Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Yes India is the paradise for Terrorists and Rapists.

Bhakts you are free to appraise to the Author with vulgar, filthy and abusive language after going through this article.  Because you people are only masters in abusing omitting filth and promoting vulgarity of highest value, you people are taught such types of language, terrorism and killing in your Vidhyapeeth (A Sanghi Hindu School of thoughts).  With this article I am going to put on pen and trying to bring the present demography of India where Terrorists, Rapists and Criminals are having absolute liberty to conduct the crime against Humanity and Women.  Basically such types of crimes are carry out on the Muslims and erudite police officers arrested to the victims on  whom crime committed and spare free to the perpetrators of law who are basically Hindu Terrorists.

One week back Indian Government’s agent and International criminal lady’s marriage set aside by Lahore High Court who had marry to Pak national after developing relationship and love affair on social media site Facebook.  Basically, this lady is the puppet of BJP, Government of India and a cadet of Sangh Parivar who had several dodges and black chapter of her life.   After reaching to India she had come in her original colour and started omitting venom against PAK and Islam.  Times of India group one of the prestigious newspapers of India, published the articles and news documentary on her without verify the truth which directly defame Islam and Islamic culture.  I being a Journalist and researcher never hesitate to tag this Times of India is the mouth piece of Sangh, who is always remain forward to bring news on false information and creates the ambiguity against Islam and Muslims.

News published in Times of India that this lady on gun point forced to marry a Pak National.  But there is no proof annexed with News documentary in the form of photograph that she is on gun point.  As far as Islamic culture is concerned, girl has got absolute liberty to refuse for marry when Kazi and 2 witnesses ask her consent on the Nikha.  Why that lady had not refused when Qazi Saheb and two witnesses approached to her for her consent.  Secondly, Islam does not permit the forceful or Nikha on Gun Point.  If a Muslim performing a Nikha to a lady by force or gun point without her will and open consent, then that is not Nikha but Rape.  Still if this Times of India group publishing news that lady on gun point forcefully undergone Nikha, without authenticating the proof of affidavit given by girl then this newspaper is spreading false and ambiguity against Islam and deserve to face the penal action.
After reaching to India this lady termed PAK is hell and well of death, but India is the paradise and I am with my countryman.   Yes I am totally agreed with the contention of this lady; India is the paradise, but only for the Terrorists, Rapists, Criminals and Murderers.  
1.          Yes India is the paradise, where a Muslim Rozedar raped by the Police man in moving train. 

2.      Yes India is the paradise where in the dark at Yamuna Express Highway gang rape committed on 4 Muslim ladies after asking about their religion and whether they are consuming beef or not by the criminals.  Still doctors did not confirm the gang rape and over ruled the crime committed on ladies.  How we can firm on the report of Doctors as we have already seen in case of Bilkis Bano gang rape case, in that case Doctors assigned punishment for giving false report and observation.  Since Uttar Pradesh and India is under the rule of terrorists so vast chance of manipulation in the report is possible.  A housewife or self-respected lady never utters false about rape or gang rape committed on her and spread false about her chastity which defames her in the society.  But a Doctor can give false report on instance of Terrorist Master Mind to safeguard the culprits, as we have seen several cases previously.  

3.           Yes India is the paradise, where manipulation, managing the things is possible.  Same as in case of Master Mind Narendra Modi and Amit Shaha and afterwards Pragiya Thakur, Asimanand, D.G. Wanzara.

4.    Yes India is paradise where Muslims are killed mere on suspicion that they consumed beef. 

5.       Yes India is paradise where a dairy owner is killed for carrying cow for his live hood. 

6.           Yes India is paradise where single Muslims killed mercilessly by the 25 to 30 terrorists on the false charges of child theft. 

7.    Yes India is paradise, where teenage Muslim students thrashed by Hindu Terrorists of Bajrangdal in Uttar Pradesh with half nude on false charges of eve teasing to Hindu girls in presence of police.  Yes India is paradise, where police registered the case against teenage Muslim students and spare free to the terrorists.  

8.          Yes India is paradise where two Muslim youths thrashed mercilessly on the false charges of dismantle the Hindu deity in presence of high ranks police officers.  Yes India is paradise, where police registered the case against Muslim youths and spare free to the terrorists.

9.     Yes India is paradise, where a Post Graduate Muslim College Student gone missing in mystery and police is unable to trace him in the paradise.

