Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Return of Pundits on the shade of guns.

Jammu and Kashmir Government passed the resolution for the return of the Kashmiri Pundits and open the way for their rehabilitation.  But the action of Government is looking politically motivated rather the sincere efforts for the rehabilitation of the Pundits.

I am suspicion on the action of BJP Government and I am questioning with the Government on the timing of the resolution, especially when election is due in several States of India.   BJP is the political party it will try to get the political benefit of the resolution.  But mere passing resolution is not enough important is the safety of minorities in war turn state.  Whether Kashmiri Pundits feel comfortable in the environment with full of Army, and would like to return in such environment.

Resolution passed by the BJP Government is just like the announcement of demonization made by the King Modi without taking proper care, arrangement and provide the infrastructure to the public. 

Here I would certainly point out the violence spreading across valley after May 2014.  Do Kashmiri Pundits feel themselves safe or would they return on the shadow of Guns of Army for their safety all the time.

BJP Government has done nothing to restore peace in the valley rather violence increased drastically after BJP regains power.  In such circumstances mere passing resolution or announcement to providing homes to the displaced minority community or Kashmiri Pundits is not enough .  But it is important to ensure them safety and provide them the violence free environment.  Environment where they  can move freely even without Army escort.

Indian Army is killing Kashmiri civilian in the name of Terrorism, every single day one or two civilians are killing.  Would it possible for the displaced Pundits return back in such an environment?  

Rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri Hindus and the recent passage of resolution by the Legislative Assembly for their return to the Valley has evoked little enthusiasm among Pandits, but it is not enough without safety and until peace restore in the valley.  Thinking about the return of Kashmir Pundits in valley is like the demonetisation without peace is like difficulties faced by the public afterwards.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Kashmir an unsolved hazy

Present Government of India under the leadership of Modi and Saffron Nationalist party BJP, failed measurably to handle the situation in Kashmir and failed to protect the Human Rights in Kashmir.  Situation becomes worsened after the assassination of Burhan Wani by the Indian security forces.  Burhan Wani was believed to be the warrior of Kashmir.  It is common belief for the followers of Burhan Wani that he was not terrorist but a sacred warier and he was not killed but achieved his martyrdom after fighting with the enemy’s army of India.   Today’s situation of Indian hold Kashmir is moreover like the situation of Palestine & Israel.  Kashmir problem starts in the year 1947,  and history of the Israel–Palestinian conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.  India always blames Pakistan for deteriorating situation of Kashmir.  To blame Pakistan alone for the political situation or the current unrest in the Valley is a distortion of the truth.

Human Rights abuse by Indian Security forces in Jammu & Kashmir a disputed territory administered by India is not new but it is keeps going on since from 1947 and it is still on.  The Indian army, central reserve police force, border security personnel allegedly committing serious Human Rights abuse on Kashmir civilians ranging Mass Killing, third degree torture, illegal detention, gang rape and sexual abuse, forced disappearance.   In the year 2009 mass grave containing 2900 bodies found in North Kashmir.  Most of the people disappeared with mystery in 55 villages in three districts — Bandipora, Baramulla, and Kupwara — of North Kashmir some of them arrested by Indian securities on the name of enquiry or having link with Jihadis and they ever returned to home back.  During the probe it has come to know that 90% cadavers in the graves were unarmed and killed in cold blooded, with very close shot of gun.   In most of the graves contained more than two bodies.  In some cases bodies ranged from 3 to 17. 

In Current turmoil of Kashmir after the July 2016, about 11000 people are missing those who were arrested by Indian Security forces or disappeared, and their whereabouts are unknown to their family members.  The reputation of Indian Government destroyed and claim of India a democratic country and protect the voice of people is proved a false claim.  Some of the international communities view on the situation of Kashmir and serious Human Rights Violation of Indian Security forces over the civilians of Kashmir.  


Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif in statement expressed “Shock” over the killing of Burhan Wani and other civilians by Indian Security Forces.  He also said that it was "deplorable that excessive and unlawful force was used against the civilians.


United Nations:

United Nations Chief Ban Ki Moon conveyed his concern over the Kashmir tense situation as reported by his spokesperson Stephane Dujarric and called for maximum restraint.

