Friday, 28 April 2017

Law enforcing bodies terrify by the terrorists.

Agra Yogi Adidnath Government speaking big words in front of media to improve the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh and assured that his priority is to establish the power of police and not the power of gundas or terrorists.  New Director General of Police Uttar Pradesh Mr. Sulkhan Singh informed in the press conference that “Gav Rakshaks are not above the law” and we will deal appropriately with any culprits.  On his statement I counter question to Mr. Singh.

Mr. Sulkhan Singh director general of Uttar Pradesh police I appreciate and honour your wordings, but I think that these are mere wordings and you cannot work as per your ability and prove your wordings correct. Last week Hukum Singh the BJP MP slapped one Police officer who arrested his son while he was driving in drunken state and had an accident. Police could not stop Mr. Singh who entered in the Thana and removed his son from the custody of police. Three days back one biker kicked to the police officer on duty on the argument to park his bike in no parking and threatened him to lose his job. Later on police report the matter to the Yogi administration to control the gunda elements these incidents happened at Uttar Pradesh. So problem is not in the ability but problem is in the political involvement in the working of police. If you arrest a single gau rakshak, Bajrangdal, VHP member immediately you will face the threat or force to set them free. I am quite ambiguous that you can work as per your wording, still if you will work as per your say and start arresting members of these terror forces without any political involvement then it would be matter of pride. Secondly, mere arrest is not important ensure and registered the case, file the proper charge sheet and send them proper term to complete behind the bars.”

7 days back police arrested some saffron persons at Fatehpour Sikri under the prevention of unlawful activities and kept them in Sadar Bazar Thana. As the news spread about the arrest some 100 to 200 saffron members of Bajrangdal, VHP and RSS gathered at police station beat mercilessly police officer on duty and a constable.  These elements acted like terrorists who dragged the police man in uniform from his jeep thrashed on open road with kick, punch.  These fanatics burnt several police vehicles and police station.  While chasing to the culprits some of them snatched the arms from police party.   Several members arrested by the police but prior to produce the culprits before court and file the charge sheet on them, political efforts to release them started.

On Thursday 27th April 2017 Terrorist supportive education wing BJYM district President had gone to meet his culprit friends in Jail, after meeting with the culprit friends he addressed to the media and given highly objectionable, arrogant statement.  He said those police constables insert canes in the mouth of workers; if feel necessary we will insert the bamboo in the mouth of police party and force them to chat the slogan Jai Jai ..............  Sonu have not stopped here further he told S.S.P. and S.P. city have transferred only on his request, I made the representation before the Deputy Chief Minister and informed about the incident.  Because of his efforts police team has been uprooted and transferred.  He further assigned the saffron dictate, he said this is merely beginning we will impose the touch articles and section against the police in court of law.

See the video 

BJP Administration is always showing false mercy on police, army and people of India. But fact is that BJP acted biased on the trustworthy, clean image, honest team of police.  Recently, at Guna police constable thrashed severely by the members Saffron elements under the protection of BJP MP Guna.  The fault on police was that they were doing their job with honesty and without any favour.  Incidentally, Police team apprehended the lady members of saffron group driving triple seat on traffic island and ask the license.  Instead to show license those ladies irritates upto high value and called to saffron Elements in support of BJP MP.   After a second some 100 to 200 members gathered and started terrorise the police team.  One of the constable thrashed on road, with kick, punch his uniform tore into pieces, still these saffron gundas did not stop their hands and keeps hitting semi nude police wala. 

No one can ever try to forget the case of Sanjeev Bhatt the IPS officer one who faced the extreme punishment for speaking against Modi and its administration after 2002.  Recently Tej Bahadur Singh the Army Jawan one who sacked from the service by the Modi Government only because he resented about the quality of food which is served to the Army Javans.

These all cases are enough to understand the pseudo love of Modi Administration and BJP for the police, army and people of India.  Modi and BJP government love the people those who wave tail in front of them without any roar and never loud the voice against the misdeed or wrongdoing.  If any Saffron terrorist dare to loud voice against Modi or BJP administration then he would also be killed or thrown out of the scenario.  Still people voted to BJP the biggest ‘Bluff Jagao Party

Zuber Ahmed Khan


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Ban Militant outfits immediately: Raza Academy.

