Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Indian terrorists and supporter saffron media.

Indian Government under the leadership of Hitler mentality, unable to amend its policies on Human Rights Violation in Kashmir.  Saffron media of India is fully supporting to Government in its misdeed and Human Rights Violation.  Though international pressure mounted on Indian Government to amend its policies and forced Indian Government in case of Kashmir.  International Human Rights Observers working under UN asked India to grant unconditional access to the citizens of Kashmir from both the sides of India and Pakistan. He also worried and concerned about the serious human rights violation committed by Indian Army in Kashmir.  Every human who loves Human Rights should welcome Zeid Ra'ad's statement on Kashmir, and under the pressure of international community on Government of India will help to bow down the Government of India and bring it to its toes.  Saffron Government of India run by Terrorists never miss any opportunity to slice the neck of innocent citizen on the basis of caste.  The deceased are 100% Muslims and Christians and dalits.

In other parts of India Saffron Terrorists are doing atrocities on Muslims & Christians and Government of Indian is protecting to terrorists.  Recently, in Mewat some Hindu Terrorists gang raped on Muslim teenage girls which is the proof that India is not remained safe for the minorities.  The bunch of terrorists deliberately killed the family members and gang raped the girls.  During the process of killing and sexual torture on girls, they asked the Muslim family we are doing atrocities on you because you are consuming cow meat.  Girls alleged that the terrorists were from Cow vigilantes Groups but police ruled out involvement of any members of Cow Vigilantes group just to protect the name of Terrorists Organisation come in light.  Indian Press and its personnel controlled by Hindu Terrorists VHP, Bajrangdal, RSS never bring the pictures of atrocities done by these terrorists on Muslims, their families and their women.   On the other hand Indian press personnel peep the affairs of Islamic States and its Jihadis and publishing false, bogus articles on Jihadis of Islamic State that how they are torturing and bringing the females of Yazidis community in sex trade and they are raping to them.  If the situation is same in India with Muslims and their women then why such types of incidents are not creating chaos in news room.  Why the saffron journalists cannot making it as breaking news.  Because, if they will bring the correct picture and tried to bring the incident in press then their such type of mistake will annoyed the Hindu terrorists under the leadership of Hitler and they will slice their neck into pieces.

Sayeed Shahabuddin is acquitted from High Court Saffron Media of India is looking very much annoyed and there is burning sensation in the back of media persons.  Why they are silent when Hindu Terrorists Sadvi Pragiya Thakur, Maya Kodnani, Asimanand, Wanzara acquitted from court. 

Indian terrorists VHP, Bajrangdal, RSS, Cow vigilantes groups, Durga Wahini (Women Wing of Hindu Terrorists) are worst than Jihadis of Islamic States and the Master Mind is worst than Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi.  If entire world is keen to destroy the Islamic State and kill Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi then why they are silent in case of Indian Terrorists and why they cannot kill the Hitler mentality person the killer of 3000 Muslims.

Zuber Ahmed Khan 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Silent acrimony of Indian Government.

It is continuity of  my article Black Sheeps in Muslim Community  I being a journalist strongly condemn the non-sense and irresponsible behaviour of Indian Government under the Hitler mentality to arrest Zakir Naik the Islamic preacher.

That is the reason the persons who believes in humanity and justice they hate Government and its policies, there are several Philanthropist, Social activists and Journalists who don''t hesitate to speak truth even though tough pressure by Indian terrorists organisations RSS, Bajrangdal, VHP for not to bring the correct picture of incident, these terrorists organisations knew the correct picture will malign the image of India. 

Indian prestige is maligned in front of international community because of journalists who brought the correct picture of any incident.   Because of vote bank and appeasement politics of BJP to Hindus Modi the master mind of terrorists still roaming free. The culprits of Babri Masjid demolition are in the Parliament and Yakoob become martyred.   In case of Afzal Guru it was the miscarriage and murdered of Justice. If such types of activities are prolonged in India then after every second a new Afzal, Yakoob will born and will take guideline from Zakir Saheb. If Hindu terrorists inspired with Hitler Modi then why not human will inspired with Zakir. I support Zakir Naik whatever he says is totally correct.

BJP Government under the leadership of terrorist and Hitler mentality cannot respect the sentiments of Muslims.  This Government and its policies silently destroying the Muslims and their economy.

Indian Government is looking keen take action on Zakir Nayak why Modi Government is looking inactive and unable to arrest Praveen Thogadia who openly omitting venom in Hindu rallies and justify and supporting the Hindu Terrorism. 

Perpetual injustice with the citizens of the country develops the attitude of rebellion amongst them and if the quantity of such rebellion increased they may change the map of India like 1947.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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