BJP had sent one of it's puppet to Pakistan at least her Chastity is safe what is ever happened to her it's between herself and her husband, Pakistan police and court provided her justice, but in India the so called paradise police raped to the woman in roza. Shame now I would like to ask the puppet of BJP who termed PAK as hell and India is Paradise. If in paradise a rozedar is not safe in front of police Wala then hell like PAK is much batter. 

Yes India is paradise but only for the Terrorists, criminals, mischief mongers, and Rapists. There are several criminals are seating in the Parliament who are holding serious charges of Rape, Murder, Arson, Communal Riots, spreading communal hatred and of course Terrorism.  India is the safe haven and paradise for the Hindu Terrorists and not for Muslims, Christians and Dalits. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 26 May 2017

Ramdan Mubarak

I wish to all the Rozedar brothers and sisters across the Globe and in India Happy Ramadan.  May Almighty Allaha provide them courage to fight with the rough weather and environment, and help them to observe the fast of entire one month.

I extend my withes to all of my non-Muslim friends in India.

I wish peace, prosperity and happiness for the entire mankind.        


Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 19 May 2017

Terrorists (Bhakts) look at this…….

Dear Terrorists of India,

Indian Terrorist Master Mind moved to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to get the favourable verdict on another Indian Terrorist.  After the verdict, the Saffron Media, Sanghis and other Hardliners jumped high in the sky with sarcastic articles and news stuff in favour of Terrorist supportive Government of India.  In fact neither verdict is in favours of Indian Terrorist on request of official terrorist nor Pak fails in front of ICJ.

I have got total compilation of 15 pages verdict.  Without knowing and glance over the decision people from both the sides jolted and paid strong reactions.  People from both the sides attended the debates and started uttered the wording even those who are not familiar with the process and did not know the concept of International law. 

It is important for the illiterate people of India and Journalists to make them aware about the facts of the judgement, who did not want to give up any opportunity to give credit to the Government of Terrorist Master Mind and a man who is killer of Humanity and ‘Maut ka Saudagar’

India didn’t win, Pakistan didn’t lose.   

The decision only relates to India’s request for provisional measures (which, by the way, doesn’t even include a request for granting consular access to Indian Terrorist).

Some salient features of the judgement which will open the illiteracy, short slightness and incompetence of Indian Media, who is giving credit to the Terrorist Master Mind with close eyes.

Please see the paragraph 15 of the decision.

“15. The Court may indicate provisional measures only if the provisions relied on by the Applicant appear, prima facie, to afford a basis on which its jurisdiction could be founded, but need not satisfy itself in a definitive manner that it has jurisdiction as regards the merits of the case (see, for example, Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Ukraine v. Russian Federation), Provisional Measures, Order of 19 April 2017, para. 17).”

Terrorist and spy status of Sanghi Indian is still under surveillance
Pakistan has not failed to convince the International Court of Justice that Indian Sanghi is a terrorist and caught hold for the act of terrorism, as this is something that will be considered only at the merits stage of the case.

At this stage, ICJ wasn’t even looking to confirm whether the rights sought to be protected by India exit (i.e. consular access to an Indian Citizen convicted of activities subversive to the National security of Pakistan).

At this stage only it had decide whether such rights are reasonable to be adjudicated upon the merits of the case.  Please see the paragraph 42 of the verdict.
“42. At this stage of the proceedings, the Court is not called upon to determine definitively whether the rights which India wishes to see protected exist; it need only decide whether these rights are plausible (see above paragraph 35 and Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Ukraine v. Russian Federation), Provisional Measures, Order of 19 April 2017, para. 64)."

International Court of Justice yet to decide on consular access for Indian Sanghi Terrorist.

International Court of Justice has not determined yet whether to provide the compulsorily consular access to the people like terrorist and killer of Humanity the Sanghi Terrorist.  Please see the below paragraph 43 of the decision.
“43. The rights to consular notification and access between a State and its nationals, as well as the obligations of the detaining State to inform without delay the person concerned of his rights with regard to consular assistance and to allow their exercise, are recognized in Article 36, paragraph 1, of the Vienna Convention. Regarding Pakistan’s arguments that, first, Article 36 of the Vienna Convention does not apply to persons suspected of espionage or terrorism, and that, second, the rules applicable to the case at hand are provided in the 2008 Agreement, the Court considers that at this stage of the proceedings, where no legal analysis on these questions has been advanced by the Parties, these arguments do not provide a sufficient basis to exclude the plausibility of the rights claimed by India, for the same reasons provided above (see paragraphs 32-33).”

No decision on the death penalty.