News Reported by Journalist Zuber

New Delhi April 26 Raza Academy the prestigious Seminary thought for Muslims demanded the immediate ban on the all unregistered outfits and illegal Cow vigilantes groups.  A letter addressed to the Union Home Minister of India further demanded to conduct an enquiry about the authenticity of all such groups who are harassing to the Muslims and Dalit traders on the name of Cow Vigilantism.   

Prime Minister Mr. Modi himself not comfortable and looked very much infuriated on the fake, pseudo vigilantes groups.  He in his very touch message addressed to the public gathering called all such vigilantes as the ‘Jinhone Gaai K naam pe Dukan dari khol rakhi hai’ he further called 80% such activists are nothing but criminals, gundas and defaming the indeed vigilantes and damage the work of gau seva.

While speaking with the General Secretary of Raza Academy Moulana Mr. M. Saeed Noori, he informed that law and order situation must be improved for the citizens which is declining in BJP ruled States and even Police Officers are on the risk of life with perpetual life attacks on them by saffron brigades.  He demanded strict action on the pseudo cow vigilantes and other militant groups.  Who are holding the powers and carry out the work of law enforcing agencies.  He further demanded for the protection of Muslim traders engaged in the Cattle trades and other vocational trades so they can enjoy their business without any fear and spent their life peacefully as guaranteed by the constitution of India. 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Trouble is for Muslims in India

Muslims are killed harassed, thrashed by the Terrorist of Cow Vigilantes to save the cows, whereas Cows are killed due to the negligence of these Terrorists of Cow Vigilantes.  Not a single day have gone without receiving the news of atrocities or killing of Muslims to save Cows across India these Terrorists are doing atrocities on Human.  Even they don't spare to the females of Muslims.  A 9 year old Muslim girl thrashed at Jammu on 22nd April 2017 on the false charges she is carrying cows to abattoir for slaughter.  Muslim Ladies thrashed and molested in Jammu on 23rd April 2017, they were plead for mercy in front of Terrorists, some Muslim ladies took shelter in Police Station there also terrorist entered and thrashed to the Muslim ladies in front of police.  Muslim old man killed by the Hindu Terrorists in front of police.  And police can only see the murder of an old man with silently. Heart touching video is enough to question from BJP governments how long Muslims will be killed in inhuman manner.  In Uttar Pradesh Mutton shops are forcibly closed.  In Rajisthan  these terrorists forcible closed the hotels owned by the Muslims on the wrong allegation they are serving beef, the owner of the hotel said we don't serve beef but goat mutton. whereas Gujarat have seen the Mutton Market inaugurated under the leadership of Gujju CM.  Why this double standard of Government. 

Ignorance of cow vigilantes on the issue of cow.

1.   August 2016 More than 500 cows have died in two weeks, say volunteers, at a shelter near Jaipur in Rajasthan, their neglected stalls turning into death traps.

2.    The Rajasthan government on Saturday said 8,122 cows have died at Asia's “best” Hingonia Gaushala between January 1 and July 31 2016 due to ill-health and accidental injuries.  On average 1053 cows die every month at this centre.

3.      15 August 2016  more than 200 cows and ox have died Gaushala at Dugkondal in Kanker in Chhattisgarh's tribal Bastar region.

4.      India is the biggest beef exporter in the world and the members of    these export companies are Hindus.  

List of Beef Exporter Companies from India which belongs to RSS.

1.      Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd.
                Owner’s name Mr. Satish & Mr. Atul Sabharwal

2.      Arebian Exports Pvt. Ltd.
                 Owner’s name Mr. Sunil Kapoor

3.       M.K.R. Frozen Foods Exports Pvt. Ltd.  
                  Owner’s name Mr. Madan Abott.

4.      P.M.L. Frozen Foods Exports Pvt. Ltd.
                 Owner’s name Mr. A.S. Bindra.

5.      Al Noor Exports India
                 Partners Mr. SUNIL SUD, Mr. AJAY SUD

       Just to mislead the Muslim counties like Saudia Arebia the names of these companies are like Muslims. 

