Sunday, 16 October 2016

Why sympathy on Muslim Women.

BJP have lost its creditability in public severely; image of party and Government destroyed very badly.  So BJP is concentrating on non-sense issues just to divert the minds of public from basic issues on which BJP have won the election and Hindu Terrorists captured the Parliament.  BJP have won the election on good governance, inflation, black money and sabka saath sabka vikas, terrorism.  Indian soldiers are killed like cats and dogs on border every single day and BJP is helpless, only Government can play the bogus, false, fabricated story of surgical strike on support of saffron media.  BJP failed miserably in every front and don’t have any answer to reply the questions of public so it diverting the minds of public from basic issues on which it won the election.  

BJP members are showing sympathy on Muslim women on the issue of Tripal Talak.  Saying “Beechari Kaha Jayegi” ignoring and neglecting the Muslim women fighting for justice on whom gang rapes committed by Hindu Terrorists.  The BJP and Modi looked inactive when Gujarat was burning and Zakia Jaffri called for help.  When Bilkis was gang raped by Hindu Terrorists.  When several Muslim women gang raped during Muzzaffarnagr riots.  Why BJP half minded MPs are silence on the Mewat Gang Rape of two spinster sisters in the month of Sept. 2016.  Manohar Lal Kattar the CM says this is non-sense and trivial issue for him.  If gang rapes of Muslim women or girls are trivial issue how do triple talak will become important issue for BJP.  In the month of September 2016 one 24 years old Muslim driver Mohammed Ayyub killed by terrorists of Gau Raksha in Ahmadabad where his wife will go now I will ask question with idiots senseless people of BJP “vo Bichari kaha jayegee”.  Why BJP members are not helping such types of Muslim women in expedite their case in court.

BJP the political wing of Hindu terrorists who wanted to establish India as Hindu Rashtra don’t have any sympathy with Muslim issues like triple talak but it wanted to establish the theory of Govalkar in India.   Mohan Bhagwat, Praveen Thogadia in public rallies already announced upto 2021 India will be free from Islam and Christianity and become Hindu Rashtra.

If Muslims, Christians and Dalits will become easy prey of Hindu Terrorists tortured, killed by them.  If Muslims, Christians are not allowed to follow their religion.  If Hindu political party encroach the religious rights of Muslims and Christians then they have powers to change the map of India like 1947 and can demand another homeland for them as they are not safe in Hindu Rashtra.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Spreading False with full volume.

Now days Indian Parliament is under the supremacy of Hindu Terrorists RSS.  It is the policy of Hindu Terrorists to spread the false and spurious stories with full volume so it becomes fact after some time.   Indian Government and its masters are moving on the path designed by RSS.

Two top most Indian Ministers viciously spread the false, bogus stories in public meeting just to get the clean political image.

On Friday 14th September 2016 Rajnath Singh the Home Minister of India in a function described India is a University of tolerance where sect of every people is living peacefully.   I caught a glance over the news stuff and could not stop my laugh.  Big joke of the day and person who is telling this joke is big fool. Either Home Minister don’t have any knowledge of causalities of Muslims, third degree torture of Dalits or he is ignoring the incidents.  I would like to ask question with Home Minister of India if India is the University of tolerance then why Muslims, Christians and Dalits are facing acute life threats.  Fact is that India is under the clutches of Hindu Terrorists. Minorities Christians, Muslims and Dalits are living in perpetual life threat.  Several casualties of Muslims by the Cow vigilantes and a third degree torture on Muslims and Daltis. Haryana seen the gang rape of Muslim girls after Hindu Terrorists of cow vigilantes killed their family members.  During the course of gang rape these terrorists told to the girls we are doing atrocities on you becasue you are Muslims.  In Mansour, Harda of Madhya Pradesh seen the atrocities on women in veil and their veil snatched and flung in the air only on the suspicion they were carrying cow meat.  In Harda Muslim woman beaten up and thrown out of the train Kushinagar Express. 

Muslims cannot construct the Mosque in India we have seen the horrible communal violence in Hayana, UP because Muslims were constructed the Mosque.   If at all India is tolerant country then why there were attack on Churches and Mosques. Why Dalits faces third degree torture from terrorists of Cow Vigilantes.  Why Ashfaq from Dadri killed, why two Muslim cattle traders hanged in Lathehar Ranchi, why Mohammad Ayyub Mev a 24 years old driver killed in Ahmadabad by cow vigilantes.  