There has been no observation or verdict by the ICJ on Indian Terrorist’s death penalty by the Pakistani Military Court.  Fact is that point is not even discussed because it does not fall within the preview and jurisdiction of ICJ.  Please the clause 56 of the verdict about the grant consular assess by Pakistan and whether the death penalty is lawful.
“56. The Court notes that the issues brought before it in this case do not concern the question whether a State is entitled to resort to the death penalty. As it has observed in the past, “the function of this Court is to resolve international legal disputes between States, inter alia when they arise out of the interpretation or application of international conventions, and not to act as a court of criminal appeal” (LaGrand (Germany v. United States of America), Provisional Measures, Order of 3 March 1999, I.C.J. Reports 1999 (I), p. 15, para. 25; Avena and Other Mexican Nationals (Mexico v. United States of America), Provisional Measures, Order of 5 February 2003, I.C.J. Reports 2003, p. 89, para. 48).”

Pakistan can still argue on jurisdiction

The decision in no way affects the rights of Pakistan to submit arguments in respect of the jurisdiction of the ICJ to deal with this case and in relation to the merits of the case itself. Please see below paragraph 60 of the decision:
“60. The decision given in the present proceedings in no way prejudges the question of the jurisdiction of the Court to deal with the merits of the case or any questions relating to the admissibility of the Application or to the merits themselves. It leaves unaffected the right of the Governments of India and Pakistan to submit arguments in respect of those questions.”

As usual Sanghi started appeasing to the Terrorist Government under the leadership of Master Mind and proved that Bhakts are myopic.

Zuber Ahmed Khan


Friday, 12 May 2017

जिहाद का इस्लमिक फलसफा

इजराइल का यहूदी आतकवाद और भारत का संघी आतकवाद अगर घबराते हे तो इस्लामिक जिहाद के फलसवे से भोहोत घबराते हे. यहूदिओं की तरह भारत के संघी भी मुस्लिम वर्ग पे ज़ुल्म करने में कभी भी पीछे नहीं रहते। २०१४ के बाद भारत में जब से संघी हूकूमत का आगाज़ हुआ हे भारत के इतिहास में नया अध्याय लिखने की कवायत शुरू हो गई हे. 

जिहाद इस्लाम के लिए एक पाकीज़ा लड़ाई हे जो सिर्फ और सिर्फ ज़ालिमों के खिलाफ अल्लाह और उसके रसूल के बताये तरीके पे मज़लूमो की तरफ से ज़ुल्म और ज़ालिम का खात्मा करने के लिए लड़ी जाती हे. इस लड़ाई का ताल्लुक सिर्फ इस्लाम और इंसानियत को बचने के लिए होना चाहिए अगर ये लड़ाई निजी या किसी दुश्मनी की वजह से हे तो वो जिहाद नहीं. 

जिहाद इस्लाम का छटा फ़र्ज़ हे. लेकिन य फ़र्ज़ मुसलमानो पे हर वक्त लाज़िम नहीं होता हे. जैसे ये तीन एहकान लाज़िम और ज़रूरी हे हर एक मुलसमान पे 

१. कलमा - इ - तय्यबा 
२. नमाज़  
३. रोज़ा।  

य ३ एहकान हर मुसलमान पे लाज़िम और ज़रूरी हे. 

४. हज 
५. ज़कात 

४ और ५ ये दोनों एहकान सिर्फ उन्ही मुसलमानो पे लाज़िम होते हे जो साहेबे निसाब हो. हज के लिए ये शर्त ज़रूरी हे एक मुसलमान के पास इतनी दौलत हो के वो अपने सारे फाराइज़ और ज़िम्मेदारी से सुबुकदोष होने के बाद उसके पास इतना माल बचे की आने जाने के और दीगर इख़राजात पूरा कर सके तो उसके ऊपर हज लाज़िम हे अगर फिर भी एक मुलसमान हज नहीं करता हे तो वो गुनहगार हे. ज़कात भी साहेबे निसाब के ऊपर फर्ज की गई हे जिस मुसलमान के पास साढ़े बावन तौला चांदी या साडे सात तौला सोना या उतनी रकम हो और उसपे एक साल गुज़र जाय तो हर सेकडे पे ढाई फीसद ज़कात फ़र्ज़ हे, जो गरीबो का हक़ हे और गरीबो के देना फ़र्ज़ हे.  