Why this double standard of Government and Hindu terrorists on the issue of Cow slaughter.  They kill Muslims even on the suspicion, but closed their eyes on the export companies owned by Hindus and slaughtering cows daily.  Why the religious sentiments of Hindu terrorists are silent on export companies.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 21 April 2017

How long your love is with me.

Normally Sanghis have got their two faces; first one which is noticeable to the public and another one pseudo which is not visible to all but the people who are very close to them can view the pseudo face.  Sanghis normally adopted the Muslim identity and dress code while carryout the terrorists attack or any crime.  Their intention is very clear while adopting the Muslim name and dress just to damage the fragrance of Islam and image of Muslims.  Since after the Uttar Pradesh election some members of Durga Vahini after put on Burka giving absurd, abusive statement on Islam and Muslims, just to sabotage the image of Muslims in public. It is OK if terror forces are adopting the pseudo face but it is big surprise when Government of Modi extends the limit of Sanghi Terrorists and starts such types of double standard or dual nationality phenomenon.

1.       On Ladies Issues: 

On the subject of Tripple Talaq Mr. Modi is looking over compassionate towards the Muslim ladies, while addressing them Modi says “My Muslim Sisters are in Trouble”.  Whereas Mr. Modi is silence on Jashodaben, similarly Modi is silence on the practice of ‘Niyog’ prevails in Hindu religion, but looking enthusiastic on the practice of triple talaq  in Islam.  Being a Journalist I never criticizes to any religion and I adopted that I never put pen to paper against any religion.  But when things are losing my balance of hands and top Government authorities like PM, CM are running behind to defame Islam on fragile grounds forgetting neglecting to their own religion then it would become my responsibility as a journalist to bring in the knowledge of top authorities, to give up the non-sense issues or any religion and think about development.  I have come across several e-mail letters, messages from Hindu women and ladies after 2014, they asked me to speak from PM on the amendment in Hindu Marriage Act, and adopt the Droupati system in Hindu religion.  I could not pay heed on the e-mails avoided them thinking they may be spam.  Some ladies wanted to abolish the system of Niyog’ prevails in Hindu religion from the time of Vedas, they wanted the amendment in Hindu Marriage Act 1955. Can Government of India speak on ‘Metri Karar’ which has become valid document during the tenure of Mr. Modi in Gujarat?  Is it not circumventing the Hindu Marriage Act 1955?

2.     Army Love:

Army Love of Sanghis and Government is nothing but hypocrisy which is only visible in Kashmir, everyone is looking very bothered on the incidents of stone pelting, Government itself looking sympathetic to Army Jawan.  Though the stone pelting incidents are rare but not quite often affairs in Kashmir, we cannot term one or two incidents of stone pelting as huge amount.  Secondly, Indian Army is not silence on stone pelters, Army showers bullets on protestors.  Still Indian Government sympathy goes to Army and not to the Public.  If Indian Government is looking Army with single spectacles and sympathetic to Army then why such types of sympathy is not visible to the Army Javan Tej Bahadu Sing one who dare to show the quality of food served to the Cadets and Javan in Army Mess and corruption of Officers of highest ranks in Army.  Why he has been troubled for several months after the incident of food quality reported by him.  Why he has been terminated from the job. 

3.     Love for Indian:

Modi government pursuing the matter of Indian Terrorist assigned death punishment in Pakistan.  Modi Administration is worried about the whereabouts of Indian Spy in Pakistan, and made several efforts to get the diplomatic access to the Terrorists.  For one Indian citizen entire Modi Administration is looking worried whereas Modi administration totally overlooked and ignored the case of Najeeb the DU student one who mysteriously disappeared and untraceable since last one year not in Pakistan but in India.

4.     Cow Love:

Modi Administration passed the bill against the Cow Slaughter ban.  But during its Government beef export shoots up by 80% and India reached on the number one position in beef export.  India exported 2.4 million tonnes of beef and veal during Financial Year 2015.  Whereas Brazil stands on second position exported 2.00 tonnes of beef.  India itself accounts for 23.5% of total global beef exports.  This is up from 20.8% share for the financial year 2014. Indian Government reduced the import duty by 18% on the Machineries which dismantle the animal.  Big animals are banned to slaughter for Muslim butchers but it is freely available for the Slaughter houses and export units owned by Hindus. 