United States
Spokesperson John Kirby briefing the media in Washington on 12 July said that the United States was concerned about the violence in Jammu & Kashmir during which 30 people have been killed by Indian forces.  Elizabeth Trudeau, Director, United States Press Office in the Department, who briefed the media on Thursday 14 July 2016, said that the US is concerned about the violence and deaths of civilians in Kashmir and stated that the US government was in touch with the Government of India as well as the Government of Pakistan.

European Union
In a statement issued by its spokesperson Michael Mann on 28 July, the European Union expressed its condolences to the civilians killed and injured during the unrest while urging the restoration of calm and maintenance of law and order in the state. He also urged India and Pakistan to involve people of Kashmir in the dialogue process over the state.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation
In July 2016, the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) expressed serious concern over alleged human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian military and para-military forces.  In August, OIC's secretary-general Iyad bin Amin Madani during a press conference in Islamabad said human rights violations in Kashmir were "not an internal matter of the Indian state", adding: "The international community should raise its voice against the atrocities in India-held Kashmir. The situation in Kashmir is heading towards a referendum. No one should be afraid of a referendum and the solution should be through the United Nations resolutions."


The spokesman of China's Foreign Ministry, Lu Kang, in a statement to the press, expressed the government's concern over the casualties due to the unrest and called for a proper settlement of the Kashmiri issue through peaceful means.



Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in a joint press conference with Pakistani Prime Minister's foreign advisor Sartaj Aziz on 2 August said that his country backed Pakistan's position of sending a team from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in order to probe the alleged human rights violations in Kashmir. He also said that his country hoped the Kashmir issue will be resolved through dialogue.

Pakistani media reports claimed that Italy's defence minister Roberta Pinotti while on a  to Pakistan said the use of force and lethal weapons by security forces against civilians was "unbearable", and that Italy would apprise the international community concerning the situation in Kashmir.  

Amnesty International

Amnesty International accused Indian security forces were using "arbitrary and excessive force" to deal with the protests in Kashmir. It also stated that their actions were a violation of international standards and were leading to a worsening of the human rights crisis in the state. The organisation also critisiced the use of pellet guns stating they had been used a 100 times in Kashmir during the first week of September 2016 even though its use was meant to be rare. It called for their ban stating they were dangerous and also expressed concern at the deployment of PAVA shells in the state as they could be used in an "arbitrary or indiscriminate manner".  While, following a seminar on human rights abuses in Kashmir, Amnesty International was accused of sedition in India.


Human Rights Watch

In July, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged Indian authorities to credibly and impartially investigate the use of lethal force in Kashmir.  HRW's South Asia Director Meenakshi Ganguly criticized India for previously ignoring "the finding of abuses under the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act". Later in October, the HRW urged Indian authorities to end the use of the Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act (PSA) to arbitrarily detain people, including children.

Reactions against use of pellet guns

Human rights organisations like Amnesty International have asked the Indian government for prohibition on the use of pellet guns during street demonstrations against stone-throwing protesters.  On 4 August, Amnesty International India called for a ban on the use of the guns following the death of a third person due to injuries inflicted by them.

Even after vast criticism by International community, Indian Government is unable to amend its stand over Kashmir, which shows clear Monarch tendency who cannot respect the voice of people, rather apply excessive force to curb the people demand.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Monday, 9 January 2017

Where is Freedom of Press?

Dear friends,

I am a Journalist by profession who completed Masters Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.  I am designing my own articles and affiliated with Times of India group to share my views on any news.

It is my immense duty to share my sorrows with all of my friends, followers on Google+, Face book, twitter and viewers of my articles, on the false claim of Indian Government and public about the presence of tolerance, freedom of speech and freedom of press in India.  

Basically I am writing articles on National and International news papers.  Being a Journalist I am having my own mindset to review the things around me to prepare the article.  Some time I am getting news through local people, news agencies, and video clippings and as per their feedback I am designing my articles. 

My writing was detractor and observation was critic for the Congress Government also before May 2014.  I never bow down in front of Congress Government for its misdeed.  I put it down in writing and press the democratic Government of that time to rectify the error in democratic way under freedom of press.  Things were under control and freedom of press was exists in India before May 2014.