तो जिस तरह से हज और ज़कात हर मुलसमान पे फ़र्ज़ नहीं हे उसी तरह इस्लाम का छटा एहकान जिहाद परिकूल परिस्थिति में खामोश और शांत रेहता है.  और विपरीत परिस्तिथि में मुसलमानो पे लाज़िम और फ़र्ज़ होता हे.  अगर जिहाद का फ़तवा जारी होता है, तो किसी भी  बालिग मुलसमान मर्द को घर पे रेहना हराम होगा.  सिर्फ घरो पे बूड़े मर्द, नाबालिग बच्चे, औरते ओर बीमार रेह सकते है.  सिर्फ एक मर्द जो ओरतो ओर दूसरे घर वालो की हिफाज़त कर सके रुक सकता है. जिहाद के कुछ फ़राइज़ भी हे वो ये की जिहाद सिर्फ अल्लाह और उसके रसूल की ख़ुशनूदी के लिए इस्लाम और इंसानियत को बचने के लिए लड़ा जाय न की किसी भी इंसान को निजी फायदा पहुँचाने की निस्बत से लड़ा जाय. पैगबरे इस्लाम के दौर में जब जिहाद किया जाता था तो जिहादीओ को पैगबरे इस्लाम की य सख्त हिदायते थी. 

१.  दौराने जंग पेड़ मत काटना और अपने घोड़ो की टापों से खड़ी फसल बर्बाद मत करना।
२.  दौराने जंग दुश्मन के मासूम बच्चो, बूड़ो, औरतो और बीमारों को मत क़त्ल करना. 
३.  दौराने जंग दुश्मन की इबादत गाहो को मत नुकसान पहुँचना बल्कि उनको 
    मेहफ़ूज़ करना.  
४.  रिहाइशी मकानों के ऊपर हमला मत करना और उनको मत गिराना. 
५.  जान बचा के भागते हुए दुश्मन को मत क़त्ल करना. 
६.  दुश्मन के सिपाही ने अगर हथियार डाल दिया और हार क़ुबूल कर ली तो मत 
    क़त्ल करना. 
७.  दुश्मन के आलिमो को मत क़त्ल करना। 
८.  दुश्मन के फ़ौजिओं की लाशो की बेहुरमती मत करना. 
९.  जानवरो को मत क़त्ल करना. 
१०. कैद किये हुए दुश्मन के फ़ौजिओं से अच्छा सुलूक करना. 
११. ज़बरदस्ती इस्लाम कुबूल मत करवाना. 

जो भी सच्चा जिहादी हे और अल्लाह और उसके रसूल के लिए जिहाद कर रहा हे जिसे 'जिहाद फि सबिलीला' कहते हे वो हर दम पैगबर के बताय हुए रस्ते पे अमल करेगा.  आज कल जो कुछ भी जिहाद के नाम पे गलतिया हो रही हे वो असल में ये यहूदी आतकवादी और  संघी आतकवादी कर रहे हे सिर्फ और सिर्फ इस्लाम और जिहादीओ को बदनाम करने के लिए.  जिहाद की किस्मे.

१.  जिहाद बिस सेफ:  ये जिहाद की सबसे बेहतर और अच्छी किस्म हे, अगर आपमें हिम्मत, वुसत और कूव्वत हे तो जिहादी फिल्ड पे जा के जंग के मैदान में दुश्मन को ललकारता हे और बुराई से अच्छाई की तरफ आने की दावत देता हे अगर दुश्मन उसकी बात नहीं सुनता तो जिहादी उससे दो हाथ करता हे.

२.  जिहाद बिल कलम:  इस तरह के जिहाद में कलम के ज़रिये दुश्मन को शाकिस्त दी जाती  हे, दुश्मन की हर   बात का तहरीरी माकूल जवाब दिया जाता हे और उसको इंसानियत के ऊपर ज़ुल्म करने से और हर बूरा काम करने से रोका जाता हे.

३.  जिहाद बिल  लिसान: इस तरह की जिहाद में ज़ुबानी जग होती हे. जिसमे दुश्मन के हर सवाल का माकूल जवाब दिया जाता हे. और उसको ज़ुबान से बुराई और इंसानियत पे ज़ुल्म करने से रोका जाता हे.

४. जिहाद बिल क़ल्ब :  इस तरह के जिहाद में जिहादी अपनी नफ़्सानी ख्वाहिशात को काबू में करता हे और अपने आपको हर एंटी इस्लामिक काम से रोकता हे और दुश्मन के हर बुरे काम को दिल में बूरा जनता हे.