Thus it is proved that Government of India is behaving biased and having two face, one for projection purpose another one is for real work.

Zuber Ahmed Khan


Monday, 17 April 2017

Gande Ho Ja Naram Campaign.

Dear Countryman,

It is often seen that Sanghi Terrorists imposed their ideology on other Indians; it is totally irrelevant whether the person concerned is comfortable from their Saffron Ideology or not, they will have to follow the Saffron ideology, as per dictate.

In this context there is very pressure on the other Indian to sing controversial, communal, filthy, abusive song “Vande ………”  Sikhs, Christians and Muslims are not comfortable with the filthy, abusive song.  In this context it is request with all the countryman those who did not want to live in imposed ideology please say “Gande Hoja Naram”  flare this message as possible as you can do, so as to reach maximum people.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Kashmir: blood stain in the paradise

Videos of torture single Muslim Kashmiri man by the Indian Security Forces. Modus Operendi is same which adopted by the Hindu Terrorists.  Hindu Terrorists with full of lethal arms encircled a single innocent Muslim and killed him after thrashing, assulting him mercilessly.  Here also Indian Security forces following the path of Terrorists, because India is captured by the Terrorists elements. Indian Security forces equipped with highly sophisticated weapons like AK-47 or (even more retributory) encircle a single innocent Kashmiri men and killing them in cold blooded.  Here it is very important to note that a 26-year-old Sajjad Hussian is killed by Indian Security Forces tomorrow on 15th April 2016.  Sajjad was tortured by Indian Security with half nude state.  Indian media and security forces alleging that he pelted stone on forces which is wrong, Video is evident that Indian Security Forces arrested him and forcible removed his shirt in public, paraded him half nude, Indian Security forces kicked him, hit him with stick and butt of gun, slapped him, abused him with filthy language on his Mother and Sister.  How India claim that Security forces are saving lives of Kashmiri people and saving the sisters of land.  A wrong statement of India Government on security forces.  

In fact Indian security forces captured by the Terrorists of Sangh and they are doing atrocities on innocent civilians.   Totally wrong no one is throwing stone on Security Forces, rather Indian Security Forces are terrifying to the ladies.  One incident comes in my knowledge through video conferences, and a lady narrated story that how Security forces harassing them in Kashmir.  She told that group of CRPF and Army personnel come at her home and asked how many males are there at your home at present, she replied no one, everyone has gone outside at Srinagar.  In reply that officer asked water and used filthy language “Saali teri maaki ……………….Pani Laa” in reply she told I give you water but don’t abuse me, and if you think that even after your abusive language I still give you water then it is your mistake.  I will not give you water.  In reply that security officer threatened her you see now what we will do with you.  In the dark at about 2 in the name of search some 50 to 60 security forces come at her home and arrested all the males.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Corruption reduced in Delhi Government

Reported by Journalist Zuber

New Delhi, AAP delimited from all the four sides and faced the humiliation on the Report of Shunglu Committee which ruled that the Lt. Governor is the Administrative head of Delhi and any decision of Delhi Government without consulting the Lt. Governor is illegal.  Here some sign of relief for AAP as per the CVC report published recently.   Report of CVC says that corruption is reduced in Delhi during the year 2016 in comparison with 2015.  Further report says that corruption is reduced drastically by 81 percent in the Government of Delhi and its all the departments.

AAP cadre is full of enthusiasm after the report of CVC and they will encash the report in Delhi MCD election.  Just before the MCD election the report of CVC which says in Delhi Government control the corruption is the litmus paper for AAP.  Report also provides strength and oxygen to AAP which is almost on the ventilator.

It is very important to note as per Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) that there is increase in number of complaints by 67% with regards to the corruption in Central Government Agencies whereas in Delhi Government number of corruption complaints reduced.  In the year 2016 somewhere 969 complaints received against the corruption in Delhi, whereas in 2015 this figure was 5139.  

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Muslims attacked in the state of Namaz.