Since after May 2014 when the working of Sultanat of Delhi comes under King Rule and Terrorists captured the power, I am constantly receiving threats to life, filthy and abusive language, after any of my comment on Times of India or article.  I am not going to scare with such types of threats, but I would like to show my viewers the present India and would like to disprove the claim of Mr. Modi, Mr. Rajnath and BJP that India is the University of Tolerance through this article.  What type of tolerance they are speaking if a press person doesn’t have authority to criticize the Government, express his views or bring the correct picture in front of the public, with an intention to enlighten the public about the misdeed of Government.

If terrorists bringing obstacles in the form of life threat, abusive language in the work of a Journalist with an intention that image of Government will not dent so it is not democracy but total anarchy.  

My Face Book account freezes thrice only because Government did not want to lose its reputation because of my articles and its choonavi jumla keeps going.

Modi government and its followers are not working to straighten the democracy or freedom of press but they are suppressing the authority of press people with threats to life, filthy and abusive language.  Only those media houses are flourished who are appeasing Modi Government on the 

1.  False Surgical Strike 
2.  60% reduction of violence in Kashmir 
3.   Demonetization is good step to curb terrorism 
4. Indian Army not committing serious Human Rights Violation in Kashmir.

Not a normal Indian but if a Journalist don’t have authority to bring the correct picture then where is democracy, where is the freedom of press.  Is it not encroachment on the press people by the Bhakts and Hindu Terrorists?  Bhakts are constantly criticizing to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Libya, Iraq forgetting that they are all dictator countries not democratic countries but if India is following the paths of these Islamic national then I am embarrassed on the democracy and freedom of speech, freedom of press guaranteed by the Constitution of India.    Still if Modi Government and Bhakts are thinking India is a democratic country and speaking big words in any public forum then it would be a “Choonavi Jumla” not real democracy.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Indian Dictator and Saffron Army.

Indian Hindu Monarch captured the power of Sultanat of Delhi in the year May 2014, and afterwards India is not looking like as the democratic country but moreover becomes the dictator country.  Media, public, army and even some cases judicial system and judicial authorities are come under the control of this Monarch and start following the ridiculous dictates.  He was not democratically elected but forcibly imposed by the Hindu Terrorists over the Citizens of India. 

Immediately after regain power Indian King starts showing his true colour and cruel nature, for which he is famous and no human civilization can pardon him for his act of violence on innocent teenage children, old men who were unable to run from Muslim community.  No Human can ever forget how his army of saffron terrorist slice the stomach of expected Muslim women and cut the foetus into pieces.  How the terrorists of saffron army gang raped several Muslim Women.   Only terrorist mentality, cruel and intolerant people is accepting this Monarch and comfortable in his dictatorship. 

After May 2014 upon his instigation and protection cover of this Monarch his Senapatis started committing serious human rights violation, third degree torture on Muslims, Christians.  They killed several Muslims on the pretext of cow meat.  This saffron army of Indian King has got full authority to malign the chastity of Muslim girls or women.    

This Monarch of India has got authority over media and at the time of every election in any of the state of India this Monarch spreading fake news.  Surgical Strike, demonetization, Kashmir violence, end of terrorism and taking the advantage of such types of news stuffs.   

Today on 07/01/2014 I have seen one news in the prestigious news paper of India “The Times of India” that violence in Kashmir reduced 60% due to demonetization.  What nonsense and rubbish news stuff by Times of India one of the prestigious news paper of India, no one can expect such type of paid news from the news paper like Times group. It looks that Times group is the paid agent of saffron Government of India if violence is decrease 60% then why from last 7 to eight months Kashmir is close. Why maximum number of Indian Security forces killed in the year 2016 after a decade. Why 160 innocent Kashmiri youths martyred in the one sided firing from Indian Army. Why another 11000 are missing in Kashmir. Why 11000 injured including an eight year old girl who lost her eyesight. If violence is reduce 60% then why Indian securities are committing serious Human Rights Violation in Kashmir. If violence is reduce then why Indian Army attacked over Hospital and committed war crime.  Enough is enough there should be limit to swallow the shit news. In fact after Monarch captured the Sultanant of Delhi in collusion of Terrorists, violence in Kashmir increased drastically. Incidents of serious human rights violation by Indian Army is become regular routine. It is all because of the cruel Monarch. He is spreading the fake news that violence reduces 60%.

Indian Monarch is cunning and he and his saffron army will take the advantage of this paid news in election bond states of India.  Only saffron, cruel, terrorist mentality, intolerant, uneducated people will rely on the news stuff. 

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