Thursday, 28 July 2016

Guns are not solution in Kashmir.

Kashmir the valley of peace and paradise is becomes the mountain of bodies of Kashmiri civilians killed in the one sided and deliberate firing of Indian forces.  Figure of atrocities by Indian forces on Kashmiri Civilians are certainly worried.  Figures are between June 1989 to June 30 2016. 

Total Killing of Civilians
Custodial Killings
Women Widowed
Children Orphaned
Women gang raped molested by Indian Forces

This figures are not included the ongoing unrest during the month of July 2016 after the killing of Burhan Wani in Kashmir.  The current unrest which killed at least 48 Civilians and injured nearly  5,500.  

Indian security forces are committing serious Human Rights Violation in Kashmir and they have got legal immunity under the cover of draconian law AFSPA.  They are killing civilian with the intention of revenge policy.   Why every time bullet become more powerful in comparison to ballot 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 25 July 2016

Compensate the Human Life in Kashmir.

BJP is the party who is supported by Saffron Terror Group, certainly it will work to appease Hindus and for their vote bank politics.  BJP differentiate and divides the society in Hindu and Muslims.  But it is not good for the democratic Government looking biased on the basis of religion even though gravity of crime is same.

In the month of Feb. 2016 in Haryana the Hindu Political Party BJP run state seen the worst Jat agitation for reservation in government jobs, quotas and reservation in educational institute.  In that violent agitation Haryana had lost property estimated cost of Rs.18,000-Rs.20,000 crore by way of loss to public and private property.  19 Jats have been killed during the protest and in police firing.  Manohar Lal Khattar the CM of Haryana the BJP run state immediately shown sympathy for the deceased and announced the proper compensation for the loss of human life and for the loss of public and private property.  

Now after 6 months in the month of July 2016, Kashmir seen the violent protest by public, after the killing of Ashraf Wani. Why no compensation from BJP run Government of Kashmir announced for 43 lives killed in one sided firing of Indian Army.  Why this double standard of Government why BJP Government of Centre and states of Haryana and Kashmir is looking the things with different spectacles.  Jat agitation was against the wrong policies of BJP run government of Manoharl Lal Khattar.   Kashmiri youths protest was against the wrong policies of Centre on Kashmir and against the killing of innocent in  Kashmir by Indian Army in the name of terrorism.  Why BJP Government of Haryana announced compensation of 19 lives and loss of public and private property why not BJP Government of Jammu and Kashmir for the loss of 43 lives.   

It has become normal practice of Indian Army to kill any civilian or arrest any innocent in the name of terrorism in Kashmir and Indian Army got legal immunity because of draconian law AFSPA.  Which says no legal action on Indian Soldiers while they are discharging their duties in disturbed area. 

BJP Government of Kashmir should compensate the 43 lives loss in firing of Indian Army in proper manner and appoint any member of the family in Government Jobs. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan


Friday, 8 July 2016

Black Sheeps in Muslim Community.

Dear Sir,

As usual Modi Government is playing the communal cards and appeased to the Hindu Community; looking very enthusiastic to take action on Muslim preacher Mr. Zakir Naik.  Home Ministry took serious note of reports that perpetrators of the recent attacks in Bangladesh had perhaps been inspired by preacher Zakir Naik.  Home Ministry come to the conclusion on the demand of prominent clerics from across Uttar Pradesh who urged strong action against Zakir Naik and Peace TV, the channel run by Mr. Naik.   I feel petty at the part of Home Ministry who is planning to take legal action on Mr. Naik merely on the hopeless demand made by some Muslims clerics who are black sheep in the Muslim Community and destroying, damaging the essence of Islam and they are Munafics while demanding action on other Muslim brother on the instigation of Saffron Government Muslim clerics (Barelvis) made the illogical demand of arrest of Mr. Naik.

I had personally gone through the speeches of Mr. Naik and did not find anything rubbish in his speeches.  His speeches are totally under the preview of Islamic law and do not sponsored the terrorism. How Indian Government can take any action on Mr. Naik merely some terrorist who inspired by Mr. Naik?

I can remember the case of Mulana Tauqeer Raza and mentioned in my artile Mulana Tauqeer Raza, Terrorists and Indian Media.  It was wrongly alleged and propagated on Mulana that he was involved in the communal violence in Bareilly of UP in the year March 2010 through his speeches.  A planned game was played by the saffron Indian Media to trap the Mulana in legal clutches. 

The arrest of Mr. Naik is totally illogical merely due to some terrorists inspired by Mr Naik.  If the speeches of Mr. Naik inspired some terrorists for the attack  in that sense Modi should be arrest immediately because all the Hindu terrorists are believing Modi as their God father and inspired with him and with his speeches.  There are several cassatas of speeches of Modi on U-tube who openly calling to kill Muslims after Godhra 2002.  If speeches are the parameter of arrest why not Togadia to be arrested first who is openly omitting venom against Muslims. 

here are several photo graphs in which Modi can be visible with terrorist Asimanand and Terrorist lady Pragiya Thakur.  How someone can raised question on the photographs of Digvijay Singh with Zakir Naik ignoring the relations of Modi, Rajnath and other BJP leaders with Indian Terrorists (RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal).

If Mr. Naik expanding religion (Islam) through his speeches no harm he is doing to India and he is not supporting to terrorists.  Indian Constitution gave him freedom to expand his religion and freedom of speeches.  Those Indian preachers (Barelvis) demanding arrest of Zakir Naik they are Munafics and black sheep in Islam who are demanding the arrest of his own brother on the instigation of Saffron Government.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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