भारत में आज का दौर देखते हुए चौतरफा जिहाद की आवाज़े उठने लगी हे.  अगर भारत में जिहाद होगा तो वो जिहाद बिल्कुल इस्लामिक होगा जैसा की उमर फ़ारूक़ रेज़ अलाहा ने इस्राएल में बैतूल मुकद्द्स को फतह किया था. और बगैर जंग लडे और खून गारत करे सिर्फ सहाबा का किरदार और इस्लामिक कल्चर देख के ही यहूदिओं ने बैतूल मुकद्द्स और शहर की चाबियां दे दी थी. क्यूकी यहूदिओं के नूजूमीयो ने पेशनगोई की थी के अगर ऐसा बादशाह आय जो घोड़े की नकेल पकड़ा हो और गुलाम घोड़े पे सवार हो तो उससे हरगिज़ जंग मत करना तुम जीत ही नहीं पाओगे बल्कि तुम्हारी शाकिस्त होगी।  

किसी भी हुकूमत या ज़ालिम बादशाह से जिहाद का हूकूम देने से पहले उस संघी हूकूमत को तीन तहरीरी वार्निग देना ज़रूरी होगा जो इस्लामिक जिहाद का पहला फ़र्ज़ हे.  जिससे बादशाह को अपनी गलती का एहसास हो और उसको सुधारने का मौका दिया जाय. पहली वार्निग अगर नहीं सूनी जाती तो थोड़े वक़्त के बाद दूसरी तहरीर दी जाय फिर तीसरी ओर आखरी वार्निंग मे कहा जयेगा आपने हमारी इन शर्तो को नही माना है ओर अब हमारी तरफ़ से एलाने जग है.  या तो आप हम से जग करिये या एंटी इस्लमामिक एक्ट बंद करिये. 

जुबेर अहमद खान

Please catch English version of my article in the next edition. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Islam is the religion of Peace: CP Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Mr. Suresh Mangade inaugurates the Marathi version of Holy Quran and a book on the life of Prophet Mohammed Sallam.

In the inaugural programme Commissioner of Police never hesitate to accept that Islam is the religion of Peace and so many confusion, misunderstand created with regards to Islam.  He further says that Islam never gives the teaching of abhorrence but it gives the teaching of peace. 

Further Police Commissioner said he is glad whatever work carried out by the Publishers which gives the right message, a message of peace and harmony, in fact they are doing the job of Police, because none of the police officer will be happy if disorder and unrest is there in the country and across the Globe.   All religions are same and one and we are all the followers of one God. 

He further given message to the Muslims and remind them about the life of Sahaba-e-Kiram, he told that ancient Muslims had stiff faith on Namaz though the Mosques were weak and (Kachchi).  Now a days Mosques are strong with cemented but Namazis become feeble.  He further told to the audience to exceed the faith, without right faith no one can gain anything.  There is no meaning if a particular build up big Mosque or Temple for personal gain and vested interest.   Almighty looks at the hearts of the person, for prayer pure hearts are require then it will reach to the Almighty without any barrier.

He believes that misconception and confusion been created with regards to the Islam.  He believes that Islam gives the message of peace; Islam religion work to consolidate the humanity is none but Islam.  He further testify in front of audience that he knows almost everything about Islam because he read Islam, as a Police Officer as a curiosity.  He further said none of the religion gives such a vast message of peace but Islam.

He also criticised the mischief mongers those who creates mischief on the name of religion and spread communal riots and communal hatred.  Further he gives best wishes to the audience.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Let me give stone to throw at you.

Someone please give me stone, to heave on the mischief mongers who are taking training of stone pelting under the supervision of Hindu Saint at Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.   If such types of Sanghi elements wanted to give communal colour to the problem of Kashmir, thinking that they will throw stone at the Muslim mob of Kashmir and other Muslims across India remain silence, so it would be their mistake.  If they will trek and tried to infiltrate towards Kashmir to hurl stone at Kashmiri mob thinking that they are Muslims and they deserve to die, then across India Muslim youths start coming out for the rescue of their Kashmiri brethren and defend them and to reply the stone hurled from Hindu infiltrator. 

Kashmir problem is political problem and it will solve only after the positive and sincere political will to solve the problem, rather to keep it on hold to get the political mileage.  Problem exists between Government of India, Pakistan and People of Kashmir.  India several times refused the third party involvement in the matter. Recently India firmly overruled Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan suggestion of third party mediation to solve the problem of Kashmir.  Let people of Kashmir handle the situation, if every common Indian as Third Party’ starts poking in the affairs of Kashmir and tried to give it communal colour then situation will become worst. 