                                     Muslim Moulana after the terrorists attack

Kodarama village of Jharkhand India run by Saffron party BJP, seen the violent terrorist attack over Muslims in the state of Namaz (Prayer).  Incident happened during the Ramnavmi procession.  Saffron Terrorists assigned dictate not to call for Azaan (a sacred call for prayer to the believers) in evening (asar) and dark (Magrib) namaaz in the mosque on the day of Ram Navmi. 

Muslims ignored the dictate and Moulana chat for sacred call (Azaan).  Muslims gathered for namaz of Magrib, the quantity were 4 to 5.  During the prayer the Hindu Terrorists stormed the Mosque and attacked on Muslims with Swords, slit all the five Muslims including Mulana.  After listening the screams some Muslim ladies run from their houses, terrorists also attacked on them and molest them in mosque.  Condition of Moulana and two others are serious due to excess bleeding.   Mustaqeem Siddui told that mosque was not even on the route of procession.  It is situated 50 feet away from the road.   No arrest has been made yet by the police of Saffron party BJP run state. 

India captured by the Saffron Terrorists after everlasting efforts made by them since after 1947 and it took long period of 70 years.   At last in the year 2014 Indian Parliament come under the clutches of Sanghi Terrorists.  After 2014 I have not seen a single day free from the atrocities of Sanghi Terrorists on Christians and Muslims and have not come in the knowledge of Journalist.  Last week one Muslim farmer Pehlu Khan at Alwar Rajasthan murdered in a very cruel manner by the Terrorists of Cow Vigilantes and innocent Mohammad Shalik at Gumla Rachi by the members of Bajragdal killed in very inhuman manner by the affiliated group of Sanghi Terrorists in India. 

On 7th April 2017 Hindu Terrorists of Yuva Vahini attacked on the Church and reached upto the central hall of the Church and forcibly stopped the prayer attended by more than 150 people, including 11 American tourists; at Uttar Pradesh church.

On 12th April 2017 at Meerut Uttar Pradesh the Terrorists of Youva Vahini entered in the House of the Muslim couple and reached upto the bedroom after vandalise the door of the bedroom.  Then the Terrorists allegedly thrashed the couple mercilessly in public and dragged the boy on road.   A video of the event become viral on social media, shows terrorists of Hindu Yova Vahini barging into the house, slapped, kicked to the boy and bombarded the series of questions with couple.  Due to fear of life and terror of Hindu Youva Vahini boy told the wrong name and background of his family, during the illegal interrogation of Terrorists for which they are not authorised. Terrorists of Youva Vahini were interfered in the personal affairs of the couple because the girl was Hindu and boy was Muslim.   These Hindu Terrorists are not holding Judicial Status, they are not the representatives of Government Department, they are not the care taker of Hindu girls, but still they obstruct the personal relationships of adult Indians. 

These Sanghi Terrorists and their all wings are acting like the Judicial Authorities and they have got full extra constitutional powers specially in cases related to Cows trade and or cow slaughter, inter caste relationship.

These terrorists have run their parallel force across India and they have establish own check post on every Highway where they are keeping vigil on every passer-by, trucks and vehicles.  They are authorised to verify the documents of the people, check their belonging, food products.  They are also authorised to check and hold the trucks laden with buffaloes, cows, and bulls. If person carry buffaloes, cows, bulls to the abattoirs owned by Hindu Group or RSS members then he can move forward unless he will have to pay the rage of the Terrorists in the form of assault, humiliate and kill even after if the person concerned have proper valid papers of purchase and if he is not carrying the animal for slaughter purpose. 

If a Muslim or Christian even found with valid documents or papers for their purchase but still terrorists kill the person only because of his religion, same as in case of Pehlu Khan, whereas Hindus are allowed to cross the check post, even some time without verification, cows, bulls or buffaloes laden in the truck going in the slaughter houses of Hindus.

Due to rise of attack on Muslims, Christians, Dalits and attack on their religious places terrorists are under scanner of international community.  

Zuber Ahmed Khan

ट्रिपल तलाक़ के खात्मे के खिलाफ मौलाना की दहाड़

मुस्लिम पर्सनल लॉ के शेर की दहाड़ के सामने हिन्दू स्टेट के सबसे बड़े पाखंडी और आतंकी सरगना की गीदड़ भबकी बोहोत ही दबी हुई जान पड़ती है.   प...