In Bhopal the Prime Minister also spread false and appreciates the Indian Army who saves the lives of Kashmiri people in flood two years back.  I think here also as a PM he don’t have proper information about the unfair and prejudice attitude of Indian Army with Kashmiri Muslims. There are reports from locals that Indian Army was partial while distributing and saving the lives of humans. They saved Hindus of Udhampur, Jammu, Rajori but left the Muslims. Army also committed partiality in distributing the food stuff.

Prime Minister criticized the stone pelters of Kashmir saying you hurl stone but we save your lives.  I would ask the question with Prime Minister of India, what Army is doing does it silence on the stone pelters.  No never Indian Army is not silence on stone pelters but showering the bullets on the citizens.  As far as stone pelting is concerned it is the anger of Kashmiri youths against the atrocities, torture and killing of Kashmiri by Indian Army.  If Prime Minister justifies the bullets to silence the stone can he narrates the fact how many Indian soldiers killed in stone pelting and how many citizens. 

Fact is that India is no more remains the democratic country but it has become the fascist country under the leadership of Modi and Sangh. If there is anger or rage in the youths there should be dialog instead of bullet. Modi administration is responsible for the deteriorating situation in Kashmir. Since after independence this is single time we have seen Kashmir remains closed more than two months.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Surgical Strike of Indian Media.

Journalism is the white collar and most respectful profession across the Globe.  But this profession is also become the playing cards of politicians and Government. Government is playing the trump card on the support of Media at the proper time to get the favorable result in its favor. Media can prepare and destroy the mind-set of public.  Journalists and editor taking care about the news stuff which should not destroy the flavor and prestige of government.  They are paid for the favorable commentary in favor of government and politicians.

Since last one week Newspapers, TV channels are abundance of news stuff on the surgical strike conducted by the Indian Army on PoK. International Media houses including UN have got suspicion on the version of India.  Pak Media openly denied the Indian theory of surgical strike.  If at all any strike conducted by Indian Army then Indian Government should produce the proof in Parliament or Prime Minister or Home Minister should give statement in Parliament if any strike is conducted by Indian side.

Episode of Surgical strike is politically motivated.  When Congress was in power and BJP was in opposition, BJP put Government in witness box for not taking any harsh action against Pakistan for the martyrdom of Indian soldiers, BJP used to teach lessons to Congress Government 100 heads in lieu of 10.  Now scenario is change, BJP is in power and Indian soldiers are still achieving martyrdom.  BJP was in acute pressure and worried after the URI attack and listening the sounds for revenge across India and Indians living abroad.  If story of surgical strike would have not planned the prestige of BJP would have become same as Congress.

In this all episode Indian media is paid to highlight such types of unproductive issue to save the prestige of Government and it will remain alive up to UP election,  because this issue is politically motivated.  BJP and its master Modi wanted to get the advantage for the game which has not been played.  Image of Government was badly affected after Uri attack and BJP government under the leadership of Modi who considered as the tough, hard and action taken Prime Minister started losing the mandate which can affect the UP election.  BJP already lost Delhi, Behar, West Bengal, Kerela and out from the skirmish.  So the story of surgical strike cooked.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Fake claim of Fake Government

Since last three days Indian media houses, newspapers are quite busy in establishing and circulating fake news of surgical strike on Pak soil by India Army.  Indian media and newspapers are following the orders and footsteps of their Master Modi.  On the instance of Government such types of fake and fabricated news stuff are circulating just to safe guard Government of India from Humiliation.

Indian Prime Minister Modi is big bluff master and famous for spreading the fake news.  That is the only reason he has been given name as “Feku”.  As such no surgical strike has been carry out in Pak soil by Indian Army, it was just violation cease fire from Indian side which is sort of war crime.

The inflammatory commentary by politicians, experts, and journalists of India is a result of the mushrooming clout of the Hindu right-wing, which is ready and willing to discount peace in the region, at least rhetorically.

I can remember the incident of killing of Indian Jawans at Manipur somewhere in the year 2015 with the hands of Militant of Kaplang group.

After the incident of killing of Indian Army Jawans at Manipur pressure mounted on Modi Administration for revenge policy.  Modi is cunning like fox following the steps of Hindu Terrorists RSS who did not want the image of Government will ruined in front of public.  Indian Army arranged the press conference and retreat its statement of any surgical strike conducted inside the Mayamar, strike conducted inside Indian territory.  Catch the link of Hindustan Times newspaper and statement of Indian Army.

2016 repeat the same episode with PAK.  There was no surgical strike conducted by Indian Army, claim of any surgical strike by Indian Army denied by PAK Army Chief and Pakistani media.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

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