My sentiments, honour and care is for the people of Kashmir valley.  My sentiments for the people of valley are not because of their religion, but because of their devotion as they are fighting for their legitimate rights, they are fighting against the atrocities of Indian Army, they are fighting for their independence, they are fighting against the severe Human Rights Violation.   I, salam the perseverance of ‘Sangbaaz’ who stand stiff in front of bullets holding stone in their hands, defending themselves and giving reply of bullets with stone.   I salam the sangbaaz they defended the Indian bullets of Pallets with stone, even pallets cannot decrease the goal and temperament of Sangbaaz.  Let someone give me stone I will too throw it towards the Human Rights Violators.

If Indian Hindu Saint inspired with the Sangbaaz of Kashmir and under the supervision of Saint, Hindu youths are taking training of Sangbaazi so it would be an honour for the people of Kashmir that other Indians specially Hindus too getting inspired with them.  It is a request with Government of Kashmir to introduce the Sangbaazi a State Game with a recommendation to the Union Government of India to keep it for national portal of games.

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Friday, 5 May 2017

Ramzan is not confined to particular.

Ramzaan Kareem is the auspicious month not only for Muslims across the Globe, but several Hindu brothers and sisters are respecting Ramzaan and observing fast in the holy month of Muslims same as Muslims are doing.  Some of the Hindu Sisters and brothers are observing fast (roza) to make them pure.

Journalist Zuber asked some Hindu people who are observing fast quite regularly every year, why they are observing fast.  In reply most of the Hindu people told they are getting peace, purity and religious feeling while doing so and develop courage to fight even in difficult situation. 

Several Government officials, Judicial Authorities including Judges and highest post ranks officers in India observing fast, while doing so they feel that their potential in work enhanced and they are become more pure after observing one month fast.  

Several Hindu employers give exemption in duty hours to their Muslim employees in the Month of Ramazan as a mark of respect for this Holy month and love to their employees.  Some of the Hindus restrict themselves eating or drinking openly in front of Muslim friends in colleges or group as a mark of respect. 

In this episode Ms Sujata Patil Senior Inspector Mumbai Police, posted at Kherwadi Police Station Mumbai extends her respect to the Ramazan.  She is Hindu but observing entire 30 days fast during the month of Ramazan since last 27 years.  She is following the same procedure as Muslims are doing as per the Islamic culture, doing Sehri early morning and doing Iftar after sunset.  Sujata is the honest police officer, who believes in Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb.  She believes that no religion teaches hatred, I am Hindu but observing fast. 

Zuber Ahmed Khan

Marathi no more compulsory: High Court

News Reported by Journalist Zuber

Bombay 5th May 2017: Monopoly of Marathi language will finish in Maharashtra Judiciary especially in the Metropolitan Magistrate courts and lower courts across Maharashtra and Goa.   On the name of Marathi language, litigants and Advocates used to harass and mentally torture by the junior staff and clerks.  A circular has been passed by the Civil Judge Senior Division Panvel directed to the Advocates and litigates to use compulsory Marathi language in the ligation, failing which their petition will not be entertained by the Court.

Advocate M.A. Khan High Court Bombay filed a complaint through his junior in Panvel Court with regards to one Umashankar Gupta V/s Mohammed Tajmul Ansari, complaint No. 39 of 17.  Litigate Mr. Umashankar Gupta is from Uttar Pradesh and he is not proficient and comfortable with Marathi language.  Clerks in the court harassed the litigate even after knowing his background from UP.   Even court was not ready to listen the plea and entertained Advocate M.A. Khan High Court Bombay after his personal appearance in the matter.   

After the circular several non-Marathi litigants were very uncomfortable and faced the hardship.   Advocates faced the problem in conversion the litigation from English to Marathi if matter is in limitation.

Circular of the Civil Judge Senior Division Panvel has been challenged in the High Court Bombay through Writ Petition No. 4102 of 2017.  On 2nd May 2017 Court of Justice V.M. Kanade & Justice C.V. Bhadange J.J. ruled in favour of litigants to use the English in the petition.  Further Hon’ble High Court observed that circular is patently illegal.  Since English is also the language of Court so litigates can use the English language instead of compulsory Marathi Language.  High Court Bombay given direction to the Civil Judge Senior Division Panvel to accept all the pleading which are in English language.   Court also make it clear that litigation in Marathi should also be accepted, with an undertaking to furnish the translated copy as and when it required by the Court.

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