men Rizwan and Mukhtiar forced to eat panchgavya” 
(cow dung concoction) On June 10, Dharmendra Yadav, president 
of the Gurgaon Gau Rakshak Dal, said volunteers, acting on a tip-off, 
intercepted a vehicle transporting 700kg of beef from Mewat to Delhi.

“We had to chase the car for 7km before we finally managed to stop 
them near the Badarpur border,” The Indian Express quoted Yadav 
as saying. He had no idea who shot the video.

“When we caught them, they had 700kg of beef in their car. We made 
them eat the panchgavya to teach them a lesson and also to purify 
them,” Yadav said.

The volunteers can be heard prompting the captives to say “Gau Mata 
Ki Jai” and “Jai Shri Ram”, both of which the duo say as they struggle 
to swallow the mixture, The Indian Express reported.

Modi has kept silent over the lynching of a Muslim blacksmith near 
Delhi over claims his family ate beef. Hindu extremists are now 
hoping to make this an election plank in Uttar Pradesh where polls 
are due next year.

Reporter Dawn Pakistan. 

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Old commencement

Long back there was an old man lived in the jungle in a hut out side the colony of human beings.  He lost all of his family members and living all alone.  His body become weak hair become gray his shoulders become feeble but his determination was as strong as it was at his twenties.  He was about to die so he planned pilgrimage before death.  He calculated his earning but could not reached to the expenses. He sold his belongings whatever he had, and any how he managed the way to Pilgrimage.

After crossing to the city from transport he reached to the small pathway which reach to pilgrimage site.  From here he has to walk because no transportation was available upto the site.  Path way was very hazardous and full of dust.  He saw a canal in the way which was very deep and there was no bridge over the canal. Several other pilgrims were crossing the canal with full of pain.  Old man any how manage to cross the canal and reached to the Pilgrimage site.   He attended all the rites and customs as per his belief.   

On the way to return old man started preparing road and tried to construct the bridge over the canal.  His feeble arms could not do much, he decided to take the help of other pilgrims. Old man was firm in his determination, he prepared the team of young pilgrims passing through.  With the help of young pilgrims he achieved the goal and constructed the bridge over the canal.

After completion of bridge young pilgrims started making fun of old man. They said E old man you are become crazy.  As your old age, your mind set also stop thinking.  You have already attended the pilgrimage and you will never return to this place again.  Because you are about to die, then why you have constructed the bridge over the canal.  You wasted your potential, strength and money for wasted matter.   

Old man smile calmly and looked over the young pilgrims.  He replied very humbly I know that I will never come to this place again.  I have spent my share of life and I am about to die.  But I have constructed this bridge the people like you who are attending the pilgrimage and facing acute problems. Due to worst weather condition and road their body become fatigue.  I have completed my life and I am about to die, but I did not want others to suffer because of rough route to the pilgrimage site which I suffered.  After listening the answer of the old man the young pilgrims feel ashamed on their pranks over the old man.  They hold the legs of old man and regretted for their pranks.  Old man converted like an angel he blessed the young pilgrims to become the strength of Nation and achieve the fame and vanish in the sky.

Theme and moral of the story is one should live for others and die for others.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Thursday, 2 June 2016

गलती करने के पहले सोचो... बाद गलती सिर्फ पछतावा

इंसानी समाज की संरचना आदम के जमीन पे आने के बाद शुरू हुई.  आदम और हव्वा इस संसार के पलहे मर्द और ओरत हे और हम सब उसी इंसानी ज़ात की पैदावार हे.  शुरू में जब संसार की संरचना हुई और आदम और हव्वा का मिलन हुआ तो हर एक घंटे में एक बच्चा पैदा होता था.  एक बार लड़की और दूसरी बार लड़का.  अब आदम की एक लड़की पे उसके दो बेटे हाबील और काबील फ़िदा हुए.  हाबील उस लड़की को अपना बनाना चाहता था और काबिल भी यही चाहता था.  फिर यहाँ से शैतान का अमल शुरू हुआ और संसार का पहला खून  (गुनाहहुआ वो भी एक लड़की को पाने ले लिए.  एक भाई ने दुसरे भाई का खून कर डाला उस लड़की को हासिल करने की चाहत लिए.  जब इंसान के ऊपर शैतान हावी होता हे तो उसको अच्छा बुरा कहा नज़र आता हे.  फिर जिसने खून क्या था उसने मकतूल की लाश को एक कपडे में लपेट के ज़मीन में दफ़न कर दिया.  यहाँ दूसरा गुनाह नाफ़िज़ हुआ सबूत मिटाने का गुनाह

हम उस समाज का हिस्सा हे जिसमे हर मनुष्य को अपने हक़ का अपने परिवार के लिए फैसला लेने का पूरा अधिकार हे.  लेकिन कई बार इंसान गलत फैसले करेके अपने परिवार की खुशहाली को तबाह कर देता हे.  कई बार इंसान गलती पहले कर देता हे बाद में पछताता रहता हे.   इसी लिए कोई भी काम करने के पहले सोचो की उस काम का असर उसके परिवार की खूशीयो पे आपसे जुड़े हुए दुसरे लोगोके ऊपर क्या होगा

गुस्सा इंसान का दुशमन हे और शैतान का साथी.  गुस्से में किया हुआ हर फैसला आगे के जीवन में तकलीफ देता हे.  अगर कोई समस्या आन पड़े तो उसका समाधान शांत मन से करना चाहिए और अगर हो सके तो अपने बोहोत ख़ास दोस्त, घर के बड़े लोगो से सलाह कर के फैसला करना चाहिए.  शैतान इंसान का खुला दुशमन हे और गुस्सा भी शैतान की ही देन हे.  

जो लोग अपने परिवार से प्यार करते हे और अपने परिवार के लिए जीते मरते हे लेकिन गुस्से की वजह से कभी कभी ऐसा काम कर जाते हे की उसका मलाल उनको जीवन भर रहता हे.  ऐसे लोगो से में निवेदन करूंगा की अगर वो अपने परिवार से प्यार करते हे और उनकी खुशी चाहते हे तो गुस्से पे काबू रखे. अपने परिवार से उनकी खुशिया हरगिज़ छीने।  कोई भी काम करने से पहले सोचे फिर काम करे.  वो इंसान बेवकूफ होता हे जो करता पहले हे और सोचता बाद में हे या पछताता रहता हे

जुबेर एहमद खान  

ट्रिपल तलाक़ के खात्मे के खिलाफ मौलाना की दहाड़

मुस्लिम पर्सनल लॉ के शेर की दहाड़ के सामने हिन्दू स्टेट के सबसे बड़े पाखंडी और आतंकी सरगना की गीदड़ भबकी बोहोत ही दबी हुई जान पड़ती है.   प...